Feature Friday: Modern Farmhouse in North Atlanta

Today’s Feature Friday is one I’m really excited about!  It’s a feature of a newly built farmhouse out in the country in North Atlanta, which belongs to a long time friend mine, Barbara, who I went to high school with.  She and I were friends during high school, but haven’t really kept in touch that much, but she and I have a mutual friend in my very close friend, Vicki, and so have stayed in touch somewhat with Facebook over the last few years.  She’s also an avid reader of blogs and loves decorating and showed up at the very first Haven Conference, where I saw her for the first time in years.  It’s been fun to see her here and there and see what she’s up to.  She and her husband, Danny got married right out of high school and they have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

I heard from Vicki that Barbara and her hubby had just built this new gorgeous farmhouse out in the country and after seeing a few pics on her Facebook page, I asked her if I could come and photograph her house for the blog and she said yes!  I was so excited to get to see it in person and hear all about it.  We sat down and caught up for a bit before I started taking pics and Barbara told me about all the houses that they have lived in over the years in the Marietta area.  They went from 8,000 s.f. down to 5,000 s.f. and finally to this house, which is 2,800 s.f., really a great size for a house. She also told me that her heart’s desire since she was a little girl staying in her grandmother’s old farmhouse was to  have a farmhouse of her own, so farmhouse has been on her mind for many years.  She was way ahead of the trend of farmhouses that are all the rage now and so this house was the one that she got to build as she desired, getting to choose all those little details that had been important to her over the years.  As you probably are all aware if you read blogs and watch Fixer Upper on TV, farmhouse is a HUGE trend in homes and design style these days with shiplap being a huge part of that trend. You’ll see shiplap in Barbara’s house too, as well as rustic and reclaimed woods. Barbara has made this one very special. She does live in the country on 5 acres and this house is their forever home to be enjoyed and lived in and one that their family will enjoy for years to come.

When I drove up and saw the house in person, it took my breath away. Gorgeous to the max, this says farmhouse and Southern Living all rolled into one.

I’m listing all the paint colors at the bottom! 

I personally love Cape Cods and this one is perfection.Notice the plain gray metal roof, just what Barbara ordered. She said she had to have several stern conversations with her contractor as he asked her on several things, are you sure you want this?

The triple garage is so nice and notice those sconces outside the garage doors.

Notice too this little white picket fence which will turn into a beautiful cottage garden one day.  They just moved in last November so I think you’ll agree that Barbara has done a beautiful job when you see the interior.  The garden will come later this spring.  I love those sliding barn doors and the board and batten detail.  She wanted those doors to slide open in case they want to entertain in the garage at some point and have an outdoor party, where people can spread out on the front lawn.

Three perfect dormers on the top of the house add that cottage charm perfectly placed.

I love her choice of double glass wooden doors, not to mention the brick steps and porch.  Sigh, it is really perfect in my eyes!  While talking to Barbara, I can tell she has a really good eye for detail and what she likes and she’s the driving force behind this house design and how everything came together, as she chose all the finishes on the house and directed the contractor on everything she wanted.

A look at the sliding barn doors and cottage garden to be.

The spacious front porch hold some beautiful pieces, like this rustic table and chairs.

A cotton wreath looks great on the front door and the light fixture is so simple and elegant.

The other end of the porch holds 2 rocking chairs and a swing, a staple on any Southern porch.

Now let’s step inside the foyer where you’ll see the family room straight ahead and the living room to the left.

A pretty white buffet anchors the entry way beautifully.

Barbara’s hubby, Danny, is very talented with wood working and trim and did a lot of the interior projects himself, like this board and batten trim.  He built several things inside too.

The living room on the front of the house is so pretty and charming.  See those 2 glass front cabinets over there?  They came from Scott Antiques, one of my favorite shopping spots here in Atlanta too.  I have seen these cabinets several times and have seen this vendor when I go there.  She said since she bought 2 of these cabinets, she got them for $800 each, which I think is a great deal. He makes these out of reclaimed wood to look old.  They are gorgeous!

Simple touches and a casual feel make this room feel so cozy and comfortable.

I love that framed artwork and I’m sure there is a story behind those.

A desk and banker’s chair anchor the other side of the room.

Moving into the family room, this beautiful brick fireplace is a great focal point. And there’s plenty of shiplap!

She found these pretty pine antique pieces at Scott Antiques too and made sure they fit her niche space.

I love the simple shelves over the top with black iron brackets and accessories on top.  I squealed when I saw she still has this Target bunny weather vane from about 10 years ago.  I still have mine too!

The other side holds another antique pine cabinet and the same shelves above.  Just gorgeous and simple! Her hubby also built the mantel I think she told me.

Simple white slipcovered sofas and brown leather chairs make the room beautiful and cozy.

The floor plan is open and the dining area and kitchen are right off the greatroom.  I love the flow of her house. Notice those pretty green lights.




























The floors are all wide stained yellow pine that she found a good source for. Notice all the shiplap. Her hubby installed all of that as well as built the island in the kitchen.

He also built the hood over the stove out of reclaimed wood.  I love the Shaker cabinets, simple subway tile and that little tile feature over the stove.

This is one gorgeous kitchen!

With simplicity and charm, it’s perfect.

Potted pansies on the island add some color.

Just off the kitchen and by the back door is the mudroom which leads in to this magnificent pantry.

She used an old screen door for the entry to the pantry. Isn’t this the cutest and notice the old latch at the top.

Beautiful pendant lights and plenty of shelves make this such a great pantry space. So this pantry makes me a wee bit envious!

She opted for no formal dining room, but the large table sits behind the sofa and off the kitchen.  Table is from Restoration Hardware outlet and chairs from World Market.

That beautiful pine cabinet came from Woodstock Antiques market, such a pretty piece in here.  I’m really loving pine furniture all over again even though I don’t have any. That light fixture she picked up at the Atlanta market downtown and got it for a great price of $75.  She later saw it in a high end decor shop for $800 and had to brag on it to her hubby who just didn’t get the appeal of this fixture.

Simple art and a big lantern look great together.

Dining table look back towards the kitchen.

And over to the family room.

The powder room is just off the living room and dining room and has simple appeal too. This vanity is from the same guy at Scotts.

An old ladder and a few touches in the powder room.

To the right of the foyer is the master bedroom suite.

It’s beautiful and light and airy.  Those doors open to the big porch which we will see in a minute.  I love all the light coming in the house, that’s a perfect house to me when light pours in from all angles.

A white bed and beautiful linens make this a gorgeous master space.

Simple side table and a pretty graphic rug anchors the floor.

Looking towards the master bath.

A double vanity came from the same Scott vendor.  I took pics of this vanity last time I was at Scotts and shared it on my blog.  I was happy to see it at Barbara’s house!  Notice the sliding barn door her hubby made.

Ever practical, Barbara opted to have her washer dryer installed right in the master bath suite. Overhead cabinets help with storage and she can do laundry very easily.

It’s right next to the large tiled shower with simple subway tile and a retro floor tile.

Such a pretty vanity.

Another build by her hubby, this saloon door goes right into the spacious master closet. Now this is a closet to be envious of.  Lots of light and plenty of room.

She said her hubby has more clothes than she does so he gets more of the closet.  A large ottoman is in the middle.  Her section, with a window and simple cafe curtains.

And his on the opposite side.

So spacious and organized.

Such a nice closet!

OK, let’s go out to the big covered porch.  Love this space!  Porches are my favorite.

I think that must be a TV there on the console table.  All weather wicker rounds out the seating area.

Looking towards the other end with a large eating table.

So pretty and open and spacious. Three of those fancy fans are on the ceiling to help keep it cool out here during our hot Georgia summers.

Back inside, let’s go upstairs.  Notice the newel posts, my favorite design too.

Up the stairs to the Jack and Jill bedrooms which are for the grandchildren to enjoy.

At the top of the stairs is a little nook for seating.

A  little girls room is set up on one side with a bathroom in between 2 bedrooms.

The dormers are so cute.  Perfect for little girls to play!  Notice the white painted plank floors.  I’m not sure if these are the same pine floors painted or not, but I suspect they probably are.

She got this pink check bedding at Ikea and I loved it.

