Feature Friday: My Sweet Savannah

It’s Friday again and that means Feature Friday time!  I’m still busy as a bee this week packing and moving to the new house, but I wanted to share Melaine today with My Sweet Savannah.  Melaine has been blogging probably as long as I have and I’ve sort of known her online for years and have always admired her beautiful rustic home and garden style.  Her house, in the Seattle, WA vicinity is set in a woodsy setting and her home reflects the casual look of nature and water that surrounds her.  I hope you enjoy this tour of Melaine’s pretty home in the woods!

You can see how far Melaine’s house has transformed in this Before and After shot!  What a difference.

They live on the lake, I think and it definitely has a lake house vibe.  So pretty all the changes they’ve made.

All the rock and wood make it very casual  with almost a mountain feel.

I love shingles on houses, such a pretty look.

Inviting living room with rustic and casual furnishings.

Her dining table has mismatched chairs that say welcome, come on in.

Beautiful kitchen with lots of windows.

A happy plate wall.


Her master bedroom has dramatic black walls offset by the white molding.

Melaine has a son and daughter and this is her son’s space.

Boyish and masculine with soft neutrals and lots of balls.

Her blog is named after her daughter, Savannah.

A sweet staircase and I spy a Dash and Albert runner.

Down below in the basement/mudroom, these French doors lead to a special place.

A pretty little reading nook.

And these gorgeous hydrangeas are just stunning!  I’ve been to Washington state and things grow so well there with all the rain. So lush and green!  I hope you enjoyed this pretty tour of Melaine’s WA home. She’s so talented and has done a great job with her lake house, making it feel so welcoming and interesting with all she does.  Stop on over and say hello!  And have a very fun weekend!

- Rhoda


  1. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    What a lovely home. I’ll stop by her blog, for sure! Happy moving – pace yourself!!

  2. Such a pretty home. Love her choice of colors. So calm and relaxing. And that outdoor space is to swoon for….so peaceful looking!

  3. Thank you my friend! You did a better job than I ever could have! Thank you for sharing our home. Next time you are in Washington, you look me up! xoxo

  4. Such a gorgeous home with the surrounding landscaping nd huge elevated deck. I love the finishes on the exterior! The interior is very nice! I love her mix of modern and rustic and love how light, airy and welcoming everything is. Love her home.

  5. Love this cosy home! The garden looks beautiful as well! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I love this home and will definitely follow her blog. Thanks for sharing. I love WA state!!!

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