Feature Friday: Maggie Overby Studios

Back today with a new Feature Friday, Maggie Overby Studios.  Maggie is a design enthusiast, mom and blogger who is also a military wife, which means she’s moved 10 times in 18 years.  Yikes, that’s a lot of moving!  I don’t think I could handle that lifestyle, but kudos to Maggie for not only taking on the challenge of moving so much, but she has turned their rental house in SC into a little jewel box of a home.

Using budget friendly DIY’s that don’t cost a fortune or things that she can take with her, Maggie has done a beautiful job of making over this classic brick ranch house.

Come on in and see what she’s been up to.

Painting the walls a neutral creamy white gave her the perfect backdrop for lots of color and texture and you will see that Maggie is not afraid of either.

A cute entryway with lots of pattern and color.

She calls this room the man cave.

The living room, with lots of great vintage things, as well as color, pattern and texture.

I spy some mid century modern mixed in as well.

The kitchen got updates with a patterned rug and accessories.

I love how Maggie took this house and made it her own by using lots of color and texture.

The master bedroom.

Doesn’t this look so inviting?

I loved a collected gallery wall.

Master Bath

Hall bath

Girl’s room

Boy’s room

Craft/sewing studio

Laundry room and what a cozy cat that is.

Love the built in bench and fabrics.

A screened porch looks so gorgeous.  I do love her mix of vintage and modern things.

Maggie has truly created a wonderful home for her family and you’d never know it was a rental, would you?  Way to master the decorating and not worry that it won’t be long term.  I love to see a pretty home done on a budget with comfort and family in mind.  Click on over and visit Maggie at Maggie Overby Studios. 

The Flea Market Style book winner has been chosen and posted on the post on the Rafflecopter widget. Congrats Kathy Wallace! 

- Rhoda


  1. anita lemmen says:

    now that is a wonderful way to use vintage and new, Maggie is very talented

  2. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Beautiful home.

  3. I jumped over to Maggie’s blog and looked at her before and after pictures. What she did was absolutely stunning. I really like the color and use of beautiful vintage furniture and rugs. I have so much respect for military wives who have to move constantly and make a home for their families while worrying about their husbands too. And these days, the women could very well be soldier, mother, homemaker themselves. We should thank all military families for their service and sacrifice.

  4. Wow! Beautiful home and colors! I love how she mixed old and new and the colors in the master bedroom are truly great!

  5. Great use of old and new, and I love those pops of orange she uses!

  6. Becky in 'Bama says:

    She has a good eye for what melds together. Also – I noted all the live plants – where you can get a lot of good for a little. Unfortunately for me, I have a ‘deadly’ thumb. LOL

  7. Nanci Lewis says:

    Love the colors. Maggie has a real eye for mixing her colors and the old and new. Wish I had that confidence in my choices. Again, I love the houseplants; starting to see more of them in blogland. I’m a real proponent of their benefits to the air (and soul!). Also, thank you Maggie and family for your sacrifices and service to our country. God bless.

  8. This house had me at the pink door. Going to Maggie’s blog to see the befores. Thanks for another great post.

  9. What a great space, it must be extremely difficult to find home decor that will suit a plethora of homes and space for each move. My favorite room in this home is the “man cave” I enjoy that there is a mixture of both masculine and feminine home decor. It makes the space versatile yet defined all while fitting the “flow” of the rest of the home.

  10. super cute, love the sewing room – good eye for what looks good where!!!

  11. WOw, love your picks of folks to display. She did a great job with the rental. A lot cool things especially the ceiling lights.

  12. Maggie knows how to take things that don’t look like they go together and put them together so that they look like they go together. That takes talent!

    • My hat is off to Maggie! How refreshing to see a real home, done with what has to be a small military budget, and done so well!

  13. Beautiful mix of furniture color and pattern! Thanks so much for the tour! I love seeing all the different personal styles in the homes you feature. Loved this home.

  14. This home is amazing…love the beautiful colors and patterns Maggie has used along with the fantastic vintage pieces throughout her home!….Maggie has a real talent for collecting beautiful pieces and incorporating them so beautifully in her home. Great feature today Rhoda!

  15. Such sweet comments, Thank you all and Rhoda for sharing my tour. I find great joy in working on my home and lots of moves mean lots of practice. So nice to hear from others who appreciate all the hard work.

  16. Love the colors and mix of elements!!

  17. Hannah Whalley says:

    The house is so beautiful! So much inspiration!

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