Fish Foam Window Cleaner Giveaway!

{Giveaway is Closed}

The Winner is #31:  Kathy Leitch – Congrats Kathy, you’ve been emailed!

I’m back today with the wonderful folks at Fish Foam.  They want one of YOU to try out their products and I’m also passing on the big news of a shipping cost reduction from Fish Foam cleaner.

They are now offering a flat rate cost of $5 shipping, for one can or more, as well as a whole case. So, that is a much better deal than what they’ve offered in the past and I hope you’ll try out this fab cleaner. 

It’s great stuff!


I introduced you to Fish Foam and their outside window cleaning service, but they  have a wonderful product that you can use at home and get streak-free windows all on your own.  Spring cleaning is coming up and don’t we all want clean windows, mirrors and glass?  This Fish Foam window cleaner is different, in that it’s a foam instead of a runny liquid spray.  It sticks to your glass and you can wipe off with a clean cloth.


Great news!  Fish Foam is giving away a Spring cleaning kit, just in time for those dirty window projects!

The kit would include:

  • 2.75lb bucket with handle
  • An 18’’ mop
  • An 18’’ squeegee
  • A 10’’ squeegee
  • 2 micro fiber towels
  • 3 cans of Fish Foam

Total kit:   $110 value + Shipping

Now, that’s a lot of Spring cleaning for you!

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which of your surfaces need Fish Foam the most? Windows?  or what?  I’ll choose a winner at random in about a week.

Don’t forget, the $5 flat rate shipping charge is a great deal now!  To order Fish Foam window cleaner for yourself, go to the Fish Foam website for all info!

- Rhoda


  1. How timely! Spring is around the corner and I have about a gazillion windows that will be calling me soon. Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth normandin says:

    My windows need a good scrubbing! Would love to try a new product. Thank you, Beth N.

  3. Ohh my windows inside and out for sure. I LOVE Fish Foam

  4. We’ve had a tough winter in the Northeast, so I can’t wait to clean my windows and let the sun shine in! Winning this give away would be fantastic!!

  5. The sun is finally shining here in Atlanta! Time to clean my windows!!

  6. my windows!!!!

    after the winter we had they really need a good cleaning! i don’t usually look foward to it – i really don’t do windows! LOL – but this product looks like i would change my mind!

  7. We have had such a cold winter this year!! No thaw days to allow me to clean off all the dirt I see when we get a sunny day. Would love to try a new window cleaning product!! Spring please come quick!

  8. All my windows could use some fish foam, but especially my three season porch and the lower windows in my house covered with dog nose prints 🙂

  9. We have a bazillion windows that are not letting the sun shine through after this long winter. I would love to see my wood floors bouncing light around again!

    Thanks, Rhoda!

  10. Cathy Johnson says:

    Spring is just around the corner and I have a lot of spring cleaning to do!!! Fish Foam would be just the product I need to get all my windows and mirrors shining and streak free and ready for spring!!!

  11. Lisa Cooper says:

    My windows need help!! I would love to win!

  12. Monica Converse says:

    Winter yuck and my windows are muck! Help! I need to win! Thank you!

  13. With nearly 800 sq. feet of windows, I need all the help I can get 🙂

  14. I would love to try this product. I have several windows that are hard to reach and the less often I have to do them the better, but when they’re clean it makes me so happy! Thanks!

  15. My windows!! Living on a farm gives ample opportunity to put this awesome product to use!

  16. I have a lot of windows that need help. I think my vehicle
    Windshield is the worst. It always looks streaked.

  17. Great giveaway, Rhoda. Windows for me! Love to win!!!

  18. What a great prize, would love to win!!! Have a great week.

  19. The windowa on the back of the house! They always seem to look worse after an Ohio winter….or maybe it’s because my kitchen sink looks out over the back.

    Would love to try this product and maybe my husband MIGHT help.
    |Thank you, Warmly, Kathleen

  20. My windows are in desperate need of a Spring cleaning, as is the rest of my house!! Would love to win and try these products!!! I am a cleaning freak.

  21. Cleaning storm windows, inside and out would not be my idea of Fun, but it would be a nice welcome home to my kids when they breeze in for Spring Break! Clean windows on a house is like driving a nice freshly washed and vacuumed car, everything just seems to work better!?

    Have a great day!

  22. 33 windows with real mullions inside and out in my home so its a job cleaning them. Would love to try Fish Foam!

  23. Bathroom mirrors…a must for when using an electric toothbrush as it does splatter.

  24. There are lots of dirty (and I mean dirrtty) windows in my little home. Could really make good use of Fish Foam.

    Thanks for the chance.
    Judy S.
    McDonough, GA

  25. All my windows need it, but especially the bay window in my home office, which is getting full sun right now and showing me just how dirty the windows are!

  26. windows, for sure!

  27. jean reistle says:! What a wonderful giveaway — thanks for your generosity Fish Foam and Rhoda! I have double glass doors into my painting room and our two large dogs think that they should check their nose prints on it many times daily! Needless to say, I should be cleaning these doors several times a day but alas with the spray cleaners that streak it doesn’t get done to my satisfaction! Would LOVE to win and put those cans of Fish Foam to a great test! Thanks — Jean from South Jersey

  28. Would I love this give away!
    We have so many sliders in our home…and a cat who paws at the windows and sliders when he wants to come in. There are paw prints all over as well as dirt, grime and water marks.
    I will cross my fingers!

