Fashion Over 50: Makeup Consultation

Today’s post will be fun to share with y’all and I think you’ll enjoy it!

My friend, Karen, who I introduced to you all in a previous fashion post has a fashion stylist friend, Robyn Hollner, who does makeup and wardrobe consultations, along with personal shopping trips to help you find your best style.  She’s been in the business for over 20 years and knows a lot about this subject. She offered to come over and do an official makeup consultation on me to best determine if I’m wearing the right colors in makeup and my clothing.  She bases her information on the old Color Me Beautiful book that was so popular in the 80’s that I have talked about on my blog before.  There is definitely something to the theory that we all fall under Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter colors.  Summer and Winter are cool undertones and Spring and Fall are warm.

makeup over 50009_20150830

I knew already that I have yellow-based (or warm toned) skin and Robyn helped me hone in on that and get more ideas on my makeup choices. I’m definitely a Spring in color tones.  I had not totally used all warm tones in my makeup so I think this will help me in the future when I’m choosing new makeup pieces for myself.  Robyn left me this handy card for Spring colors that will help me when I’m out shopping.  Colors either have warm or cool undertones in them and I know all of this from choosing paint colors, but I don’t always apply that to my makeup.  I do pretty well with the colors I wear in my clothing, but now I’ll be more aware in my makeup selections.

Spring has clear warm undertones, so I need to stay away from blue-based pinks and go more towards the coral/orange/rust family to perk up my complexion.  We need all the help we can get in our 50’s, don’t we?

makeup over 50011_20150830

Meet Robyn. She was so fun to meet and we started talking about warm colors and the process of finding what works on someone.  As she began draping me to see what colors looked best next to my face, I started to see it for myself.  It wasn’t always obvious at first, because I’m drawn to favorite colors and colors that I love to wear, like blues and greens.  Luckily, the colors that I love the most are very prominent on the card and those shades lean to the warm side.  She did say a lot of blues can be worn by most everyone, like the teal workout top I have on.  She started with white as a neutral base.

makeup over 50013_20150830

Then, she took fabric swatches and one by one tried them by my face.  I guess I can wear yellows that are warm, but they aren’t my favorite colors and I have nothing in my closet in this.  The card shows a very pale yellow for me.

makeup over 50014_20150830

This pink tone is one that I should stay away from, even though I do have some magenta and hot pink in my closet.  I do get compliments on the deeper pinks on me, so I will probably keep some of them, even though technically they are not my best shade.

makeup over 50018_20150830

Orange reds and corals are good on me and I knew that too from a couple of tops and a dress I have in that shade.  I don’t usually wear bright orange by itself, but I do have a few prints in this tone.

coral white blouse with turquoise

Like this one from C Wonder that I’ve shared before.

makeup over 50020_20150830

Again, the blue based pinks are not the best for me.

makeup over 50021_20150830

This one seems to be the same one on my card, a deep rusty red, so it should work for me in the warm family.

makeup over 50024_20150830

We determined that beige tones are better next to my face, rather than white-white.

makeup over 50027_20150830

This one was good too, it looks like one on my Warm card, in the deep coral family.

makeup over 50033_20150830

I think this one is too cool, in the pink tones.

makeup over 50036_20150830

This pastel melon is on my card too, so I could wear this, although I do think brighter colors definitely look best on me at this stage of life.  More color is better!makeup over 50039_20150830

We then started talking about makeup and enhancing warm tones on the face.  I definitely need to stick to brighter corals to perk up my face.

makeup over 50044_20150830

She first applied a pink gloss to show me that it really didn’t perk me up that much.  It’s fine, just not the best.

makeup over 50046_20150830

We took that off and then she went for a warmer coral color.

makeup over 50058_20150830

It’s definitely brightens up my face more. I do have a few lipsticks in this family already so that is good.

makeup over 50062_20150830

Next we started talking eye shadow colors and tones.

Naked palette 2

I have a whole palette of mostly neutral eye shadows that I’ve been using from Urban Decay. She said these are in the cool family (maybe except for the gold/brown in the middle), so even though I’m not throwing this away, I’ll experiment with some warmer tones too.

