Feature Friday: Plank and Pillow

Happy Friday my friends! Here’s to the weekend!

I’ve got a fun Feature Friday for you today. Meet Brooke and Henry, a lovely couple from Kingsport, TN who blog at Plank and Pillow. They have only been blogging a short while and just started their Instagram account less than a year ago, but I can already tell that they are going to be popular bloggers as they share their current modern farmhouse. It’s gorgeous and shows so well in the pictures. I’d say their style is minimalist modern and everything looks so fresh, clean and new!

Brooke and Henry sitting on their front porch. A little about this dynamic duo. They both share a love of houses and have built three custom homes and remodeled several others in their 17 years married.

Their house is absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it? I can’t imagine leaving this setting, but Brooke and Henry have just started a brand new house not too far from this one, so they will embark on another custom built home this year.

I can’t imagine improving on this one, but I’ll be watching as they build again and move to a new house. In them meantime, enjoy this one! It’s stunning!

I love double front doors. They have so many nice custom details in this house, it’s a winner for sure.

From all white inside, to beautiful light wood flooring to black windows, it’s a dreamy space.

Family room with fireplace.

Formal dining space.

The kitchen is spacious and light.

Casual eating area.


Laundry room

Office space

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

What a house, don’t you agree!

Last but not least, the pool. Ahh, what a dreamy space this is with that porch overlooking the pool.

This photo and the next is what caught my eye on Instagram when I found Brooke. I  just love this big open porch and that swing bed that Henry built.

So pretty! I’ve been looking at swing beds a lot lately for our new under deck space and Henry happens to have swing bed plans for how he built this one on their blog, so take a look if you’re interested too.

Brooke and Henry have a gorgeous home at Plank and Pillow and I can’t wait to see their new build home as it happens too! They’re a very talented couple and I see them making a mark in the home/DIY blogging community. Follow them on Instagram too, that’s where I first met them and they’ve already grown so much in less than a year.

- Rhoda


  1. OMG! What’s not to love, so light and airy, plus spacious. Just love the porch!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much Rhoda for featuring our house on your blog! We are honored. 🙂

  3. Very aesthetically-pleasing and that house and setting is a dream! Also, so light, fresh, and beautiful! I think many of us live with houses cluttered with too much furniture, belongings, and collections of things, myself included. I am working on downsizing and decluttering mussels.

    • Hi, Lisa, I know I still have too much stuff too, it’s hard to completely pare things down.

  4. Janice Bernloehr says

    Hi Rhoda, Beautiful dream home! They will sell that in a heartbeat! Wish I could afford a home like that. We are definitely moving. We have not found a home yet but ours is under contract so I really need to get to it and find a house. This one is a dream!!

    • HI, Janice, I agree it’s a beautiful dream home. I can’t imagine leaving either, but they enjoy building houses. I hope you find something you love, keep me posted.

  5. Glenda Meyers says

    I love the house and all about it! But there is something to be said for those of us who still like our pretty clutter. As for your house, I love the colors you use. I love the vases, bottles, small prints, your collected grouping you hang in your living room, the house plants and many other things you in corporate in to your style! The warmth, color and personality you have included in your house I love

    • Thank you, Glenda, I love it all too and don’t think I can pare down too much. It’s enjoyable looking at less cluttered houses, but I truly like the collected and layered look for my own house.

  6. Brooke & Henry’s House is so beautiful, full of light, so inviting and that porch is gorgeous.

  7. Pretty house, but it doesn’t look lived in. It looks like a magazine house. Where are the kids’ things and the dogs??? ; )

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