Fashion Over 50: Sweaters

Back today with another fashion post and I have to say, this is so fun. I’m so happy that y’all have really responded to the fashion posts like you have.  This has always been a fun topic for me, so to be able to share and talk about fashion and beauty with all of you, that’s the icing on the cake for me.  Again, thank you for the enthusiasm on these posts!  I have a whole closet of clothes I can mix and match as well as accessorize, so it will help me to stretch my fashion creativity too.

boots and jeggings

This is an outfit I pulled together and wore to the Atlanta Mart a few weeks ago.  These pants, from TJ Maxx, are a snakeskin print jegging (which if you don’t know, is legging/jeans combo) and I wore them with my new black boots.

gray sweaterCharcoal Cardigan:  Similar / Boots:  Ralph Lauren Mila boots

The long sleeved shirt is from Ann Taylor and I picked it up at a thriftstore awhile back for $5. You’ve seen it in another fashion post too.  I topped it with a wool ruffled charcoal gray sweater (Willi Smith) that’s been in my closet for a couple of years and it came from TJ Maxx.

gold jewelry

Once again, my blingy gold jewelry came out and I’m really loving the combo right now.  That necklace I picked up at C Wonder outlet on my shopping spree there before Christmas.  I just heard that all the C Wonder stores are closing, so that is sad news. I really got some nice pieces when the outlet closed so I’ll have more of those to show you later.  Several pieces are good for spring summer wear.  That chunky black and gold necklace was $10 on clearance.

black boots outfit

So there’s another boots and skinny pants outfit.  I  like a little bit of faux skin or fur patterns in my closet too, as you’ll notice along the way.  These snakeskin print pants came from TJ Maxx and they are DKNY brand.

tunic and leggings

This is a new outfit I recently got and this is one of the tops I scored at the sample sale at the Atlanta Mart, top is by Artex.   I picked up this pair of damask leggings while in New Orleans, at Dillards and I’ll show you a close up of those.  I love the graphic print on the tunic shirt and because I love black and white so much, it’s a winner for me.  I paid around $25 for the top and the leggings were on clearance for $23.

Would you believe, I didn’t even notice this top had a face on it until way after I brought it home and someone mentioned it from a picture on Facebook?  That’s what I get for shopping fast.  I do love it!

sweater and leggings

It was chilly out that day, so I topped the outfit with another sample sale score, this ruffled sweater (I think this was $30 by Lisa International) that I can wear with lots of things. It’s gray, black and white and I love the ruffles on the sleeves and how the entire front and hem are ruffled with gray.  It ties in the middle.


When I wear this necklace, I always get asked about it.  I’ve have this necklace for about 4 years and also got it at the Atlanta Mart, in the cash and carry area.  The vendor is Art by Amy and she has an online store too, so you can check her out online if you’re interested in one of these.  You can pick out the charms and make it personal.

ruffled sweater

Sweater:  Lisa International, Similar Sweater 

A closer look at the ruffled sweater.  This piece is so warm and comfy this time of year.

leggings and boots

The tunic is plenty long enough with the leggings and the sweater is even longer.

damask leggings

Leggings:  Hue Flocked Brocade

Here’s a closer look at the damask leggings. The brand is Hue and I got them on sale at Dillards.  Aren’t they cute!  They’re really thick too and very comfortable with lots of stretch.

sweater tunic and leggings

The sweater ties in the front and is really comfortable to wear, as well as warm. It sort of has a patchwork look too.  As much as I love black, I had to get it.


Here’s a not so great pic snapped with my phone camera of black skinny jeans, black sweater and the new ruffled black and gray sweater.

So that’s a look at how I’m wearing different sweaters this year, shorter ones and longer ones.  Have you tried the longer sweaters yet?  They really are fun!

