My Fish Foam Window Cleaning Day!

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Congrats to the 3 winners:  #364 Leigh Ann, #339 Frankie, and #265 Rosemary!  You ladies have all been emailed!

Imagine a pretty red van driving up to your house and 2 guys get out with ladders and all sorts of window cleaning equipment.  They take off all the screens in your windows and get ready to do a full fledged window cleaning on every single glass surface in your house.

Yes, it happened to me!

It felt like Christmas morning a few weeks ago when I was so blessed to have Fish Foam Window cleaning franchise here in my area come out to my house to clean all my dirty windows that had accumulated lots of dust and dirt over the years, in addition to the renovation we had just been through.  Those windows were in dire need of a cleaning and I was one happy girl to have that chore done for me by 2 capable guys.

Blessings sometimes come in the form of window cleaners!

Fish Foam truck

I met Nathan, one of the professionals behind Fish Window Cleaning, this summer at Haven, when Fish Foam became a Haven sponsor.  After using the cleaner in the red can that’s a foam and not liquid, it’s apparent that this window cleaner is different than the norm.  When I found out they also have franchises that come out to your house and clean dirty windows, well that was just what I wanted to hear.  I had dirty windows, oh boy did I!  Nathan offered to send a team out to clean my windows and I took him up on it.

Founded in 1978, Fish Window Cleaning is now the world’s largest window cleaning service, providing service to more than 100,000 commercial and residential customers nationwide.

Two guys drove up in this pretty red van, took over and got the job done and they spent more than 4 hours at my house that day.

cleaning windows guestroom

One was inside cleaning away and one was outside on the ladder.

cleaning from outside

They cleaned and cleaned and pretty soon all my windows were sparkling clean.

clean kitchen windows

It was a beautiful day to see out my windows.  Looks like there is no glass there, doesn’t it?  This was the cleanest these windows have been in years, I’m sure.

Fish Foam clean track

Even the dirty window sill tracks were cleaned up.  I can’t tell you how exciting it was for me to see all the dirt and grime be removed from my windows.  The house felt lighter already.

sparkling clean

Just a couple of weeks before my move in day, it was one chore that I was glad to get out of the way.  Moving into the house with clean windows was such a treat.

putting screens back up

Putting the screens back on.

spraying Fish Foam

This is Hank, the manager at this franchise.  He gave me a nice demo of Fish Foam cleaner.  See how it sticks to the glass and doesn’t slide off.  This stuff works great, I now have my own supply for cleaning glass and mirrors.

cleaning mirror with Fish Foam

Wipe with a rag and your windows and mirrors will be clean and streak free.  No ammonia smell, no runny liquid!  I do love this product and just used it on my car windows over the weekend when I finally washed my filthy car.

Thanks SO much to the Fish Foam franchise team who came out to my house and cleaned my windows.  That was a happy day for me!  Fish Foam has franchises all over the country, so you can also get your windows cleaned too.  You can check by zip code and see if they are in your area too.  I was so impressed with the guys who came to my house.  Very professional and they all did a fantastic job.


Now, if you’re ready to get some sparkling windows too, I have some great news!  We can’t give away a home cleaning service today, because franchises are not in every area yet, so that wouldn’t be fair to everyone.

But, Fish Foam is giving away 3 prize packs of the red cans of Fish Foam for your home.  THREE winners!  You’ll  love the products, I promise! 


All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me how dirty your windows are?  Are they as bad as mine were?

U.S. residents only, please.  One comment per entry.  Giveaway will close in one week at midnight. 

- Rhoda


  1. Pam Clark says:

    Dirty windows in Ohio……anticipating spring cleaning next spring after the winter snows and would love to use this product. thanks!

  2. We live out in the country, in the woods.
    Our house could really use a good window cleaning!!!
    I’d love to try this!!

  3. We are renovating an old cabin in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State and this would be great to tackle the grime. Thank you!

  4. Lorraine L says:

    Dirty windows here in NC! Would love to have them cleaned!

  5. My windows SO need a good cleaning! I would love to try Fish Foam!
    = )

  6. with 3 cats and 3 kids under 5, the lower halves of my windows are filthy…and the rest isn’t so good, either! 🙂

  7. I would love to try the FISH window cleaner. I love, love, love sparkling windows! With having woods behind us, mine always seem to need to be cleaned…especially the tracks!

