Fall in the Foyer

Every year since I’ve been blogging, it seems that all over blogland, folks are excited about Fall and cozying up their nests with autumn-hued accessories.  I love that too, but I just don’t do a whole bunch of it.  Plus, with 90* weather all the way into September, that tends to dampen my enthusiasm for all things Fall.  Crisp and cool weather helps me want to change things up and we are finally feeling the crisp.  It’s about time!   My foyer table is the one area that I do like to change out, instead of the mantel.  I do need to work on my mantel too and I am vowing to do that.

If you love Halloween, I’ll just tell you up front,  that’s not my fave holiday and I totally ignore it when it comes to decorating my house.  But, I know it’s a hugely popular holiday all over the blogosphere.  This is it for me until Christmas. 🙂

So, this year, it’s all about white and blue/gray pumpkins and using what I have in my stash closet.Come on in!  I showed you the wreath already, which cost me ZERO money.  And I didn’t spend much on the rest either.  It does help to keep some items around that you can change out with the seasons.  That’s where my little under the stairs closet comes in handy.  I layered my vignette with a $1 vintage gold frame I found this year at a yardsale.  These are great to use as a backdrop.  Most all of these pieces have been collected over the years at yardsales or discount prices.  I have seen these blue pumpkins for the last few years and always wanted one, so this was the year for it.  I found some at a farmer’s market and brought one home. The iron urn in the middle is one of my favorite yardsale finds EVER, at $5.  It has held all sorts of things on this table and get’s changed out a lot.   The black candle holders are also yardsale finds and this year, I got real little white pumpkins for them.   They just look cute elevated.   You’ll also notice the Ballards petite carriage lantern too, which looks great mixed in with it all. Who knew they would come up with decor inspired pumpkins?!  These are definitely my kind of pumpkin, since I’ve never cared for the common orange variety.  Of course, white ones work well too, sitting on their little perches. A starfish and pinecones add a bit of fun to the urn and you can see from my banner pic, I’ve done this one before.   Some things are worth repeating. 🙂 Simple and yet elegant.  That’s what makes me happy. A few pretty pieces will make a bountiful vignette, without spending a lot of $$.  All I bought was the white and blue pumpkins this year.  You might remember this pretty black cone I made a couple of years ago.  I had a lot of this faux greenery around with pretty Fall colors and put it together for the front door.  It was always a little too big for my hubby to deal with, so he complained so much, I had to take it down.  I think it attacked him every time he opened the door.   So, I tied it up with burlap to the railing looking up into the dining room, where I can enjoy the Fall colors and be inspired for this time of year. I love the colors of sage green, eggplant, and golden accents.  Perfect for Fall!

That’s my contribution for this season!  I’ve seen some beautiful things shared out there, so if you’d like to join up, just add your link to the linky below and we’ll all come get inspired with you!

For lots more Fall inspiration, especially with an autumn-inspired mantel, visit Beth’s linky mantel party!

- Rhoda


  1. Beautiful! I too have not gotten bit by the “fall” bug yet. One, been super busy…two, like you we finally have cool crisp mornings to put me more in the mood. I did however see those lovely blue green pumpkins the other day at our local Trader Joes and am itching to put something together with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Your Foyer looks really warm and welcoming. I also wanted to tell you I listened to your round table segment and enjoyed it very much!!~ You were very positive and uplifting about the experience, as I would be too…regardless of anything else…it was FUN to be there with the other blogging friends.

  3. I had to laugh at the arrangement and your husband…sounds very familiar! 🙂 I love it though – I agree, it just says “fall” in it.

  4. I love your Fall entry! I’m a huge fan of white pumpkins, too … love how you’ve displayed them on top of candlesticks and an urn. Fabulous! The layering you’ve done is perfect. And, yes, too funny about the attack of the florals … that’s happened here, too! Thanks for hosting, and allowing me to share my Fall buffet. Take care, *Becca*

  5. Your entry so ELEGANTLY suggests Autumn in such a lovely way! LOVE it! I’m not so big into the Halloween decor either but yours is just FAB and it takes you through to Thanksgiving…awesome! Hey, don’t forget about my Scentsy giveaway!

