Feature Friday: Edie’s New Home, Beauty from Ashes

Blogland is an amazing place! I have had the pleasure of meeting so many faith-filled women in my years of blogging and Edie is one of them.  You might remember her aqua kitchen from 2 houses ago, that I featured a few years ago.  It was adorable and so innovative with that beautiful shade of turquoise she chose for her newly repainted kitchen at the time.

Old House Before the fire:

Not long after that, Edie’s family moved to a beautiful lake house in Tennessee and they were not in that house all that long, when right before Christmas last year, they lost their entire house and furnishings in a house fire.  It was so tragic and such a loss for their family.  I know about loss myself in a little different way, but I also know the God who restores.   God is so faithful and in spite of horrible circumstances and unimaginable loss, He rebuilds and restores.  And wow, has God restored Edie and her family.  They have just recently moved back into their new house and it is absolutely a treat for the eyes.  You are going to love this!

If you love color, you will especially love Edie’s choices of vibrant hues and gusty accessories in the way she has pulled her new home together.  And wait until you see this new kitchen!  Wowza!

OK, enough from me, let’s get on with the tour of Edie’s new home!  Of course, Edie and family got to choose every option that went into their new home and she documented it all on her blog.  If you have questions, you can probably find them in all the individual posts she has done about their new home.

Here is the newly built house with shingles and a farmhouse/cottage feel.  It sits right on a lake with a beautiful water view on the backside.  Since their lot is long and narrow, they had to choose a floorplan that would fit on the old footprint.

I just adore shingles such as this! What a smart design choice she made.


We’ll start in the living room.  She painted her walls very neutral, bringing in color in fabrics and accessories.  I love these Ikat ottomans and the striped rug.


Gorgeous use of color and texture.  Edie had some help with design boards from the fabulous Darlene at Fieldstone Hill.


Love these built-ins with their dark background and beautiful accessories.  Edie is so good at putting things together.


And here is that fabulous new kitchen.  Farmhouse style, but elegant too.


Look at those yummy burnished brass pendant lights over the island.  So you’ve heard brass is coming back, this is the way to do it?!


Beautiful wall of windows above the sink.  This is a dream kitchen for sure.


The black island really grounds it all with spaciousness and beauty.


Gorgeous!  You can read all the details about the kitchen at Edie’s blog, along with all the other rooms.


Open shelving is beautiful and practical when you have pretty things to display. Don’t you love the color of the cabinets?


Her girls’ room is just adorable. I love the fabrics and rug in here.


A pretty turquoise dresser is tucked into an alcove.




The girls’ bathroom and bedroom.  Love these colors, don’t you?  It’s just happy!


The bathroom cabinets are painted a pretty coral and what a welcome change that is from the typical colors.  Love how she added those oval mirrors above too, for a really custom look.


She has a finished lower level, with extra guestrooms and this is one.


Here’s another one done in all white and neutrals.


Lover-ly!   I adore this.


Lower level living room is nice and cozy too.


And feast your eyes on Edie’s office space, which also houses the washer and dryer.  What a happy and fun room this is!  I love her use of color in here, it would make me smile every time I walked in.


These are Ikea hacked bookcases, which look like built-ins.  I love how blogland is doing this with those inexpensive Billy bookcases from Ikea.  Great idea!  Paint the backs for a custom look.  Don’t you just love that pink wingback chair?


Edie is fearless with mixing things up and I love that about her.  You can see she has one of those The South signs that I featured from my Dalton trip a few weeks ago.  If you want to know what it says, I snapped a close-up.  Edie is very Southern too and this sign says it all.


Here’s the other side of the room that houses laundry duty!  What a way to do laundry and work at the same time.

Edie shares all her flooring choices and she made some great ones, like this nostalgic tile in a bathroom.  Love it!

In their downstairs space, she opted for stained concrete, which I have always sworn I would do if given the chance to rip out carpet that is sitting on a slab.  I love, love stained concrete and scoring it is a great design decision too.

Edie, thanks so much for letting me share your beautiful new home with all of my readers!  It is truly gorgeous and what a blessing to see a house rise again.  Beauty from ashes, just as God promises us!  I’m so happy to see the journey your family has made this year.  It’s a testimony to faith and grace.

I hope you’ll stop by and say hello to Edie.  She’s one of the nicest ladies in blogland!

You’re also in for another treat coming soon!  I am now working with a new client here in Atlanta, Lynn, who also lost their home to a fire a year ago.  It too is already up and rebuilt, however the final touches with flooring, cabinets, hardware, lighting have yet to be installed.  She will be choosing all new furniture and accessories as well, since they too, lost everything.   I’m going to be helping out with the design process and couldn’t be more excited.  Lynn is allowing me to document it all here on my blog, so I will start sharing all of that really soon! 

- Rhoda


  1. Stunning! I absolutely loved this post and it brought tears to my eyes. I lost my home to Hurricane Irene and this gives me hope!

