Fashion Over 50: Long Sweaters

In Georgia, it’s finally time for boots weather and I couldn’t be happier. I dearly love wearing boots, from my riding boots to cowboy boots.  All boots are fun this time of year, especially with jeans, which seem to be my staple wardrobe these days.  Now that I don’t work in the Corporate world, my closet is much more relaxed, but I still like to look stylish in jeans.

Sweaters and sweater coats can really dress up an outfit in so many ways and I just ordered this long fringe sweater coat from Nordstrom to add to my wardrobe this Fall and Winter.  It’s part wool, so is cozy and soft sweater material and will be warm with a long sleeve underneath or the particular night I wore it out, it wasn’t really cold yet, but a little chilly, so I went with a sleeveless top underneath.

fashion over 5020151017_001

These jeans are by Grace in LA and have the bling on the backside. They are bootcut which work well for any boots.

Grace in LA (similar pair of bootcut jeans, affiliate link)

fashion over 5020151017_003

I have another similar pair of blingy jeans by Miss Me that I’ve shared before and what I like better about these is that they are cut higher and not so low on the hips.  I can tuck in a shirt with these and it doesn’t look weird, since they sit right below the belly button.  Much better for us over 50 gals!

grace in la jeans001

Blingy jeans back pocket.

This fringe sweater is a new purchase from Nordstrom this year.  I love adding a few new pieces to my Fall wardrobe to freshen it up and this will be a nice addition.  It’s by Hinge and is part wool, very soft and cozy.  And I fell for the fringe big time.  In case you haven’t noticed, fringe is huge this year.

If you are on the shorter side, you will have to find a sweater that’s not too long.  I realize that not everyone can wearing a longer sweater coat like this.  Try some on until you find one that is right for your proportions.  I happen to have very long legs and am tall, so can wear these longer sweaters.  If you are shorter, look for one that hits you mid-thigh for better proportions.

Hinge wool fringe sweater/coat (affiliate link)

fashion over 5020151017_004

I added a scarf that I got last year from Pink House Style.  They sent this to me.   It’s floral on one side and muted Fall stripes on the other.  Perfect for adding a pop of color to an outfit.

fashion over 5020151017_005

For another look, I removed the scarf and added a long boho necklace, which I’ve had since the 80’s.  Just goes to show, if you hang on to some things, they come back around again. I’ve always loved this long leather strapped necklace with all those neutral baubles and it will look great with sweaters this time of year.  The belt I have had for years too, a leopard print skin belt.

Similar leopard belt (affiliate link)

Similar belt from Target (affiliate link)

fashion over 5020151017_006

The night I wore this outfit it was getting chilly, but not too cold, so I wore a cream sleeveless knit top from White House Black Market that I’ve had in my closet forever.  I think I picked it up at a yardsale or Goodwill, can’t remember.  It’s a great little layering top.

fashion over 5020151017_007

And that’s a look at a Fall outfit I wore out recently.  I love layering things like this for Fall and Winter.

fashion over 50001

Another look at the fringe sweater.  This one will be fun to wear. I’ve got a few more new pieces that I’ll be sharing again soon.

fashion over 5020151017_008

I added a new lipstick and blush recently to my makeup and thought I’d share that.  I looked for a coral blush and lipstick and ended up with these.  I think they add a nice bit of peachy color to my face.  Ignore the wrinkles, those come with the territory. {wink}

I bought these at Ulta, links below.

fashion over 50002

Lipstick is by Calvin Klein:  Alarm 600 (affiliate link from Ulta)

Cream Powder blush:  It Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush in Pretty in Peony

fashion over 50003

The lipstick has shine and goes on sort of like a gloss but with more body and not as gloppy as glosses can be.  I like the way it feels and you can layer it on with a lip pencil for longer wear or swipe it on for a bit of color.

fashion over 50001

Sharing my jewelry:  The 80’s necklace that I’ve loved for a long time, Jord wood watch (affiliate link), golden earrings from Country Living fair last year, and cuff bracelet from Lucy’s Lockets.

In case you want to shop the post with pictures!

- Rhoda


  1. You look fabulous, Rhoda! I’m loving all the fringe this fall. I have to be careful with length being 5’3″. I always wear a heel with anything longer than mid length. I also love all the poncho styles. Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons as far as my wardrobe! ??

  2. Diane in Wis says

    Gosh Rhoda, you look so darn good in everything. Love your sweaters and scarves and blingy jeans …. love your tall skinny frame!!! And you look terrific in that last pic with the new lipstick. Lookin good!!!

  3. That new shade of lipstick is very flattering on you, Rhoda! I must check it out as I never step out into the yard without lipstick! I must say that you are rocking those jeans and I do like the idea of you publishing a magazine for us over 50 gals! It would be a huge hit!

  4. Looking gorgeous Rhoda! I absolutely LOVE this style. It’s timeless, classy and so comfortable. I have lots of long sweaters…(they hide my big booty HA). You certainly don’t have that issue:)

  5. I always enjoy your focus on fashions on Wednesday-sometimes I find something to grab onto and other times I simple enjoy watching you have fun looking good. My philosophy goes a bit like this “Take what you like/can use and don’t “spit on” the rest.”
    Really and truly it’s all the small details that make the difference or fill in the wardrobe. I enjoy it-Thanks!
    btw- the fashion feature is only one day each week-No Problem!

  6. Cute Cute thx for giving us so many ideas – love the jeans we have a Buckle store here in Richmond am going to have to check it out – I for one love the fashion bits – mixes it up a little~~~

  7. I’m 48 and loving the fringe sweater coat! I’m thinking of what cardigans I have that I can add fringe to, even in a contrast, to update them (read: I’m cheap!). Great website, my first day here!

    ~Barbara from Boston

  8. Love the sweater! Your picture with both hands on your hip (4th one down) immediately took me back to the 70’s. I’m just a few years younger, but I remember my older cousins posing this way when they were teenagers 🙂

  9. You look fabulous! Great inspiration.. Love all your tips!
    Thank you.

  10. Hi there,
    The scarf with the sweater ties everything together and gives it a pop of color! I also like the bling on the jeans, very cute!

  11. Cheryl Lawson says

    I know this is an old post but I love your style. Could you share the brand of cowboy boots that you are wearing?
    Thanks, Cheryl

    • HI, Cheryl, sure they are Tony Llama. I got them locally at a place in Marietta, GA called Horsetown.

  12. I really enjoy your style. I am at the end of my fifties but love to wear stylish outfits but don’t want to look like I am trying to hard. U have inspired me.

  13. Love your style ! I’m 58 and dress much like you, age appropriate, modest and stylish ! I’m not fond of seeing women “give up ” on looking nice after a certain age, it’s take no more time to put on a well fitting , stylish pair of clean jeans , a T shirt / sweater and cute flats/boots then it does old sweat pants , a ratty looking T shirt, and dirty Uggs ! And don’t even get me started on the mannish haircuts , no makeup ” I just rolled out of bed ” look ! It doesn’t have to new or expensive either ! I get 90 % of my clothes at Goodwill ! At 5’3 , 150 lb , size 10, I can usually find good , well made quality clothes and collect them a piece or 2 at a time to build a solid wardrobe . Not hard to do ! Thanks for showing others it can be done with style and class !!

    • Thank you, DJC, for stopping! You sound like a very stylish lady, love picking up things from Goodwill too.

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