Flea Market Style Book {Giveaway}

Who loves shopping flea markets?

You all know that I do, even though my house won’t hold anything else right now, it’s still fun to look and browse.  I’ve got a new book from BHG to share with you today and one of my lucky readers gets a chance to own one too.  I have always enjoyed bringing home the vintage pieces to use at my house and you’ll always find older treasures in my decorating arsenal.  I just can’t imagine not decorating with older things at my house, with a mix of old and new.  It always gives you a chance to discover a new treasure and bring it home to fill in the spots around a house.

Flea Market Style:  Fresh Ideas for your Vintage Finds and newly published from one of our fave magazines, Better Homes and Gardens.  It shares the ultimate guide for scoring, saving, and integrating unique pieces into your home that reflects your unique style and look.  It’s filled with hundred’s of photos showing ideas for putting together and integrating flea-market finds into an overall scheme that is thrifty, recycling friendly, and one of a kind.

I love these inspiring photos of rooms around the house, all spruced up with vintage finds.

This kitchen looks so homey and inviting, doesn’t it?

There’s definitely a lot of chippy pieces in decorating with vintage.

Unique idea using urns for a table base.

The book lists some of the best flea markets to attend across the country, as well as all different style ideas, such as Boho, Cottage, Country, Romantic, and Modern. There’s also projects that you can do to use in your home.  Lots and lots of fun pics to look at, so I think you’d enjoy this book if you love to shop flea markets!

If you’d like to win a copy of the book, just fill out the Rafflecopter widget and leave a comment here, answering this question:

What do you enjoy the most about decorating with vintage finds?  

Someone will win a copy of the book! 

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Speaking of book giveaways, the winner of the Magnolia Story book and prize pack has been emailed and posted, Michelle!  Congrats!  

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- Rhoda


  1. I love finding interesting pieces at flea markets. Sadly, most flea markets where I live sell the newer junk and things of little interest. It is my goal to go to the 127 yard sale this year! I look forward to your posts and was glad you finally went to Waco/Magnolia. We lived there for 5 years and loved it.

  2. Kelly Hardin says:

    I love how each piece has a story to tell!

  3. martha bryan says:

    They remind me of my older family members and how much fun we always had just being together.

  4. Yes, I love incorporating flea market style to my decor. I love the back stories of items I purchase, and carrying that history forward. I also love sharing flea market finds with potential buyers in our antique mall booth spaces. That way, when the house seems full or needing something new (old), I generally can rotate stock. Win-win. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity of the book, Rhoda.

  5. I love finding and decorating with older pieces in my home . They add a cozy and different look. I mix them with a few newer pieces for my own individual style. I would love to win a copy of this book.

  6. It’s fun to take something old and discarded and transform it into something beautiful again! It’s amazing how a bit of paint can bring new life into a piece of furniture! And, best of all, it’s a much more affordable way to add to my home decor.

    That book looks wonderful!

  7. I love the stories behind all the items. I would love to have a copy of this book.

  8. I love the hunt the most and the story behind where and how I found the most when decorating with vintage pieces!! Thanks for the give-away!

  9. Barbara Moore says:

    Nothing is more fun than finding that ‘just perfect’ something at a great flea market. Even better- scoring your find before everyone else wants one!

  10. I love decorating with Vintage Finds, epically family finds for the Memories.

  11. They go with everything and they have a story to tell.

  12. I love the memories each piece might hold.

  13. Decorating with vintage things makes my home more warm & inviting. Each piece has a history and a story to tell!

  14. What I like is that I have touches of my family history sprinkled throughout my home, which then can spark interesting conversation! Family treasures can also be passed on to future generations.

  15. Jean from Georgia says:

    I love the memories brought back by the older pieces. Usually a thought about my Mother or Mama comes back to me when I see vintage pieces in a home, and I love that my daughter incorporates some of my vintage family pieces in her home.

  16. I love finding new ways to use old things and not what they are intended for. In a lot of cases the vintage items are better made and even cheaper than similar new items

  17. Karen Robbins says:

    I love to find items that my family had when I was little. It brings back wonderful memories. Also, there are a lot of the old items I like much better than the ones offered today.

  18. I love finding pieces that I can’t live without! And I have learned to purchase those pieces that “speak” to me, because SO many times I have left the sale and thought about that piece non-stop only to find it was sold after I left.

  19. I love decorating with unique items used in unexpected ways. Love items that are not perfect, but handled with love through the years and show it. I also love mixing these items all together with other found and new items.

  20. Wendy S. Hancock says:

    I love to imagine the story behind each piece 🙂

  21. I love the mix of old and new and the warmth that old pieces give a home.

  22. I love decoratng with flea market items because everything is different and my way of using an item can be totally different than someone else’s.