  8. With recent a summer kitchen renovation I could definitely use some clean windows for the holiday season!

  9. Glad to know about this company. My windows need a good cleaning.

  10. Mary from Highland Lakes says:

    Clean windows – what a nice way to brighten the day. I would love to have my windows cleaned professionally or give the Fish Foam a try. Windows and mirrors always need to sparkle. Where is is available for purchase?

  11. My kids would LOVE to use this product! They clean their own bathroom, and the glass is always the trickiest part! How fun!

  12. Dirty-yuck…just went through Sandy and although we were extremely lucky and were spared damage plus got our power back after 36 hours, the windows are nasty. Of course the screens filtered a lot, but let’s not even go there as far as their condition. I’ve been wanting to try Fish for a while-now would be a great time.

  13. We live in Florida, and would love to see that much sun shine in!

  14. My windows aren’t dirty because I actually love to clean windows and do it often but boy are they streaky. Would love to get rid of the streaks!

  15. Oh clean window, I need you!!! We live beside corn and soy bean fields and the dust from the fields—-oh my! Our windows need these wonderful red cans!!! 🙂

  16. Eager to try Fish Foam! My windows and mirrors could really use a cleaning. Especially my car window… nose print art on the passenger side! 🙂

  17. Ive lived in my house for 8 yrs and never had the windows professionally cleaned. Ive thought about it, but its one of those things Id live to have but dont have the money to spend on. Which drives me crazy because Im such a neat freak. Some of our windows are also high up and difficult to reach.

  18. Monica Roberts says:

    I’ve got some dirty windows in Texas! Always seem to have hazy film after I clean and would love to have sparking see through windows. Have a great day!

  19. Danita Rasmussen says:

    I love sparkling windows! I am checking for a franchise in my area after I post this entry. I love reading about your new home adventures.

  20. SuthernGirl says:

    I’ve been trying to get someone to wash my windows for weeks – too bad my hearing isn’t what it used to be so I didn’t hear myself say that! Hard to tell how dirty my windows are since I can’t see out for the grime….. hehehe

  21. Rhoda, my windows are yuck! Our house is actually new but the construction debris from other homes being built around us is totally stuck to the outside of the windows. It would be wonderful to have them sparkling clean – especially upstairs. I have no idea how to get those clean!

  22. Oh yeah….we’ve got dirty windows. Especially on the 2nd floor. Would love to try this product!!

  23. I would love to try this! I’ve got streaked mirrors and windows from trying to clean them myself. Help!

  24. Living near and next to new construction makes for dirty windows–cat watching construction makes for ‘nose art’… Thinking my cats would appreciate FISH foam and clearer view of the great outdoors!

  25. Where can you buy this? I have the hardest time cleaning my mirrors and windows…would love to try a can.

  26. Vicki Brawley says:

    I was just looking at the spider webs and dirt that have accumulated on my windows and thinking they needed cleaning before the holidays! Yuck! They are a mess!

  27. Oh my, how I need some Fish Window cleaner! When that beautiful sunshine comes thru my dining room window I can see how badly I need this product. I actually need it for car windshield too!

  28. My windows need Fish Foam so they can be sparkling just like your Southern Charmer!! It is time to clean my windows and this would be the perfect product!

  29. vicki nuckols says:

    Hi Rhoda,I am following your wonderful journey with your new home and loving the progress you have made so far,love all your ideas and decorating magic.I live in Lawrenceville Ga.not too terribly far from you.I have lived in my home for app. 28 years so you can only imagine how dirty my windows are because I have so much collected stuff sitting in front of them I cant even get to them,I love yard sales and estate sales like you do.I am so inspired by you that I am actually purging out now and I would surely love to clean those windows when I can finally get over to them(in 2 bedrooms).My husband is SO HAPPY!!!!!God Bless you and your precious parents,they are so wonderful to you.

  30. Dirty windows in Acworth. Would love to have someone other than me lean them!

  31. OH this would be a fabulous prize!! I constantly get streaks and they’re always so dirty and yucky! I’m headed into winter where it’s depressing enough in upstate NY…I need them to be clean to allow every speck of light in as possible!!


  32. I live on a country dirt road that causes extremely dirty windows! I would love to try the Fish Foam Window Cleaner to see if it can make my windows sparkly clean.

