Feature Friday: Pinewood Forest Idea Home 2018

Come tour the Pinewood Forest Idea home 2018 and see the latest trends and ideas created by top designers in the Atlanta area.

I get invited to many events around Atlanta and this week, I was invited to the grand opening preview of the Pinewood Forest Idea Home 2018 sponsored by Atlanta Magazine Home.  It’s down south of the airport in Fayetteville, GA and near the Pinewood Studios.  Georgia has a thriving movie business now and lots of movies are being filmed here in GA and that studio is a hub.

Pinewood Forest is a new neighborhood in the same area as the studio and it was fun to visit.  The neighborhood was very innovative and different from the norm.

Keep reading because I have 2 tickets to give away to one of you who is in the Atlanta area and can actually visit in person! Thanks to Atlanta Magazine for this giveaway!  **Ticket giveaway closed:  Winner is Suzette Weaver.

Here’s the poster of all the sponsors and you can visit the website for more information too.  The house will be open to the public from September 15 through October 7, 2018 (weekends only, Friday, Sat. and Sun.) and tickets are available online. Tickets for the Idea Home are $25. Tickets are also available for purchase at the door and proceeds will benefit The Forest School.

I’m not sure how to describe the exterior of the house, but it’s very fresh and modern with a mix of beautiful materials. I should have taken a closer pic of that twig fence, it was really unique and pretty.  The covered porch is just beyond those evergreen bushes, the main house is to the right, and the guest house tower is to the left.  This was all very unique and different from anything I’ve seen built before.

One very unique part of the house was the front covered porch.  the entrance to the house is to the right of the porch, but other doors spill out onto the porch from inside.

Just inside the twig fence is the front door, another unique door, I love the shape of it.  And I loved the white stone on the house.

I won’t try to narrate the whole house, but all the designers are listed on the Pinewood link above if you are interested.  I didn’t take note of all the designer’s spaces, but I do know a few of them, who are friends of mine.

There was never a time when people weren’t in the kitchen, so this is the best I could do on photos for it.

Downstairs powder room.

I really liked the laundry room.

Master bedroom and bath.

Let’s go upstairs.

I did really like this graphic black and white floral wallpaper.

Such a punchy bathroom.

This was the rooftop off the top level,

This space was designed by one of my design friends, Jennifer Schoenberger and her partner, Lindsey Hene.  I liked this wallpaper too.

The bunk room was very dramatic and moody with black paint.

The guest tower was designed by another designer friend, Sherry Hart, who blogs at Design Indulgence. I love to see what she does, always pretty.

All in all, a fun house to visit. These idea houses are not usually my taste, but I always enjoy looking.  The trend now is still very neutral, graphic, dramatic spaces in showhouses and I love my color, so there’s that.  I don’t think I will ever go neutral at this point, although I appreciate it when it’s done well.  I think idea houses in general are to show trendy high impact rooms and that’s what this was.

I know most of my readers won’t be wowed by this house, but I wanted to show it to you anyway and hope you enjoyed seeing this home.

Hope you enjoyed this preview to the Pinewood Forest Idea house.

I have 2 tickets to give away to one of you here in the Atlanta area, if you are able to go. Please leave a comment if you know you can use the tickets and I’ll choose one lucky winner on Monday!  I’ll mail you the tickets as soon as I choose a winner.  

Thanks as always for stopping by and having a great weekend!



- Rhoda


  1. Kimberly Sneathen says

    I would LOVE to be able to go!!! What interesting and beautiful interiors!!! Such a gorgeous home!!

  2. I would LOVE the tickets. I live in this neck of the woods and am watching these houses go up in this neighborhood. Did you eat at Hanna Brothers?

  3. I love following your blog and would love to tour this beautiful home.

  4. Suzette Weaver says

    Oh how I would love to visit this design Home!!! My husband and I live about 6 miles away from the Pinewood Community….we unfortunately can’t afford the tickets and would be such a treat to see this new community in our back door! Please pick me😍 so we can show our “Southern Hospitality” and represent you as your guests!!! Thanking you in advance ❤️

  5. Leisa Williams says

    Oh these pictures are so interesting and fun, it makes me want to go see it in person! I’m local to the area and it would make a great little Day trip for my husband and I. Please put me in the drawing for the tickets!

  6. The woven twig fence you mention is called wattle…from England I believe.

  7. Wow! That was a lot to take in! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am not far from here at all! I’d love to see it in person!

  9. Heidi Oquendo says

    I would love to see this! I am close by so it would be such a treat!

  10. Marla Durrence says

    I wasn’t sure if you had given the tickets away yet or not…I would love to go see this house!

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