She didn’t want any fancy vanities in the kids bathroom, so her hubby built these cute little vanities.  A marble look tile floor is easy care.

Tub and toilet room.

Next door is the kid’s playroom, perfect for the grandkids to spread out and play.

A daybed with storage provides extra sleeping.

Such a cute space.

And here’s something we would all drool over.  Barbara has her very own storage room for all her extra decor with shelving to keep it all neat and orderly.  I would love to have a room like this. She said it was extra attic space that she converted to a storage room.

With the same white painted plank floors and a colorful rug, what a great space.

The last bedroom space is a sewing, craft room with a baby bed for the baby in the family.  Ikea Billy bookcases and storage pieces from Ikea make this room really nice and organized too.

She has a sewing machine set up and an old pine cabinet holds paint supplies.

A Martha Stewart gift wrap station rounds out the room with more organization.  Isn’t this is a cute room?

I was absolutely blown away by Barbara’s newly built farmhouse. I think she thought out so many details, making this house so livable and using every single bit of space they have.  It has charm and casual elegance that makes it so appealing and a home they will enjoy for years and years to come.  I hope you all enjoyed this tour as much as I did.  If you have questions for Barbara, leave them here and I’m sure she will be happy to answer any of them.  What a modern farmhouse this is which oozes charm and classic appeal!

Paint Colors:

All paint Sherwin Williams

Outside and all white inside:  Pure White

Office/stairwell/upstairs hall/pantry/mudroom/powder room:  Conservative Gray mixed 50%

Storage/Master Bedroom/Bath/Closet:  Filmy Green

Jack & Jill bedroom/bath:  Sea Salt

Craft Room:  Rainwashed mixed 50%

Edited to add these comments from Barbara, the homeowner, copied and pasted from the comments, but hopefully will answer most of your questions:

Floor Plan:

I would love to share the plan with you! It’s called Seven Pines, designed by Mitchel Ginn for Southern Living. We actually traveled to Newnan, GA where Mr. Ginn works to meet him and discuss the changes we wanted to make. He was so gracious and told us what would and wouldn’t work. I’d be happy to mail you a copy of the plan with the changes we made.

Local Builders:

We used local builders called Vine Creek Residential. They build mostly in Paulding County, Georgia. Most of their time is spent on production building, so the more custom aspects of our house left them a bit speechless. To their credit, they went along with my requests and ended up being a fan of the results. One thing I do remember though, is them repeatedly saying… “You’re sure you want just a white house and white trim? And no shutters?”. Then they would look at each other (they’re brothers), raise their eyebrows and shrug their shoulders. Bless their hearts!


Our brick is called Old Georgian Tudor. The trick is to use white mortar which, I think, makes it look a little more like old brick. Not buff, or beige mortar. White – called Icy White, I believe. We used the same brick/mortar outside, too. All of it was installed by one of our builder’s sub contractors, so I don’t know their name. But I’m sure any brick installer could replicate our fireplace. It’s a pretty simple design. Good luck!


We purchased all our flooring from Mr. Edward Sisk, the nicest man you will ever meet. His wood shop is in sweet Shady Dale, GA, but folks from far and wide buy his flooring. Mr. Sisk’s flooring is VERY reasonably priced and I can’t recommend his work highly enough. Our floors on the main level are 3/4″ thick solid Southern yellow pine in a 10″ width. Mr Sisk hand finished every single board with a penetrating stain called Duraseal. Duraseal is a mix of stain and finish, so once the boards were installed (face nailed) we had completed flooring! In the upstairs bedrooms we went with the same wood, only 8″ wide and unstained. They were installed using the blind nailing method. Then we primed and painted them with SW Conservative Gray mixed at 25%. I’ve wanted this flooring for years and am thrilled with Mr Sisk’s product. His company is Colonial Pine Floors. His address is 1338 Ross Road, Shady Dale, GA 31085. Phone # is 706-468-0387. Email is info@colonialpinefloors.com. Check him out – I’ll guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Good luck!!

Edit:  Barbara’s beautiful home has garnered so much attention and she has sent out countless copies of her altered floor plan drawing, so I’m uploading it here so you all can print it out for yourself.  Thanks for all the great comments on her gorgeous farmhouse.  It truly is amazing! 

My Pinch Me Moment!!  Speaking of farmhouses and shiplap, I have some fun news to share with all of you!  I’m in New Orleans this weekend and on Monday, I fly to Waco, TX to join a small group of bloggers for a day with Kilz Paint and Chip and Joanna Gaines!!  I know….I’m totally pinching myself that I get this opportunity to meet this dynamic duo.  I’m a huge fan of Fixer Upper and watch all of their shows.  It will be a thrill to meet them in person and of course, I’ll be sharing it all with y’all!  It’s a quick overnight trip, but we will have one day with them, up close and personal.  I’m reading their book right now and it’s such a fun read. 

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda~Wow! This is one beautiful home. I love the whole house, front door to back door. But, my favorite room is the storage area, you could shop the house easily with that set up. Don’t you just love Facebook? You can reconnect with people you haven’t seen in years.

    • Barbara Moore says:

      The hubby calls my storage room the HODA room. For ‘house of decorating accessories’. Usually accompanied by eye rolls and heavy sighing. ?

      • Men, you gotta love them and their eye rolling and sighing. Great job on your home it is breathtaking.

        • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

          Thanks so much!

          • Barbara we are local an I often drive past your home and just admire. So if you have seen me I am harmless just cannot get enough of it. Do you mind me ask where you got your gooseneck outdoor lighting? Also does the vender at Scott’s have any contact information? I do not make it that way very often.

      • Venesa Montague says:

        How could I get the actual plans and material list?

        • HI, Venesa, please read to the bottom of the post, I uploaded Barbara’s drawing so she doesn’t have to keep emailing it out.

        • Susan Lehman says:

          Hi! I was also wondering how to get the actual architectural drawings, if they are available? There is no mention of square feet? Is it crawl space not a basement? Thanks for the info. I love this floor plan!

  2. Absolutely stunning!

  3. Judy Clark says:

    Beautiful house! I know that you enjoyed photographing it. Waco…you are 70 miles up the road from me. We are headed up there soon to take some friends to visit the silos. Have fun!

  4. She’s living in my dream home! Since hubby doesn’t want to move we are updating our home and the master bathroom is next. That vanity is the same one we want to get. We talked to the vendor last month. It’s fun seeing it in her bathroom.

  5. Rhoda,
    You captured the charm of Barbara’s house perfectly! It really is stunning. I’m so glad the two of you have reconnected. ?

  6. Lovely house, wonderful details. Just fyi, the “potted pansies” are actually primroses!

  7. Cathy Hitt says:

    I Love her Farmhouse….. So much character and heart!

    Your going to have a fantastic time in Waco! It is such a great town. I went with some girls from work last January…. They have done so much since then! Its a great experience! I didn’t get to meet Chip and Jo, but Jo’s mom packed my stuff that I bought and took a picture with us. She is so cute and works really hard. Lots of great antique places that encourage to go to the next shop! I will be back.. I cant wait to hear about your trip! Have a great time!

  8. Who do I have to kill to get a house like that?!!! Good gosh, that is a fabulous house! Ya’ll, if I won the lottery tomorrow (not likely since I don’t buy tickets, he)I wouldn’t build a mansion. Oh no, I’d go for a dream farmhouse, just like this! *sigh* fabulous! Kudos to your friend sticking to her guns and getting EXACTLY what she wanted!

    YOU! Yes, you are one lucky gal to get to meet my heroes, Chip and Joanna Gaines! Enjoy, and take loads of pics for us, yeah?

  9. Beautiful! Every detail was so well thought out. I’m having serious envy issues over the pantry and storage area!! Glad she stood her ground on the metal roof, it is very appropriate for a farmhouse. We love ours, and it has a 50 year warranty!

  10. Rhoda, what a beautiful farmhouse. Love her pantry…I am sure she is ecstatic to have accomplished her dream house! Happy weekend!

  11. I have enjoyed touring her home. Each space is so calm and decorated just right. Just enough of everything! I hope you go back next year after they get the garden in and show us again what they have done. I loved the touch of the hook latch lock on the closet door and pantry screen door☺

    • Barbara Moore says:

      Thanks so much, Lynne. My hands are itching to get in that garden. I can’t wait to plant (too many) flowers! One thing is for sure: the pea gravel has got to GO. Pea gravel + 3, 4, and 5 year old grandsons = a MESS!