  29. Great offer! As I write this comment I am sitting and looking out the sun porch windows which the morning sun is telling they are in serious need of cleaning.

  30. Kathy Leitch says:

    Rhoda, I really need a new outlook on life and it would help if I could look out of my windows. I would love to love to win this Fish kit.

  31. Windows, windows and more windows!

  32. Jenny Walker says:

    Would love to try this out!! My windows would be its best “test”!

  33. linda miller says:

    Perfect timing for this giveaway! If I win was wondering is they can send a man with the kit to actually wash the windows???? Please!

  34. I would start on my windows first! They need a good cleaning.

  35. I’m old and take care of my 94 yo mother and recently started keeping my 18 month old grand. I have 4 French doors that this little one loves to play peep eye with my mother who sits in the sun room. Can you even imagine what these doors look like? Lol. I need this!! Love your blog

  36. Erin Buchanan says:

    Windows, windows, windows! Not just outside, but inside, with 2 dogs and 3 boys my windows are constantly smudged.

  37. I would love to try a new product, especially a window cleaner that doesn’t leave streaks. I have a set of patio doors that the dog and cats always have their noses on, would love to try it on that. Thanks for the generous giveaway Fish Foam!

  38. Ugh. All of my windows need a good cleaning.

  39. Debbie Powell says:

    Thhanks so much for introducing us to this product. Anxious to try it on all the many windows we have at our house at the river.

  40. Lorene Crisalli says:

    Oh I think I would have to say my whole house. I live here in Athens… seems to always be to hot outside in the summer so the perfect time of year is coming up to clean up those windows. I have lots of windows and french doors that need to be cleaned up so I can see the outside world. I use to love to clean my windows but find that regular cleaners streak and leave fibers from paper towels. It would be interesting to see how this product works. Thanks for offering this to your readers.

  41. I have heard of Fish Foam before and wanted to try it. Clean windows make the whole house look cleaner. Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. Windows

  43. Perfect timing indeed! My windows really need a good cleaning after this winter in the Northeast. I have been looking for this product in my area but haven’t found it…I like the idea it is a foam: no more running streaks or trying to wipe your window fast to avoid spills onto the concrete…So, I hope I win!

  44. I have three kids, including a 2 yo toddler with sometimes sticky fingers 😉 I also have a large dog. I could put this to work on a whole lotta windows at my house, LOL.

  45. Would love to try it on my sliding door!

  46. I read about this product some time ago, and was intrigued. As I recall, Fish Foam is not available in stores. Windows are cleaned often here (kittehs and their nose art…grrrr), and streaks drive me crazy. I would love to try Fish Foam!

  47. My outside windows need it for sure – the pollen has made a mess of the view. Sounds like a great product – the foam would really help it stay put until I am ready. 😉

  48. My windows do need cleaning BUT…all of the mirrors in my house are horrible…I noticed that when the sun was shining and there was this awful haze on them; I would love to try this product just to see if it lives up to all I’ve read about them in the many blogs I read!

  49. Windows!!! I can’t imagine how wonderful my windows would look if they were actually CLEAN!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  50. With lots of windows and 2 Airedales with noses that like to be pressed up against said windows, I’d love to win this!

  51. My windows have taken a beating this winter. Can’t wait for the warm weather to get out there and give them a good scrub!

  52. After the winter we’re having they’ll all need cleaning but most especially the upstairs windows on the outside as we skipped them the last couple of years!
    Would love to try Fish Foam!

  53. I love Fish Foam. Time for Spring window cleaning. The over 40 windows and french doors, in our home, are ready to be shined up. Those are the surfaces that need Fish Foam soon.

    I would love to win this package!

  54. I have a large second story window that is sometimes ignored. I sure would like to try the Fish Foam on it!

  55. Call me crazy but I love to clean and nothing feels better than clean windows and shiny mirrors. I would love to try this product!

  56. We have big pine trees all around our house. So pretty but SO full of sticky yellow pollen that sticks like glue to my windows! I need to do some pollen removal.

  57. We have a new house with a whole wall of windows! I would love to win this giveaway!

  58. My windows and mirrors need this!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. Jewelee in CT says:

    F – orty two windows ( with mullions )
    I – n dire need of cleaning
    S – eking any sunshine — new england winters are a doozy.
    H – opeful for help from Fish Foam

    F – our french doors
    O – bliterated by dog kisses
    A – nticipating and hoping for a streak free view
    M – erci beaucoup Rhoda and Fish Foam

  60. Susan Graben says:

    All but one of my outside doors have a lot of glass in them but my windows too could use a good cleaning.

  61. Looks like a great product that I’ve never heard of. Anxious to try. Wondering if anyone has tried it on glass shower doors?? I would of course want to use it on all our windows. We have nightly rentals in the Texas hill country that we have to clean the windows all the time. This may be the perfect window cleaning product we’ve been looking for!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! But, I’m ordering today to give it a try!! Thanks!

  62. My whole house needs this item!
    Looking forward to spring and clean windows!

  63. Kim Johnson says:

    Definitely my windows!!

    Kim J

  64. Help, my windows always seem dirty. I live in the Shenandoah mountains, when the wind blows the windows collect dust pollen and I feel like I’m wiping them every other day.