  23. Debra Schramm says:

    I love the ecclectic look of my flea market finds. It always adds so much character to the room.

  24. kathy olson says:

    It makes a space feel more homey:)

  25. I love to find things that are unique – speak to me – and love them dearly! Usually something that no one else would dream of wanting but that’s okay! One of my favorite pices is part of an old pond yacht – it’ character and roughness called me!

  26. One of my favorite pastimes is browsing flea markets and antique malls. Like others, I too love the imagined history behind each piece. It is very disconcerting to see toys I played with in the 50s now considered “antiques”!

  27. I love the charm and imperfection of the “finds” from fleas and sales. They are so much more interesting then living with just the perfectly brand new from stores.

  28. Glenda Gordon says:

    I love finding vintage items that are unique and fit with the decor in my home. They usually will give it that needed “pop” and they stand out from everything else.

  29. I like the character and uniqueness of flea market finds. They also are conversation pieces. I have started keeping a history of the older things, especially family pieces, but also things I’ve purchased if I have background information, to pass on to my daughters.

  30. Love. Rousing flea markets or garage sales for that special treasure.

  31. I would love to win this book. My favorite part of decorating with vintage finds is that my home doesn’t look like anyone else’s home. I have touches of whimsy and unique finds that make my home have personality and individuality.

  32. I love the history of using vintage items. They bring a a homey and cozy feeling to a room. My favorites are family items – they bring back memories. Enjoy your blog!

  33. Bonnie from Georgia says:

    I love the worn, smooth places in the wood of the furniture pieces–I guess I don’t really lean toward the chippy look. The cozy, warm feeling created in a room with items that have lived for generations makes my heart smile

  34. Oh I love to incorporate flea market finds into my decor. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  35. First of all, I love a great coffee table book about as much as perusing flea markets and the likes! So funny, too, that one of the pieces I get asked about most in my own home is a cement bust of a boy that I plucked at the Hillsville, Va. flea market. Having daughters, he has been dubbed “the boy I never had”, complete with seasonally directed hat or scarf, depending on his mood….. (wink).

  36. I love vintage finds, the story the craftsmanship behind the product and the quality. My bedroom set is from the 1920’s, no family relationship. My favorite past-time is browsing through he vintage stores, flea markets and hearing the stories behind the pieces!

  37. When decorating with vintage pieces, I like to imagine the lives those pieces touched. I especially love vintage kitchen dishes, platters, and bowls because I like to think about the loving hands that used those pieces.

  38. Margaret Elkins says:

    I love the sense of history.

  39. Lynn Furr says:

    I live in the house that my grandparents had built in 1923 – my dad was born in the bedroom upstars. My house looks better decorated with vintage finds/antiques than with new stuff – or at least with a mix of the two. Plus those things remind me of my grandmother and of simpler times.

  40. I like finding unique pieces that help pull together my space. Helps to not have everything so matchy matchy!

  41. Hi Rhoda, I love decorating with vintage finds because of the beauty, quality, and price of the vintage items, plus I just thoroughly enjoy the hunt. Kathy

  42. I love decorating with vintage pieces from family members and flea market finds. Oh the stories they could tell.

  43. I almost dislike buying home decor in stores. Would much rather get thrifted , second hand items. Makes homes cozier and more personal.

  44. Lynn Rodgers says:

    I love to keep all pieces the same such as Duncan Phyfe and mix in new fresh pieces.

  45. I so love using vintage finds in my decor because of the character and depth they add to a room…the patina of age, the fact that they might have been part of something else originally, but often have a distinctive, attractive shape on their own. New is fine for some things, but finishes that are slightly worn/rubbed off on older, vintage pieces just add to their timeless appeal. I never tire of finding and enjoying them.

  46. I love to upcycle (repurpose) vintage items. They have a chance for a second or third or even a fourth life that’s quite different from their previous one(s)!

  47. I love finding old dishes at flea markets – I like to set the table with different plates, etc – nothing matching and I love, love, love old vintage tablecloths – who can ever have enough tablecloths!

  48. I love the uniqueness that vintage finds adds to my decor. It’s always something that people notice when they visit my home and usually a conversation topic starter.

  49. The uniqueness and story behind vintage finds – my copper washtub in functional in that it stores my linens – and it is beautiful to look at.

  50. What I enjoy the most when decorating with vintage items is the warm ambiance created by well-loved things.

  51. Ummm…………….. even if I don’t win it …. I will sooooo get this book !!! WOW….. Thanks for sharing and giving us an opportunity to win it !!! FREE IS GOOD…. RIGHT??? 🙂

  52. I like having a unique look, even though big box stores have cute things, 5 of your friends may have the same exact picture.

