Feature Friday: Back Porch Musings

We go way back, the two of us.  The lady I’m featuring today, Pat with Back Porch Musings, is a longtime online friend that I met years ago (over 10) on an online decorating board that we were frequenting at the time, called Great Impressions.  Back in the day, it was a fun place to hang out and share decorating ideas and it was way before you could sit and look at home pics online. That was non-existent back in 2000.  Amazing how far the internet has come in 13 years!   Pat and I started our blogs within a month of each other.


So, Pat and I have known each other virtually all this time and I consider her a friend even though we’ve never met in person. She is one of the kindest and sweetest ladies I know and all of her creativity shines through on her blog, Back Porch Musings.  She’s a wonderful photographer too and in her later years has a love of taking photos and documenting life’s sweet journey through photography.  You’ll enjoy her beautiful home, which she lovingly put together with her husband of many years.  They have a beautiful place out in the countryside in Missouri.

Pat's home

Their beautiful brick home in the countryside is so charming and pretty.


On the exterior, they’ve done lots of landscaping and prettying up the outdoors as well.


Inside the 2 story foyer.  Pat is a decorating diva and loves to changes things up all along the way.

family room

Their hearth room right off the kitchen is cozy and casual with slate floors and a homey fireplace.

family room sofa

It looks to be a wonderful gathering place for family and friends.


The fireplace which gets changed out for the seasons.

hearth room to breakfast area

Looking into the breakfast room and kitchen.

breakfast table

I love Pat’s farmhouse table with all the multi-hued chairs surrounding it. And her beautiful collection of white dishes is to be envied on her cupboard.

back porch

Named after this porch, Pat’s blog is a haven of comfort and rest.


They enjoy spending lots of time out here on the back porch and I certainly can’t blame them.

dining room

The dining room has gone through some paint color changes and this one is neutral.

aqua dr

I also loved it in this beautiful aqua shade.  They were going to try to sell their home last year, but with the economy like it is, it just wasn’t a good time to sell, so it’s off market now.

guest room

The guest room has been newly redone with an upholstered headboard.

bed vignette

Pat also has quite the collection of dishes and serving pieces and always sets a gorgeous vignette.

dining table

I think this shot is the living room looking into the hearth room.

living room

Living room coming in the front door.

living room2

Pretty pieces, Pat has collected some beautiful antiques and new pieces as well.

lodge space

Downstairs, her hubby has his own lodge room and this is a spacious basement area.

lodge room

And this is why it’s called the lodge.  Rustic, but casual, perfect for entertaining.

lodge room2

What a beautiful home Pat and her hubby have. I hope you enjoyed the tour of this Missouri countryside home at Back Porch Musings. Pat is one sweet lady, so I hope you’ll go over and visit her too.  She would love to meet you!

- Rhoda


  1. I’ve been a blog follower of Back Porch Musings but never saw a tour of her home! It is indeed beautiful. I am happy to finally get to walk through her home, thanks to you Rhoda!

  2. I love Pat! She is such a gracious and kind lady who is multi-talented to boot! I’ll never forget that she was my first “friend” on Google Friend Connect when I was just getting started. Enjoyed seeing the tour of her beautiful home today!

    • I have been fortunate enough to know Pat for many years. We live in a delightful area of Missouri. Pat’s home is as lovely as she and her talent amazes me. I will tell you that shopping with her is quite a treat!

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful feature, Rhoda. I love it and you. I am honored!

  4. Pat, is the best. Perfect feature choice.

  5. Big fan of Back Porch Musings and Pat gracious, welcoming style. Her vignettes and tablescapes …. things of beauty.
    Beautiful home… beautiful lady!
    Thanks for the feature Rhoda, and thanks for letting us wander around your luvly home Pat.
    Hugs, Gee

  6. Hi Rhoda, I’ve been following you and Pat since I started blogging. I really enjoyed taking the home tour of Pat’s home. It is beautiful and inside and out! Thanks Rhoda!

    The French Hutch

  7. Maureen says:

    Another decorating friend of Pat’s and long time admirer of her talents! Nice to see this feature today!

  8. You have featured one of my favourite homes! Pat’s home is very beautiful and her decor skills are evident everywhere you look.
    I love it!

  9. That’s great that y’all go so far back. I have been following Pat’s blog since before I started blogging. Love her homes and style.

  10. Melanie says:

    Gorgeous home!!

