Feature Friday: Tracey’s Living Room Makeover

Today’s Feature Friday is a little different from the norm, in that it’s a 2 room makeover that I helped with earlier this year with client, Tracey, here in Atlanta.  She emailed me about helping her with her house. She had lots of nice furniture and the basics of her rooms, but couldn’t figure out how to pull it all together, so I went over and we talked about what she wanted to accomplish and then went shopping at Homegoods and bought lots of pretty things to finish up her rooms.

She also shopped on Etsy and bought several new pillows and all of the color and texture that we brought in her rooms made a big difference.  This post will show the power of accessories and color in a room.  It was a lot of fun working with this perky mom of 3.

LR before 3

Here’s the living room and dining room when I walked in and looked around.  There’s Tracey back there and her cute doggie. The living room had a really nice sectional in a vivid rusty red, so that’s the predominant color in the room and the dining room chairs are similar tones. You can see the existing pillows she had.  They really didn’t add a lot of color to the space at all.  Take a good look at this shot and you’ll see there was nothing above the console or on top of the china cabinet.

LR before 2

She had a set of striped slipper chairs that were very pretty too.  This room is overall a beautiful room, just needed some accessories and additional pillows to pull it all together.  We worked and shopped over the course of a few visits and Tracey was very happy with the outcome.  You can also see the gorgeous area rug she had in place already.  It has beautiful tones of blues and greens, along with the rusty reds.  I think she got this at Pottery Barn.  So, using that rug, I pulled out the blues in there, since that would be a natural complement to all that rusty red.  Tracey was a little skeptical at first until I showed her how great it would look.

She had also bought those pretty mirrored side tables to flank the fireplace and they were great statement pieces.  She already has a wonderful room, just needs the finishing touches.

living room bench

Now, here’s the After!  Can you see the difference that all the accessories make?  Check out the artwork over the mirrored side tables, the lamps, accessories and the interesting damask bench we added under the console table.

LR After

After:  All the accessories really wake up this room, don’t you agree?  We added a few things on the open black bookcase to the right as well.  I didn’t take a close up of that big white pottery piece to the right of the fireplace, but it covered up some electrical wires and added some sticks in there to liven it up too.  We used many accessories that she already had and just added to the mix.

Etsy Ikat pillow

Recognize that fabric?  I must have sub-consciously filed this fabric away in my mind, cause that is what I ended up with for my living room drapes.  Tracey got this pillow cover from an Etsy seller.

Left side table

Tracey found these lamps at a thriftstore and brought them home and then found these cute blue shades to go on them. She emailed me for approval and I said YES! We found the artwork and stacked books at Homegoods.

Right Side Table

On the right side of the fireplace, more accessories from Homegoods add some color and texture.

Slipper chairs

Here’s a good shot of the colors in the rug and how pretty it looks with the chairs.


I took everything off this bookcase and started over, using some of her pieces and some new things.  I tried to break it up with color all around.

Looking from DR

Another look from the dining table into the living room.  Such a cozy space!

DR to LR

With a lot more energy now!

Mirror over console

We also found this gorgeous mirror at Homegoods and it really adds some jazz above the console table reflecting the china cabinet.

China cabinet

The china cabinet got 3 big accessories on top, all from Homegoods.

top of china cabinet

Pretty pieces.   Now, let’s move to the family room off the kitchen, which is the space her kids use.  This is a beautiful open space with lots of windows looking out to the woods behind.

Family room Before2

Nice space with neutral furniture, but Tracey wanted to warm it up too and give it a new look.

Family Room after

She ordered some pillows off Etsy and we found others at Homegoods to add color to the sofas and chairs.  We kept some of her existing pillows as well.

FR side table

We added this cute side table and lamp on this wall to add some interest with her children’s pics.  This was from Homegoods as well.


With the pillows and lamp addition, the room comes alive.

side table

Adding color and texture around the room makes a lot of difference in how a room feels.

Family room

And when it comes to my house, I’m all about feelings, aren’t you?  Our homes should welcome us in and greet us at the end of the day.

Do you walk into your home and say “ahhhh, I’m home”?  I sure do!

Thanks, Tracey, for letting me share your makeover with everyone.  I had a lot of fun working with Tracey.

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda,

    I read TONS of designing blogs and yours by fair is my favorite!

    Keep up the great work and blogging! I can’t wait to see your new house decorated for the holidays!

  2. Great job, I love the artwork and using that wonderful blue as an accent colour, it all works magically.

    I have almost finished my living room makeover, I just have two items to purchase which are holding me up, I want everything to be perfect before I post it.

    Lee 🙂

  3. I love this living room/dining room combination. Do you know where she got the chandelier over her dining room table? I have been looking for a light for over my table and this one is perfect.


    • The chandelier was purchased at Home Depot when we first moved into the house 8 years ago. The shades are from Ballards Designs outlet store. I’m so flattered by your interest. Thank you.

  4. I so agree with you that decorating should be about feelings! It’s all about creating an atmosphere that you don’t want to leave. 🙂

  5. I was wondering which Etsy store you purchased your pillows? They look amazing.

  6. It looks terrific! Great job! Love the blue an red together!!! All the rooms turned out great!!!!

  7. My favorite adjustment was in the den where you moved the check stool from in front of the two chairs, to in front of the sofa. Much less matchy,matchy. Love the round table that is now in front of the chairs. GOOD DESIGN! I love these type of “before and after” posts.

  8. CordiaDesign

  9. I love how you used blue to accent the red furniture in the living room. Looks very nice!

  10. Great Job, I love all the colors.

  11. Love the before and afters of these rooms! It’s amazing what another set of eyes can see – I’ve just recently moved and am having a horrible time getting my ENTIRE house fixed the way I want it – it doesn’t have that “ahhh I’m home” feel yet, and I really can’t wait to get there! That blue tones the red down and looks amazing!

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