  6. Looks beautiful Rhoda!

    I did a little Fall decorating at All About Home yesterday. I took photos of the shop, before I worked on it and posted for today. I’ll post about my decorating there, later this week.

    I enjoyed your SRT interview yesterday evening. Thanks for mentioning my little bloggy dilemma. I am feeling great about my new home.

  7. I have to agree with you on decorating for Halloween. I just don’t care for the scary holiday. I do however love the fall season and gearing up for Thanksgiving. I love that you didn’t go with the traditional decor and kept your colors muted. It is very organic. I am still loving that wreath!

  8. Rhoda – I love your muted colors. Good for you for sticking with what you love. That’s what decorating is all about! I look forward to the yummy pops of orange in my home. Thanks for hosting. I’m off to visit. Happy Fall!

  9. Hi Rhoda!! Beautiful. I love all of your Fallness! I’ve been Fallen all over my house too!
    I know you’re the busiest one, but I’m having a blog party next Wed. called the Heart of the Home Party – we’ll be showing our kitchens. I’d be honored if you’d come.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  10. When I saw the picture of the table decor, the first thing I thought was that I LOVED that urn! LOL Wish I’d have been at that sale before you. 😉 But glad one of us has it.

    It’s all beautiful. Funny about the door arrangement. Men. They just don’t like to sacrifice convenience for beauty, do they? I haven’t had time to do any fall arranging at home – or even any cleaning for the past month or more. It’s really pitiful around here. Embarrassingly so. Maybe in the next couple ‘o days…..

  11. Rhoda, I tried to leave a comment earlier and my computer went nuts. Now, I love your foyer decor and that blue pumpkin is great in the urn. I have not found the blue ones here. I love that color. Maybe one will show up somewhere.

  12. I’m with you on the fall decorating. I just over look it until Christmas. That is my favorite time of year. Everything just seems so magical. I guess it stems from my childhood, but I just love it.

    Love your vignette. The pumpkins are great. I didn’t know they came in decorator colors.

  13. Great photos! I love all the details. I definitely prefer the pumpkins in white for decorating. They go with everything. My favorite accent is the $1 gold frame. I can’t believe it was a yard sale find. Way to go!

  14. Gorgeous display! I love the blue pumpkin and your arrangement is beautiful hanging on the railing. I can’t remember if I commented about your wreath, but I LOVE it! Thanks for hosting a link up:)

  15. beautiful! I LOVE tht blue pumpkin!

  16. I’m back again, Rhoda!! I’m joining your Fallen party! This is so much fun.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  17. I guess because we have such fantastic foliage I really get into decorating for Fall. I start the end of Sept….keep everything up until the week-end after Thanksgiving, it’s such a nice looong season and then Christmas decos.

    I am with you on the Halloween decos…but I guess having kids changes that….I have my lights and scary tape and some decos I put up for the trick or treaters….and my house is the one that kids love coming to…not the wee little ones though lol!!! I give out really great treat bags too…. we really get into it …but everything comes down the next day and I’m back to my Harvest theme..November is such a drab month here its so nice to have the punch of color. Plus I happen to love the color orange.

    Happy Fall,
    Kathy 🙂

    ps I found some artifical cornstalk last year to put around my lamppost ….no more itches.

  18. This post was just what I needed to get inspired for some fall decor. I am just not into Halloween either and it has been 90+ here as well until this week so I’m finally feeling in the spirit. I’m going to be on the lookout for those blue pumpkins!

  19. Nicole-Lynn says

    Looks awesome! 🙂

  20. Your foyer table looks great all decked out for Fall. I love the cone arrangement. What a good idea to hang it there.

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