  33. We just went through a large and very messy renovation..I would love to have clean windows all around… Thank you!

  34. My windows are filthy! I would love to try Fish Foam.

  35. My windows are really bad. Haven’t been cleaned in years!

  36. Meredith Bounds says:

    “Dirty” doesn’t begin to describe how awful my windows are…gross, icky, sticky and slimy are probably a more accurate description! With two children, two cats and a lab whose soul purpose in life somedays seems to be to wipe grit, grime and slobber (sorry for that mental image!) all over the windows and everything else for that matter, a good window cleaning would be a definite blessing!

  37. Oh, the best, best thing about your clean windows is the view outside. The amazing trees will fill your days–along with the lots of daylight.

    I definitely need to clean my windows. Like you we have a two story so getting them really clean is a chore! I’d love to try this.

  38. Ohhh I’d love to win!!! Great product!!

  39. Sharon Avinger says:

    Oh, my goodness! Talk about dirty windows! Mine haven’t been cleaned in such a long time. Our big, beautiful sunroom windows are pretty dirty and I’m sure would look gorgeous when cleaned with this product. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be the winner, Rhoda. Thank you for the giveaway.

  40. Love, love fish foam…such a great product…I will have to check to see if they are in my area! Love the view out your window of the beautiful trees!

  41. Clean windows? I LOVE clean windows and mirrors and pictures!!! Would love to try this product, too!

  42. Sooooo excited about the prospect of having clean windows for the holidays. I need Fish Foam!!

  43. Uh oh… You mentioned your tracks and suddenly I felt the need to hide. My windows are filllthy!

  44. I found out about Fish Window cleaning from a blog. I have a franchise in my area, so I called and made an appointment. They were GREAT! I’ve lived in my house for 13 years and my windows have never looked this good, and I’ve tried many different products and hired pros and nothing came close to Fish Foam, I don’t know what’s in it, but it works!

  45. I love their packaging the bright red cans!! I would love to try this product!!

  46. I sure would like to find a product that cleans glass without leaving streaks and smears. Maybe FishFoam is that product! Your windows look crystal clean, Rhoda.

  47. I would love to have clean windows and mirrors. It looks like a great product.

  48. You do know that these pictures of men cleaning windows are called “porn for women”! Sweet!
    I just walked by my kitchen windows, coffee in hand, and noticed how dirty they are. Sadly, I did not see a red van in my driveway, but new cleaner would be next best.

    Lucky you!

  49. Linda Dowdy says:

    Hmmmmm I don’t think mine have been cleaned since the storm windows went on….many years go.

  50. What a fantastic service and such a great help for you. I would love for my windows to look that clean. Please enter me. Marty

  51. Speakerofthehouse says:

    Fish Foam I can’t see out!
    We are located right on the beach and the recent storm left our windowns beyond filthy from the sand and salt water.
    If Fish Foam can clean up this mess, it can handle anything!

  52. Oh My Gosh!!! My windows are so dirty.They haven’t been cleaned in years.They even have paint on them from when we got the house painted 2 years ago. Need I say more. My car windows are really bad. My car sits under a tree that is still dropping leaves and the sprinkler system sprays dirty lake water on them every morning. Hope I win

  53. Francis C. Moore says:

    My windows haven’t been cleaned in about 3 years. They need a good cleaning. Help me!

  54. Laurie Pysczynski says:

    I confess I am neglectful of the windows. But every once in a while, I try to tackle it and just get discouraged by the streaks that regular window cleaner leaves and my inability to actually get them sparkling! Can’t wait to try this stuff!!

  55. Jan Robinson says:

    Clean windows are the icing on the cake to a hard working homeowner! They help you enjoy the beautiful world around us and help cheer us up by allowing that wonderful sunshine in. We desperately need to try it!

  56. Oy vey! My windows are soo dirty. Outside windows have not been washed really well since we moved in – 22 years ago…and in all honesty….some of the inside windows haven’t seen much washing during that time. Would love to get the insided nice and fish clean for the holidays and some Fish Foam would come in handy! I’m in the “area” so I may check on price for them to come clean the oustide:)

  57. Tons of outside grading at our house this summer = VERY dirty windows! Yuck! I hope I win…I can’t wait to try this!

  58. Speakerofthehouse says:

    Fish Foam rescue me!
    We live on the beach and the recent storm left our windows beyond filthy with sand and salt water caked on. If Fish Foam can clean up this mess it can handle anything and I’ll be ordering by the case.