  11. Beautiful home!!

  12. I love Pat’s home and I visit her blog alot, I love her back porch and the displays she features. She has a beautiful and very relaxing home. Great feature choice.


  13. This is such a lovely home, warm and inviting, decorated beautifully. Pat has great style…she is such a multi-talented lady. Great decorator and photographer..and very gracious.
    I’ve visited her blog and Rhoda’s since ’09, way before I started blogging…(only a short 6 mo. ago). Y’all inspire me!!

  14. Shelley says:

    So lovely!!! Looks like a home I would want to visit. This was a treat to see!! Thank you both 🙂

  15. I love Pat’s blog but have never seen the full tour – thanks for sharing! So great to hear about your friendship – as a new blogger I hope to cultivate some relationships like that as well!

  16. Wow — there is so much to love about this home! For starters, I adore her entry, the hearth room with slate floor and the beautiful outdoor fireplace. Great post!

  17. Good morning Rhoda,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful home. I sent a link of the picture of the dining room in blue to my daughter – this is exactly the look she’s going for! She loves it.
    I hope it’s warming up in your corner of Georgia – it is still overcast and chilly here!

    I hope you have a blessed day,

  18. Such a lovely tour of Pat’s beautiful home. You have seen all of its transformations and even have shown a few here. So have I. The thing is that Pat really can do no wrong. She’s a wonderfully talented decorator. Thank you for featuring her and her home today.

  19. Back Porch Musings is one of my all-time favorite blogs! Pat has a great talent for decorating and photography!

  20. Thanks so much for featuring Pat and J ‘s beautiful home. I have e-mailed Pat a few times and she was so kind to answer me. I’m always checking out all her blogs and seeing all the decorating ideas. I wish she were my neighbor. I know we would have a blast. Love her.

  21. Pat and I our friends through blogging and facebook.
    I never, ever tire of seeing her beautiful home, gardens and tablescapes!
    She is truly gifted…thanks for sharing.

  22. A perfect choice! I’ve always adored how Pat’s home is so beautifully decorated but never overdone.

  23. Pat’s home is stunningly beautiful. I’ve visited her blog on countless occassions and always leave inspired – she is one talented lady!

  24. Pat has such a beautiful home!! She has such a talent for dercorating.


  25. Rhoda…love Pat and her blog…her home is gorgeous and her photography is over the top magnificent….I so enjoyed reading her blog each day!…Just a fantastic feature today!! Have a great weekend!

  26. What a beautiful tour of Pats lovely home Rhoda. It’s so warm and inviting and just full of charm.

  27. What a beautiful home and blog.

  28. This was a lovely tour of Pat’s lovely house. I have learned some important things seeing how she updates her rooms and I’m always inspired by her tables dressed so beautifully. It was fun seeing all these rooms at once instead of having to search them out in her archives! Thank you.

  29. Patty Gammel says:

    If I could only follow two blogs it would be Southern Hospitality and Back Porch Musings. You two are the first ones I check out each day. When I check my inbox and see you have a new post I get so excited. I feel as if I know you both. Rhoda and Pat, thank you so much for sharing your amazing homes and lives with us. Patty

  30. I love Pat’s posting. She is a nice lady as well as a fellow Missourian.

  31. Another one lucky enough to have benefitted from all of the talent at Great Impressions….. It’s been such a treat to see so many branch out and have most successful blogs…. and of course there’s Maureen who is the a incredible photographer/decorator.

    Pat’s home has always been a primarily cozy & comfy and yet a true show home….. and I’ll share a secret…. I copied her idea of multi-colored chairs at the dining room table. I have to say though, when I get compliments – I always tell them it was Pat’s original idea.

    Years ago, I remember Pat sharing photos of her beautiful grandchilfren…. Imagine my surprise when I read her blog last week and her beautiful granddaughter (who I would have guessed to be maybe 15 now) is already a beautiful young woman who just got married!

  32. Hi Rhoda!!!!

    Isn’t it amazing that we have friends on the web that we haven’t met in person? I think it’ s great!!! Pat’s house decor is homey and elegant at the same time!! It’s very welcoming and warm in the sense that, anybody would feel at ease and at home. That’s the way we all should have our homes!!
    Rhoda, you and Pat achieve this feeling to the tenth degree!!

    I love the big swan that is sitting up on the cabinet and the chandelier in the aqua room. It’s so close to the one I have in the master bedroom!! Beautiful!!!!

