Feature Friday: French Country Cottage

Some girls just know their style and stick with it.

front door

Born and bred California girl, Courtney, from French Country Cottage, is one of those talented gals who definitely knows her style and how to achieve it and her beautiful blog is full of inspiring pics of her house and how she puts it all together.  She’s a great photographer too and her pics look like they’re out of a magazine.  Romantic, cottage, French country, that’s Courtney’s style, so if that’s the way you lean too, you’ll love today’s feature.


Courtney is a stay at home mom to three young adult children and she says she is a day-dreamer.  She and her hubby took an old neglected vacation home and turned it into their dream home with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  I can relate to that one!

Starting in the kitchen, Courtney has really personalized her spaces, making it just the way she wants it and I love the relaxed, down-home feel of Courtney’s home.  It just feels welcoming.


Plates on the wall, wainscoting, and beadboard are in abundance at Courtney’s house.  She loves old and vintage things and I love her pics, they are so pretty.  You could just get lost in them.

Courtney kitchen

A free-standing island in the kitchen is so pretty.  I love her Shaker style white cabinets too.


Check out the beadboard ceiling, always a fave way to bring charm to a room.  Those blingy chandeliers help in that area too!

dining room

The dining room is equally charming with the large chalkboard, French chairs, rustic table and those beautiful crystal chandeliers.  What a pretty space to dine.

living room

Courtney loves to bring in fresh flowers to her space, with faves being roses and hydrangeas.  They look right at home at her house.  I love those Italian nesting tables.

master bedroom

Courtney’s master bedroom is so cozy and pretty. I love, love that high ceiling with the beams. Charm times 100!

christmas bedroom

A closer look at the bed, during Christmas season.  I spy a tree in the room.


The master bath is just what you’d expect in a charming home like this.  Beautiful  and romantic.

toile bathroom

I have always loved toile, even though I’m not using it at the moment. There was a time I had it in my house too and it is always pretty and romantic.

master fireplace

More roses and pretty vignette on the fireplace.

guest cottage kitchen

Courtney even has a guest cottage that is sweet as can be. They renovated this kitchen for about $800 and it is so adorable.

guest cottage bathroom

More form the guest cottage bathroom.  I love this piece.


She has a thing for white dishes too, what a great collection.


Moving to the outdoors, Courtney and her hubs completed this project last year. She’s also on the Lowes blogger team with me and it’s been fun watching the things she does around her house too.  We are worker bees, we are.  I love this newly renovated fireplace that looks like it’s a 100 years old.

outdoor fireplace

What a gorgeous spot to sit outside and relax.


Courtney’s home is truly inspiring and beautiful and I hope you enjoyed the peek inside today.  You should go over and say hello, I know she would love to meet you all!

- Rhoda


  1. Hi. I just found your blog and it is lovely! I really like your way of decorating and I will definetly come back for more inspiration.
    Have a nice day. Kind regards Marit from Norway 🙂

  2. Wow, that is one amazing home! I adore the entryway and the dining room. I also can’t get over the fabulous look of the red and white bench in the bedroom. Perfect! Enjoy your weekend Rhoda 🙂

  3. Love browsing Courtney’s site… her style is so pure and undiluted that it’s easy to find nuggets of inspiration! Thanks for sharing ~
    xo Heidi

  4. You are right – her pictures are amazing! Definitely magazine quality. So talented. Thanks for sharing, liz

  5. Rhoda,
    I never tire of seeing all the fabulous things that Courtney has done to her home! Seeing that red and white buffalo check bench in her bedroom makes me want to recover a love seat that I have!

  6. Lovely! What a great place to ‘day dream’. It’s all gorgeous, but I especially love the master bedroom! Love that ceiling most of all!

  7. Wow! Such a beautiful home. She has definitely nailed the French country vibe. Everything looks so inviting… I can’t even tell that kids live there.

  8. Hi Rhoda!! It’s an honor to have my home featured at one of my favorite blogs~ thank you so much for sharing with your readers!! xo, Courtney

  9. What a fabulous feature! Courtney not only has a fabulous house, but is a fabulous person too!

  10. Absolutely beautiful!!

  11. Those lanterns scattered on the steps to the entrance are so inviting! What a beautiful home.

  12. Courtney has amazing taste and style.Her home is beautiful as is her photography and styling!What a treat to see her featured here!
    Thank you so much for sharing her home and story!

  13. Rhoda thanks for sharing Courtney’s beautiful home with us. I am a HUGE fan of her french country decor. She makes it look so effortless..
    Thanks for letting us pop by Courtney.
    Have a fab weekend ladies.
    Hugs, Gee

  14. I just love Courtney’s home! She is so talented!

  15. Cindy Hancock says:

    Hey Rhoda!
    So glad I’m able to view your current posts again!!!!!!!!
    This is a lovely home. I love Country French, too! I love the little leopard stool paired with the red and white toile drapes in her bath. Love me some leopard, too! (just a touch, here and there!) Thanks for posting! Have a wonderful day!

  16. I just wanted you to know that I recently started following a variety of bloggers like you and you are definitely the best! You write beautifully. I find that I look forward to your emails everyday. Everything you post is professionally done….and I appreciate that you keep everything you do out there all about decorating – which is what I signed up for! I’m just gonna say that I’m disappointed when some bloggers go off on “rabbit trails” that have nothing to do with the concept of their blogs…I’ll be unsubscribing from those. You, however, I’ll continue to follow. Thank you for the beautiful work you do.

  17. I dearly LOVE this style but I have GOT to downsize because it is stressing me out to the hilt having to move all the stuff to clean since I am having health challenges! GOT to do some cleaning out and re thinking. LOVE her big amrour sp? in her bathroom! that is fine! Sorry I am having a brain cramp right now and can’t even think how it’s spelled!
    LOVE this post!

  18. Its gorgeous, such an authentic feel to it, lovely photos. My dream is to build a French style home from scratch and I am coming closer to that dream 🙂


  19. She just has the most gorgeous style and home pictures. Oh it’s so pretty to look at ! 🙂

  20. Courtney’s home is lovely…she is one talented lady!
    Have a great weekend…

  21. Courtney’s home is truly a work of art…she has so lovingly transformed her home into a wonderful haven for her family…just love her amazing sense of style…Thanks Rhoda for presenting Courtney’s beautiful home to us…I love her blog…

  22. Beautiful cottage, great pictures. Great sense of decorating from Courtney’s. Thank you Rhoda for such a great post. Have a great weekend!

  23. Lovely home, great post! thanks!

  24. Beautiful home…I always enjoy looking at photos of it!! Definitely dreamy to the max.

  25. I’ve always admired Courtney’s home and her lovely romantic French Country style. She was just featured in Romantic Homes and I’ve seen her featured in other magazines. Truly beautiful. Yes, it’s easy to get lost in her romantic style. Wonderful feature!

  26. Rhoda,

    I love your new picture! You’re gorgeous!

    Thanks for the post; I always learn of new fabulous blogs from your features.


  27. Beautiful! She has such an eye. Enjoyed the tour!

  28. I love your blog as well. You have such good taste. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  29. I was wondering if you could tell me the paint color of the chalkboard in the kitchen?

  30. Absolutely gorgeous! I love Courtney’s home!

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