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Hey, friends!  It’s Friday again and the 1st day of June!  The year is speeding by!

Today’s Feature Friday is sweet blogger, Kristi, with Chatfield Court.  Kristi and her husband moved from Illinois to NC in 2016 and bought a 1946 stone cottage that is so cute!  I love featuring all types of homes, from small to large and everything in between. Kristi’s house qualifies as small cottage, but she’s packed it full of inspiring ideas with all the DIY projects they’ve done.  Kristi started her blog in 2013. After discovering blogs herself, she thought she had plenty to share too, so jumped in and started a blog.

I think you’ll enjoy it, so come along for the tour!

It’s not a huge house, but packed with some sweet cottage style.

Welcoming entry way.

Kristi has done a marvelous job with adding character and charm to her cute stone cottage.

Kristi mentioned that the living room, dining room and kitchen are all open to each other, so I’m guessing they took out a wall.

They did a fireplace makeover and it looks great.

Dining room area looks so cozy.

And that looks into the kitchen, which got a facelift too.

This little cutie is named Finn.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a 3 legged stool for my photos too. So cute!

They added these open shelves off the kitchen and it looks great.

Her island got a makeover too and the kitchen with that large window is so pretty.

These photos were taken at different times but you’ll notice that Kristi painted her windows black in the kitchen and dining areas. I love that look!

Here it is in black, looks so dramatic and adds a lot to the space.

It’s such a charming and cozy dining room and kitchen.

Next, we have the sunroom, also full of charm.

So pretty and I love the natural textured rug not to mention all those windows.

The master bedroom is small, but equally charming and cozy.

It’s fun to see a smaller home and how it’s decorated. I think Kristi is doing so many neat things with their cozy stone house.  Stop on by Chatfield Court and meet Kristi and say hello!

Have a great weekend!


- Rhoda


  1. She really did a great job decorating her home. The pics were beautiful! I had to laugh at the three legged stool that seemed to move into every photo…a new decorating trend is created!

  2. Great feature! I love Kristi’s home and how she styled it. The windows look so good in black – like they were made for that color. Her sunroom is so cozy as well.

  3. Beautiful !!! thank you for sharing……….

  4. I love Kristi’s house and enjoy following her projects! Great feature. 🙂

  5. I love a cottage home! She did a great job with decorating!

  6. Julia Grayson says:

    One of my favorites! Kristi did a great job with the smaller space. I enjoy following her blog!

  7. That is a precious cottage. Love what she’s done and that adorable dog. How many of those 3 legged stools does she have?! I think she should share one with me! 😉

  8. Elizabet says:

    Very nice but I was getting a little tired of seeing the three legged stool in every picture and was rather confused with the sunroom..other than that the little cottage is adorable…..

    • OH, I think the stool is adorable, now I want one! And what’s confusing about a pretty sunroom, I love it.

  9. I do check in on Kristi’s blog here and there. I have enjoyed seeing what she has done to add charm and personality to her home. I actually loved the *traveling* little 3 legged stool …..it cracked me up. You rock little stool! Thanks for sharing your home!

  10. jean l anderson says:

    I love how she styles her photos and how lovely everything is. It’s all so warm and welcoming. It looks comfortable. The stones on her home are wonderful. I’m going to go over and look at her blog because she is one talented girl.

  11. jean l anderson says:

    I went over to her blog and SHE WALLPAPERED HER GUEST ROOM CLOSET! It is the cutest thing ever and she did it in a black and white so it looks so elegant. We are retired and I don’t want a huge space anymore, they just don’t hold an appeal. Been there, done that. It takes a lot of talent to do what she does. Also a lot of energy. Thanks so much for sharing these other bloggers. I’m one of your biggest fans, but it’s fun to get to see other homes too.

    • HI, Jean, I’m so glad you enjoyed Kristi’s home, she’s done a great job with her small cottage, so appealing!

  12. Beautiful! Love the kitchen where natural wood elements fit so nicely…


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