Warmer tones on the eyes will really make my blue eyes pop with my skin tone.  I knew not to wear blue on my eyes (although we sure rocked blue back in the 70’s, didn’t we?!).   I’ve been wearing mostly pinky/beige/brown tones on my eyes for a long time, because I knew that browns would make my eyes stand out more.  I just need to go more warm with the browns to the copper family.

makeup over 50064_20150830

We experimented with more copper/deep rust shades on my over 50067_20150830

I do like them!

makeup over 50081_20150830

My friend, Karen, was having fun with my camera snapping all these pictures, so it made for a lot of laughing along the way.

makeup over 50092_20150830

Deeper shades of rust for the eyelids.

makeup over 50101_20150830

And a few swipes of a bronzer on the face.  I need to go more coral on my blush too instead of too much brown.  A little more color just gives us a pick me up as we get older.  Not a clown face (we’ve all seen those ladies, right?), just a pretty highlight.  Still use a light hand with the makeup.

makeup over 50103_20150830

I like the coral tones a lot and will definitely be more mindful of this in my new blush selections.

makeup over 50104_20150830

Ready to go shopping for a few new colors!

makeup over 50108_20150830

Consulting with Robin was a lot of fun, so if you are in the Atlanta area and want help with your makeup or wardrobe, you can contact Robyn at RH Image.  Her phone # is 678.262.6039.  You can find all her contact information there as well. She’s a professional in the fashion/makeup industry and has a BS in Fashion Merchandising. She was a delight to meet and consult with.

makeup over 50112_20150830

I’m excited to perk up my makeup with some fresher coral tones and some brighter warm tones for my eyes.

fashion over 50011_20150830

I’ve been experimenting in the last few days and you can see that in these pics.  More of a copper/peachy tone on my eyes and the lipstick that I’ve shared before, Clinique Glazed Berry. It’s definitely a coral tone and works for me.

fashion over 50

This top is the Covered Perfectly 3/4 sleeve that I’ve shared before and this green color definitely works for me.  I’ll share more of these outfits in a later post, but wanted you to see the makeup.

If you haven’t found out your color tones yet, you may want to do that. It can definitely make a difference in what you wear in clothing and makeup.  It was a fun process and I would totally recommend Robyn to help you hone in on that if you are in the Atlanta area.

Note: Robyn gave me a free consultation and I told her I would share it on my blog.

Here are some makeup basics that I have enjoyed, the Naked palettes (affiliate links):

- Rhoda


  1. It’s so fun to read all your comments on this post, so I know that makeup and fashion are something we all love. Thanks for the compliments on my curly hair, I do enjoy wearing it curly, but I also like the sleek look too. I have lots of friends who love it straight too, so everyone has their own opinions on this. I’m just glad that I have options and can wear it both ways, depending on my mood of the day!

  2. Love your hair in the pic with green shirt on

  3. Melesa Garrison says

    How fun to get a make over. I think it’s always good to get a fresh start on things ever so often. The corals do look good on you. I always thought your makeup looked good anyway, but I think it did make a difference. I LOVE the green on you. That color of green has always been a favorite of mine as well.
    Thanks for sharing, MG

  4. Oh my gosh- I remember Color Me Beautiful! Trinny and Susannah, who created the original What Not To Wear (British) have a book out where they share a lot of the same principals. It makes a huge difference knowing what colors look good on you.

    It looks like it was so much fun to get your colors and makeup done!

  5. Diane in Wis says

    How fun! I think you look good in everything Rhoda…..but I especially love that pic towards the end of you in the green shirt! Wow!!!!! Awesome, kiddo!!!

  6. Years ago I had my colours done because I am pretty boring and wear mainly white, beige and creams, bit like my house but seeing these images has made me think I should get into a bit more colour this spring (were coming up spring time in NZ).

    Love all those colours on you, my favourite was that gorgeous orange shirt. Loved the make up and love the wavy hair at the end, wondering how you did that as I have a similar hair style to you at the moment.

    Great post, shame if I had lived closer I would have probably thought about using Robin. I must dig out my old colour swatches, I am sure I have them somewhere, I am Spring.

    • HI, Lee, I talked about my hair in a previous post & it’s curling creme product and scrunching my hair to get it like that. I have lots of natural curl, so it isn’t hard for me to do this style.

  7. What a fun post! I didn’t think you could look more fabulous, but you do…I remember my mom having her colors done in the 80’s. It’s time for me to do an inventory and revamp for the Fall season. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. sylvia clark says

    Love your wavy hair in the pic with the green top from Covered Perfectly!!!!

  9. You look beautiful, always. Brows are one of my things these last few years, I think you should treat yourself to getting them professionally shaped (go somewhere good) and tinted a slightly warmer shade. They will be a polished frame on a beautiful picture.

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