Feature Friday: HGTV Green Home Tour at Serenbe, Part 1

As promised, I’m back with the inspiring tour of the HGTV Green Home in Serenbe, GA.  What a wonderful visit it was, I came away totally inspired and loved every minute of my visit to this inspiring countryside south of  downtown Atlanta.

There was an official ribbon cutting to officially open the house for public tours and you can visit from now until June 24th.  If you get a chance to go, please do it!  You’ll love Serenbe and this house.  There is also a brand new Bosch Experience Center, an educational showroom, as well as a Bosch Net Zero home next door, meaning that all power is created by the home itself and get this, it’s decorated by Ballard Designs.  Cool, huh?  One of the top gals at Ballard’s lives in Serenbe, I hear. I didn’t get to see the Ballard’s house, but I sure would love to. I’ll just have to go back, right?!

Serenbe founders, Steve and Marie Nygren and their family were there for the ribbon cutting, along with Jack Thomasson, who did the honors with the shears.

I got to speak with the master planner, Jack Thomasson, as well as the interior designer, Linda Woodrum. They have been working with this HGTV Green project for years and their attention to detail is amazing.  It’s traditional, modern and everything in between.  Using vintage and reclaimed items, Linda has mixed it up with skill and it was a treat for the eyes.

HGTV Green Home Serenbe

The articles I read said the house has a farmhouse feel with a modern feel.  You can see the bottom is stacked stone and the top glass and siding.


It does have a much more contemporary feel to me than traditional.  Inside it’s a mix.


Coming in the front door.

Interior Designer, Linda Woodrum, who did an amazing job of warming up this home and adding all the wonderful details.  We all know the details are so important in the decor of a home.


Small foyer area on the lower level.


Foyer table.


Going up the first flight of stairs to the main living area.  Fancy that mirror hanging there.  You don’t normally see that done, but it does open up the space.


Hardwood floors and stair treads.  The floors are handscraped and beautiful engineered wood floors.

Shaw Floors Broadmoor handscraped engineered hardwood flooring in Warm Sienna and 3 plank sizes (which is how this flooring is sold) is all through the Green Home and I fell in love with this floor.  Love the 3 widths of 3″, 5″, and 7″.  I’m working with the folks at Shaw and they are offering me a very nice discount on getting these floors in my new house, so I’m pretty sure this is what I’ll go with.


Dining table out of reclaimed wood.


You’ll see lots of vintage items used throughout, like those lamps there on the console table.


The kitchen is ultra modern.


Countertops are a mix of concrete and shells.  They were definitely not like anything I’ve seen before.  Very glossy and smooth.


Pretty travertine tiles (I think).

Builder/planner, Jack Thomasson.


Sleek stained cabinetry in the kitchen.



Lots of glass tiles used in this house too.


Ceiling detail.


Living room is a mix of modern and traditional and I liked the neutrals with a pop of color.


That mirror is made out of old fence slats.  Loved it!


The artwork over the sofa really makes the room comes alive.


Outdoor seating area.  This home is all open to the outdoors, as this is a part of Serenbe living.


Master bedroom in soothing tones of blues and browns.


Striped walls on the wall, along with individually wrapped squares for a large headboard.


Shelves for storage.


Side table


Master bathroom is open and spacious. Sleek cabinets again with stained wood and lots of pretty tiles.


Tiled floor


Lots of pretty sleek tiles.


Sitting area of the master bedroom.


The hardwood planks were installed in several different widths, which really make the wood look old.


Mudroom going to the outside.


Mudroom closets


Den/sitting room is cozy in orange and browns.


For watching TV or relaxing.


Birch logs inside a lucite coffee table.


Pretty pillows.


More glass tile in the powder room.


The Georgia room is open on 2 sides to let in plenty of fresh air and light.  It’s a covered porch and a useful space.


Sofa with plenty of pillows.


Vintage art is actually chicken feeders.  Thought this was a clever use for these large unique pieces.


Soaring ceilings.


More vintage items used as lamps.


Pretty corner with wicker.  All the rugs in here are from Shaw Floors as well.


The outdoor entertaining area is in the middle of the house and opens to both wings.  A wonderful use of space!

Hope you enjoyed Part 1!  It is a beautiful house and I enjoyed the tour so much.  Be sure to come back next week for Part 2, there’s a whole other floor to show off.

- Rhoda


  1. Love, love, love the kitchen. Great decor, floors and art. Very nice. Thanks for showing!

  2. Thanks for sharing Rhoda. I love Linda Woodrum’s design style. I recently saw an article in a magazine that featured her own home and it was just lovely. I think this home is a little too sleek and modern for my own taste but I know someone will be lucky to win it!! So glad it is in our great state of GEORGIA.