    Thank you for letting us visit Pat and thank you Rhoda for sharing a friend’s home with us!!


  33. Kathy :) says:

    Oh what a treat, Pat has such a great blog, love visiting her !!

    Have a great week-end Rhoda

  34. I have enjoyed Pat’s blog and it is so neat to see 2 friendships formed on the Internet and still going strong! Enjoyed the tour. Hope you are doing well and enjoying Spring!!

  35. That’s such a cozy house. I’d love to go there and sit at the hearth room to read… or maybe have a brunch at the porch? It’s so charming.

  36. This is a beautiful post. Her style is so warm and inviting with little unexpected touched of colour and whimsy. classic and classy.
    Love the slate floor and fireplaces with the wing chair and Windsor rocker. My only question is when does the LR ever get used with that wonderful Hearth room, backporch and Lodge room?
    My favourite is the guest room. LOVE the check shams and bedskirt with the yellow/brown toile de jouy. I may have to incorporate that somewhere in my house.
    Thanks for another introduction to a great blog, Rhoda.

  37. Rhoda, What a fun post! Pat is a very talented lady indeed. I always enjoy my visits to her blog to see what new table setting she sat up in her back porch. Her photography is absolutely stunning and should not be missed. A truly talented lady that is warm and giving and a pleasure to know through blogland,
    xo Kathysue

  38. I’ve been following Pat for quite sometime now and just love her blog and beautiful home!!

  39. Pat is one of my favorite blog buddies, and not just because she and I share space in the great State of Missouri. She has grace, style, creativity and joy to spread in great abundance. Her home is beyond beautiful! Every room, every surface, every detail…perfect! If not for the present downturned economy, there would be a tug of war by potential buyers!

  40. Lovely home. I’ve now got two favorite blogs to follow.
    Thank you.

  41. I’ve enjoying seeing Pat’s wonderful posts through the years. It was neat to see her home all in one post as we usually just see one room at a time.

    Thank you.

    – The Tablescaper

  42. I have been following (and loving) Pat for quite awhile. I treasure every post she does, always PACKED with inspiration. Her home is so beautiful. Thanks for featuring her, she is a sweetheart!!! XO, Pinky

  43. I always love seeing Pat’s beautiful home and her decorating changes! Her talent at tablescaping and photography is so inspiring and always a joy to see!

  44. Jaybird says:

    It is lovely to see your feature of Ms. Pat’s home! Beautiful home AND lady!
    I have been keeping up with you two since the GI days.
    Rhoda, you are the one who fostered my love of apple green decos, and I have passed that love along to my niece who is setting up her very first “home”. It is fun to know that you have inspired this much younger generation!
    Ms. Pat is the lady who taught me to do tablescapes and vignettes. She does such a beautiful job, and with items that are readily available, so I can copy her lovely ideas :^)
    Yep, I’m an old lady without an original idea in my head, but due to y’all’s beautiful photography and blog posts, I always get compliments on my home!
    Thank you and blessings to both of you,

    • Hi, Jaybird, I remember you! thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave me such a nice comment. Those old GI days were so much fun!

  45. I am a fellow Missourian and have been following Pat for a couple of years, too, but have never seen her whole house. It is beautiful. And the photography is just wonderful; I love looking at her posts. Her house looks like it should be in House Beautiful or Southern Living. We are putting an addition on our house, and I am trying to copy Pat’s decorating ideas. I hope that is okay!

    • Thanks everyone! I am overwhelmed by your kind words!

      Margaret…It’s okay.:-)

      • Thanks, Pat. I love your master bedroom and am designing our new master suite similarly. I had my daughter get us the Belle Harbor sheets for Christmas–they’re discontinued so she found them on E-Bay. She wondered why I wanted those particular sheets, then I told her to look at your master suite and she understood.

  46. Lovely feature of Pat’s beautiful home, Rhoda! So many wonderful friendships have been formed at Great Impressions; I’m so glad that GI is still active and that the friendships continue there as well as in the blogs and other avenues that GI members have pursued.
    Pat’s style is one of my favorites ever. It’s absolute grace and calm, just like Pat herself. Nothing pretentious, overwrought or fussy. It all just flows like a soft breeze wafting through the rooms. Grace. Ease. Calming. It’s a beautiful reflection of a beautiful lady. Pat’s photography of her beloved Ozarks, too, is a treasure; I’d love to see her area one day!

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