  65. Would love to try this on my 30+ windows!

  66. Can’t wait for Spring to get here!! Would like to win Fish Foam cause my windows really need cleaning…Thanks so much for this great giveaway…

  67. My windows need a cleaning so bad! And I have been putting it off for way too thing- this may just motivate me to get cleaning!

  68. Beth Morrow says:

    Perfect timing…I’ve been looking for a product to clean windows, mirrors and shower doors..this would be perfect! I’m in!

  69. All of my outside windows need some fish foam – hope I can try this product!!

  70. I would like to try this product to get my grungy windows clean for spring!! Having to be up on a ladder with drippy window cleaner is no fun; the foam sounds like a wonderful way to really get those windows clean without the cleaner running off before the cleaning is done!

  71. Oh my! All of my windows on the outside and some of the inside ones since I have been spring cleaning for the last couple of weekends!

  72. I can’t wait to clean my windows after this long winter.

  73. Windows are screaming out loud and clear…..please give me a bath!

  74. Malinda Clay says:

    WINDOWS!!! I can’t wait for it to warm up here is Mississippi so they can be cleaned. Would LOVE to be able to use this product!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. Never heard of this product would love to try it,because windows are not the most pleasant thing to do. Ruth

  76. Wonderful timing… I have more windows than mirrors to clean, but it all is in need of cleaning. Count me in.

  77. WINDOWS, WINDOWS, and more windows!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. The windows on the North side of my house always seem to get the most stubborn film on the outside of them. I’d love to see if Fish Foam would cut thru it without all the scrubbing and wiping I normally have to do when I clean them.

  79. Pick me, pick me…I have sooo many…very…dirty…windows. (:

  80. My windows could use some cleaning! Thanks!

  81. 3 grandchildren, 2 dogs, alot of glass windows and doors…. oh how I could use this product…. plus bathroom mirrors, tile everywhere….. oh this would be WONDERFUL….

    This Mimi could use all the help she could get….
    Pick Me Pick Me…

    Love your blog… I am Chattanooga Gal and love all your shopping tips for Atlanta…. we try to make frequent trips…. so thanks…and keep up the good work…

  82. I definitely need Fish Foam. Destin, my English Springer Spaniel, loves to spread his slobber all along our den windows and glass back doors wanting back in the house.

  83. I could really use this with all the windows we have and I have been meaning to try this product. Hope I win!!


  84. Possibily this will take window cleaning to a new level.
    My windows say “pick me”

  85. Definitely my windows…particularly the one the cats like to look out of. Their little noses have left marks all over it and it needs to be cleaned!

  86. Love clean windows in the spring. It’s like a new beginning making everything look bright. Now if we could only get some nice warm weather here. Would love to win the Fish Foam kit. Have heard great things about the product.

  87. I would like to try a new window cleaning product as I have windows in and out to clean as well as mirrors. Love your website. Thank you for this opportunity.

  88. My upstairs windows really need a good spring cleaning.

  89. 16 feet of windows across the back of my house desperately need cleaning! Thanks.

  90. All of my 40+ windows and glass doors could most definitely use this as the pollen has cast it’s ugly yellowness upon all of them! (But thank goodness spring is coming!)

  91. Wish they had a location in upstate NY..My windows NEED you! Thanks for a chance to win.

  92. Oh it’s the windows that need cleaning for sure.

  93. I have three little girls and too many cats….and lots of fingerprints and smudges on my windows. They need a good cleaning! Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. My windows need some help from Fish Foam!

  95. Lorene Halfmann says:

    Oh goodness! My car windows are always dirty–I drive 3 miles of ranch road each day :0 Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. I would love to recieve this product. Lots of windows to use it on!

  97. NOOOOO doubt about it….my exterior windows need a good spring cleaning!

  98. Glass doors down low where the Beagle puts her nose!

  99. Purchased country house and all windows need a good clean.

  100. I was just looking at my garden window in my kitchen and thinking how ugly it is because it’s sooooo dirty!!!

  101. Easy! All my windows need some cleaning so the spring sunshine can visit me. Would love to win!

  102. Oh my!! What a great giveaway!! My windows are very sad….. and I know my “outlook” will change dramatically with a dose of FishFoam!!!

  103. I was just looking at my nasty windows this weekend….I would LOVE to try this product on both my house windows and my windshield. Thanks for the opportunity!

  104. My windows are definately the one place I need this product the most. I have a big house with 22 windows, front and back door windows and a sliding glass door with muddy catprints on it most of the time. Needless to say it takes me forever to get them all done.

  105. For our home’s windows – inside and out. I typically use vinegar but end up with streaks. Would love to try Fish Foam!

  106. Oh wow! I so badly need this! I have that typical Ga yard sloped and crazy with a big kitchen window that I cant reach well unless hanging over my back deck! Ive yet to get it as clean as I would like. I also have french doors to that same deck that are always streaky after I clean them. Ugghh! My poor kitchen window and doors need some love!

  107. I think ALL my windows could use some Fish Foam!!
    After the long winter, there I some serious window cleaning that needs to be done at my house.