  2. Great job Edie…love all the unique touches! Thanks for sharing this Rhoda.

  3. Lovely home! Love the girls’ room! All the spaces are so inviting!

  4. Great choice for Feature Friday, Rhoda! I’ve loved following Edie’s rebuilding on her blog. Her spirit shines in this home!!! So happy they’re settled in time for the holidays.
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Her house makes me smile from ear to ear! Just incredible and the story behind it is even more inspirational! Thanks for highlighting her house today!

  6. Gorgeous home! Love it all… especially the kitchen!! I can’t imagine losing everything in a fire, but I’m glad to see they’ve since created such a happy home. Now… I’m going to have to check out Edie’s blog to see how she did all that so quickly! I could be in my house 20 years and it wouldn’t look so finished 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing Edie’s home with us, Rhoda! It is gorgeous!!! And what a beautiful testimony of God’s restoration and provision. 🙂

  8. Love the whole house but I especially love the kitchen! Thanks for posting! you might enjoy looking at my blog post on the Birmingham Home and Garden Inspiration Home as well for some more great ideas and designs!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful home!
    carolyn bradford

  9. Seriously amazing style, so many of these images I’ve seen here and there in blogland and pinterest and am ALWAYS taken with them!!! What a fabulous home and those brass pendants above the kitchen island are fabulous….

    Enjoy your weekend Rhoda! Janell

  10. ooooh, I love this!
    thanks for sharing!

  11. What a gorgeous space and so nice to see a family picking up the pieces (so stylishly) after such a tragedy.

  12. Wow! What a terrible tragedy, but they clearly came back with a punch!

    I particularly like the transition from marble (?) to wood in the kitchen on the sink side of the room. Love how the depth AND height of the cabinets change, what a great way to break up a big bank of cabinets.

    Also, love that hex floor in the bathroom. How I wish we could afford something like that (we paid $1.52/sq ft which was tough, haha).

  13. I have always just LOVED her style and this is better than ever! Wow, I think every single part is gorgeous. What a story. I think about her family often and am so happy that they have this beauty from ashes. <3

  14. OH I just love Edie (as everyone does). I met her back in 2008 when we both were newbie bloggers and newbie homeschool moms. I had the pleasure of finally meeting her in real life last year and Blissdom and she is such an angel. Her house fire had such an impact on the whole blogging community. Not only did we learn how great this blogging family is, or how family and friends are what really matters, we learned through Edie’s words and actions how to overcome life altering trials with true humility and grace!

    Love you Edie!!



  15. I remember reading about Edie’s fire and feeling so badly for her. I’m so glad to see how wonderfully things have turned out! I love so many things about her new home, but my favorite has to be the confidence that she has with color. Stunningly beautiful!

    Also, Rhoda, I’m so happy for you and your new design project. God does provide and don’t we all know it. Sometimes, we just have to be patient.

    Have a great day, friend!

  16. Apparently, I have been under a rock. AMAZING. I can’t get enough. I am absolutely in love with her style. God is so good and I am so happy for this family! Wow WOW WOW!

  17. Wow! Beautiful home!

  18. What an amazing house! One of my favorites I’ve seen on blogs in a while.

  19. Rhoda, thank you for sharing Edie’s beautiful new home. I love all of her colorful touches. I especially liked the cute hand towels in the girls bathroom and laundry room. Do you have any idea where those were purchased? I am on my way to see Edie’s blog,

    • Hi, Kathysue, don’t have any idea about those, but she has lots of info on sources in her posts over there, so go & take a look.

  20. I’ve followed Edie’s blog for a few years now. I admire her so much. She truly personifies grace under pressure and has such a loving spirit. She has also touched many lives. It’s so fun you featured her new home. It’s truly beautiful…especially for me, a lover of color.


  21. I found Eddie somehow (I don’t remember) last month & was so saddened by learning of her loss. I’m so happy that they have been able to rebuild & move forward. Rebuild they did…..omgosh the place is gorgeous & it’s straight out of a magazine! So happy for her 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  22. Such a lovely home. Great kitchen and girls room!

  23. Breathtaking, she has her own unique style. Brilliant idea for the office/laundry, loving it, and the “girls’ room”, and the entire house!

  24. So much to see. So many good idea. Sooooo drooling here!


  25. So tragic for Edie and her family. They are so blessed to have such a LOVELY new home! This is gorgeous. I love how she mixed in vintage timeless pieces with pops of modern bright color. Thanks for sharing. Carrie

  26. dear sweet rhoda!
    what a blessing and encouragement to me 🙂
    thank you so much for featuring our rebuild project—but most of all for your gift of love and support. we are so blessed to be living in such a wonderful space now. it still feels like a dream. we stand in awe of God’s love and mercy towards us.
    much love to you and your readers,

  27. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing Rhoda! I felt so awful when I found out what happened to Edie but I LOVED reading about this transformation, it truly is beauty from ashes. I’m going over to her site now to look at the details. Thanks again!

  28. Hi Rhoda! I just stopped by and was catching up on your blog {yum on the shrimp and grits! I love white cheddar grits SO much! That says a lot for a yankee. oh, and I love pa-men-ah cheese, too.}.
    I was so thrilled to see Edie’s home featured. What a wonderful feature!! And a special thank you for the link over. Her home is truly special.
    Happy Thanksgiving, dear!!! I hope yours is a day filled with blessings.

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