Feature Friday: Pandora’s Manor Bed & Breakfast

While in NC, we had the fun pleasure of being invited to a swanky Black Tie cocktail party on Sunday night, after a full day of touring the market.  Yes, we were all tired out, but it was very fun to get dressed up and go to the cocktail party, especially when I saw where it was being held. Pandora’s Manor Bed and Breakfast is an old historical home with bedrooms that have been designed by top designers, each bedroom suite with their own signature touch. And you can stay in these rooms if you’re heading to High Point!  I would suggest checking prices first though, because they are definitely out of my league and wallet.  It sure was fun to see this gorgeous house in person though, so I’ll take you all on a little tour with me. There were a lot of people milling around the house, so I got the best pics I could get under the circumstances, but you can tour the website for all the professional shots of the house.

It was a rainy weekend the entire time we were in NC, but we made it in the house with no big downpours. Isn’t it gorgeous?  I knew we were in for a treat. That’s before I found out it had been decorated by big name designers.

This room was designed by Madcap Cottage and in fact, we went to to a party at their beautiful home the night before. They are whimsical and very colorful in their designs.

I took the opportunity to do a photo in the room, it’s so pretty and feminine.

All the bathrooms were retro and mostly black and white tile, which you know I love.

That’s my friend, Courtney with French Country Cottage who was on the trip as well.

This one was designed by Alexa Hampton, you can see all the pics of the spaces at the link above and those pics are really nice.

Spotted wallpaper in the bathroom.

Another bathroom suite in black and white.  Love the retro tile so much!

This room designed by Tobi Fairley from Arkansas, who I always admire for her use of color.  I really like what she does.

In fact, while we were in the room, in she walked, so I got a picture with her.

Next bedroom was designed by Celerie Kemble. She does beautiful work too and this bedroom in soft hues was really peaceful.

This space designed by Barclay Butera, another designer I’ve always admired. He is known for blue and white and his space was gorgeous.

I didn’t get as many pics as I would have liked but there were so many people in the rooms.

Loved this door!

Out on the back porch was a lovely seating area.

We mingled a bit and looked at everything and then did some people watching. It was fun to spot a few designer celebrities in the crowd, like Celerie Kemble there in the beige/white dress.

When I heard we were going to a fancy cocktail party at Pandora’s Manor, I figured it would be fun and it was!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Mark and I are going to Madison, GA tomorrow for their Spring tour of homes and can’t wait to see this lovely little city.  Can you believe I’ve never been before?

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda! Thanks for your pictures of such a beautiful home. Take lots of pictures in Madison – you’re going to love it!

  2. Bonnie Brown says:

    I loved this tour!!! Finally, a house that is not all white and gray!!! Loved every room and was delighted to see Tobi Fairley, as she is one of my favorite designers. I love her style and use of color. Have fun on your Madison tour. I’ve done that tour many times and it is always so much fun. Don’t forget to keep us up to date on your precious Daddy’s garden!

  3. You will love Madison. I’ve only been once but enjoyed it so much and talked with home owners. It was so interesting!

  4. Love the use of colors. I agree with Bonnie. I will be glad when the gray and white trend passes. I still love golds,greens and reds. And aqua is my new favorite color.

  5. Roxanne says:

    Rhoda, we did the Madison tour today, and it was fabulous! You and Mark are in for a treat!! Loved your pictures of these beautiful rooms today.

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