  59. Oh my ! My windows are filthy. Installed new windows this summer, removed all trim inside to put up new trim. So they need a washin bad.
    Would be nice to see the beautiful country outside this fall.

  60. My windows need to be cleaned. I would love to try Fish Foam!

  61. No power 6 days, swirling dirt and tree branches, I need this at the jersey shore!!!

  62. I really need to try this stuff… I have some dirty windows.

  63. Rosemary Palmer says:

    Got “hooked” by this FISH at Haven also. Love it. They were also very generous to donate products for my Prostate Cancer Fundraiser recently.

  64. My windows are so dirty it is hard to tell if it is day or night? 🙂 Help me Fish Foam, I would love to see the bright of day again soon! Thank you!

  65. Marie in Va says:

    Mine could use a good cleaning! Would love to try this! 🙂

  66. Jenny Walker says:

    I have 2 small dogs that lloovvveee sticking their little noses all over every window and glass door in my house! Would love to try this Fish Foam!

  67. Rachael S. says:

    My windows here in Florida sure could use a good cleaning!!! This product looks great! I’ll be checking it out!

  68. Mine are gross. They probably haven’t been cleaned since the house was built 11 years ago!

  69. We are renting a plantation style house on a horse farm in the Low Country. Imagine how dirty and dusty the windows get here. I asked the landlord just last week where I could find the self-cleaning window button! My husband refuses to get on the ladder to take the screens off the second floor windows. I guess I’ll have to pretend it’s snowing when I can’t see out the windows!

  70. cathy rice says:

    Oh my this sounds like a great product! We are about to move into our house that has been vacant for 16 years. The windows definitely need some love!

  71. Lacey Soto says:

    I live in Oklahoma and if you know anything about living here-it is windy 24/7 and RED dirt is everywhere !! Would love to try !!

  72. Dirty windows in Virginia! Would love to have this product to take care of my windows!

  73. Debbi in Texas says:

    Thanks Rhoda for this giveaway. I was just looking at my dirty windows and would like to have them cleaned before the cold weather sets in. We are on a dirt road in the country and the wind carries the dirt to our house whenever a car passes by. This product sounds fantastic.

  74. Pat Fowler says:

    Would love to have streak free windows here in Kansas City! Sounds like a great product.

  75. I live within a mile of a concrete plant and a rock quarry, dirt is flying in the air every day, so just imagine what my windows look like. When the windows get wet, with the dust and dirt, you cannot see out to the sunshine.

  76. Kathy Leitch says:

    My oh my, this is a product I would love to try. I would love to have clean windows to let that sun come in. Fish foam sounds like it would do the job perfectly.

  77. Donna Miller says:

    I would Love to win this. We bought an 80’s outdated home that
    every room needs something done to it. I promise you, our windows
    are horrible. I go tot raise them and there is nasty stuff all in the seals.

    Donna Miller

  78. Oh my word! I was just thinking about how nasty our windows were when I was dusting the blinds last weekend. That window cleaner looks awesome! I’d love to give it a try!

  79. Would love to try this product on my very dirty windows! Thanks!

  80. My house and office could both use a good window cleaning. Your windows are absolutely transparent, they look wonderful. I am wondering what type of products they use and if they could be purchased to use yourself.

  81. Mary Remme says:

    Hey Rhoda – I love Fish Foam! Ordered some when you mentioned it in your blog a few months ago; it’s great stuff.

  82. I need some clean windows. Send that Fish Foam this way!

  83. We live in windy, dry, dusty, dirty, West Texas…I could really use a great window cleaner!

  84. Anne Marie says:

    My windows are terrible – bet they are worse than yours were. They drive my crazy and I think fish foam is the answer! I would love to try it!!!

  85. We need some Fish Foam love here in Florida! Thanks for this giveaway!

  86. I am in dire need. Help!!!!!!!

  87. Debbie Cody says:

    We bought a house a year and a half ago here in GA. We are from NYC and now livng in the woods. We are not use to these enormous windows. We would LOVE to enjoy the view using Fish Foam. : )

  88. I can fully appreciate a good window cleaner, both product and the person. When I was in high school, I washed windows for a couple with a gazillion windows in their home. That was definitely not my favorite summer job ever.

