Fashion over 50: Fall and Leopard Print

This post is sponsored by Chico’s, all opinions and outfit choices are my own.

Fall is right around the corner, it has to be! Even though it’s still so hot here, I’m really excited to think about dressing for the cooler temps that will be here soon. I always look forward to Fall when those treasured cozy and chic warmer clothes make their way back into our closet again!

I’m excited to be working with Chico’s again on a Fall look featuring leopard print. I’ve been a fan of leopard print and animal print for a long time. All the way back to the 80’s when I remember wearing animal print then, it’s now considered a classic and a stylish addition to our wardrobes. Whether you are looking for a statement animal print piece, a head to toe look, or subtle touches like jewelry or a belt, Chico’s has you covered this Fall. It’s fun to mix up this wild print!

I opted for a leopard print moto jacket paired with some straight leg black jeans and a creamy sleeveless top, which is knit and easy care.

The statement jewelry from Chico’s, I can wear with lots of other things as well with a touch of leopard.

These pieces are versatile for so many occasions and will look great with all black, a staple in my wardrobe.

I wore some tall suede booties I’ve had for several years. These straight leg jeans are nice and fitted with some stretch, so very comfortable. I wear a size smaller than normal in Chico’s pants, size 4.

Side slit pockets in this Moto jacket make it sporty and chic. This will be a fun Fall outfit that I’ll be happy to wear this upcoming season as it cools off.

I went with a darker tone plum lipstick to usher in Fall too. The jacket sort of matches my hair! I’ve always been drawn to leopard and animal print in general and have many pieces in my closet.

How about you? Do you have room for some animal print in your Fall closet too? What could you bring in to add some pizazz to what you already have?

I was sweating taking these pics in our late Summer heat, but Fall will be here before we know it and we’ll have some cooler weather to enjoy. I’m so looking forward to putting on this Chico’s outfit and wearing it out for a fun occasion. This jacket will be so fun to wear with jeans too, I can see it being very versatile.

Adding in a little leopard or animal print adds a lot of pizazz to your wardrobe, so think about that for the coming season and check out what’s new for Fall at Chico’s.

Here’s a look at the items I’m wearing from Chicos (affiliate links): 

- Rhoda


  1. Flashing Content!! Great, keep up.

  2. Sherry Mullis says

    Love your outfit but I find the color of your print doesn’t look good on me with my gray hair. I have found some gray and black or taupe and black animal prints that look nice with my coloring and look right on trend. I often pair them with a red sweater or jacket. I love getting outfit ideas from
    you and adjusting to fit me🤗 Thanks

  3. Angela Mahnke says

    Rhoda, cute outfit…especially love the way you styled your hair! Will have to check out Chico’s soon for updating my fall look. I’ve never shopped there.

  4. Linda L Primeaux says

    Love animal prints together with black. So chic! Not everyone can where fall colors, but black looks good on everybody. BTW, your makeup looks very good on you. Love the shade of your lipstick, would you mind telling what it is?

  5. Great outfit! Thank you for showing that leopard print jewelry can also go – I tend to shy away from wearing too much leopard print items together but I see they look fab on you!

  6. Such a cute outfit. And for some reason, your page loaded much more quickly for me today. 🙂

    I really like Chico’s clothes, but I am pretty small and they run too big for me. You look great in this as you do in all your outfits!

  7. Rhoda~
    this has to be one of your best “Fashion over 50 Posts”
    Love everything about the fashion..I’m a huge Chico’s fan!
    But your backgrounds are so much more than your typical front door step captures!
    the color and clarity of the pics just pulls the viewer in to search all the details!
    I love the jacket!
    going over to Chicos as soon as i get out of my jammies!

  8. I love the prints and have already added a couple of pieces to my wardrobe for Fall–and whew! here in Georgia Fall needs to come on in!! I love the jacket and may have to check on that and I also love the jewelry and I could also wear it with many things in my closet. Thank you for everyday, but especially Wednesdays when you help us to look our best!!

  9. Love the outfit and you look great, as always!

  10. Laura B Dennison says

    Love this outfit!!!! You look great. I made a faux snakeskin skirt to wear last fall and just love it. It’s fun to let a little badass out once in a while.

  11. I don’t comment much, but have been reading you since Birmingham.. I just had to tell you how great you look! Of course, you always look great, but this is just darling! Am a big fan of Chicos, they are a great quality at reasonable prices.

  12. Hi Rhoda! You look great in everything!
    My question is what hair products do you use and how do you style your hair to look so terrific wavy??
    I also have wavy hair that I straighten but would love to wear my hair like yours!
    I love receiving your emails!
    Thank you for your time

  13. I love that jacket and have seen it every time I go to Chico’s, which it way more often than it should be. I own so much animal print that I have resisted it thus far.

  14. Stunning and so classy!! You nailed it, Rhoda!!

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