  108. I have a beautiful garden window that has become rather murky this winter. Needs some Fish Foam in the worse way!!

  109. We have six HUGE windows — like 92″ by 52″ — and they could use a deep clean!

  110. The entire back wall of my house is covered with windows. Last weekend we actually had sun and it was streaming through the dirtiest windows ever!!!! Seriously, I need this stuff. Fantastic giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  111. Lori Choman says:

    My windows need it. It saddens me to say that in the eight years of owning this house, I’ve only cleaned the windows inside and out twice. I’m tired of using products that just don’t work!

  112. Sandi Allen says:

    My windows need cleaning.
    With kids finger prints and the dogs nose prints.
    Thanks for the chance.

  113. Deborah Whaley says:

    What a great name! Oh my windows need to be cleaned so badly! It has been a rough winter! Especially the window over my door which is much taller and much wider than I am. It is hard to get at unless on a ladder on the front porch~ frightening. It would be wonderful to use a product that was effective! Thank you for this chance!

  114. ALL of my windows but especially the one’s that my dog does her “nose art” on! Thanks!~TJ

  115. Mirrors.. Mirrors.. Mirrors!!! I hate streaks… and lint left behind!!!! This would be awesome!!!!! (Of course my windows would love some streak free shine too!!!! 🙂 )

    Thanks Rhoda

  116. I have two toddlers and a dog who love to press their hands, paws and faces against our glass door and some of the windows in our living room. The glass door has wood blocks every half foot, so it’s a real pain when I spray the door to clean it and all the solution slides down and builds up on the wood instead of the glass. I have never heard of fish foam before today, but I like the sound of it!

  117. How ironic, we were just discussing how the windows need to be done, we still have a lot of Winter left I fear !!

    How awesome, I remember you used them on your new house and how sparkly your windows came out!!!

    Thanks Rhoda 🙂

  118. I have really been wanting to try Fish Foam, with spring cleaning just around the corner I would sure love to win this.
    Great giveaway~ Thanks~

  119. Well that’s not too easy!!!! Windows,mirrors….. Everything!!!!
    It’s a never ending job when you have 3 Labrador retrievers in and out of the house all day long!!!! They leave booger art on every glass door and window they can see out of!!! My windows outside have never been cleaned in the 9 years I’ve lived here. WOW!!!! If I win I just might see my neighbors clearly and made the house I little brighter!!!!

  120. We have an 8′ sliding glass door that could really use some Fish Foam love. Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. Heather Soukal says:

    Window cleaning has always been such a challenge for me. I always feel like I just move the dirt around and that I don’t really “clean” the window. This would be a great package to win!

  122. Debbie Herrera says:

    would love to clean all my windows for spring cleaning.

  123. What a nice giveaway! Goodness I do need this as well as a little helper so I can clean all my windows.

  124. We built our house about 9 years ago and have only washed our windows once that I can remember. I was just thinking how much I dreaded doing this job. A great product would certainly make it easier.

  125. I would certainly love to try Fishfoam on my kitchen bay window and my shower glass doors to keep them sparkling!

  126. You name it this time of year its everything! However my windows and my car windshield are pretty sad!

  127. Washing windows is one of my least favorite jobs. No matter what method or product I try I always end up with streaks!! I’d love to try this product. Oh, and my husband’s nickname is “Fish” –how appropriate! Thanks!

  128. I would definitely use it on my windows! I have a set of french doors that are all glass leading out to my deck and they need help! Wondering if you can use this on a flat top range also?

  129. I’m ashamed at how much my windows need fish foam!

  130. Candy Thayer says:

    Here in Arizona, we get so much dust blowing around, our windows get really nasty. It’s a constant battle to try to keep them clean. Would love to try this new product on my windows here.

  131. I have not hear of Fish Foam before now, but would love to try it on my exterior windows! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  132. Marianne G. says:

    Definitely my windows! My two doggies love leaving their nose prints everywhere!

  133. Once winter and snow have passed us by our windows are in need of a good cleaning!

  134. my mirrors need cleaning. I would love to try fish foam.

  135. Sandy hit after my grandaughter and I had cleaned my windows. The storm left sticky greenish goop that Ive never seen before. Windex just isn’t cutting it!!

  136. I noticed this morning that my huge window over my front door is very dirty. I would really like to try fish foam.

  137. My windows, definitely.

  138. The outside of my house windows need some serious cleaning!

  139. Windows, of course. During the winter the blinds are closed most of the time so come spring and summer the windows need a good cleaning.

  140. Oh, all of my windows need Fish Face ! And my mirrors as well.

  141. Windows! Country living = dirty windows!

  142. I would love to get my windows sparkly clean for the spring SONshine to come thru!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  143. We moved into a house on an unpaved road about a year ago. We don’t have many windows, but they sure get dirty fast! I would love to win! Thank you Rhoda and Fish Foam for the giveaway!

  144. LOVE your Blog! Would really like to try the Fish Foam on my (living in the country) windows! Thank you for the chance!

  145. My kitchen bay window needs some Fish Foam! Seriously!

  146. Windows and doors. About to put my house on the market and would love to try a product that would make them shine.

    Thank you!

  147. Our house has tonnnsss of windows which I LOVE from a natural light perspective but loathe from a cleaning perspective! Add an almost 2 year old and a lab who enjoys smooshing his nose up against the glass and I need all the help that I can get!! Great giveaway! Did you announce the kirklands lamp winner yet?! I’ve been waiting with bated breath!! 😉 Thanks Rhoda!

