Feature Friday: A Kitchen Renovation in Marietta

Friday greetings!  Today, I’m sharing a local Marietta kitchen renovation that I got to see recently and I thought you all might enjoy this too.  Jennifer is a friend of my roommate, Rhonda, who told me about Jennifer’s pretty kitchen renovation in her 1980’s home (at least I think that’s probably the era of this house).  It’s in a nicely kept, but older neighborhood here in East Cobb and Jennifer worked with a kitchen designer to bring her old 80’s era kitchen up to date for the new century.  It really turned out fantastic and I think you’ll enjoy seeing a peek into Jennifer’s home.

It’s always fun to see Before pics, isn’t it? That really makes you appreciate the After shots and how much potential for improvement can come from these type renovations.  Kitchens are still one of the most popular renovations that are being done in houses these days, but we can’t all afford a high-end designer kitchen that is so prevalent out there now.

This one is realistic and doable for the average homeowner to tackle.  I didn’t get the budget on this one, but it looks to be one of the affordable ones and it goes to show that changing out cabinets, countertops and backsplash can make such a difference in taking a kitchen up to the next level.

You can see that Jennifer had existing granite on her cabinets when she bought the house and she said that she painted them this olive green shade.  But, I think you’ll agree that the new cabinets are so nice, clean lined and beautiful, taking this kitchen to a new level.  You’ll see that hardwoods were added too which make this kitchen even better. Flooring is so important too.

Walking in this kitchen now, it feels so fresh and updated.  I know that Jennifer is so happy with her new kitchen.  With sleek Shaker style cabinets, it’s a dreamy space now.

I think all the changes are so nice and make for such a stylish kitchen renovation.  These first few shots are the professional photos that the designer provided and then I took a few shots after these.

This pretty window valance adds a lot of detail to the window in the kitchen and there’s a coordinating one in the breakfast area too.  The backsplash is a diamond glass and marble one, very elegant as well.

Window treatment designer is Kathryn Dillon of Kathryn Dillon Drapery Design, you can contact her through that link. It’s a small world!  Kathryn and I met several years ago through a mutual friend and she’s the one who made this beautiful window treatment! 

In place of the old pantry that used to be on this wall, it was removed and this shallow set of cabinets was added with overhead cabinets and decorative center ones with seeded glass, a really nice touch.  You can never have too many cabinets.  The new pantry is just around the corner in that far doorway, which is the laundry room and it’s housed with nice pullout drawers, always a plus for organization and storage.

The silver toned chrome hardware is sleek and modern, but a nice mix with the Shaker cabinets.  The designer, Sarah, told me that the countertop is actually a very hard marble, called Fantasy Brown.  It was beautiful in person and I had never seen this color marble before.

The peninsula with pull out drawers and looking towards the breakfast room.

Another view of the kitchen.  This is not a huge kitchen renovation, but I think you’ll agree, it’s quite impactful with the changes.  I know Jennifer must really love her new kitchen.

A few more detail shots of the kitchen.

Crown molding adds that special touch at the top of these cabinets.

Breakfast room which peeks into the den space.

I thought I’d show you this space too, it’s warm and casual with warm and spicy colors.

And a peek into her dining room.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this real life renovation in Marietta.  Kitchens are the heart of the home and it’s always fun to see normal everyday kitchen renovations that we can relate to and not just the designer high-end ones that seem to be so popular these days.  I definitely relate more to the down to earth kitchen renovations more so than the high-end ones and I have a feeling most of you do too.

Thanks to Jennifer for sharing her kitchen with all of you and her kitchen designer, Sarah Abbott, who can be reached at 678-662-5523, if you’re local to Atlanta and looking for a designer to help with any design needs.  Always fun to see Before and After projects, isn’t it?!  Hope y’all have a great weekend! 



- Rhoda


  1. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Lovely! I know she will enjoy her new kitchen for many years. Especially love the drawers in the peninsula!

  2. Such a pretty transformation! The countertops are gorgeous. The colorful valance really makes the room pop. So happy to see people using color again. Her family room looks so cozy.

  3. What a most beautiful kitchen renovation! Happy to see that pop of color of that beautiful valance over the sink…Have a most wonderful Holiday weekend Rhoda!

  4. Beautiful kitchen. Love the sleekness. Lighter makes it feel larger. I also noticed the mirrored cabinet that I assume houses the TV above the console. Any info on that? I’ve thought so many times that having something decorative to hide wall mounted TV’s would be a great idea.

  5. Melesa Garrison says:

    I thought her kitchen was nice in the before pics, but the transformation is beautiful. Very nice home.
    Thanks for sharing. Hope your Daddy is doing better. I’m saying an extra prayer for him today.
    God Bless, Melesa

  6. Mary Hawkins says:

    Lovely classic choices making such a great renovation. Are you able to give the source for the clear glass pendant over the peninsula? I am looking for something similar to go over an island. Thank you for sharing!

    • Jennifer C says:

      Sarah Abbott, the designer, sent me a couple of choices and I picked that one. She was great to work with and follows this blog. Maybe she can provide source info?

  7. Gorgeous. It is amazing what just a few simple changes can do for a room. Those countertops are gorgeous.

  8. Very pretty kitchen renovation. My husband and I just put down fantasy brown in our renovation and it is a beautiful counter top when we saw your IKEA kitchen we were impressed with them and we chose to put the gray ones in our home renovation. We have a beautiful home and with the fantasy brown and beautiful handles on them they are very pretty. I thought they looked familiar when I was looking at your pics. i loved her cabinets and seeded glass. Very pretty.

  9. I love her kitchen renovation! I’m in love with her backsplash and counter top! The floors look fantastic and really warm up the kitchen with the white cabinets. You can’t go wrong with shaker style cabinets which are timeless and versatile to fit in with any style! I know she must love being in this space now. I love that there refrigerator is counter depth. It’s a bit more costly but fits in much. Better than a huge fridge sticking out from the counters.

  10. Our GE expensive counter depth refrigerator is really small. If we had kids at home, I would be pretty sad. You can’t even get a pizza in there. I *really* love the backsplash, I pinned the whole kitchen, I want it!!!
    Praying for our Daddy!!

  11. Beautiful! It made such a huge difference and lightened it up a lot. The valance fabric looks great. I like that her kitchen is not a ‘cookie cutter’ redo. Very nice!

  12. Leila Case says:

    Love the renovation
    How is your Dad?

  13. Audra Taliaferro says:

    What a transformation! Love the backsplash! And, tbh, I would almost prefer deep drawers than cabinets!!!

  14. Beautiful! Any idea where the den rugs were purchased.

  15. Such a beautiful change! I love the classic colors and the window treatment make such an impact.

  16. This is such a beautiful renovation! I wonder if you or any of your readers know the make of the fridge? I need a counter depth, mine is toooo huge and sticks out too far into my tiny condo kitchen (it was purchased by the gentleman who lived here before — what was he thinking?!?) Hope your dad is improving!

  17. Lovely renovation.
    Can you tell me where to buy a rug like that one in the den? Love it.

  18. Rhoda,I love before and after posts. This house is comfortable and inviting and the kitchen is beautiful.

  19. What a beautiful kitchen renovation! I would love to know the name of the valance fabric. It brightens up the room so well.

    • Jennifer C says:

      Kathryn Dillon (thedraperydesigner.com) made all of the window treatments in my house and can provide that info. Her contact info is on her website.

  20. VintageBeachgirl says:

    Love your renovated kitchen, it’s so light and bright!!
    I would love to know where you bought the grey sofa in your family room, it’s lovely and works so well in your space. Thank you so much!!

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