Feature Friday: Meredith and Gwyneth the New Yorkie in NYC

What fun to go to a big city like New York and get to take in a house tour during the process.  I love seeing how other people live and when I met up with Meredith at the BlogHer conference this year and she described her 470 s.f. apartment, I had to take a peek.  She’s a fairly new blogger and discovered design blogs last year and decided to start her own to document her NY apartment experience and to show off her adorable Yorkie, Gwyneth.  A match made in heaven, those two.

So, my last night in NY, after the fashion show, Meredith and I hopped in a cab and she hosted me at her 17th floor apartment. I was so intrigued and couldn’t wait to see how people live in these high-rise apartments.  Meredith is a Southern girl, originally from Raleigh, NC and has been in NY for about 2 years.  She almost left at one point, but decided to stick it out and now she loves it.   She works for an ad agency, which I’m sure is an exciting career.  I was quizzing her about all sorts of things, like cars, dating, and buying groceries and how all that changes in a big city.

Fascinating it is!

We hit it off well, even though I’m old enough to be her mother.  She made me feel like a blog rockstar, since she has been stalking my blog for awhile.


Meredith’s apartment is in the Chelsea area of NY and this little neighborhood grocery store is connected to her high-rise building.


Cute and convenient for food items you might need.


Walk right through a connecting door to her ultra-hip contemporary hotel lobby.  Her building has a doorman, so is very safe.

Meredith and Gwyneth

Meet Meredith and her sweet Yorkie, Gwyneth.  Aren’t they both adorable?   Gwyneth liked me and let me hold her.


Meredith has a pink door that she painted after moving in.  She taped off lines and painted her door pink and this is a brilliant way to add some detail and fun to a plain door.  Love it!


This cute little entry table greets guests.  Meredith has packed a lot of punch in this small 470 s.f. space and you’ll see how she did it.


Pretty mirror and accessories.  Sunglasses waiting on the table.


Her small and compact kitchen works well. Note her plate collection.


Looking towards the living room, her TV is in the pie safe.  Meredith told me she is not a minimalist and she is right, but her space feels very cozy and warm.


She’s got a great looking gallery wall and a small office area in her living room. With a small space, you have to utilize every square inch.


A brilliant room divider, the Ikea Expedit comes in handy for lots of storage and as a visual dividing line between bedroom and living room.  Love the grids on the end.


Jewelry storage


She’s glammed up her bedroom area with a canopy and pretty girly pillows.


Love the colors and textures.


Oh and Meredith is a dumpster diver too, so when I found that out, I knew we’d be friends.  She found this piece outside by the dumpster (I think!).  Love the green.  She said they don’t actually put furniture in the dumpster here, but it sits outside so people can pick them up easily.  You can see Meredith in the large picture window.  It was dark so I didn’t get to see the view, which I’m sure is awesome.


Tabletop bedside accessories.


From the bedroom side, the Ikea bookshelf.  Love all the storage it holds.


Another view to the kitchen.


Cute chair and a saying most of us have heard.


Plate rack with lemons


Photo wall


And a girly chandelier


Her bathroom is small but cute with this flower power and empty frame collage.


And she likes bunnies, yep, my kind of girl.


She totally knew the way to my heart.  Buy me pizza and I’m your friend for life.  I was so hungry after the fashion show and Meredith graciously treated me to pizza from her favorite neighborhood pizza joint.  I savored every mouthful of it, so delish!

Meredith, thank you and Gwyneth for hosting me at your lovely apartment. It was so fun to visit you and get to know you as a blogger and Southern girl.  I hope to see you again soon!  Be sure and stop by Meredith’s blog, Meredith and Gwyneth, the New Yorkie.  You’ll enjoy her wit!

And get this:  Meredith pays $2,800 a month for her tiny apartment!  She said I could share that with y’all and I about choked when she told me.  That’s a big pile of $$, but that’s the tradeoff for living in NYC, I guess!