  148. I would be thrilled to win- My windows are covered with pollen and are in desperate need of cleaning!!!!!! Thanks for all your give-a-ways!

  149. Those upstairs windows!
    Also the door with 15 small panes
    going out to the patio 🙂
    Great product – can’t wait to try it.

  150. I’m always excited to try a new product!! This product would sure make cleaning windows easier.

  151. I have heard great things about this product and would
    love to us it on my windows AND mirrors. Spring is
    just around the corner and I can’t wait to do some
    deep cleaning…….this would sure make my job
    easier…so pick me !!!!

  152. That’s easy – a sunroom with windows on 3 sides. They really need help!

  153. Would love to try Fish Foam ! We have lots of windows in our living room(that I love) but are hard to keep clean with little grandchildren .

  154. My house was built in 1929 and has the individual panes of glass that are a pain to clean! I am always looking for a better easier way to clean windows.

  155. Gloria Holcomb says:

    I’ve heard of this product, but have never seen it in stores. Spring cleaning is coming up and I would love to try this on my mirrors, glass tables, and windows. Is it available online only??

  156. My windows are “starving” for some fish foam! Almost all of our windows are multi paned so I definitely need some incentive for tackling that big project. Thanks for the chance!

  157. Hi Rhoda,

    Like you, I’m in a new (to me)/old house that has many, many windows/glass doors. I love that I can see the lovely patio – pool area, the mountains (Blue Ridge in northern Virginia) and the woods surrounding my property. However, with two dogs, I’m forever cleaning said window/doors of doggie nose – both inside and out. Would love to try Fish Foam!!! It’s wonderful to be able to see so much of the outside…but ONLY when you have an unobstructed view, and that means clean windows. Thanks.

  158. I would love to try fish foam and $5 is a great deal on shipping. My windows could certainly use a good cleaning after the winter weather but I think I need it most to get the little ones’ fingerprints and smudges off glass top coffee and end tables. It’s a daily chore, lol. Fish foam might just make that chore easier and “shinier”. What a great giveaway!

  159. Mirrors! I need something that will clean them! They are very difficult! My windows also need a good spring cleaning!

  160. My windows are horrible and spotty, I truly need help!!

  161. Clean windows = more sunshine….and I am ready for even just a little sunshine.

    Thanks 🙂

  162. Would love to try Fish Foam on the shower doors, can’t seem to keep them clean. The windows could use some cleaning too. Now if it can with someone to do the cleaning that would be a dream come true!

  163. We have six sets of sliding glass doors in our home. With two kids and pets, we constantly have finger and nose prints on the bottom half of EVERY door! I would love to try this cleaner instead of my normal, runny liquid cleaner!

  164. We have a sun room with some dingy windows from this everlasting winter. Would love some new ways to clean them.

  165. I would love some fish foam for my windows. There are so many of them and it takes forever to clean them.

  166. Well what surface of mine couldnt use a little help from Fish Foam . I would love to try it on everything . I am thinking it would probably do a great job on the tub and surround also. It is great that they offer reasonable shipping rates too. My windows definitely need the treatment . Thanks for a fabulous offer . Donna

  167. I LOVE Fish Foam! My hubby keeps stealing my can of it and it would be great to have more than one can in the house! The windows look invisible after I use Fish Foam on both sides! I’m not kidding. Smells fresh, too. (I was afraid it would smell fishy!) I know. Silly but true. Oh, please, I hope I win!

  168. Windows, windows, windows!!!

  169. I would jump up and down if I won this give-a-way! My windows are in desperate need of a good washing, so I would put this to use immediately!

    My fingers are crossed!

  170. Carol Swindler says:

    I don’t know where to begin but my whole house needs a lot of Fish Foam! I’ve been stripping wallpaper in my dining room for many weekends and the rest of the house has missed me. I never heard of Fish Foam but would definitely like to use and see the results. One of my goals this year was to be a better cleaner and caretaker of our home so I would be thrilled to be a recipient of this gift. Thank you!

  171. I have a quad slider wall in my living room 15 ft. across. Do I ever need this!

  172. Dorothy B. in TN says:

    Thanks for such a nice opportunity. Like everyone else, my windows need a good cleaning, but the french door in our kitchen needs cleaning just about every day after our English Springer Spaniel “springs” on it. And I’d love to try it on my car windows, too.

  173. Wlindows!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  174. Our windows definitely need to be cleaned again. I cleaned them fall of last year, but it’s time to gear up and do it again. Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. Windows! Always windows!!

  176. I would put this window washing kit to good use–the upper story windows need a good cleaning to make them sparkle once again! Thanks so much for the giveaway–I like your blog very much. I just followed the link to “Framing Those Boring Mirrors”–we’re updating our bathroom and your instructions are just what I needed to make the large mirror look great. Thanks for all the tips!

  177. Windows definitely! I live in the Texas Panhandle which is the land of blowing dirt so my windows really need cleaning, I would love to try Fish Foam. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  178. Windows! Perfect timing – for Spring Cleaning! I really need this! Thanks for the good news re: shipping!

  179. After the winter we have endured my windows are a mess…they really need help.

  180. The sun finally came out for a few minutes this week and I could hardly see through my front windows!

  181. Oh, yes! My windows would surely thank you!

  182. brenda dubois says:

    Wow great giveaway! My windows need all the help they can get, hate to say it havent cleaned them in 2 years! Would love to try Fish Foam window cleaner. Not happy with my spray!

