Family Time in Georgia

Time for another family update post!  We’ve had a lot of time with the girls this year and Lauren has been home more than ever, giving us all time with these little ones.  It’s been great and we love it when they come home.

Earlier in August, Renee had the girls for a whole week.  They had all been to the beach in FL and after that week was over, she brought them home for a week here with us and that was fun, so these pics are a mix of August pics and pics from last weekend when Lauren was home again with the girls.  I just snap photos and create memories for our family, so I’ve ended up being the keeper of the photos and documenting our time together. One day, I know it will be priceless to have these photos and memories all in one spot.

So, today I’m just sharing some highlights from both of these visits with all of you.  Mom made vegetable beef soup when they were here in August and the girls love her soup.

There was plenty of play time with dad looking on.  I’m pretty sure having Parker around takes him back to when Lauren was a little girl doing the same things.

Parker ended up spending the the night with Mark and me two nights and that was fun.  She came over like a big girl and stayed with us only saying a couple of times she wanted to go back to Nae-Nae’s house.  I talked her out of that and she had fun with Mark making funny faces with a computer app.

We watched a kids movie together and I captured this cuteness.  She loves her some Mark! He’s sort of an expert on little girls since he raised 4 of them.

She had fun playing with Holly too out on the deck.

She looks so cute in her summer dresses and those freckles kill me.

Following Mark out in the yard when he was mowing the grass.

One day, Renee and I took the girls to the lake near our house, Lake Alatoona.  It was a beautiful day and not many people were there, so that was fun.

The girls had fun playing in the sand and we floated on our floats for a long time too. This is summer to me!

Little Iris had fun too and we had lunch on the beach too.

Another day we went to my sister’s neighborhood pool, always fun as well.  We all love pool time and getting outside. Those girls love the water too!

One day, Iris was sick and Renee stayed home with her, but we were going to take Parker to Build a Bear at the mall to get a special treat, so I took her by myself. Being that unicorns are her fave, that’s what Parker chose. She had so much fun helping the lady stuff her unicorn.

Renee let her pick out an outfit and jewelry for her unicorn, so Parker was all smiles!

They swung on the swing at mom and dad’s house, Lauren’s childhood swing that’s been hanging for many years.

These next pics are from the last visit when Lauren was here last weekend.  Lauren has classes she takes for law and can take them in Atlanta, so it makes it nice for her to come here and she brings the girls to see us.  This was one of those trips.

Those girls love their Nana and she loves to have them home.

Iris and Iris time.  Little Iris just adores mom.

Renee and I took them one day to Catch Air, a kid’s indoor playground. It is really cute if you have kids and haven’t been there.  Great place for kids to play and play and play.

They can climb, spin, and do all sorts of fun activities.

You wear socks in there and they had a blast.

Everything is soft so it’s very safe for little ones.

Catch Air is so cute!

Playing at mom and dad’s house. They love pulling grass and playing with sticks.

Mom and dad looking on and enjoying having these girls home.

My sister fixed lunch the last day they were here and we all enjoyed a tasty lunch together.

My sister and Bruce have been working on their backyard for many years now and it’s looking so good.  Those girls have so much fun playing in the little creek and love their outdoor time.

Mom and Dad are doing pretty well, so I wanted to share an update of them too.  We love spending time together as a family.  They are both doing well health wise, thank goodness, nothing major going on at the moment. They are maintaining pretty well.

Bruce’s mother has just moved here from N. Augusta, SC and is getting settled into her house. She downsized from a big house by the river over there to an over 55 community, so she will be here with us for most family outings now and it’s nice to have her here.  She loves those girls too!

So, that’s the update!  Hope you enjoyed these snapshots of our family life!

- Rhoda


  1. As always, I love seeing your family photos. The girls are precious. Your Mom and Dad look great ! It was a great time with those girls it looks like.

  2. Andrea G Corley says

    So glad you got this time with the girls. Can’t believe how quickly Parker and Iris are growing. Your mom and dad look great….. Love seeing your family.

  3. oh boy, your Dad looks reincarnated! I think the girls really bring that out in him! So happy to see photos of him again!

  4. Rhoda, your folks look SO good! Parker and Iris will remember these good times all their lives. My favorite photo is Parker supervising Mark mowing the grass!

  5. Barbara Moore says

    Blessings abound! I love seeing those little ones grow. Your mom and dad look wonderful. I say their secret is all those yummy lunches you post. Each one looks delicious to my southern food loving self!

  6. What great photos. Those girls are precious! So nice to see a family that enjoys spending time together doing simple things. Blessings to all of you.

  7. Thank you for sharing the generational family pictures…so precious and special memories of the visit! Your parents look well and happy…happiness lives where love grows. I enjoy reading all that you share with us. I have been “with you” from the start. So glad you have remained true to your blog and reveal your heart in every word.

    • Thank you, Sylvia, you’re always so sweet and encouraging! I can’t blog any other way than this, to stay real and grounded.

  8. The girls are growing so fast….I love seeing pictures of your mom with her namesake. Iris is such a pretty name! We just had a get together with Marvin’s five siblings in Ellijay and it was the first time we were all together in 7 years. Family time is so important!!

  9. Rhoda,
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of your family time. I love your blog and how genuine you are. It is refreshing to find a blogger that keeps it real. 🙂

    • Thank you, Pamela, I appreciate you all saying that, I am glad the realness comes through, because that’s exactly how I want to be and the only way I can keep blogging in this crazy online world.

  10. Beautiful picture & so fun to see. Your Mom & Dad look so good and so happy!

  11. Happy family time is the best time of all. Enjoy every minute of it my dear. Lovely pictures.

  12. I love seeing your beautiful family photos. Your Mom & Dad look fabulous. Parker & Iris are blessed to have such a close loving family. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh how I wish I had a bowl of your Moms homemade beef vegetable soup about now! Your parents are looking good and I know they enjoyed having the girls there. The girls have grown so much and are so cute and it looks like all of you did a great job at keeping them busy and occupied. I bet you and your sister were worn out though!ha

    • Teresa, you have no idea! We are both exhausted when they leave. It’s definitely work to keep up with two little ones, but we love it.

  14. My favorite blog posts are those of family sharing precious time together. Thank you for sharing yours!

  15. Those girls just get cuter and cuter! I’m exhausted just looking at the pictures of all you did.

  16. Marilyn Schneiter says

    I absolutely love your family updates. I grew up in Covington so every time your Mama cooks lunch, I can taste those tomatoes, okra, squash, veg soup, cornbread! Oh I miss that good Southern cooking. So much of who they are remind me of my home/growing up years/values. Thank you & thank them for blessing us!

  17. Ahhh my favourite posts! Thanks again for sharing your lovely family with us

  18. Your mum looks fantastic!! Stylish and very attractive!!! I miss mine 😔

  19. I love the updates on the family! I love that you share what you love, people and decorating and more. You are real. Keep doing what your doing. You make my day brighter when I visit you little corner of the internet. Seriously, its a joy to see you happy. I have followed you for so long since before blogging in chat rooms. Thank you for being open and honest and sharing your life the bad, the good, and the wonderful.

  20. Audra Taliaferro says

    Looks like fun times!!! Love those freckles of Parker’s and the king cake PJ’s are adorable!!!!

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