- Rhoda


  1. Wow Rhoda, you’re right, that’s a high price for such a small place. She has really made it her own. Very clever decorating. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing and I’m happy you had such a great time in the Big Apple.

  2. I don’t even know where to start and what I love the most: I adore the painted door, I would do exactly the same with the room divider, love the grids on it, and the chandelier in the bathroom. Oh, and the decor of the bed! She really has an eye for making a place cozy.

    Heading to her blog now. Thanks for this fun feature, Rhoda. I tried out PhotoScape for the first time yesterday and still need to learn a bit more about putting the watermark on every picture 🙂 Thanks for that tip!!

  3. Peggy in TN says

    I loved this post! It is so fascinating to see how people in New York live. I can’t imagine living in a high rise in a big city…scary and exciting! Thanks for taking us with you.

  4. Adorable apt, and Meredith looks so much like Reese Witherspoon!

    Love that she picked up the cute cabinet on the street. .

    I’m glad you had a nice visit to NYC….it’s one of the safer cities in the nation and certainly has the best pizza!

  5. Thanks for giving us a peek into a NYC apartment! I’ve always wanted to see how they look on the inside! Meredith’s apartment is adorable, just like her and Gwyneth!

  6. Beautiful space!! Where OH Where did she get that mini chandelier she has in her bathroom??? I saw one a while back and have been looking for one ever since!!!

    • Hi – go to her website…she has a post about her chandelier and where she got it. You won’t believe where! But fun, cute and adorable just like she and her dog are!

  7. I adore her apartment…heading over to follow her now. Do you think she would let me raid her basket of fabric?

  8. Love this post! I’ve always wondered too how they live in such small spaces too. She’s done a great job with her space and I love all the special touches that’s made this space her own. I love your Feature Friday homes and always look forward to them…cause they’re great! I too always like taking a peak into other’s lives. Glad you got some NY Pizza. I also like the glass doors in her kitchen…and that Ikea wall divider storage unit has me thinking about your office and the storage space you’re gonna to do in the open closet! $$ – yeah, it’s expensive to live in the “City”….but worth it!

  9. One of your best Feature Fridays, for sure!

  10. What a delightful blog you led us to! I love Feature Friday and this may be one of my favorites.

    Thanks you for sharing!

  11. What an adorable and “homey” little apartment! It fascinates me how people can live in such small spaces and neatly, at that! At this point, I could use a closet this size. I seriously need to downsize. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  12. YAY! So excited that you got to get a tour of Merediths space; however, I’m a little jealous 🙁 There is NO pizza like the East Coast pizza! So nice meeting you at BlogHer, Rhoda. Hoping we can get a little better acquainted. HUGS!

  13. Rhoda, glad you got to experience the full NYC moment! From shopping, carriage ride, sightseeing,, pizza and touring Merediths fab apartment, you did it all!

    Loved meeting you both and wish I could have joined you for the grand tour but the train whistle called!

  14. You can take the GIRL out of the SOUTH, but (thanks to that pink door . . .) you can’t take the SOUTH out of the GIRL!!!!

    What a cutie-pie-sugar-plum. Lucky you to know her.

  15. Definitely should be in Apartment Therapy’s Smallest, Coolest contest. The door is genius.

  16. LOVED this post. I love the Chelsea area in NYC. So glad you got to enjoy it! Her apartment is darling!!

  17. I found her blog several months ago. Lucky you to see her apartment in person. It is so cute. Wow, that is some rent. Way more than our house payment.

  18. I loved this tour…so fun to see how she has her adorable apartment decorated!!!! I have to head to her blog…..

  19. I have followed Meredith and Gwyneth from the beginning. I follow her on FB too. Isn’t she the cutest? She is old enough to be my daughter too. In fact I told my two daughters that age that they MUST start following her too. Next you need to feature what a fashionista Miss Meredith is. What a fun evening you two had! Lori Lucas

  20. What an adorable apartment. I can’t believe it is so expensive. Wow. her pink door is my favorite touch. Thanks for sharing!

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