  183. My french doors and kitchen windows. These are the two areas that my two yellow labs look out. Need I say more?

  184. My windows are a disgrace. I just washed the bedroom windows but they were so dirty I had to first pre-wash them in order to get the panes clean.

  185. The windows along the back of the house!! When the setting, evening sun hits them you can see every smudge, fingerprint, food debris and ?? that my children and pets have left behind! 😉 Thanks for this fun opportunity!

  186. My windows are BEGGING for Fish Foam…can you hear them? 🙂

  187. Oh my…my sliding glass doors are a mess. Clean windows would inspire me to spring clean the whole house.

  188. sonja walker says:

    I’ve seen the adds for Fish Foam cleaner and would love to try it on my windows. The service was too expensive, but your give away will be a perfect win-win for me. Our upstairs windows and sky lights are in need of a little sparkle.

  189. All of my windows need a good cleaning. The bright sun makes them look even worse! Fish Foam, rescue me!!

  190. Marianne in Mo. says:

    I would use it on my many windows. We back to woods, and it’s nice to be able to have a clear view of the birds at our feeders! No window treatments to block the glorious view!

  191. Jennifer sparti says:

    Sounds like a great product. I’d love to try it on my spotty windows. Let the light shine in!

  192. My glass doors – they collect so much road grime from people driving near my house.

  193. Oh, I so need this! My windows and French Doors are a streaky mess!!

  194. Glass front door. I have never been able to get it totally clean. thank you.

  195. I would love to try it on my windows and mirrors. It sure is time for Spring cleaning!

  196. My exterior windows are in dire need of washing, but since I live in Wisconsin it may be a while before I can get to them. Have heard wonderful things about this product and would love to try it!

  197. I need to get started on spring cleaning. Winning this would jump start cleaning the windows!

  198. I hope this window cleaner is as good as y’all claim…I just ordered some so I will be a first time user!

  199. My windows need this so bad! Especially after the hard winters we have where I live.

  200. Toni Fleischmann says:

    Thanks for reposting about Fish Foam…..just placed an order for some to use on my shower doors and a few windows that need extra help! Anything to make housekeeping easier!

  201. My windows in the back are filthy!,

  202. Of course, my windows are what need it the most! Time to let the sun shine in!

  203. Windows, definitely! I have about a zillion and they all need cleaning. then, all I’ll need is help with the outside!

  204. Joyce H. Ackley says:

    My windows and blinds need a good cleaning, and also the sliding glass door in back. Thanks! The Spring cleaning kit is impressive!

  205. Our windows definitely need it, though this kit would be perfect for my mirrored closet doors too! Look at me getting excited about cleaning, lol 😉

  206. Valerie Russak says:

    I LOVE clean windows!!

  207. Teresa Cline says:

    My windows ALL need to be cleaned!

  208. Could really use this right about now. Would love to win!

  209. Windows, after a long winter of icky weather!

  210. Would love I to get to try this product , it looks like it did a great job for you. I have lots of windows!!!

  211. There is so much glass in (and on) my house that it’s unbelievable…and every inch of it has doggy-nose prints on it! Windows, kitchen table, wine cabinet, curio cabinet, mirrors, doors…you name it!

  212. My windows, big windows and lots of them! thanks!

  213. I would love to try it on the bathroom mirrors . It sounds like a great product!

  214. Rhoda,
    Every window in entire house are awful…my kitchen bay windows are the worse I have every seen them, so this kit would be sooooo helpful. Maybe I could even get Mr.CC to help me with them:)


  215. The pollen on my windows in Louisiana is AWFUL!! I get all congested – it’s awful I tell you! But the dirty glass is a bummer…especially my french doors. I need something tough.

  216. Carolyn Lamb says:

    Windows and french doors ( have dog nose prints).

  217. Melesa Garrison says:

    I live in the Panhandle and boy does the dirt blow! I would love to have clean windows again, after all the snow and wind.

    May the dirdiest wondows win ; D

  218. Teresa Gann says:

    I need to use it on my windows and mirrors equally. Thanks.

  219. Omg…I need this product for windows. Our den has 8 large windows…help!

  220. Hi Rhoda,
    I am loving your blog. We had water damage and have spent four months in construction. Believe me my windows are filthy!

  221. Oh my windows are in dire need of cleaning! I’ve heard great things about Fish Foam. I’d love to win!

  222. Oh me, oh my… do I ever need this one! I live in a home with big, I mean REALLY BIG glass doors – 3 of them. I see them when I walk through the front door, I see them from my kitchen when I am baking bread, I see them when I am sitting in my living room watching TV. I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I have never cleaned them. Not once in 10 years. I am pretty tired of the little smudges, pollen and whatever else gets stuck on glass and, after 10 years, it is finally time to clean them!!! So… I hope you’ll consider me a GREAT candidate for a Spring Cleaning giveaway!

  223. My windows are in dire need of cleaning. I moved in last fall, and have cleaned all the insides, but I haven’t gotten to the outsides! I’d love to be able to see spring clearly!