      • Holly Malone says:

        How do you get the floor plan? I love it!

      • Jason Bridges says:

        I love your house so much!!! We are about to build on some family land in the country and love your changes to the plan. I saw the first floor changes at the bottom, is there anyway you can sed me your upstairs changes? My email is jwbridges05@gmail.com that is a the number zero before the 5 not the letter O. Thank you so much.

  12. This home is so beautiful, but still very functional… I like that! There’s something to love about every room! I like that fold-down table that the sewing machine is sitting on. Is that another one of her husband’s DIY projects, or did she buy it somewhere? Have fun in Waco!

    • Barbara Moore says:

      I bought the fold down table from Home Decorators. It’s from Martha Stewart’s line of craft furniture. Perfect for a small room – stores nicely without taking up too much room, yet provides a generous amount of work space when needed.

      • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

        Diane – I recently came across a table that is very similar to the one from Home Decorators. It’s from IKEA – looks almost identical and MUCH less expensive – like half the price! Only thing missing from the IKEA table is a metal measuring tape on both of the long edges. The IKEA table is called Norden/Nisse.

  13. Beautiful home! Thank you to her and you for sharing and inspiring. Is it possible to find out where she got her Clover Valley Milk picture? Love it!

    • Jessica Wilson says:

      I would love to know too! It is just fantastic.

    • Barbara Moore says:

      Thanks for the kind words! I found the Clover Milk sign in a small home decor store near our last home called The White Rabbit. It’s in Kennesaw, GA. Unfortunately it was about five years ago. I’ll drop in the next time I’m in that area to see if they know the vendor and will pass it along. Stay tuned!

  14. Absolutely beautiful!! Enjoyed the tour! Wished I could of been there in person!! Thank you!

  15. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Thanks so much Rhoda! Great home…just perfect to me! Have a nice time with Chip & Joanna…can’t wait to hear all about it. My favorite thing about them besides their talent and “just do it” attitude, is the fun they have with their family. Very sweet!

  16. Thanks for sharing a beautiful home. Have a great time in New Orleans – we go there every Christmas so its one of my favorite places and welcome to Texas. Have a great time in Waco. Small town Texas feel. My son lived there for a year and a half so it was easy to visit Magnolia. We could walk there from his apartment. Alas, he just moved back to Dallas so probably won’t visit as much.

  17. Eeeek! This is gorgeous! I am in love with that brick porch! I wanted to drop a line to say thank you for posting this awesome house tour, but also to tell you about a little sale I’m having on my blog of my interior design and coffee table books. They’ve been hoarded for far too long, and it’s time that someone else enjoy and be inspired by these barely used beauties. As I know you’re keenly interested in interiors, I thought maybe you’d be interested – or could perhaps pass it along to someone you think may be! Hopefully there’s something posted that’ll catch your attention! Here’s the direct link: http://niagaranovice.blogspot.com/2017/02/buy-my-copy.html

  18. What a most beautiful home that is filled with so many wonderful details and furnishings. You can tell that a lot of thought and well planning went into making this house a home. Love all her finds from Scotts. I am sure they are thrilled with their new home! congrats on your trip to Waco. How exciting and can’t wait to hear about it!

  19. Tamela Kirby says:

    Rhonda, LOVED the house tour. My husband and I will be retiring in a few years and hopefully moving to Oxford, Ms. I have been wanting a farm house for years, and this 2800 sq. ft. house is perfect! I will take some pointers from your dear friend. A must have for my husband is a 3 car garage ,
    and he also wants about 3 to 5 acres.
    You will absolutely love Waco, Tx. and Chip and Jo. The silos are to die for. I visited last summer and plan on going back real soon. Hey, you are in my neck of the woods this weekend! Enjoy New Orleans, and let the good times roll! Mardi Gras is hot and heavy down here!

    • Barbara Moore says:

      Fingers crossed, Tamela, you find your 3 to 5 acres. Honestly I was a little worried about being out of a neighborhood. But, all has turned out well. We love it! The peace and quiet is absolutely priceless. Good luck!

  20. I enjoyed the photo tour. Gorgeous home. I especially liked the extra store room and the craft room.

  21. Brenda Swindall says:

    Such a fun beautiful house. All the details..
    Amazing style love it all. Got a laugh at the washer and dryer in bathroom. My aunt built a house in the early 60’s and did that. Some people raised their eyebrows…….lol
    Rhoda enjoy your weekend and Monday in Waco.
    Keep sharing love your work. BS

    • Barbara Moore says:

      Thanks Brenda! Our builders did a lot more than raise their eyebrows when I told them about the W/D in the master bath. They just stared st me with their mouths open. ? The laundry room in our last house was miles from our bedroom. Well, it seemed like miles! Now things go from dryer to drawer in under 10 steps. SO much better than a big old tub I would never use (those things take FOREVER to fill up). Let’s just say I wanted a ‘vintage’ look. But really? I’m just lazy. ?

  22. Do you have any information regarding the wood flooring located throughout the house? We’re in the process of choosing new wood flooring in our house. Thank you!

    • Barbara Moore says:

      We purchased all our flooring from Mr. Edward Sisk, the nicest man you will ever meet. His wood shop is in sweet Shady Dale, GA, but folks from far and wide buy his flooring. Mr. Sisk’s flooring is VERY reasonably priced and I can’t recommend his work highly enough. Our floors on the main level are 3/4″ thick solid Southern yellow pine in a 10″ width. Mr Sisk hand finished every single board with a penetrating stain called Duraseal. Duraseal is a mix of stain and finish, so once the boards were installed (face nailed) we had completed flooring! In the upstairs bedrooms we went with the same wood, only 8″ wide and unstained. They were installed using the blind nailing method. Then we primed and painted them with SW Conservative Gray mixed at 25%. I’ve wanted this flooring for years and am thrilled with Mr Sisk’s product. His company is Colonial Pine Floors. His address is 1338 Ross Road, Shady Dale, GA 31085. Phone # is 706-468-0387. Email is info@colonialpinefloors.com. Check him out – I’ll guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Good luck!!

      • Mary Williams says:


        Thanks so much for sharing all your sources. Too often readers just see gorgeous pictures they want to incorporate in their homes but are left high and dry. We will be building our retirement home in SC and will certainly look Mr. Sisk up.

    • Southern Susie says:

      I would also like the wood flooring information – I’m also building a new farmhouse and I’m seriously considering pine floors and these are beautiful! LOVE this house – absolutely perfect – the attention to detail is unbelievable!

      • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

        Hi Susie, I gave all the flooring info to Astrid in the comment above yours. If you can’t see it, let me know and I’ll happily send it again. I loved working with Mr Sisk, my flooring source as much as I love my floors!

  23. Thanks Rhoda for sharing this charming home with us….luv that screen porch and how they made the garage look like a barn. Have fun meeting Jo and Chip…looking forward to hearing all about your time with them.


  24. Ashleigh Hall says:

    What a gorgeous farmhouse! Barbara, I would love to know if you and your husband designed the plan for your home or you followed a plan you found. If so, would you mind sharing where you found the plan as my husband and I own some acreage and are wanting to build a farmhouse very similar to yours. I love your layout and would be so grateful to know the details. Thank you so much in advance. xoxo Blessings 🙂

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      I would love to share the plan with you! It’s called Seven Pines, designed by Mitchel Ginn for Southern Living. We actually traveled to Newnan, GA where Mr. Ginn works to meet him and discuss the changes we wanted to make. He was so gracious and told us what would and wouldn’t work. I’d be happy to mail you a copy of the plan with the changes we made. Not sure how this internet stuff works, but if someone could tell me how to your address privately, I’d be happy to mail it to you. If you’re even close to my age (ancient), then you know what ‘mail’ means, otherwise we’re sunk!! Hahahaha!

      • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

        Oh my goodness – I told you the wrong name of our house plan!! I did say I was ancient, though. The name is NOT Southern Pines, it’s called Seven Pines! So sorry!