    • Agree with all you have said Arlene, love Linda and her decorating work on all the HGTV homes but also not a fan of this very sleek modern look. It is amazing what they can do, though, and I certainly applaud the work involved. And it was great that Rhoda took us all along!

  3. LOVE THIS! I really like how well the designer mixed every style so well! Modern, industrial, rustic…simply well done!

  4. Pretty home but somehow doesn’t work for me with the Serenbe theme. Too modern.

  5. Serenbe looks like a neat place, but this home is too modern for me. It reminds me of the 60’s look from when I was a child. It was really dated in no time and people couldn’t wait to get rid of it.
    I’ll take traditional!


    • I agree with Liz. This house has no identity. There is too much stuff (and that is amazing coming from me); it looks like they tried too hard. I do like some of the colors (not the orange), some of the furnishings and some of the accessories, but over all– no thanks. Oh, and the lucite table with the logs is just plain silly.

  6. Oh, I love the style of this house! I love how it incorporates and encourages one to enjoy the outdoor areas of the house.

  7. Love the collection of different art pieces. Makes me want to win it even more.

  8. Rhoda, what type of wall is in the foyer? It looks interesting.
    I really like the outdoor living areas of this house. Outdoor living areas can really increase the feel of the size of a house. Looking forward to Part 2.

  9. Beautiful. I have almost the exact super tall wingbacks from the Living room photo. I’ve never seen any remotely similar before. Mine have turned front legs and a cushion, but the exact arms and back. i just finished drop cloth slip cover with esposed legs so they look the same.Any idea who makes them?

  10. What a beautiful home! I visited an HGTV home in Texas several years ago, they do great work!

  11. Thanks for the tour Rhoda! Love the creativity and the pops of color throughout. I am looking forward to the next phase of the tour. Have a very happy Mother’s Day.

    Susan and Bentley

  12. Love this house! The colors and warmth and mix of styles is amazing. Wish I loved closer so I could visit! HGTV’s team always does the most amazing houses. Thanks for showing us!

  13. Thank you for all these pictures! I usually watch the hgtv special on tv, but it either hasn’t come on yet or I’ve missed it! I love the incredible variety they used, the wood floors (good choice), birch in the coffee tables, driftwood-like shelves, the reclaimed wood dining table. maybe I’m just having a wood moment, but I really loved it, especially in a fairly modern design in other ways.


  14. Thanks for sharing those great photos. I really like your choice of floors…those look very real. This house sounds like it might be fun to go see when we come to Haven in Atlanta in June.

  15. Great photos! My family and I toured this house over Mother’s Day weekend. I really liked the decor but the house is really small. The master bedroom had a queen and the guest room looked like a queen or double. I guess for green living I’ll have to downsize! The closets were teeny tiny. Did you catch the bathroom upstairs with the water closet that was so small the door couldn’t close because the toilet was in the way? Woops!

  16. I don’t know why all these people are in our house!

  17. Marc Jones says

    Hey everyone! The HGTV Green Home in Serenbe is a mix of farmhouse with modern. The shop that I m the resident interior designer is featured in the television special, Encore Fine Furnishings. We are in Roswell, Georgia. The shelves in the master bedroom came from our shop and are actually an antique cheese drying rack from the south of France. The large round woven mirror on the stair landing came from our shop as did many decorative pieces, hand turned wooden bowls,artwork,mercury glass vases with birch branches etc. We were honored to be selected for the special and even though three hours of filming resulted into two minutes of air time( that’s show biz) ,it has given us great national exposure. I hope to see you at Encore in the near future! Peace!

    • Hey, Marc, thanks for chiming in on this! I had wondered why HGTV was filming at Encore awhile back and now I know. Had no idea it was connected to the HGTV Green Home and so glad I got to see it in person. Congrats on getting featured and for having all those great accessories hand picked from Encore. Hope to see you soon!

  18. Hi Rhoda, great job on sharing phase 1! Did the master bathroom have a tub? It seems to be missing 🙂 I would appreciate your reply since you were there. Thx.

    • HI, Sheila, honestly, I don’t remember. I went through and took pics and remember a big closet, but I didn’t pay attention, so I don’t know. maybe just a shower, not sure.

  19. olivia rodriguez says

    This green home is fabolus…. I love it soo much it gives me good ideas how to decorate my home.

  20. deborah Bartlett says

    I so bably need the co. name who did the con crete conters in kitchen. In the serbne green house

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