  89. Susan Graben says:

    Love the fact it does not run; I chase the drools and don’t get much cleaning done except in the places where it slides….

  90. Are my windows as dirty as your? YES! Would love to try this product! Thanks for introducing me to it!

  91. Rhoda, thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Fall sunlight is so beautiful, but it definitely highlights the dirty windows. Would love to try this product so the sunlight can pour into the house with no impediment.

  92. Very dirty windows in Greenville sc!!

  93. November is always my window cleaning month, so I’d love to win!

  94. Oh my word! My windows are just filthy! And, they are replacements that flip in to wash, so there really shouldn’t be an excuse. Thank you for the contest.

  95. I would loove to give this a try. My kitchen has a 8ft. glass slider and between the dog and no one using the handle…

  96. Tracie B. says:

    Dirty windows here in Tennessee! My windows are funky and need a serious cleaning! I’ve heard a lot about Fish Foam and want to try it so bad…fingers crossed.

  97. I live on a red clay road in south Georgia and need some clean windows! My house went through a small fire recently and we are in the process of repairing and painting now. Clean windows would be a bonus!

  98. I’d love to try the foam cleaner. My windows could use a good cleaning. I live in Lakeland Fl and have what I call “aggressive dust”.

    Thank for the chance to win! Fingers crossed!

  99. First, thank you for putting the link where to purchase this product. I have looked at the limited stores we have and can’t find it. I could tell you exactly how dirty our windows are but let’s just say I do really need it.

  100. Kitty cats noses on both sides of the glass keep our windows AND glass door filthy. Would love to see if Fish Foam can help!
    >*.**.*< = dirty glass!

  101. My windows are pretty dirty. On the north side, I have lots of spiderwebs. Along with the falling leaves, there is lots of stirred up leaf dust when the grass is mowed. I’m in dire need of cleaning my windows!

  102. Want some and need some!!!

  103. I have five kids. Enough said!

  104. Liz VanKirk says:

    Living in the country with farmers fields on 3 sides…. Need I say more?

    I would love to try that new window foam cleaner!

  105. Love seeing your journey. Also loved seeing a bit of your neighborhood through the windows, all of the trees make it look so cozy and warm.

    Just tiled the floors in both bathrooms this spring/fall. Also had to have our roof replaced-thank you Hurricane Issac. After seeing what your windows looked like is sending me to their website for an area search! Have a great day, Rhoda!

  106. Oklahoma winds, pollen and such! Fish Foam to the rescue;)

  107. Doris Self says:

    My windows are always dirty from my Grandkids. I would love to try the foam cleaner.

  108. Marijoan Stevens says:

    Last week, a big old Sycamore that was shading the front of our house for the last 140 years was taken down. My husband called me at work and the first thing he said was “Wait until you see how dirty these windows are”. I guess I have some cleaning to do. Would be great to have a can of Fish Foam to help out.


  109. Sheila Hill says:

    Now that the leaves are (mostly) off the trees and the sun can really stream the windows, I can see that I need to add window washing to my chore list! I love sparkly, shiny clean windows and loathe when they are streaked from poor quality cleaners.Pick me please and Fish Foam and I will get to work!

  110. Oh, my windows are SO dirty. Since our home is 3 stories, I had hired a company to clean my windows several years ago. I was so excited to think my windows would finally be clean and I could enjoy our beautiful views. Well, 2 days later, I have mostly clean windows and many damaged windows that were removed and reinstalled improperly. I’ve lived with dirty windows since then. I would love FISH cleaner to try on the windows within my reach! Thanks Rhoda!

  111. Dog nose prints galore! Would LOVE to try this!!!

  112. Two teenagers, all their friends, and two dogs – lots and lots of fingerprints (and nose prints from the pets). This is going on my list!

  113. I am so jealous. I am in desperate need of having my windows cleaned, but sadly FISH is not in my area. Ugh…

    I’d be thrilled to win FISH cleaner. Thank you!!

  114. Deb Young says:

    My windows are filthy! I debated cleaning them over the weekend with the Windex you attach to the hose, but that did not happen. They have a green film from the oak trees on them. It accumulates & they have to be cleaned at lest twice a year.

