Feature Friday: Ballard Designs Bosch House at Serenbe, Part 2

Back today with Part 2 of the Ballard Designs house at Serenbe, you all loved Part 1.  And I can’t blame you!  Very inspiring it is.


My new stairs are going to look something like this!  Pretty, aren’t they?  They are going to be painted (dark brown with white risers) with a runner.  In fact, I’ve already got a runner from Dash and Albert picked out.  Can’t wait!


Upstairs room with twin beds.  Another beautiful Ballards fixture.


Check out the oyster shell mirrors and sea fans on the desk.


I love sea fans, so pretty.


And those oyster shells on the mirror are pretty neat too.


Love how textured and neutral they are.


Close-up.  OK, who is going to make one of these?


Fabric headboard and more fabric above.


Office space is pretty and neutral.  Love that striped rug. I’m loving stripes lately too.


Another pretty mirror and chairs.


This is adorable Jill Sharp Brinson again, creative director with Ballards, along with a Ballard’s corporate guy. Can’t find his card now.  They were very fun to talk to and they love bloggers.


I’m seeing café curtains a lot lately and aren’t they cute all over again.  Very simple and cottage-like.


Simple reclaimed wood shelving with baskets.


Book art from Ballards.


A real plant in a glass vase with fishing net.  Very cute!


Another innovative Ballards light fixture.  They  have such a great selection.


Cute bathroom.

So, that’s the tour of the Net Zero Bosch house at Serenbe.

Did you enjoy this one?  What was your favorite here?

- Rhoda


  1. I love all things Ballards, but I just can’t wrap my heart around the oyster shell craze. Maybe it’s because I don’t like oysters. Your blog is great, and it’s fun to travel along with you on your remodeling journey.

  2. Well, I love so many features of this house, but my favorite has to be the double oyster shell mirrors. I can see me saving the shells from some oyster roasts in the fall just to try making something similar!

  3. Lots of inspiration to file away for our new home, Rhoda.

    Who knew cafes were making a comeback. I put them in the master bath, the studio dormer and the dining room. I am up to date and did not know it!:-) I love the look of cafe curtains and happy to see them again.

  4. I made cafe type panels for my second floor bedroom so light could flood the room but still maintain privacy. I also like the old farmhouse look it seems to give the room.
    I love many things about this house, thanks for showing us.

  5. Thanks for the tour. I’m in love with the grays. The stripe rug in my office. I think that cafe curtains have always been in. It’s just the fabric that has changed up.

  6. My favorite was the last pic of the “cute bathroom”. I thought it was very simple and yet very pretty. I do have a soft spot for round mirrors I must admit.

    The negative for me was the room with the twin beds. The huge fan wicker chair and the large pot holding twigs totally blocked the small window and took over the whole space. I just didn’t care for that at all.

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      agree…that large pot with the ‘sticks’ seems a bit dangerous. Could see someone stumbling in the dark and poking out an eyeball! Too, the large wicker chair is a bit oversized. Guess it was placed there as a form of privacy for the ‘nekkid’ window. A bamboo roll up would be my preference. To each his/her own.

  7. Very nice. I had to do a double take at the book art – looks so real.
    Love it!

  8. Hi Rhoda,
    Ihave just discovered your blog and love it already.
    What is the color of the walls and trim in the office picture on the house tour,part 2 ? I love neutrals/grays.

    • Hi, Linda, thank you for stopping by! Sorry, but I don’t know any of the details on this house, I was just touring and taking pics.

  9. Love the Book Art… Did a double take!!! Also…… the stairs and that bathroom are wonderful!!! Just look at the floors in that bath!!! 🙂

  10. Absolutely love the fabric behind the headboards on the twin beds. Even hanging curtains or something similar behind a bed without a headboard would be an excellent way to give the room a little flair.

    Great idea and great designs!

  11. Thanks for the tour! I like the overall home, but those shell mirrors are my fave-will definitely be making some version of that in the future.

  12. I LOVE the fabric behind the headboards, the cafe curtains, and the striped rug! Well, I love most of it, but those especially. 🙂

  13. Those oyster shell mirrors are really spectacular. To think of all the oyster shells I have wasted by throwing them out sigh!


  14. Love all the brown! So homey and rich! I’m totally into the book art definitely makes or breaks a room. Good choice!

  15. Janet G. says:

    Love the cafe curtains in the ikat pattern. They look so fresh. Also love the reclaimed wood shelving in the open closet.

  16. the wicker throne chair is hyterical! 1976 all over again! I am surprised to see it, as it would be beneath people now to use something like that . I should have saved mine!

  17. Thanks so much for your great pics of this house, Rhoda. I love that bedroom and wonder if you have any idea what the name of that huge paisley fabric on the beds and wall hangings is?
    I’m also so excited to see how your new house is coming along. Everything looks wonderful!

    • HI, Maggie, sorry but I don’t know any of the fabrics or sources in the house. I was just there snapping pics! Thanks on the house, I’m so happy with how it is coming along too.

    • Hi there – have to chime in about that great paisley fabric! ballard sells that as curtain panels – I just took that and had my sewing person stitch thick jute twine to it and tied it to some adorable Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs brushed silver hooks – looks great!
      please call customer service and we can find those drapes – they are not on the site at present

  18. Very nice. The stair runner caught my eye. Really enjoy your blog. I’m taking the summer off working on my house and putting some of the things I’ve found on this blog to work. Right now, I’m airing out stinkin’ burlap for some great looking window treatments!!

    You should have your own Lifetime movie…what an inspiration you are to me and to others.

  19. Delores LeBoeuf says:

    My favorites are the shelves with the baskets and the stair runners. It makes me feel organic and I love that. Thank you again for sharing; I always learn something logging onto your blog. Love & Blessings, Lady Delores.

  20. Screendoorgirl 3 says:

    I lover that runner idea & can’t wait to see yours, Rhoda . Ballard is so beautiful. I never get tired of it !

  21. Such a great house…hard to say what my favorite room/item would be because everything is so beautiful…love the office with the gray and white tones and the oyster shell mirror is fantastic!…
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. I love that gray and cream office space! And your stairs will look fabulous with a runner. What a boatload of inspiration, Rhoda — thanks for sharing. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  23. Thanks for another fab tour Rhoda!
    I love all the wonderful details and design tips…but not so much the color. After scrolling through the pics I was feeling a bit drab. I need a bit of brightness or contrast and a flash of color.
    Question. I too think the cafe’ curtain is sweet. But, why, oh, why does it not go up to the mid ledge of the window?

    Hope your weekend is extraordinary!

  24. Your design is very classy! Can you design my house after i get approve from the bank? Lol.


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