  224. Laurie Schwartz says:

    Everything could use a little fish foam……windows, sliders,mirrors and mirrored closet doors. Would love to win the cleaning kit! Did I just type that 🙂

  225. Susan from GA says:

    We are renovating our home after renters were “not so kind” to it. EVERYthing either needs replacing or scrubbing. This giveaway would be so helpful to us! We have 2 sets of palladian windows and many floor to ceiling windows. Cleaning them ALL is not a job I am looking forward to doing! I’ve heard great comments about your product Whether we win, or not, we’ll be checking out your product for our D.I.R.T.Y. windows!

    Susan from GA

  226. I have a LARGE window on the second story of my great room. I desperately need a good way to get it clean!

  227. Just purchased a new house by the water, fantastic views….would be even better when I can see past all the dirt…:)

  228. My home has lots of beautiful windows which face a pond so I do not have curtains which close off my view. But what I don’t like is the dirt I can see on them. I have been trying to gear myself up to get out there and clean them up! This would be a great product to try! Thanks for sharing

  229. All fifty windows are filthy after the winter. Add in the two grandkids here five days a week and three dogs, you know I need a good cleaner. Does an extra day on the weekend come with it? LOL

  230. Ha! All of my windows need cleaning! Thanks for the opportunity…

  231. This kit would be awesome to use on my windows, mirrors, and the glass in my china cabinet! I have never used this product, but would love to have the opportunity.

  232. I have three sets of double doors surrounding my covered deck–each made largely of glass. With 4 kids, they are always dirty. 🙂

  233. I would love to try this on the inside of my car windows, I hate doing them.

  234. I would say our windows need cleaning the most since they always get left till last to clean

  235. I got all new windows last year and I can’t stand to see a speck of dirt on them. This kit would sure help keep them sparkling.
    Thanks Rhoda.

  236. Lori Schuster says:

    This would be perfect for our house! We have 20 windows and two walls of mirrors in our home. We could really use
    some help in keeping them smudge free! Thanks!

  237. The windows need a good cleaning, but the very first area I would clean would be the dog art off my husbands truck windows Thanks

  238. Betsey Freyberger says:

    My windows are needing a good cleaning!!

  239. Linda Reece says:

    I rescued a little puppy four years ago, the vet told me she would probably grow up to weigh about 45 lbs. She has grown to weigh 80 lbs with a large wet nose to go with it. Our windows are about 10″ from the floor and Sammi Girl loves to lay with her nose on the windows. I am constantly having to wash her cute nose prints off the windows. I bought some Fish Foam and I absolutely love it. It makes it so much easier to remove Sammie Girl from my windows. Wouldn’t change it for the world. She has been a true blessing to my family.

  240. Windows! All my windows need cleaning. Would love a cleaner that made it easier. Thanks for the chance to win.

  241. Our windows.! I love when windows sparkle!. We leave candles in our windows year round and having clean , streak free glass adds to the hospitality.

  242. I think my bathroom mirrors and kitchen windows especially could benefit from Fish Form!

  243. I would love to try this product on my very large windows from the great room to the screened porch—they seem to stay dirty on both sides and are hard to clean. Thanks!

  244. Vicki Nuckols says:

    Let me think about this for awhile….Hmmmm!Which of my windows need cleaning the most?????Well,all I can tell you is that between the cat slobber and road grime that just seems to settle on my house,it is a hard decision,I cant see out of any of them at all,LOL!!!Thanks Rhoda for always making me think of what I need to be doing at my house,I am so behind!!!Vicki from Georgia


  246. I would love some help on the sliding doors out to our porch. There is a beautiful lake out there, but my windows are so dirty, I’m not sure……….

  247. My windows really need cleaning. A good cleaner would be great – and then maybe someone to volunteer to clean them!

  248. The three old windows I decided to keep because of where they were on the house; they didn’t show me anything that would not ruin the charm of the 70 year old cottage.

  249. Linda Wheatley says:

    Hi! Thank you for this opportunity. I have uncovered windows all across the back of my kitchen, dining room, and living area and in need of a good cleaning. I enjoy your blog very much. Linda

  250. My windows need cleaning…big time!!!

  251. There is nothing to me like clean windows and mine are filthy!!!!

  252. My french door from kitchen to deck needs cleaning most often….big Boxer, “noses,” it when he wants in or out!

  253. Kitchen windows, front door! Especially the kitchen though so I can bird watch!

  254. Oh wow–where do I start! I have several windows, shower doors, french doors, mirrors, and car windows that all desperately need cleaning! I would certainly put this product to good use. 🙂 Thank you!

  255. Windows, Mirrored Closet doors. Thank you for the chance to win these great products!

  256. My windows are so dirty! I would love to win this!!

  257. My windows inside and out – would love to win. I’ve heard great praises regarding Fish Foam. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  258. My breakfast room windows need cleaning. Every morning I look out those dirty windows. I would love to try Fish Foam.

  259. My windows – inside and outside – would be a formidable challenge for Fish Foam!

  260. Joyce Layton says:

    It’s a toss-up between the windows on the back of the house (not sure how they get SO dirty so fast!) and the shower stall glass.

  261. Mirrors for sure. I can use windex all day long and they still look terrible?!

  262. My windows are in need of cleaning after the winter. Love to try this product!

  263. My glass windows and doors need HELP!!! I cannot keep them clean. Would love to try Fish Foam. Thanks for the offer.

