Fashion over 50: Cool Bermuda Shorts Summer Tops

During these hot months we have here in Georgia, I’m all about beating the heat and wearing shorts and cool tops. I wear modest Bermuda shorts right above the knee these days and it definitely helps to keep things cooler with our heat and humidity. I still like to look half way decent when we go out, so I make the effort to dress for a summer evening out, even if we’re just going to town for dinner. We went to Henry’s again this night, one of our favorite Acworth restaurants. Our downtown makes a great backdrop for photos!

I picked up this knit off the shoulder top at TJ Maxx recently. They have such great inexpensive pieces and it’s impossible to go in there and not find anything. The shorts I’ve had for a couple of years and they are comfortable cotton. With my thin legs, I stick to a slimmer silouette in shorts and that works best for me as do Bermuda length.

Simple jewelry and jeweled flip flops are all that’s needed. Don’t be afraid to bare those shoulders. They say that shoulders are one of the last body parts to age, so take advantage of that while you can, I say! I wouldn’t bare my shoulders at church, but out to dinner with my man, yes please.

I continue to love this Kate Spade straw bag that I picked up at our local Acworth antiques shop last year. It was a good find and practically brand new!

As always, black and white is a great combo that I can’t get enough of. We see trains very often in downtown Acworth and our night out brought another one barreling through town.

Cool and casual was the attire for the evening. We don’t get too serious about dressing up in the summer months.

My hair has been curly more than not these days and I’m enjoying the curl, always trying to get it to look the best it can with going curly for a few days at a time.

Those curly girl products that I’ve talked about definitely help so check out my post about some of the products I’ve gotten for curly hair if you missed it, that help it a lot during these summer months. I might as well not fight it with our heat and humidity, that’s for sure!

Thanks as always for stopping by to see my fashion posts! Here are a few things I found that are similar in case you’re looking for casual shorts and tops for summer. Affiliate links used!

What are you doing to beat the heat? Do you wear shorts like I do or steer clear. I know a lot of older women don’t like to wear shorts anymore, but I still have my share of them for summer.

- Rhoda


  1. Susan Lusk says

    Beautiful, as always, Rhoda! I enjoy your posts and it is fun to shop at T. J. Maxx!

  2. Rhoda~
    You look beautiful! I have fallen in love with shorts this year, which is a change from the summer dresses I used to wear every day. I love your little town, I live in a very small town myself and it’s just as cute as a button with all kinds of Southern Charm. We should team up with some other bloggers and all of us share our home towns. Think about it. Try to stay cool, summer is far from over.

  3. This outfit looks good on you Rhoda. I still wear the longer bermuda shorts too and I like the slim cut also.
    We have to do what we have to do to stay cool in this Georgia heat!

  4. Love your hair curly!

  5. Super cute! That will be a perfect outfit for your September beach trip! It is sooo hot and muggy. But I keep telling myself all this humidity is the reason we Southern girls never age! 😉

    • Haha, Roxanne, there is something to that. It definitely is better for our skin, but man is it muggy and uncomfortable. Can’t go outside without sweating.

  6. Your outfit looks nice & cool if there is such a thing during this hot, humid season. I live in South Florida and the heat & humidity is really something right now. It feels like it hits you in the face upon stepping outside. I wear capris instead of shorts & they hit just below the knee. I haven’t shopped at TJ Maxx for awhile & I’ll have to do that soon. I used to always find nice tops there but haven’t for awhile. Hope I will the next time I chceck it out.

  7. Beautiful lady!

  8. Donna Crabtree says

    You look absolutely darling!!

  9. Aggie Reynolds says

    Really love the way your outfit and accessories look!! Just a charming southern gal look. Also thoroughly enjoyed the video with your Dad, such a precious fella and how blessed you are to have him.

  10. Oh my, that outfit is precious on you. I love your hair when you wear it curly, it takes years off your appearance. I’m so happy that you found a good man. It shows in every photograph!!!

  11. Just turned 60 this year and have a few off the shoulder tops that I love but struggle with them slipping up. Any tips to keep them “off the shoulder “?

    • Hi Cheri, I struggle with that at times too. Just have to keep adjusting them. I think they are definitely good for just sitting and not much else. But they look cute!

  12. I love your curls! Have you seen @younghouselove stories on IG about curly hair? She has such a simple routine! I wish my hair was curly but it’s just straight as a board except one section of my bangs! It always does it’s own thing!

    • HI, Lynne, I did see Sherry’s stories. I have some good products I use too for my curly hair. It’s funny that she’s just discovered she has curly hair!

  13. This is a great, casual outfit on you! I really like your off-the-shoulder top. I never really thought about it, but you’re right, shoulders don’t show age so quickly. It looks like my shoulders are holding up! It’s my legs that give me fits and I do wear shorts because it feels so good on a hot day, but I am self-conscious about it. xo

    • Thanks, Juliet, and that’s why I wear long shorts. I don’t like my thighs anymore either.

  14. Cindy in Oklahoma says

    Love your curly hair so much. Sometimes I feel my hair dragging my face and even my mood down in the heat of summer…. a little curl lifts it but my hair is so naturally straight there is no way, short of a perm, to make any curl last more than a few minutes. You are so lucky!

    • Hi, Cindy, thank you, it’s nice to have curly hair but it is a love/hate relationship at times because it can easily turn into a frizzy mess during summer months, so it’s a constant battle to keep it looking nice. But I’m very happy I have options with my hair.

  15. You always look nice. However, in some of your pictures your eyes look tired. Love the curly hair. Mine is short, but I learned how to scrunch it up to look curly.

  16. Love the look, casual and cool but also elegant enough for summer dinner out. I avoid shorts now but wear knee or just below the knee length skirts on those hot days. But I wish my hair would curl like that!

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