Feature Friday: Jennifer Allwood

Happy Friday to you all! Ready for a fun weekend? I sure am!  I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day celebration with loved ones. We do it pretty simply with dinner out and I made a homemade dessert this year, chocolate of course!

Today’s Feature Friday is a long time blogger friend, Jennifer Allwood. I have never met Jennifer in person, but we’ve been around each other online for many years and I feel like I know her and she’s a friend. Back when we all first started blogging, faux finishing was still around and very popular and Jennifer had a business called The Magic Brush in Kansas City and she and her team went around and did faux finishing on homes in the area. That was a huge trend back then. How many of us did our own version of Tuscan faux finishes in our homes? I was certainly guilty back in my very first house.

But now, those finishes are looking very tired and dated and everyone wants to get rid of them. The irony is that Jennifer bought one of these Tuscan style homes just a couple of years ago and she and her team had done all the faux finishing in the house, so then she set about getting rid of it all! Isn’t that a bit comical?  She talks about that in this post, so in case you have a Tuscan house that you’re trying to downplay the Tuscan, read on because Jennifer has certainly gotten rid of most of it in this house and brought it right up to date. They have been very busy!

Jennifer loves color and you’ll see color splashed all over her house. It’s amazing if you go and look at her before pics all they have done, including getting rid of the faux finishes and new flooring. The house has some gorgeous architectural details already.

She added these new double doors to her office space.

It’s very glam and girly.

There’s Jennifer working in  her office, a fellow curly girl. She’s got me beat with curls!

What a cute space!

I love all the color and personality that Jennifer’s brought into her house.

What a view this room has!

Living room with fireplace.

She added all of that brick around the wall going into the kitchen and remade all of that from before.

New pink rug in this space.

And that kitchen is to die for! As you can see, Jennifer went for blue and white too. Great minds think alike!

Her kitchen is absolutely stunning, with those gold pendants and all of the details.

She used mirrored tiles as her backsplash and it’s very glam.

Brass pulls add so much bling.

Dining space with a pretty and colorful rug.

Jennifer’s gone crazy for wallpaper in this house, she says and it looks very pretty. I’m having a moment with wallpaper myself.

I want to add more and figure out where else to use it. I’ll have to talk Mark into it if I do anything but grasscloth. He’s not a fan of the ones I like.

I love that Jennifer painted her doors gray. I’m a big fan of painted doors too.

Her house has so much personality.

Her daughter’s room does as well, in pink and green. That llamas on the wallpaper.

And her son’s room recently got a wood accent wall.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Jennifer’s house! I just love all the color and personality infused here and all that they have done in such a short time. Jennifer is quite the entrepreneur too and has a podcast and online business courses showing people how to make money online.

Have a great weekend!

- Rhoda


  1. I love Jennifer and her projects. I also live in KC and recently ran into her at our local Goodwill. She’s so personable and down to earth….really a fun person to follow!

  2. Becky in 'Bama says

    I am a fan of these new loud wallpaper patterns. HOWEVER, I just cannot bring myself to spend the $$ – because the trend will likely fade in a few years – and I’m holding off. Creeping up on retirement, I’m currently doing some decorating upgrades that will have to last me forever. But I AM swooning over her papers of choice in these photos. Thanks for sharing.

    • HI, Becky, I love them too, but am trying to be very careful about what I put up too. So far, the only loud one I’m doing is in my laundry room, so hopefully it will be something I can live with for years.

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