Fashion over 50: Another Stitch Fix

Hi, friends!  I’m a day ahead on Fashion over 50 this week, since I have something fun I’m doing tomorrow, so be sure and come back for that.

Today, I’m sharing my second shipment of Stitch Fix (my referral link) so you can see what I got this time.  I shared my first shipment with you and only kept the shoes/booties in that shipment. This time I kept 2 tops and sent the rest back.  I’m still a little on the fence about the overall impression with Stitch Fix success, but I do think they have a good thing going.  If you’re not that great with putting clothes together and your shopping spots are limited in your area or you don’t like to shop online and try to put things together, then Stitch Fix might be for you. Again, this is in no way sponsored, I ordered from them just like anyone else would order.  A few of you bought last week and used my link, so I did get some credit to shop again, so I tried it again.  You can do the same thing and share your link and get credit too, so keep that in mind.

I explained how Stitch Fix works in my first post, so hop over there if you don’t know what it’s about and that explains it all.  It’s basically an online clothing shopping site where you have your own personal shopper shop for you by filling out a detailed profile on your likes and dislikes, price points and more.

They send 5 things in the shipment and it doesn’t all go together, but they also give you detailed cards that give suggestions on how to wear it all with things you already have.

I kept this pretty floral and black and white striped top, which was definitely something I liked.  It has a scallop edge in front and back, tab sleeves and reminds me of something from Anthropologie.

I liked the mix of materials and felt it would be a good mix with things I already have.  I wore it with some Banana Republic cropped white pants I already had and flat loafers.

I was heading out for a casual day outing, so added that cute Army green spring jacket I shared a few weeks ago.  It is a very versatile piece to wear with a lot of things this time of year.

That top even has a bit of this same olive green in the floral part, so  it was a nice complement. I love the pockets on this jacket.  So many of you ordered this jacket last time I featured it, so thanks for buying through my link!  It’s now sold out, so but here’s the link (affiliate link) in case you want to check back and hopefully they will restock again. 

The other top I kept, but haven’t worn yet is this red flowy one.  It’s got some neat detailing on the top, with tiny pleats and edging that gives it a casual but cute look.  It will be great with white skinny jeans and sandals for spring.

These next 3 things I sent back.  This was a longer tonic top in navy blues and white.  They had suggested wearing this top with the cobalt blue cropped pants that I show next, but I didn’t like either of them well enough to keep them. I really didn’t like the colors together either.

These are cropped pants by Kut from the Kloth, which is a brand I like. These were a little more low rider than I really like and I don’t like pants quite this cropped.  They were shorter than my white cropped pants above.

This white jacket was really cute, but I have a similar one already in my closet and this one was almost $100, so not a bargain to  me.

They do ask you the price range you want to spend on tops and jackets and I think I put $50 to $100, and they do have things even pricier than that or less than that.

Overall, I’d say I do a really good job of finding bargains and can get things less myself, but it is fun to see what the stylist puts together for me and if it’s something that really wows me and I want to keep it.  I kept 2 of these and sent the rest back.  Plus there’s a $20 styling fee and if you don’t buy something, you lose that.  You only get the best deal if you keep all 5 things and get a 25% discount on the entire package.  So, I haven’t benefited from that yet.

Several of you ordered last time, so I’d be curious what you think about Stitch Fix? How did it work for any of you who have tried it?  Love it or is it just meeehh?

- Rhoda


  1. I really like the two tops you kept, especially the first one–so cute. Haven’t tried this service as I probably wouldn’t buy enough to make it worthwhile, but I like seeing what they’ve sent to you. Thanks.

  2. Hi Rhoda, the tops you kept are really cute. The first one looks so fresh and summery! What are you wearing on your lips? It’s very flattering. Since we have the same coloring, I’m always on the hunt for a “perfect” lip color…it’s a fine line between too dark and looking totally washed out! Have a fabulous day!!

    • Hey, Roxanne, that is a Lip crayon by Boots No. 7 called statement. I don’t think they carry it at Target, where lots of Boots products are sold, but I’ve found it online.

  3. Rhoda you may want to include the link to the green jacket because they keep restocking. It was sold out after you posted it the first time but last weekend they had all sizes available and I was able to order one.

    • Hey, Julia, you are right, they do restock on many things, so I added it back in. Hopefully they will get more in and keep selling it, it’s a great jacket!

  4. Jenn Spring says:

    I have tried Stitch Fix and found that although some items are really cute, they seem way over priced. I did it for about 6 months then realized I was not really getting my money’s worth. Another issue I had was that several items were not fitting correctly. (May be just me since I am on the petite side). I may try again because they do send you different items then you would normally be drawn to and that is fun.

  5. I love the two tops you kept and I like the white jacket with the cropped pants although I understand why you didn’t keep them. The green jacket looks great with your new top and the jacket seems versatile. Thanks for sharing–love this blog.

  6. I really like the striped shirt with floral at the top. I may request that too. What size are you wearing? Does it run true to size? Thanks!

  7. I tried Stitch Fix this month. The 5 items I received were a long gold necklace liked ( didnt keep), a sleeveless tank top with lace detail in the back ( too small- didnt like lace in the back) . I usually wear some type of jacket or covering over sleeveless tops. I also got a peasant type printed top- it fit very well, but something about it- I just didn’t like (sent back)

    The two items that I really liked in my box were a pair of Kut from the Kloth boyfriend distressed jeans, love, love, love those ( not the price $88.00) These were the best fitting jeans EVER- including my Gloria Vanderbilts from the 80’s … I found the jeans at a lower price online- and will buy them.

    I also loved a Boho pink and black patterned Ponte dress with 3/4 sleeves. It was very comfortable, fit very well and the pattern suited my coloring . BUT the price really made me pause and finally not buy it. With the discount, the dress would cost a little over $50.00 certainly not bad at all. I guess though I have gotten used to finding nice, high quality discounted clothing at online retailers and consignment stores. I guess if it something that I am going to pay close to full price for- it better WOW me!

    I think my stylist did a good job- but I think it was definitely ME and not her! I do really really like the styling suggestion cards that they send and the outfit pages on their websites. I find those particularly helpful!

    Im going to try Stitch Fix again later in the summer and see if there is something that I really really like. Even though I lost my $20 styling fee- I thought it was worth the experience. I didnt have to drive 2 hours round trip to go to a mall and spend lots of time ( sometimes – frustrating) to try on lots of clothes. I found a new brand of jeans that I love and a style of dress that is super flattering. This took 10 minutes at home to discover. I also did not want to keep any items even the jewelry if I truly did not “Love” it . My closet has been full many time with clothes and accessories that I have just because I needed something to wear!

    So glad you tried out Stich Fix and reported to us. Your Fashion over Fifty feature is one of my all time favorites and I think it is one of the best around! TY !

    • Hi, Terie, thank you so much for chiming in! I think I have the same feelings you do about it, I’m able to get better deals elsewhere and by now I know what looks good on me. I wish you had kept the dress so you wouldn’t have lost your $20 fee, that would have probably pushed me to buy it, but you had to do what was best for you. Glad you like Kut from the Kloth, I have white jeans by them and love them too. I’ll have to try some others.

  8. And please disregard the typos- typing very fast on my phone and not editing closely enough. 🙁

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