  53. I love that with vintage there is a “back story” .. and most of the time… it is a really good story !!! I adore mix and match as well !!! chippy… who knew ??? 🙂

  54. I simply love the thrill of the hunt! You can walk miles looking at different booths for that one special thing that catches your eye or that you have been hunting for and just when you think its a bust there it is! I still love that feeling….its like finding gold at the end of a rainbow.

    Its so exciting buying a vintage piece and brining new life back to it.

  55. Jessica Wilson says:

    I love that I can incorporate my Grama’s and Great Grama’s things so easily into my decor. And change them from room to room and it all works together.

  56. VintageBeachgirl says:

    Looks like a fun read Rhoda, thanks for introducing me to it!! BH&G has always been a fave of mine but this one’s really fabulous!! I too have many old pieces in my home and love every one of them!

  57. I love that I can find quality wood antique pieces for cheaper than particle board made in china new furniture. I also love that I can go thrifting and find such good inspiration; it helps feed my creativity. Can’t wait to read this book whether I win or not.

  58. Janet Cole says:

    I love to shop flea markets because I know it will be a one of a kind piece that no one else would have in their home…and the thrill of the hunt!

  59. Andra McEwen says:

    I love the quality of older furniture-it doesn’t fall apart in 6 months.

  60. I love decorating with treasures found not only at flea markets, but estate sells, yard sales, thrift stores! It’s amazing you can you find that is truly uniue and nothing like what anyone has. My house (in Grant Park) was built in 1908 and those finds are always at home!

  61. cathy claus says:

    I love the actual hunt for an item – but i also like to browse antique shops till something pops out at me. I like the uniqueness of thrifting too! Looks like a great book!

  62. For many years I’ve told my friends…Any girl with a credit card can walk into a furniture store or Home Decor store and come home with beautiful things. The real trick is ‘finding’ something cool or unique or handmade at a garage sale. Or going to a flea market and seeing the potential in an old urn or rough-looking cupboard…then cleaning it up or even adding paint to make it work in your own space. The feeling of accomplishment when a visitor says “WHERE…did you get that?!” Is just priceless.

  63. The ability to have something unique or repurposed is what I enjoy about using vintage finds to decorate. Even better if it’s a bargain.

  64. I like being able to use something that someone else loved enough to buy and use. Whether it’s using a piece as-is, or re-purposing it, it’s a good feeling to know someone’s treasure is still being loved. All new stuff is boring to me. I love the mix of old and new.

  65. Patti Osmus says:

    Love mixing the old and new. Currently using two rakes on the wall as wine glass holders. And love people-watching at the flea market, too!!

  66. I think vintage pieces add character to a room and I like some things,
    but I am not good at mixing old and new. Maybe this book would help me
    incorporate some things that I have in my decorating.

  67. Kim @graysattic says:

    That everything isn’t perfect and you can make it unique to you! I also love to use items in ways they were created for.

  68. I don’t do much flea-ing anymore but my Mom/Granny sure did! Back in the day it was frugal to do so out of necessity for them. I still have quite a few of their old pieces. Sometimes it’s that one old piece that you can build on. Other times it’s something that sets everything else apart with its uniqueness. That’s what I love about it.

  69. Julia Martin says:

    My daughter and I decorated her first apartment with many flea market finds. It was fun…the joy of discovery, and re-purposing of well loved used objects. Her apartment has a comfy feel that looks like things were collected slowly overtime.

  70. Decorating with vintage finds is like a treasure hunt! I really enjoy the hunt, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that not did I save money, but I’m keeping something special active and in use. My vintage treasures are like members of my family – I love them!

  71. I love shopping Scott’s and Lakewood 400 in Atlanta each month. I love a deal but love finding something that reminds me of my childhood, or a relative who has passed on. Fabrics are my weakness. I’m digging this book, and you are my first blogger!!!

  72. I love the hunt because most of the time I am not even sure what I am looking for, but when I find it, I know!

  73. I love recycling items and I appreciate older decor items!

  74. kathy wallace says:

    I love finding vintage things and using them for different uses.

  75. I love the history. Several of my vintage items come from family members.

  76. Decorating with flea market finds makes your home your own. There are no two homes alike. There is nothing like hunting for the piece that speaks to you.

  77. Kim Nations says:

    Would love to win..

  78. I Love things that take me back to my childhood and remind me of sweet memories!!!!

  79. I love that once you make over an old piece of furniture, you have something unique and one of a kind.

  80. All of the above….the childhood memories, the history, the uniqueness of the item. I love it all!

  81. Kathy Holt says:

    I love mixing the old, vintage pieces for the uniqueness they add to our home. No “cookie cutter” looks for us! Plus, I am a renew, reuse, recycle gal who likes to be conservative of our environment. Vintage pieces are also (usually) higher quality!

  82. I like vintage things because of the memories they give me.

  83. I love decorating with vintage items to make my home cozy and unique

  84. Elizabeth says:

    I just love finding unique pieces. Or pieces I can make my own. I also love knowing something I own has a story to tell!