        {Edited above for Barbara!}

      • Hi Barbara! I would LOVE if you could send the plans my way! Dannahburgess@gmail.com

        • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

          On their way!

          • Hi, Barbara. Your home has taken our breath away. I reviewed the Seven Pines plan on Southern Living and can certainly tell from the pictures here you’ve made some really great changes. If you’d be willing to share your plans with me as well, I’d greatly appreciate it. We’re hoping to build that retirement dream home in the next few years. Thank you so much.

          • Hi Barbara, Wow, your house is absolutely stunning! I have been searching online for beautiful plans and pictures and have not found the perfect inspiration until now! I would also be interested in seeing the plans and how you changed up the originals if you are still offering. My husband and 3 children are in search of the perfect property in Ont. Canada. Thanks so much. jamiemeg@bell.net

          • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

            Troy W – send me your email and I’ll send you a rough drawing of the changes we made!

          • Shelley Korb says:

            I would also love to see these floor plans if possible. My husband and I have been searching for over 6 months for a great farmhouse plan like this. Yours is beautiful! Do you mind sending them to: mlueke@gmail.com ?

          • Candy Black says:

            Hi Barbara!!! Your house is absolutely beautiful! I would love to look at the plan with the changes you made. We are in the process of picking plans now and it seems yours may be the one! Thanks so much! candyblack111@att.net

          • KAYLA YAWN says:

            Barbara I’m sure you’ve had a million requests for a copy of the changes you’ve made to this floor plan (prob because its PERFECT!) If you could, would you send a copy to me at ricketsonk08@yahoo.com? My husband and I have looked at countless house plans and this is the one!! I’m in LOVE!

          • Barbara,

            Could you PLEASE also send me copies of the final plans with the changes? I am in LOVE with this house!!


      • I would LOVE to seen the plan as well! Could you email me? K8martin (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you so much! Your house is gorgeous!?

      • Heather Hayes says:

        Your home is gorgeous. I would love to see the plan as well. I will try to send my email address privately. Thank you for sharing your home. You did an amazing job!

      • Hi Barbara. My husband and I have been looking for property with some acreage for over a year now. Fingers crossed, we are putting in our offer for 11 acres at the end of this week. I’d be so grateful if you would share your home plans with me as well. Your kitchen is my dream kitchen! Angekleonard@gmail.com

      • Hi Barbara! I would love to get the plans as well. Your home is beautiful, inviting, and right up my alley! Would you mind sending them to me? kcflick@aol.com
        (aol, how’s that for ancient? haha)

        • Hi Barbara! I just got done showing your beautiful house to my husband and he said that is the one! We looked at the Southern Living plans and saw where some changes were made. We are curious how you changed your kitchen view to not be of the 3 car garage. Would you mind sending me the plans with your changes or even just a picture of them? My email address is cbuonemani1197@gmail.com. Thanks so much for sharing your house. It is incredibly beautiful and well done. I especially like the area for the cottage garden. Such a great touch! 🙂 Have a great day!

      • Araceli Cruz says:

        Barbara I would love to see the floor plan. How can I get you my mailing address?

      • Tabatha Barnes says:

        Hey! I would really really also love a copy of the plans! This is my dream home also!

      • Barbara, this house is beautiful! Is there any way you could send me your tweaked plans also. Thank you in advance.

        • Hi, Sarah, I just uploaded a copy of Barbara’s drawing to this post, so hopefully you’ll see this!

      • Hi! Stunning designs! I would be ever so gracious if you could send me a copy of the house plans as well. Thank you so much! Tbharrington25@gmail.com

        • HI, Tarah, please read the post to the bottom, I’ve included Barbara’s drawing at the bottom of the post so everyone can print it off now. Thanks!

  25. Beautiful home…..

  26. That was so much fun to tour her home through your nice pictures. BEAUTIFUL and as you said, so well thought out!
    Come on Barbara, time for a blog! Your home reflects your talents! (And a talented hubby as well!!)
    Happy Gardening!

  27. Attila Szekes says:

    Rhoda!!! More of these!!! My wife and I just love this style and are faithful viewers of Fixer Upper as well! Enjoy your blog!

    Attila & Ginger Szekes

  28. Hey Barb & Rhoda,
    I just read Barb’s comment about being ancient, ha ha! Barb you’re just a few weeks older than me & Rhoda & I am definitely a low tech girl. Wow Barb, You & Danny did it again! You two complement each other so well when building homes, and your precious family! Your great taste & style along w/his amazing woodworking talents…well just WOW! I’ve seen a couple of your previous homes, also amazing, but this one is so very special! Maybe because of the screened door w/latch that evoked sweet memories of my own grandparents’ 4 room farmhouse, a treasure chest of my fondest childhood memories. Did I see a print of Lost Mountain Store? Thank you for opening your home to Rhoda’s readers. And I love your replies to some of the comments as they prove my point that you should blog! Welcome to the country where you can have the best of both city & country living.
    Rhoda, your photos truly capture Barbara’s house and heart! Great post as usual! Enjoy visiting with The Gaines! What an exciting opportunity! I’m so excited for you as you begin your 11th year as a very successful blogger! You have worked very hard & deserve every blessing God sends your way. Love to you both my dear friends!

  29. This house blows me away… too many things to list that I love, but a few are the fact that there is no wall-to-wall carpet, discarding the traditional dining room for the large casual table, and the movable large kitchen island. I was also interested to see how the mostly white decor worked with the darker leather pieces.

  30. Gorgeous!

  31. I am so glad I found this post! What a beautiful home and I so enjoyed the tour. We’re thinking of taking down our antique oak mantel in our family room and reworking the fireplace. The current mantel was bought at an antique store and installed when the house was built 20 yrs ago. But I think the family room layout would function much better with the TV over the fireplace, and the current mantel has a mirror built into it. I was thinking about a brick hearth and surround like Barbara’s. Can you tell me the brick you used, and maybe who did it for you? I’m south of Atlanta, so I may be able to use the same person. Thanks for you help!

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Our brick is called Old Georgian Tudor. The trick is to use white mortar which, I think, makes it look a little more like old brick. Not buff, or beige mortar. White – called Icy White, I believe. We used the same brick/mortar outside, too. All of it was installed by one of our builder’s sub contractors, so I don’t know their name. But I’m sure any brick installer could replicate our fireplace. It’s a pretty simple design. Good luck!

  32. I’m sorry if I overlooked, but who built this beautiful home?

    • HI, Kryn, Barbara (the owner) shared the builder’s plan name in the comments, if you scroll up. Thanks!

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Kryn, We used local builders called Vine Creek Residential. They build mostly in Paulding County, Georgia. Most of their time is spent on production building, so the more custom aspects of our house left them a bit speechless. To their credit, they went along with my requests and ended up being a fan of the results. One thing I do remember though, is them repeatedly saying… “You’re sure you want just a white house and white trim? And no shutters?”. Then they would look at each other (they’re brothers), raise their eyebrows and shrug their shoulders. Bless their hearts!

  33. Lisa Seatle says:

    I absolutely love everything. It’s the complete dream home. That pantry is fantastic.

  34. Do you have the name or contact info for the vendor at Scott’s antique market that makes those glass cabinets? Tanks!

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Sorry, Anise, I don’t have that info. I can tell you whenever he is at Scotts he is in Bldg. 2 towards the left side of the building. He’s French, very nice and has good prices. I know it’s a bit of a needle in a haystack situation, but you’d have to go to Scotts to find him. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

  35. Absolutely stunning!! I have been looking for a house like this for months! Could you please email me the plans as well. My email address is bjphillips147@yahoo.com

  36. Love this house!! How can I get a floor plan for this house?

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      I will happily send you a rough drawing of the changes we made to Mitchel Ginn’s Seven Pines floor plan. Just send me your email.

  37. Rebecca Long says:

    Is there a way for you to get the floor plan or architects name who designed the house? I love this house so much and am currently looking for floor plans. My husband and I are building a house next Spring and this one is perfect!

    • HI, Rebecca, see Barbara’s comments above, she gave the floor plan and her builder’s name.

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      I can send along a rough drawing of the changes we made to Mitchell Ginn’s Seven Pines Floor Plan. It’s a Southern Living plan. I just need your email.