  264. Windows most definitely!! Inside and Outside!! Need to let the sun shine in!!!!

  265. The two 72″ x 72″ pane windows on the front of my house!

  266. Rhoda – Wonderful give-away! I would really like to try the Fish Foam on my glass surfaces indoors including the coffee table, ceramic cooktop and mirrors. Another area that’s always so difficult to get super clean and clear in the inside of my windshield. I bet this product would do the job!

  267. Definitely my windows and doors after a long windy and snowy winter. Would love to try Fish Foam!

  268. I have triple sliding doors going out to the back yard and between Bella the dog’s nose prints and Laynee the granddaughter’s handprints, I spend so much time cleaning those glass doors. Would love to give this a try.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  269. April was in CT now CA says:

    I would love to win this!!! Our windows are a mess and this would be awesome to make the job a little easier and more effective.

  270. It would be my sunroom windows! They are over five feet high and a nightmare for me to clean – even though I love me some clean glass. I have not heard of FISH Foam so I am going to give it a whirl. Rhoda, thank you for sharing your world and inspiring others to have Southern Hospitality.


  271. My windows desperately need a good cleaning.

  272. My windows are in dire need of cleaning. Between living in a dusty area and having two large labradors that leave nose and tongue prints on the doors and back windows, I really could use this one!

  273. Galinda Porter says:

    I desperately need the fish foam cleaner, I have this lovely lakeside cottage, where fish like to lay their eggs in spring but I cant seem to get my windows streak free, I think I’d be a great example of what the cleaner can do and we all can see the fish nests at the bottom of the lake

  274. Donna Ishee says:

    all my windows! We’ve never used Fish Foam, would love to try it out.

  275. My car windows!

  276. Rhoda! Have MERCY on Ruth L (#22) !!! She hasn’t cleaned her doors for 10 years LOL. I was going to throw my hat in the ring, but she definitely needs this kit more than me. PS. no, I don’t know her!

  277. I have so many windows that would benefit from this great product……does a man come in the kit that cleans the windows for you…hehe!

  278. Kathy B. says:

    I definitely need something to inspire me to clean my windows. We live on a lake with lots of windows….dirty windows! It’s not right…almost criminal. I need some of your boundless energy, and that Fish Foam!

  279. The back windows on my house are the dirtiest, simply because the front window is the only one I clean often. 🙂

  280. The windows and metal doors need lots of help as well. Help!

  281. Just moved into a new place and the windows are awful dirty! Would love to win so I can make them all sparkly!


  282. I have a wall of windows that could really use some Fish Foam!
    Thanks for the chance!

  283. All the windows, especially the livingroom. Spring is coming yayyyyyy!!!!

  284. Window cleaner is used every time I clean in my house. I use it on windows (their the dirtiest) but also on mirrors, tabletops, glass cabinets and metal table legs. If you use comet type cleaner in the bathroom it’s good to go over the area again with a window cleaner to get rid of any gritty feel.
    Good stuff!

  285. My kitchen windows seem to be the dirtiest! The dog drools there as he watches the birds, the birds feed in the back yard and well my pots occassionally SPEEW stuff out of them ( when I overheat), LOL


  287. Oh boy my windows sure could use a cleaning. Thanks for the chance.

  288. Definitely windows!

  289. We have three sets of French doors across the back of the house and three large dogs who love to decorate them with nose art! Could definitely use this great giveaway to keep them clean and shiny. : )

  290. Cindy Riley says:

    Windows, windows, windows! We have a beach house right on the ocean ….daily cleaning is a must!

  291. I’d use it to clean my shower doors!

  292. we are renting a condo, and the windows are terrible!

  293. My sliding glass door looks disgusting from my Great Dane slobbering all over it. I would love to try it on my car windows too!

  294. Susan B. Jones says:

    Would totally LOVE to have that Fish Foam kit on all 45 windows of my house so I can see all the gorgeous spring things getting ready to bloom around outside!!!!!!!!

  295. My windows!! One word..fingerprints!

  296. I’m ashamed to admit it but we’ve lived in our home for 15 years and I may have washed the windows once. If you choose me I promise to wash ALL the windows and let you know how Fish Foam worked for me.

  297. Elisabeth says:

    My windows could definitely use some fish foam love!

  298. Joanne B. says:

    Sign me up, puh-LEASE! All my windows are filthy! Just a layer of blah on each and every one! I avoid doing them because doing the inside involves removing the screens and then I decide well, I should really clean the screens while I am at it and so the chore becomes so monumental! Then there is the outside which has an extra layer of yuck and cobwebs and spider eggs, oh my! Perhaps if I would win some Fish Foam I would be motivated because I would want to show you before/afters if I won and would be SHAMED into washing my windows then! Please pick me!

  299. Denise Duckworth says:

    Hi Rhoda! I have just started following your blog and I must say, I’m absolutely loving it! You have really inspired me! Please sign me up for the fish foam giveaway. I would love to try in on my windows, and mirrors! My husband gets toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror and I’m constantly cleaning it! Maybe this cleaner will make it easier 🙂

  300. The exterior window surfaces of my house are really gross!

  301. My back windows are just awful and really need some attention. We did a lot of work inside the house last year but now we are building a deck and playground in the backyard. Those back windows have to be cleaned up, I have heard this stuff is excellent.

  302. My front Pella door desperately needs fish foam. The outside is even harder to clean. I have yet to find a cleaner that does not streak. This sounds like a winner!

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