Feature Friday: Old Silver Shed

Today’s Feature Friday is really a good one! I found Sandra on Instagram a few months ago and was immediately captivated by her quintessential gray shingled Cape Cod home. She has a blog, but it doesn’t have a lot on there yet, so I pulled information from her page to share with you. I asked her if she would let me share her home story with all of you and she agreed, sent me pics to use and so here you go. The story of Sandra’s Old Silver Shed home.

After growing up in Yonkers, NY, Sandra and her husband, Phil have lived all over the world from Switzerland, to California and decided to raise their 22 year old twins, Nathalie and Gianni, on Cape Cod.

Since Mark and I visited Cape Cod last Fall, I’ve been totally gaga over all the charming New England houses we saw up there. They are so charming, their beauty backlit by the gorgeous scenery and landscaping of the area. Sandra’s house is super charming as you will see below.

From Sandra’s blog, here’s how the house came to be. It’s new, but looks old and they rebuilt the original house on the same footprint as the old. You can read more about Sandra on her About page:

In 2004, we bought an old abandoned Folk Victorian on Cape Cod, situated on a bluff overlooking Old Silver Beach and the Herring River salt marsh. After discovering the house was in total disrepair, we dismantled it and saved all we could. This is the story of putting it back together and what I learned along the way.

House Front

Prepare to be wowed by Sandra’s house as you take this tour! It’s truly stunning inside and out. I’ll make note of the rooms you’re looking at but other than that, I’ll let you enjoy the beauty of Sandra’s home in Cape Cod.

Back of house


Front door entry.

Oh my goodness, the hydrangeas are just gorgeous in Cape Cod!

Front door

Entry porch

So the leaded glass transoms are just amazing.

Front hall

Library entry


Library with original beach rock fireplace.

Living room




Family room

Powder room

Guest bath

Guest room

Son’s room


Outdoor shower


Farmer’s porch

Farmer’s porch beachside

Sunset and howย  magnificent is that?!

I know you all enjoyed this Cape Cod home tour as much as I did! I hope you’ll visit Sandra’s blog at Old Silver Shed and also her Instagram. She’s got lots of followers over there!

Have a great weekend!

- Rhoda


  1. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous…..Iโ€™m ready to move in!

  2. LOVED EVERYTHING about this house!!!! Total Cape Cod envy!!

  3. WOW!!! What a beautiful home! I have never seen so many Hydrangeas as when I visited the NE. The ones at this home are outstanding! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Me, too! Stunning!

  5. The Old Silver Shed is just stunning…and those views. thanks for sharing.

  6. This is a beautiful home! I really enjoyed looking at the rooms over and over. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Linda Hickey says

    This is a beautiful home. I love the outside landscapes, like a beautiful painting all around. I enjoy your photos of the sites you share. It always sparks an idea and a interest for me, to incorporate some of the things I see into my home. Always looking for new treasures to decorate differently in my home. Thanh you Rhonda.

  8. Sandra Cavallo says

    Thank you for the sweetest feature! Iโ€™m honored!
    ๐Ÿ’— Sandra

    • Hi, Sandra, I’m so happy to feature your home! I’ve admired it from afar for so long and happy I get to share it with my readers.

  9. Total โ€˜house envy!โ€™ Absolutely beautiful with stunning vistas. I believe I am familiar with this home and may have seen it elsewhere. Thank you for sharing!

  10. That’s simply beautiful! I enjoyed the mix of furnishings: modern, classic, folk/farmhouse, industrial. Good heavens…..how many square feet are there? I’m ready to move in!

    • Sandra Cavallo says

      Hi Jane!
      We have about 5500 sq ft. And believe it or not we use every inch of it!

  11. This house is beautiful. Rhoda, you find the most amazing blogs for us. Thank you for another winner.

  12. Oh my goodness! This house would be beautiful without the stunning decor. Just beautiful!

  13. Wow, just wow! what a beautiful home, and those hydrangeas…swoon! Just had my first visit to Cape Cod for a wedding, and we were so impressed with the beautiful homes, breathtaking landscape, and friendliness of the people

  14. The rock fireplace is gorgeous!

  15. Lynne Beattie says

    A beautiful home! Love your style. I could stand and do dishes in your beautiful kitchen looking out at that amazing view all day!

  16. I just love Sandra’s gorgeous home! Her genuine sweet personality shines through in her posts and her style. She’s definitely one of my favorites to follow!

  17. Most perfect house ever. Each room so airy and calm, what a dream come true.

  18. Marianne A. says

    OMG this is my dream house. Everything about it is stylish, warm and homey. Love the views too!

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