      • Heather Henry says:

        Hi Barbara, Your house is gorgeous! I have the original plans but would love to see a rough draft of the changes you made! If you could send them to Hhenry19@gmail.com I would really appreciate it. Thank You!

  38. Ramona Payne says:

    I would love to know what house plan this is its gorgeous

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      The original plan was drawn by Mitchell Ginn. It’s called Seven Pines and it’s a Southern Living plan. I’ll send a rough drawing of the changes we made if you give me your email.

      • Hi, Barbara. Troy W here. If you could email me the drawings, I’d so appreciate it. Here is the email address: troytweiland@gmail.com. Thanks!

      • Gorgeous house. I have been looking for a similar plan but initially passed this one over because I wanted windows in the kitchen like those that are pictured here. I would love to see the changed floor plan as well if still sharing them.

      • Candice Kentch says:


        I have been searching for the past year for the perfect plan. I happened to stumble onto this blog and have fallen in love with your home! You are so kind sharing all the details with us all! If you don’t mind I would love to look at the rough changes you made. If you are still emailing the plans my email is, kentch4@gmail.com.
        Thank you very much!!

      • Barbara,

        I would love to get a copy of your rough drawing! We are about to build our Forever Home on 155 acres outside of New Orleans and telecommute and commute back and forth until we get tired! Beautiful home! My email is dhtaylor60@gmail.com.

      • Marissa says:

        My husband and I have been trying to design our perfect farmhouse floor plan for over a year with multiple revisions and redos and have not yet been happy with any. Your plan looks very close to perfect. It is so gorgeous and functional! Could I also have the drawings emailed? marissadereka@gmail.com. Thank you!!

    • Brittany CoxBrittany Cox says:

      Can you please send me the changes she sent you? my email is bc00378@gmail.com

  39. Dawn Raley says:

    This is my dream home! Absolutely stunning! If you are still sharing the plans, I would truly appreciate seeing them. My email is staufferdm@gmail.com.

  40. Mary Williams says:

    You are the sweetest to share your floor plan and changes! I would like a copy for inspiration and to replicate your amazing pantry. marywilliams324@gmail.com

  41. Callen McHenry says:

    Are the plans available for this house? Would love to see them!

  42. Callen McHenry says:

    Are the plans available to this house? Would love to see them!

  43. Would i be able to get the floor plan?

  44. Naivette Carlton says:

    I absolutely love this house. I would love to see the blue print. The decor is perfect and the colors are perfect. You guys did a great job.

  45. Naivette Carlton says:

    I should have read comments first. If you are still sharing the plans, may I have a copy? I would love to have this house for my parents someday. Thank you. naivette@yahoo.com

  46. Wow! This house is gorgeous!!! Would you mind sharing the plans with my husband and I? BrennanAndSam@gmail.com
    Thanks so much!!

  47. Are the plans for this home somehow available?

  48. Don’t suppose you know what house plan they used??

  49. Beautiful!
    We sell Bed Swings at the Scott’s Antique Market. You should come by and check us out, that back porch would be perfect for one!

  50. Beautiful!! Do you know what house plan they used?

  51. This is just beautiful! I would love to see the floor plan of this home!

  52. I’m so glad I found this blog! I have been trying for over a year to find a houseplan that I love and am inspired by. I would be so grateful if Barbara would share the plan with me as well, please. My email is carrielyndall@hotmail.com Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of this beautiful home and inspiring so many!

  53. my boyfriend and i are IN LOVE with this house, do you happen to have houseplans or can send me to a link where i can find them?

  54. Shelley Korb says:

    I would also love to see these floor plans if possible. My husband and I have been searching for over 6 months for a great farmhouse plan like this. Yours is beautiful! Do you mind sending them to: mlueke@gmail.com ?

  55. Lots of farmhouses nowadays, but this is the best and most adorably decorated. Congratulations on a beautiful home! I’d love to see the floorplan. carolperry@gmail.com

  56. Michelle Sallie says:

    What does the actual house plans look like? Where were they found? Was this home a kit home? Curious fixin to build our dream home and fell in love with this one.

  57. Stacy Smith Aldridge says:

    Is there house plans to this? We have been looking and can’t seem to find what we want. Thank you
    Absolutely stunning!

  58. How wide is the main portion of your home. 45ft?

    • Barbara Moore says:

      The Seven Pines plan says 76′ including the garage. We added a foot to the width to the main portion of the house to make both sides of the wrap around porch match. We also added some additional space to our garage. I do know that Mr. Mitchell Ginn, the architect of the Seven Pines plan, is very helpful. He could accurately answer all questions. Mr Ginn can be reached at mitchginn@numail.org and his phone number is 770-502-1423.

  59. We live in tallahassee Florida and recently bought 10 acres. I have been looking far and wide for this exact style of house! Nailed it!! It’s like you were in my head! I looked up the floor plan on southern living. What’s funny is, I had looked at that house plan before before and was just like “enh”. Then to see what you did with it!!! What a difference a roof makes! And brick! I’d love to see the modifications you guys made to the floor plan. I’m just in love with it!! I’m definitely calling your floor guy!

  60. Rachel Packard says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Could you send me the plans as well? I’m in love with your home. You have it styled to perfection!


    Thank you!

  61. Ashley Runde says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Could you send me the plans as well? Beautiful home!


    Thanks 🙂

  62. Taylor Carter says:

    This house is beautiful. My wife and I are planning on building sometime this summer. We have some land outside of Macon that we are going to build on. I would love to see the plans you changed to get some ideas. I am thinking on going to see Mr. Ginn as well, so we can make some changes too, but would love to see the changes you made. Thanks


  63. Hannah Lynch says:

    Love this home! Can you please send the changed floor plans – hannahleighlynch@gmail.com Thank you so much!

  64. julie murphy says:

    If you are still send out the rough plans with the changes. I have been looking for plans and your home is beautiful!!

  65. Kassie Meziere says:

    I would love to see the plans. I’m in Oklahoma and have not found one as beautiful as yours!

    • Barbara Moore says:

      send along your email and I will send a rough drawing of the changes we made to the Seven Pines plan drawn by Mitchell Ginn for Southern Living House Plans.

  66. Micka Vaden says:

    My husband and I have been looking for a farmhouse plan for eight months. We saved the Seven Pine house plan, but it wasn’t the full farmhouse home we wanted. Your changes brought this plan to life. I am so interested in your design. Would you mind to share your plans with us? You defiantly have an eye for design.
    Thank you,
    The Vadens

  67. Brittany Cox says:

    This is just what we’ve been looking for! Please send us your plans!! I would greatly appreciate it! bc00378@gmail.com You are a blessing!

  68. KAYLA YAWN says:

    I have read through the comments and I might have missed something. Can anyone tell me where I can find the house plans that Barbara modified? I have found the Seven Pines floor plan, but I would love to have Barbara’s changes. This house is absolutely perfect!

    • She is emailing those out if you want to leave your email. Did you see those conversations?

      • I did but I wasn’t sure if she had included a link to it somewhere. I would love a copy. My email is ricketsonk08@yahoo.com.
        My 5 year old agrees that this is the house we are going to build. He even knows how he wants his room decorated! ?
        Thank you for responding back!

      • Micka Vaden says:

        Hi Ronda,
        I posted on March 6th. My husband and I are still interested in this plan. Would you mind to please send a copy of the rough plans. We are also going to contact Mr. Ginn soon. This is the house we want to build.

        Thank you,

  69. Samantha Nichols says:

    I would love to have the modified plans if you are still willing to email them, snichols72812@yahoo.com

  70. Brittany says:

    Hi there! I love this and the changes you made to the kitchen/dining/living area. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the floor plans? Brittsmith0428@aol.com we are getting ready to build a farmhouse in South Georgia. Thanks!

  71. Hi Barbara! Could you please email me these plans! This is absolutely stunning!! Jgehring10@gmail.com

  72. I would absolutely LOVE to see your final plans! Stunning! We are about to build our next home! The actual plan on their website looks too different!

    Thank you, Barbara!!

  73. Amazing home and would love to see the floor plan with all the changes you added! I think you built my dream home!!

  74. BEAUTIFUL home!! Is it possible to get details of the lights above the windows in the kitchen? Thank you so much!

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Morning, Faith. I just sent an email to the lighting folks we used asking for vendor/model #s, etc. Hopefully I’ll hear something back soon and will send it along.