  85. I like the unique pieces that can be found. I also enjoy reminiscing about pieces that I see from my childhood.

  86. I love buying old furniture, the quality is so much better. Something beautiful from a garage sale is so much better than a new one. I guess because it has a story for and about me.
    But I do not love the overly chippy stuff, I want to take it out into the back yard with a brillo pad, and the hose. I am not a clean freak but it can look so dirty. Haha!! To each their own!!

  87. Brenda Swindall says:

    I love decorating with vintage finds that bring back memories of my childhood. Especially things that remind me of my mother and grandmother’s. And the shopping/hunt is so fun. And auctions….love love now love the online auctions so fun. Have gotten some great buys. Got a large tobacco tray in really good shape for $45.00 a couple of years ago. Since then have seen on 4 magazine covers. Yes me ❤❤

  88. I love vintage and thrifted items because they’re so different from what everyone else has bought from a furniture store. Not only that, they’re mostly reasonably priced. That book looks fabulous!

  89. I love vintage finds that match my decor and make me feel happy! I recently discovered a lovely English creamer at a local antique bard and I couldn’t resist bringing it home. When I pour my breakfast milk from it, I imagine the other people that have loved and used this creamer before me.

  90. I love the mix of new and vintage in decorating. Vintage finds at flea markets are the best! Thanks for a peek inside the book!

  91. April Barfknecht says:

    I love using a mix of older things and new things. And it makes me feel good to see my mom’s cherished things in my home.

  92. I love he figuring out where to put my find and how it will look at the decided spot. Thank you for this giveaway.

  93. I love to imagine the story behind a vintage piece and the more unique it is the better.

  94. Ashley Barney says:

    I love using things that have a “story” I can share with people, which usually comes from items that have stayed in the family and been passed down from generation to generation.

  95. Cheryl Johnson says:

    I love a mix of new and vintage. It seems to balance the room and add interesting memories and discussion. The new seems cleaner which I love, but it’s kind of boring without the vintage for depth and character. Cheryl Ann

  96. To me, vintage finds bring a house to life and fill it with a history. Each piece tells a story. And of course, the hunt for the perfect vintage find is always fun. There’s something so comfy and comforting about a vintage home. New is nice, vintage is nicer! 🙂

  97. I love taking something that is no longer worth much & with a little elbow grease & paint turning it into something that is beautiful again.

  98. Kimberly P says:

    My favorite thing about decorating with found items is finding my unique style instead of having cookie cutter decor.

  99. Decorating with vintage makes everything so comfortable and homey. It’s amazing what people throw away, if you keep an eye out you can find things for free. I love rusty, old wood pieces and junk that can be recycled into something nice. I saw this written one time about people throwing stuff away…..There Is No Away!

  100. Becky Drake says:

    I enjoy vintage finds because of the history they have. I love to think about who the people were that had them before. Did they keep it inside, or outside, did he have children that used it?
    Thanks for the giveaway

  101. melissa mcentyre says:

    Flea Markets are the bomb– love visiting

  102. I love the uniqueness of vintage to decorate with. Imagining the family that used it and had it brand new! I love a good treasure hunt!

  103. Anyone can fill a home with store bought items but when you add a vintage item that makes a statement it changes the room completely.

  104. I love the way that vintage items add some interest and quirkiness to decor. Often they have unusual shapes and patinas that add to a room. Thank YOU!!!

  105. I love using old pieces in my home. It’s always fun wondering who used it and even
    where they lived. New pieces just don’t have the character and warmth. Another fun thing is your home never looks exactly like someone else’s.

  106. I love giving new life to something that was once cherished by another. And the pieces are always unique.

  107. Vintage finds make my home unique and add character. It is like a treasure hunt to find special items.

  108. I like using Flea Market finds because of the style and colors. Most of the time the pieces are not perfect, kinda rustic looking. I have many things in my home from flea markets and it is really hard to find a favorite. Thanks for sharing the book Rhoda.

  109. Love spending the day shopping at flea markets and finding just the right item to add to a room or collection. Pam

  110. Lori Fernald says:

    The thrill of the hunt, and that my house looks unique and not “cookie-cutter.”

  111. The thing I enjoy most about decorating with vintage finds is that our home doesn’t end up looking like anyone else’s–it looks just like us!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  112. I love old family pieces and knowing there is a story behind them.

  113. Dori Carrillo says:

    I love that they are well made and I tend to always score them at a great price.

  114. Its fun to add vintage pieces & add your own different style in each room of your home, the thrill of the hunt makes memories daily.

  115. Carolyn simpson says:

    Love flea markets and always on the hunt for a new place to shop. Have many unique pieces in our home.

  116. I love looking around at flea markets

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