Feature Friday: Angela’s Loft

My friend, Angela’s cottage has been featured on my Feature Friday last year and now I can’t wait to share the latest design delight that Angela has accomplished.  She and her hubby bought an in-town Atlanta loft not too long ago and she has been busy making it pretty.  Loft living is so fascinating to me and I love the industrial feel that that have.  Angela has managed to make this one feel cozy and comfortable, even though it still has those features in place that lofts are known for:  concrete floors, brick walls, industrial ceilings and more.

This one is a treasure and Angela uses it as an art studio and weekend getaway from her suburban Atlanta home.  She’s a busy homeschooling mom of 3 and this is her little escape for some “me” time of painting.

Angela, Lori and I are partners on the Room Service Atlanta project (see the Room Service website for all the details)  that I shared with you a few weeks ago and we met at Angela’s loft this week to get some final plans made for our room makeovers.  It was the perfect spot for some brain storming with creative women.

A Mexican burrito lunch from Bell Street Burritos was the perfect break.

living room to kitchen

Keep in mind that I forgot my big camera, so these pics were taken with my new iphone, which I have only had about 3 mos. now.  How did I live without my iphone?  Do you have one?

So, this is coming in the front door.  The floors are all concrete and I wish you could see all the texture in the place.  It’s industrial, but with the soft goods in place, doesn’t feel cold at all.  Angela is a thrifting queen and loves shopping frugally, but when she puts it all together, it’s dynamite.

Take a look at those huge drum light fixtures.  One of her relatives made them and she had them covered in fabric and they really make the space.  You can’t see how big they are in these pics, but they are just massive.

living room space with Marilyn pic

She painted the big Marilyn on the wall and it’s very graphic and right at home in the loft. That sofa is from the thriftstore and she painted it and had it recovered.


Planked walls and Angela’s colorful artwork fit right in as well.  The bedroom is right behind the planked wall.  It’s a small space, but every inch is well planned out.


A “B” for their last name.

dining kitchen

The open kitchen is compact, but very cute. She painted that blue dining table.


Love the kitchen with quartz countertops.

industrial light

Angela picked up this industrial light last year on our Screen Door shopping trip to Asheville, NC.  She’s great at mixing things together.

Flor rug

This Flor runner is great in here with its graphic look and bold colors.


And there’s adorable Angela at the end of the hall.  She’s such a sweetie!

big mirror

Love this corner with the HUGE mirror that her contractor built a mega frame around.  It bounces a lot of light around.


This chest with the collage of artwork above is so interesting too.  Angela has such a great eye for design.

barn door

This chevron barn door goes into the bedroom.


The other side of the planked wall holds the bed with built in closets on either side.


Pretty bedding makes it cozy.


The small compact bathroom is just big enough.

pink faucet

And check out that pink industrial faucet.  Isn’t that the cutest?


Love this big bold light fixture too, it’s right at home in this lofty space.  Check out the ceilings too.

art space

At the back of the space is Angela’s art studio, with lots of natural light pouring in.

Angelas art

She loves modern art and bold colors.  I’m not an artist at all, so I’m in awe of how she can put brush to canvas and come up with some beautiful artwork.


An artist’s bevy of brushes.


Bold colors all over, so fun.

more art

Angela has so much talent and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

black and wshi

Door knobs from Anthropologie.

Room Service plans

We met up at the loft and had a meeting for our Room Service Atlanta project, fine tuning the details, choosing the bedding and paint colors.  We’ll be finishing up this project at the end of October and I’ll of course, share all of that with you.

outside loft

Outside the loft.

I just fell in love with Angela’s beautiful loft and knew y’all would enjoy seeing it too.  I think loft living is so fascinating, how about you?

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda, what an incredibly beautiful loft…so many fantastic creative touches…you can definitely tell that a very talented artist lives there!!
    The project sounds like great fun…Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Yes, I think loft life looks fascinating and somewhat freeing. I love how eclectic and fresh her place is. She’s not afraid to do what she likes…I want to be more like that. Thanks for sharing her loft.

  3. This is absolutely adorable~ love it… Lovin’ the lady on the wall too

  4. I would love to live in a loft, just me! Love the light fixtures.

  5. She is certainly a very talented young lady! Love her artwork, and the runner is awesome too!

    I like the idea of loft living, not only from the standpoint of having a place with cool ceilings and walls, but the idea of walking out the door and being minutes away from everything is somewhat appealing. Of course, I also want the porch and picket fence too ;).

  6. She is a very talented woman.

    Her artword is great and I like the B with the light bulbs.


  7. Karen Thomas says:

    Loved seeing the tour of Angela’s loft. But, I have to disagree with you on one account. YOU are and ARTIST as well. Maybe not the same type of artist, but the artistry you put into everything you do is so inspiring. Love your blog Rhoda.

  8. There’s a part of me that would like to live in a loft. I like the space, but the decor is not my “cup of tea.” I’d miss having a yard for my dog as well!

  9. I love this space with its eclectic quirckiness that’s sophisticated at the same time. Agreat hand put this together. My favorites are the shut-off valve faucets and the hanging blue chair and Lichtenstein inspired woman. I do like how the decor fits the space and its use.
    You are an artist as well as your own places reflect. In addition, this post shows is why I love your blog: you appreciate some many types of design and how they work in people’s lives. By highlighting them you help expose us all to the creativity around us and how a fearless approach with just a few things can transform a room from staid to fabulous. I’ll have to pop over to see her cottage.
    I’ve never lived in a loft, but I do miss downtown city living (in a good city, of course.) CTD

  10. What a fabulous place. Often I crave a loft – but can’t figure out where I would grow my hydrangeas!

  11. It’s really different! I like seeing things that are quirky like that pink faucet 🙂 So fun and energetic!!

  12. I have been dying to see pics of Angelas loft – it’s just as amazing as I expected.. the pink faucet is KILLER!!!!

  13. gahhhhhhh! you finally got what we all wanted!! An online show of the loft!! An AMAZING space.
    MISS YOU GIRLS!!!!! Let’s do lunch, mkay? Where is my luxury helicopter when I need it??

  14. What a fabulous home! Love all the details, looks amazing.
    Debbie 🙂

  15. What a trendy little place! I absolutely love the designs. My personal favorite is the Marilyn Monroe painting. These pictures prove that the homeowner is creative as well as very artistically talented. Not to mention, they know how to design on a budget!


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