  75. Kristi Ely says:

    Absolutely LOVE what you have done! I too would appreciate seeing the changes you made… Thank you both so very much for sharing! My email is elyscamp@aol.com. I will definitely be sure to follow your blog for more info in the future!

  76. Hi Barbara,

    Your house is amazing! I especially love how you changed the placement of the kitchen and made the dining room from the original plan into a living room (oh, and your converted attic space!). Will you send me the rough drawing of the plans? My email is bethmrog@gmail.com. Thank you SO much!

  77. Christie says:

    Love your home! I would love to see the changes you made to the original plan as well.
    Please email them to 22christie@gmail.com

    Thank you so much!

  78. Kristen Stoff says:

    Can you please email me the floor plans with the changes you made on them : )

    We are looking to build a home in the very near future, also quick question where is your workshop area located in the home? is that upstairs along with the jack and jill rooms?

    • Kristen Stoff says:


    • Kristen, if you mean her craft room with the baby bed and storage area, those are all upstairs with the Jack and Jill rooms. Hopefully Barbara will come back by and send you her plan.

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Hi Kristen! I sent you the rough drawing of our downstairs. Take a look at the Seven Pines plan online. We used the Jack and Jill bedrooms for the kiddos. The back bedroom is my craft space. We closed in the space labeled ‘attic’ for my storage area and put a door at the top of the stairs to access the large storage space over the garages. Those are the only changes upstairs. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  79. Hi Barbara,

    Your home is beautiful! I love the changes you have made based on what I have scene from the original plans, especially your 3 car garage!!! Heck, I would love a 4 car myself! Anyways, my wife and myself would love a copy of your final plans as well with the changes made. Our email is mathtutorga@gmail.com

    Thanks so much!

  80. I would love to have this floor plan!!!! it is so pretty

  81. Hi Barbara,

    We live just outside of Boston and will be building a house in the fall in a rustic coastal community. I love your home and the pictures featured online. The design looks exactly what we had in mind. Would you mind sharing the plans with us? I have looked on the builders website, however, I do not see your style home listed. Anything you could or would share would be most appreciated! Thank you!-

  82. Richard Hooper says:

    Hello Barbara,

    Thank you (and Rhoda) for sharing your home with us and the thousands of others who have undoubtedly visited this same blog. For months my wife and I have been looking through plans online as we plan to build a home this year. Early on we fell in love with Mitch Ginn’s designs. We started with his Shook Hill plan, then decided on the smaller Stone Creek plan and now after seeing this profile of your home, we are really leaning toward the Seven Pines which are all very similar versions of each other but have very distinctive differences. However, we are looking at the Seven Pines mostly due to the modifications you made. My wife loves the fact that you “swapped” the eating area and the kitchen (she was hating the thought of not having a window over the sink) and really likes the large pantry. We are assuming you converted the laundry into a walk in pantry. Is that correct? We read earlier in the comments that your craft room came from the space upstairs labeled “attic”. I’m assuming that was the attic space behind the “loft” where you have a sofa and not the attic space directly at the end of the hallway. Is that right? If so, do you access it through the back bedroom or the hallway? Also, from the pictures it appears that you “pushed back” the walls around the dormer windows in the kids rooms to have more space than on the original plan. Just checking to see if that is true.

    If it is still possible to obtain a copy of the floor plans, we would appreciate it very much. My email address is rthooper@yahoo.com.

    Rhoda, I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Magnolia Silos in Waco. My wife grew up just outside of Waco (The Gaines’ renovated a house in her her hometown of Hubbard a few years ago) and I attended college at Baylor University decades ago, so we have gone to both their original “little shop on Bosque” years ago and now to the Silos and what a difference it is between the two! It is such a nice space and has really helped to revitalize the downtown area of Waco.

    Thank you again for sharing!

  83. Is there a way I could see the floor plan to this house? Love it!

  84. Hello Barbara!! Your house is STUNNING!!! We are in the process of making our house plans and this is exactly what I want. Would you mind sharing the house plans with me? My email is rachelpinter22@hotmail.com
    Thank you so much!! Enjoy your home!! It is beautiful!! 🙂

  85. Barbara, we love your farmhouse!! We looked at the Seven Pines plan and love the layout. We are also looking at the Southern Living Four Gables and the Westbury Park plans. If you are still sharing your floorplan changes, please email to julie.billings@costasanders.com. Thank you!

  86. This home is absolute perfection. No detail was left undone. I would love to have a copy of your rough drawing if you’re still willing to share. My email is leslaw83@yahoo.com One quick question, are those storage cabinets or two linen closets in the Jack & Jill tub area?

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      In the tub area of the J/J bath there is a linen closet across from the tub (behind the door that you see). Across from the toilet is just a small area that has a bench. Hope that helps. Plan on the way.

  87. Beautiful home!! I love the board and batten siding! We are getting ready to do our home addition and will have a lot of this same style. I’m very eager to know about your dual entry door. Is it fiberglass or wood? Do you recall the brand or where you ordered from…and what stain color you chose? Thanks in advance!

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Our front doors are Fir and are stained with Early American stain. We used the same wooden doors/stain in family room going out to our back porch. One word of caution. Our very old pup likes to go out through the front door and scratches it to come back in. Not so great on wooden doors. And not sure how we’re going to fix that problem. Lots of stain stick cover ups right now.

  88. Micka Vaden says:

    Hello Barbara,

    My husband and I love your changes. Thank you for sharing.mmWould you mind to email those to me?
    We are excited to be able to view them. Your home is beautiful.

    Can’t wait to view them!

  89. Hello, Lovely home and all the details…Can you share if the exterior is James Hardie board and batten
    and lap siding as well? Getting ready to replace all of our siding. Faded horribly with the reflection from our metal roof. Going all white as well.

    Thanks, Kim

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Our siding is James Hardie smooth plank with 5″ reveal. The board and batten is also James Hardie materials. We painted all siding and trim with SW Pure White. Good luck!

      • Hello again, lolol
        Hope you don’t mind an additional question….In regards to the body of the house and trim painted SW Pure white, is the trim a different sheen than the body of the house? If not what sheen do you use? flat, eggshell, etc. The painting crew is here today 4/10/17 doing their prep work and I wanted to verify what you used. Thanks so much for the speedy reply..

        Best, Kim

  90. Your home is seriously gorgeous! If you are still open to sharing the prints or rough drawing, could you email it to me please? We are in the process of picking out a floor plan and yours is my absolute favorite! Want to get as close to this as possible! Enjoy your home!!

  91. Jenifer Burns says:

    Hello Barbara!

    Your house is beautiful and I love all of the personal details you have made. My husband and I are in the process of deciding on a plan and yours is one in which I’ve always dreamed about. I would absolutely love if you could share with me the changes in which y’all made for your forever home.


  92. Julie Franks says:

    Your home is so beautiful and PERFECT! My dream home! Would you kindly send your version of this plan to me? julie.franks02@gmail.com

    Thanks so much!

    • Jason Komykoski says:

      Mrs. Moore,

      Would you be so kind to send the plans/drawings my way as well? We have been looking at this plan for a long time. Thanks so much for sharing the final product via pictures. Have a great day.

      My email is afd312@hotmail.com

  93. Your house is stunning! May I ask where you got your dinning room light? So unique! Thanks!

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Kelly. I purchased my light in a small home decor store in Woodstock, GA called Pineapple Park. It’s been a few years, though, so not sure if it’s still available. Their phone number is 678-494-8494. Their website is pineapple park.com. Good luck!

  94. Chelsey Phillips says:

    I would love a copy of these plans. Please send. This house is stunning. Thank you

  95. Holly Foster says:

    I would love to have a copy of the plan. We are dreaming about what we want for our retirement home. Your house is lovely and has a lot of the ideas we have been collecting.

  96. Paula Brissey says:

    Love your home, Barbara! I would LOVE to receive a copy of the drawings for the changes you made. My email address is ptbrissey@comcast.net. Thanks so much!

  97. Darlene majc says:

    Love the home, could you please email me a copy of the plans with your changes? Thank you.

