Feature Friday: Hymns and Verses

I’m back today with another blogger friend, Doreen, with Hymns and Verses. I’m not sure where Doreen lives, but she’s been blogging quite awhile and shares her home decor ideas and easy DIY projects with here readers.  I’d say her style is casually cottage style and I think you’ll enjoy seeing her pretty home today!   And she has a turquoise front door!

I won’t do a lot of talking today, so enjoy the tour of Doreen’s charming home!



Wasn’t that a fun tour of a charming home at Hymns and Verses?  I hope you’ll stop by and say hello to Doreen.

As I  mentioned earlier, the next month is going to be very hectic for me as I have so  much on my plate right now.  I’ll definitely be posting new house updates and my dad updates and will try to get some fashion posts in there too, but just know that there will probably be some silent days from me this summer all the way til September.  I have to pack up my house and get all the furniture ready to be moved and out of my current house before September 1st and that will be here so fast!  I’ve got a lot to do!  Did I mention I hate packing, as I’m sure you do too. That’s one chore that is not fun!



- Rhoda


  1. Beautiful home, very tranquil. I love a buffalo check!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Vickers!! I’m right behind you, turning the Big 6-5 on Monday. How did my poor mama do it in Charleston with no air conditioning back in 1952? Rhoda, hang in there…it’s going to be wonderful.

  2. I so love Doreen’s home and envy her living in such a beautiful part of the country!!! Great feature here today Rhoda…have a great weekend! I can so relate to the packing situation!!!


    Beautiful home!

  4. Happy Birthday to your precious Daddy! Prayers for a steady recovery,too.
    Loved this post, truly a lovely home. I totally understand about the packing as I am facing that as well…ugh!

  5. Hi Rhoda! Happy Birthday to your wonderful dad-have been praying for him! Loved seeing his pic with the card I sent-I tried to pick the “happiest” card possible.
    Loved this tour-based on the giant sign over her couch, I’m guessing Doreen lives 20 miles west of Lancaster, PA-ha!
    Hopefully the packing goes a little easier than anticipated-it’s all good and for the best of reasons ❤️

  6. packed my entire house last summer and it is indeed a huge task…putting your hands on each and every piece of EVERYTHING you own is daunting and you soon decide to : 1) stop buying, 2) start gleaning,3) be thankful

    • Gilda, I am already sending things to Goodwill and I’ve barely started. I’m determined to pare it down again.

  7. Carolekozak says:

    Good morningRhoda. First off a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DAD. ????? I love her home. And decor style. We are finishing up a l o n g year of Reno on our home down here and i love this simple clean style. Very pretty colors also.

  8. Melody Hill Woyar says:

    Good luck to you and Mark on your new home and upcoming nuptials! I haven’t moved in quite a while but understand your aversion to all that packing. It will be so worth it when you’re settled in your new home.
    Continued thoughts and prayers for your Daddy’s recovery.

  9. Anise Butler says:

    Doreen’s decorating style reminds me a lot of yours, Rhoda. I particularly liked her porch. Don’t apologize for taking some time off for your real life Rhoda. You deserve it.

  10. Melesa Garrison says:

    Happy 90th Birthday, Mr. Vickers!!! Praying for a complete healing and energy!!!
    Beautiful home…I love Fridays for many reasons, but I love seeing all these beautiful homes. I can’t wait to see inside yours. Packing is not fun at all and I can’t imagine in the humidity as well. Hopefully you will have lots of help. don’t’ worry about having to take some time off for goodness sakes. You need to take care of Dad, move, and get hitched…Girl, I need to pray for you some energy! Lol

  11. Deborah Fisher says:

    Rhoda: I am glad to know you received the card for your Dad, the one with the horse and rider for the return address. Considering what he has been through, I thought he looked pretty good. Sending all good wishes for his speedy recovery. Best wishes to you for your upcoming marriage and your new home looks lovely. Enjoy this journey, your future looks bright!

  12. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Happiest of days to your sweet daddy. Wow – what a month or two you have in front of you. And so many months of happiness to follow!

  13. Leila Case says:

    Bless you. First, I hope your Dad had a wonderful birthday? and that he continues to improve. Enjoy your wedding and the preparations.
    Take one day at a time and you can do it on time

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