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- Rhoda


  1. Hi there
    I am stopping by again as I am realitively new to your site, and am a fashion blogger over 40. I love the snakeskin pants, and the black really makes the outfit pop , the neutrals stand out. I love the flowing, cascading cardigan, the textures of it, along with the demask pants, and artsy tunic is a great mix of textures and artistic look to the eye.The silver jewelry adds a vintage touch.

    please stop by, jess xx

  2. “You look fabulous, my dear”. This looks are great and you wear them well. Now if I could only grow a few inches and lose many pounds I could copy your styling! I love these personal entries.

  3. Rhoda, Just when I think your blog could not get any better (because I love, love, love the decorating), you surprise us again with a wonderful post. I enjoy seeing the outfits, you put together to model, you look amazing. I like the idea of shopping your closet to put together a outfit, maybe adding a new piece to outfit. Please encourage your friend to model outfits because not all of us are a small size and we can get some new ideas for outfits. Your blog is the first one I read each day. Keep the new ideas coming!!

  4. Thank you so much for these posts! I have lost 65 pounds and have a whole closet full of clothes that are four sizes too large and I have been stressed at shopping for proper clothes as a woman over 50. With the combination of the weight loss and your advice, I am getting a lot of compliments on how much younger I look. I have bought new jeans, shirts and sweaters and two pairs of tall boots in brown and black (I couldn’t think of even zipping those up before) and one pair of ankle booties with more to come.

    • Yay, Lorrie, that is fantastic! I’m so glad you found it helpful and you are getting yourself some new clothes. Awesome on the weight loss, I know you feel great.

  5. Segreto secrets says

    Always the cutest outfits! I love those snakeskin jeggings with the cozy black sweater!! Great style post!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  6. Love your outfits….thanks for keeping us girls over 50 on the right fashion track…

  7. Kimberly Ladd says

    I am really enjoying your blog. Do you have any advice for dressing in Charleston, SC for early April?

    • HI, Kimberly, I imagine it might be warmed up by April, but I would suggest layering your clothes. Definitely tops and sweaters and casual pants. I love layering and if it gets too hot, then you can take something off.

  8. Patty Lucas says

    LOVE the top with the face. I love a top/tunic that cover a multitude of sins. I also love the damask leggings. I do appreciate some fashion advice but I am in the over5 60 group so I need all the help I can get! Thank you.

  9. Enjoying your fashion post. You always look so put together. Love the first outfit. Very flattering on you.

  10. Thanks Rhonda,
    As with many other ladies of different proportions I look forward to seeing Vickie model.
    Jeggings are out for me as well as the long ruffle sweaters and boots for wide calves just do not
    have the same panache.You look great in them and prove one can look good and age appropriate
    without spending alot.

  11. Thank you so much, Rhoda! I can see from the comments that so many of us welcome your fashion tips and admire the way you model everything from the clothing to your make up! I’ve been a follower of yours for so long and always loved the way the way you dressed in all of the pictures I’ve seen of you at various events. You have never let age or old fashioned ideas change the way you love to look and dress. That is so refreshing!

    I’m going on 55 next month. I so wish I were as tiny as you but I think we can all pull off a fashionable look if we keep in mind what’s is right for our shape. And these posts also make us see that we are wide open to all sorts of styles. Thank you! I look forward to more. pretty lady!

    Jane xx

    • Thank you, Jane, I’m so glad you are enjoying these posts too! And thanks for being such a supporter over the years, so appreciated.

  12. Hi Rhoda!!

    You look absolutely beautiful in your outfits!!

    I’ve always been afraid of wearing leggings, but, pairing them up with the right sweaters makes them look great!! Love the Damask leggings…How gorgeous!! Your accessories were perfect for each outfit, which to me, breaks or makes the look you’re trying to achieve.

    You look like you’re having fun showing us your new look and that’s fabulous!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!


  13. Patricia Wilson says

    Rhoda, I’m really loving your fashion posts. You’ve already given me so many ideas I’d never have thought of wearing. You look great!

  14. Hello there,
    I loved that black and white dress with the face and leggings on you. That was a winner! You have a great article and the outfits are well put together!

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