  98. Kim Brown says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful home. So glad you stuck with your ideas and got what you wanted. I have given in and changed things to satisfy some people’s strong advice before and ended up not being happy with the outcome too many times. I am so glad I came across this post. My husband and I are getting ready to build a farmhouse in Mississippi. After seeing this beautiful house, I’m changing my exterior colors from what I had originally picked out. We need a one story house, or I would be asking for your plans as well. I had originally picked out bronze windows and a bronze color metal roof. I love your all light color exterior. Are your windows white vinyl? Thank you so much for sharing your paint colors.

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Thanks, Kim, for your kind words! Yes, our windows are white vinyl. To be honest they are one of my ‘change if I could’ things. When the windows were ordered I wasn’t given an opportunity to pick the style. I did tell the builder I wanted 2 over 2 panes and I also reluctantly agreed to the practical choice of vinyl. What I did not specify was that I wanted the windows to include exterior ‘divided light’ mullions so they would look more like old windows. Our mullions are just inside the glass. I was so upset at first that my husband offered to attempt to make something we could adhere to the glass. But now I really don’t even notice it anymore. I still would prefer the exterior mullions, but really? Our windows are just fine. I’m trying to not sweat the small stuff. And… occasionally I’m successful!

  99. Could you PLEASE also send me copies of the final plans with the changes? I am in LOVE with this house!!

  100. Elizabeth says:

    Barbara your house is just breathtakingly georgeous!! I’m hoping soon my hubby and I can build our dream farmhouse. would you mind sending me the plans with the changes you made? Thank you so much!! ❤️

  101. Would I be able to see the plans

  102. Rope Spinks says:

    I would love a copy of the floor plans if you would be so kind. love the blogspot!

  103. Hi Barbara! Would you be willing to send your updates on the House plans to my email? jenwolf21@gmail.com

    I would greatly appreciate it! My husband and I are getting ready to build and I love some of the details you implemented!!

  104. I would love a copy of the revised plan.

  105. I adore all of her changes and would love to see her revised plans!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  106. Emily Crook says:

    I would love a copy of the floor plans if you would be so kind. The house looks perfect!

  107. Hi Barbara!

    I have a meeting with our builder this Thursday!! Can you send me your revised plans of seven pines? I love every thing you did!!! Please and thank you soooo much!!!!

  108. Kaley Whitenton says:

    Barbara I am in love with your house! I would love it if you could email me your updated house plans! We are looking to buy property in beautifully quaint Social Circle, Ga. and this house looks like it would belong out there! Thank you so much!!!

  109. Kaley Whitenton says:

    Barbara I love you house and would be so grateful if you would send the modified plans! My email is kaleymwhit@rocketmail.com

  110. Karissa Keller says:

    What a lovely home. I would love a copy of the plans!

  111. Amber Heim says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! My husband and I have poured over the pictures of this amazing home and also the floor plans for Seven Pines. We live in southern Alabama and have been in neighborhoods and have gone from 7500 to 5000 sq feet and now are looking for the plan to build our “final” home on 50 acres with a pond and barn. Your modified plan is going to be “the one” if we can get our hands on your changes! Thank you so much, Barbara, for sharing your story! My email is awheim@yahoo.com

  112. Mckenzie Woods says:

    I would love a copy of the floor plan with your changes! what a beautiful home!

  113. Would love to see the layout plan!

  114. Sigh. Absolute beauty! Love everything about it! I would love to see a copy of the floorplans as well. My email is sarah_wall98@yahoo.com Thank you for sharing!

  115. I would love to see the changes you made to the floor plan. We are looking to build in a couple of years and your house is literally PERFECT. My email is Victoriaproberts@gmail.com. Thanks?

  116. Tabatha Barnes says:

    So I’ve read through all of the comments and see that everyone, including me absoubtly adores this house!! I would love love love to have a copy of your plans- curious to know if you left the garage empty, or did you add some entertaining aspects like a sink and seats? The garage doors are amazing also! Where did you find those! Can’t wait to hear the details!!! Thanks, Barbara!!

    • Hi, Tabatha, please leave your email so Barbara can see it.

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Hi Tabitha, Thanks for the kind words.
      We did add some cabinets to the rear of our 3rd car garage. They’re currently being used for garden storage/potting area. It’s oh so convenient to the small flower garden in front of the barn doors. The plan would be to tidy up and use that counter space for entertaining. We did not add a sink, but I have often wished we had. It would be very useful for both gardening and entertaining. Our powder room is on the other side of the wall, so adding a sink would be doable. Just gotta convince the hubs. Wouldn’t a cool old washtub sink look nice there?? I’m guessing you’re asking about the barn doors on the front of the garages – my husband built them out of cypress. The actual garage doors are pretty standard. Send along your email and I’ll send you a copy of our changes to the Seven Pines plan.

  117. Ashley Cather says:

    After months of looking for the perfect house to build I think this is perfect!!! Thank you for sharing!! I looked at the builders original floor plans and I’m not as in love. Barbara- Do you think you could pass your house plan revisions on? Thank you!!!

  118. Venesa Montague says:

    Like everyone else, I love your plan. Is it possible to get a copy of the final plans? Do you have a material list? My email is venesa.lhrealtor@gmail.com

  119. Diane O'Neal says:

    Would love to it if you would send me the house plans and changes made. Such a great look! Thank you!

    • HI, Diane, please read the whole post, Barbara’s plans are at the bottom and you can print them off.

  120. Love everything!! Quick question. What are the dimensions of your pantry?

    • Barbara Moore says:

      From wall to wall it’s 14′ 6″ foot deep and 7′ 8″ wide. The shelves come in from there. When you enter the pantry, the shelves across the back wall are 13 and 1/2″ deep and the shelves along either side are 16″ deep.

  121. Amber king says:

    Hi Barbara, absolutely stunning home!! I saw your rough drawing of plan with changes made. Do you have a plan of upstairs as well?

    • Barbara Moore says:

      The only changes we made upstairs was to finish off the space on the left side of the original Mitchel Ginn plan that’s labeled ‘attic’. That’s the space I use for all my ‘stuff’ (he hubs calls it all something not so nice..) We also added a door at the top of the stairs to access the HUGE storage area over the garages. We did not finish that area off, but it could be an amazing area for a bonus room or bunk room. Email me at bmoore0987@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

  122. I am building a farm house of my own and keep coming back to this for inspiration. I just love it! So many of my questions have been answered above, the only one I didn’t see was about the black hardware you used on the doors. Do you remember where you found it or what brand it was? I love the contrast with the white doors. Thank you Barbara for answering so many questions!

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      So sorry Emily for not answering you sooner – I somehow missed your comment/question. We used Delaney SandCast Tiara Levers with Square Backplate in Aged Black. You should be able to find them from various sellers – I think they’re even on Amazon. The front door exterior hardware is from the same collection. I originally wanted to use various antique glass knobs throughout the house. The hubs just gave me ‘the look’. I’m kind of glad now because I love the black hardware on the 5 panel doors. But don’t tell the hubs.

  123. Amanda Hazelrigs says:

    Hi Barbara, did you have a designer or someone you worked with that you would refer to help with selections in a new construction? Please email me at hazelrigss@bellsouth.net. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

  124. Ashley Purcell says:

    I’m a little late to the party, but love this house! Where do I find the floor plans?

    • HI, Ashley, Barbara’s modified drawing is a the bottom of the post. See also her comments on the floor plan name.

  125. Patricia Powell says:

    I would love to have the house plan with the changes made emailed to me at patricia6303@gmail.com. We are in the process of trying to find the farmhouse plan for us and have been looking at the “Farmhouse Revival” plan, but your plan is making me rethink this. Patricia6303@gmail.com. I just looked at the Mitch Ginn website and you definitely made some changes that are nice.

    • HI, Patricia, if you read the whole post, the drawing that Barbara was sending out is at the bottom for all to print. She was getting so many requests, I added it on to the post. Thanks!

  126. Brandi Dean says:

    Is there a print of the upstairs floor plan? Thanks

    • Brandi, this is the only thing she is mailing out.

