Fashion over 50: Jeans and Blush Shoes

Hey there friends!  The weather is teasing us this week, with a cold snap again and it can’t seem to decide if Spring is really here or not, but we’ll take the sunshine that’s here this week.

Here’s a question you probably didn’t expect to hear today.

Do you ever shop for clothes at Cracker Barrel?  I know, right?!  I typically only eat there when we are traveling, but sometimes Mark and I take his parents out to eat and it’s one of our spots we go to.  So, when I’m in there I will go through the clothes racks on the way out and just take a peek.  Last time I was there, I found this top and loved it.

Fashion over 50: Jeans and Blush Shoes

I thought it would be a perfect summer top with so many things and it’s lined and so cute with embroidery details and a scalloped hemline.  And I loved the ruffle sleeve too, very feminine.

Fashion over 50: Jeans and Blush Shoes

Since I’m still in love with those blush suede shoes from Sole Society, I tried them out with this outfit and I do think they will go with so many things and act as a neutral.  These are Mother jeans that I bought a couple years ago, in a flared leg.

I found the top online at Cracker Barrel, I don’t get any commission off this, but wanted to pass it along!  It’s a really cute top, I got it in Small.  I had no idea they have their clothing online.

Fashion over 50: Jeans and Blush Shoes

I can see wearing this top with colors and black.  White is versatile for summer.

Fashion over 50: Jeans and Blush Shoes

So, there you go, my Cracker Barrel find of the week!

Here are the shoes again, in case you want to take a look (affiliate link):

Fashion over 50: Jeans and Blush Shoes

And one more tip for you!  My hair is turning more gray by the day, it seems, so I needed to find something to cover the roots in between coloring at the salon. I had tried a powder that you brush on, but this one is way better.  My sister had used this one, so I found it at Walmart and really like it.  I got Dark Blonde and it has a little nozzle that sprays just where you need it to be.  Perfect for covering up the roots at the top of my hair before I get back to the salon.

Here’s a link to Target, but you can probably find it in your local store too:

- Rhoda


  1. Love ❤️ it!And the House looks fabulous

  2. Rhoda, just love the fashion advice you give! Fashion styling is soooo not my gift but I can copy with the best of them! You’ve helped me look cute and age appropriate and I’m grateful you include fashion hints in your blog. ( And yes, I did go to Cracker Barrel today and buy the top. Can’t wait to wear it!)

    • Hi, Elizabeth, that makes me so happy to hear, that you like the fashion tips and that you bought the top! Yay!

  3. Love your top with the jeans and those beautiful shoes, Rhoda! I’ve actually bought several tops at Cracker Barrel over the years. They have really pretty clothing and I wait for their markdown sales and have gotten some great buys!

  4. Good morning my friend,
    I purchased a feminine tunic at Cracker Barrel a couple years ago and every single time I wear it, someone compliments me on it. Of course they are surprised to hear where I bought it. Yours is so feminine and great for spring! Looking lovely!

  5. Rhoda,
    I bought a cute blush color purse at Cracker Barrel a few months ago and love it. I noticed the other day when we where there they had gotten in some cute summer, beachy tops. Thanks for the tip on the L’Oréal root cover-up. I need a little carry-over between my colorings as well and this might work perfect.

    P.S. For anyone interested in a great St. Patrick’s meal, Cracker Barrel is offering a special menu of corn beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots for a limited time to celebrate the holiday. It is really good and they do this every year around this time.

  6. I have several tops and a cloak that I purchased at Cracker Barrel. I didn’t know until about six months ago that they had clothes and I’ve really enjoyed everything that I have purchased there. I didn’t know they sold online so I am very happy that you posted. I love your house and enjoy your blog.

    Take care,


  7. That top is so cute, and love the Sole Society shoes, as well! You look so chic! My husband and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel a few weeks ago, and I loved their clothes. They have nice household things, as well. We just bought a house, and I found a set of faux herbs in a darling container. It’s great they have an online store!
    Julie S.
    from Kentucky

  8. What a gorgeous top and shoes! You look amazing, and your home is so beautiful!

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