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Brandi, We followed Mitch Ginn’s Seven Pines plan pretty much as drawn upstairs. Only change is the dormer walls in both front bedrooms were pushed back and also the area on the left side of the house that’s labeled ‘attic’ was closed in to house all my decor goodies. We also put a door across from the top of the stairs to access the large area over the three car garages. It’s unfinished, but great for storing unused furniture, luggage, etc. Just email me at bmoore0987@yahoo.com if you have any other questions.

  127. Hi! I am meeting with a house planner this week and taking your plan as inspiration. I love that it is symmetrical in the front! Which is hard to find!! I originally thought I wanted a formal dining that was seperate from my living, but I really like the look of how you have it all done, so my question being is do you still like having the dining table so close to your living area, or does it make it feel small? I have a 11ftx11ft sectional, so I get a little worried it will be crammed in there with the layout like that. Also is there anything else layout wise you would change now since you’ve lived in it for a bit. Oh and one more, How far did you move your kitchen wall back?? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all our questions.

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      I am enjoying having my ‘nice’ table where we can use it every day. It was in a formal dining space in our last home and we literally used it twice a year. An 11×11 sectional would require a much larger great room than we have here. Our sofa is 83″ wide and we have tables on either side, but that’s still much smaller than your furniture. Our kitchen is 16 feet deep and 16 feet wide. I truly wouldn’t change a single thing. We actually use every square inch of this house. Our grandkids frequently use the bedrooms upstairs and I use the craft room. And downstairs is really perfect for us – big enough to house our large family gatherings, cosy enough for when it’s just us two and no unused fancy rooms. No wasted space at all.
      We really are enjoying living in this house.

  128. Tiffany says:

    Is there anyway to get information on all the rugs in Barbara’s home?

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Tiffany, Almost all of our rugs come from RugsUSA. They have both great prices and great customer service. My husband says I’m a member of the ‘rug of the month’ club (that’s not a compliment, by the way). I think a new rug can change the look of a room entirely. And the RugsUSA rugs are priced so I can do it more often. The striped outdoor one our deck is one exception, though. It’s from Dash & Albert – and was a bit of a splurge. But it cleans up like a breeze and I have kept it longer than the lesser expensive ones. One more tip: RugsUSA has a great collection of 100% wool rugs. I’ve owned several – they’re beautiful, high quality rugs. Only problem? They shed TERRIBLY. For MONTHS. I won’t let myself buy another one. No matter how nice they look and feel underfoot during colder months. It’s just not worth the constant vacuuming. Happy shopping!

  129. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Could you tell me what color stain your exterior doors are?

  130. What is the pitch of the roof?

  131. Hillary says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I would really love to see your floorplan as well! I am so impressed with the changes made to the original Seven Pines plan.

    My email address is hillarynraab@gmail.com. Thank you so much for sharing!

  132. Randy Ellison says:

    My wife and I would also like a copy of the first and 2nd floor of the plans if we could. This home
    is what we have been looking for. Thank You

  133. Kayla Henery says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I love everything about this house! It is southern perfection. Can you please tell me what the exterior material of the house is? I cannot tell in the pictures if it is metal or painted wood.

  134. Jason welch says:

    Do you have the floor plan for the top floor? Because I absolutely love your ally’s plan

  135. Jason welch says:

    Do you have the floor plan for the top floor because I absolutely love this


    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Yes, we have a full basement. Fortunately the grade of our lot allows the entire
      back to be filled with windows. We aren’t finishing the basement, but rather using a large portion for my husbands wood working shop. The rest is used for lawn equipment and storage.

  137. stacy Payne says:

    Wow Barbara! You are so very kind to answer everyone’s questions…many times more than once! We are currently in the design stage of reno-ing a, new to us, 1930’s home in the small town of Brooks. I am thrilled to have come across Rhoda’s blog (btw Rhoda, you rock!) with all of your ideas that I can emulate! Rhoda, thanks for even including the paint colors, you are so thorough!
    Couple questions:
    What made you choose the color of the tin roof to be a light natural metal color? Who manufactures it?
    Where do you get your hardware for the barn doors? (btw, your husband rocks too!)
    I remember seeing a double set of wooden doors in the bedroom…love them! Do you remember where you found them?
    I’ll end with, YOU ROCK TOO, Barbara 🙂

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      We chose the ‘galvanized’ color for the metal roof because we loved the look. It was similar to what would’ve been used on an older farm house. There are two types of metal roofing – a ‘standing seam’ roof, which is MUCH more expensive than the second – a Galvalume metal roof. Ours is a Galvalume roof. Again, similar to what would be found on a older home. Honestly, I don’t know who manufactured it, but any metal roofing company should have both options available to you.
      We got all of our barn door hardware at Tractor Supply.
      All of the double doors are 5 foot fir doors (stained in Early American) that our builder got from a building supply company. In my ‘when I win the lottery’ dreams all of our doors will be antique. I’m not holding my breath! Feel free to email me with any other questions at bmoore0987@yahoo.com.

  138. Jason Bridges says:

    Is there any way to see the drawing of the altered upstairs plan. Thanks so much. Would love to build this as our next house.

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Jason, we really didn’t alter the upstairs from the original Seven Pines plan very much. We shortened the dormer walls a little to give the two front bedrooms more space. We finished off the space that’s labeled ‘attic’ on the left side of Mr. Ginn’s plan and we put a door at the top of the stairs instead of a window to access the huge space over the 3 car garage. We use that space for storage. Otherwise, the upstairs is just as Mr. Ginn drew it. Just email me if you have any more questions at bmoore0987@yahoo.com.

  139. Krissy Hollaway says:

    I absolutely love your house. I love the layout as well as how it is decorated. Will you please send me a copy of your house plans?

  140. Colton Harris says:

    Barbara, I am in love with your home, it is absolutely beautiful! Is there anyway I could get the floor plans from you fairly new to this! So whatever I would have to do is fine. Thank you!

  141. Colleen Smith says:

    This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Can you send me the plans or the information for ordering the plans? Your home is beautiful, so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing.

    • HI, Colleen, Barbara shared her drawing here for people to print off and listed her plan so that others can order it.

  142. This is one of the most beautiful houses I have come across. My husband and I are about to take a giant leap of faith and build our dream farmhouse – thanks so much for all of the info and inspiration! I would LOVE to see a picture of the back of the house as I’m having a hard time visualizing it – do you have any that you can share?

    • Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

      Morning Alisa – I’ll happily snap a few pictures of the back for you. My email is bmoore0987@yahoo.com, just send me a ‘hello’ so I can have your email address to send them along to you. And thank you so much for the kind words!

  143. Mrs. Barbara, would you mind sharing the dimensions of your garage? We are about to begin the building of our home and I keep going back and forth on the look and size of the garage. I love your barn-like garage! Thank you so much!

    • Barbara Moore says:

      Molly, I’ll be out of touch for about a week or so. I’ll measure the garage and send the dimensions in about a week and a half. Stay tuned!

  144. Hi Barbara! You have an absolutely beautiful house! I’m very interested in this floor plan for our house. Would you mind sharing the plans with me? My email is jgmrshll@bellsouth.net Thank you so much!

    • HI, Jennifer, the plans that Barbara is sharing is right here at the bottom of the post for people to print off. Thanks!

  145. HI Barbara ,
    We are actually building right around the corner from you and I must admit I drive past your home once a week to let my builder know exactly how it should look. Thank you for building such a beautiful home for me to come admire. I love your gooseneck lighting . Would you mind sharing where you found it. Im having a hard time finding what I like. I haven’t seen any in the store so online shopping is difficult for these/

    • Barbara Moore says:

      Hi Casie!
      So happy to hear of a new neighbor! Maybe we could meet up – you’re more than welcome to come over and see the inside if you’d like. Building is fun, exciting and STRESSFUL. Sometimes having another person to discuss choices with is helpful. I got most of our lighting including the goose necks at a local store called Floor and Light Works. It’s very close to the Paulding County government buildings. They were so nice and their associate, Tiffany Cole, was oh so helpful. My email is bmoore0987@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you!

  146. Brittany Ashby says:

    Hi could u email me the plan ? I’m in love with this house blizashby@gmail.com

    • HI, Brittany, as stated in the post, the drawing that Barbara provided is the plan she was sending out. Please print from here.

  147. Brittany Ashby says:

    Hi could I see the whole plan please !! I absolutely love this house

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