  115. I would love to try the Fish Foam!

  116. I’m in Arizona and this past summer we had Haboobs (huge dust storms)……I’m still finding the fine dirt in places.

    If you have never heard or seen a Haboob. Please Google Haboob and Arizona. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

  117. I have dirty windows and would love to try this product!

  118. Would love to try this!!!

  119. So embarrassing! I can’t remember the last time I really cleaned my windows! I need some Fish Foam cleaner!

  120. Wow, what a difference. We’ve been renovating our home, so we can definitely relate to how dusty the windows and mirrors get.

  121. It’s sad that I have to share how dirty my windows are!!! Please help. 🙂

  122. Thirkellgirl says:

    They’re pretty dirty… I had a serious injury last spring, just before I was about to do my spring cleaning blitz, and never got to them. Two big storms (and the previous winter) have left a lot of grime on my windows and anything that would make my job easier would be wonderful! Pick me!

  123. Well first off, I have seen a Fish Foam van in my town before and didn’t get a good enough look to see what they were all about. Nice to know!!!

    My windows are AWFUL!!!!! I LOVE clean windows, love looking out of them. But I am horrible at cleaning windows and it is so much work. I generally will take one day in the spring and one day in the fall (it takes me all day) and go through inside and out and clean all of the windows in our home. Haven’t gotten the umph to do it yet this fall and they are horrid!!!

  124. I hate to admit it, but I do have dirty windows! I’ve used fish foam before, and it’s great…would love to win some! 😉

  125. I have to admit it–my windows are Dirty!!!

  126. Hi Rhoda, sign me up for that red can! I have a beautiful front door with stubborn dirt I think this product would help. Thank you, your windows are gorgeous.

  127. Lynn D in NC says:

    Our windows are filthy. We’ve been going through renovations too – we’re not finished, but oh my, the build-up on the windows is horrendous. Would love to win some Fish Foam to help with that cleaning task.

  128. The windows on my 2 story house are seriously BAD! With this product, maybe I could talk DH into getting out there & get to work!

  129. I would love to try some of this, it seems like everything I try streaks!!

  130. Sandy Bowers says:

    My husband is always struggling with dity windshields and heaven knows I have enough dirty windows and mirrors in the house too! I’d love to see mine sparkle they way yours are! Thanks for the opportunity to win Fish Foam!

  131. Oh, Rhoda… I would love to win some of this. I was looking out the windows in the sitting room (there are five), and I was just horrified at how filmy they look. We have 30-seomthing windows in this house, and they could ALL use some fish foam. Please sign me up. I would love, love, love to try this!!!



  132. My windows are filthy. I would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. Mine are really really bad. BUt what is worse is that I do try and clean them myself! Nothing works. THe way the sun shines they look streaky and dirty within one day. I have tried everything and I have just given up. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try Fish Foam and report back! 🙂

  134. Our windows are filthy! They haven’t been cleaned in several years-would love to win this product and have beautiful windows again!

  135. My windows are filthy!!! When my house was built, screen installation time just happened to coincide with love bug season. No matter how hard we tried, we weren’t quick enough to snap those screens on before bugs flew behind them. I REALLY NEED fish foam! Fingers crossed……

  136. My windows need pretty constant cleaning. With a dog that seems to “sneeze” on the front picture window and storm doors, and a 2 year old who seems determined to leave her sticky hand print on all surfaces of our house we NEED a good cleaner!

  137. My windows are so dirty that I don’t even want to talk about it!

  138. Dorothy F. says:

    My husband and I have always been DIY’ers, but in the last 5 years he has been unable to climb a ladder very high. Needless to say our outside windows are awful and his pride will not let him get anyone else to do it. I try to keep the inside windows clean but I always have trouble getting the streaks off the front glass door. Your windows look great,congrats on getting moved in. Nesting takes a while. I have moved 27 times.

  139. I love clean windows and I am anxious to try this product. Many products leave streaks and that ruins the effect.

  140. Great Idea! Please enter me –
    Kind of like cleaning out your purse,
    you don’t realize how mucha difference it
    is going to make until you do it!
    Thanks – hugs.

  141. Andra McEwen says:

    Love the look of fresh clean windows. It makes it totally worth the effort. Would love to try Fish Foam!

  142. Living near the Gulf Coast, with the tropical storms and hurricanes and Gulf breezes and Sea breezes and pop-up thunderstorms that are a frequent occurrence, the windows in my house do get pretty filthy!

  143. jean reistle says:

    Oh my, are my windows dirty! Since I have wonderful luck, we settled on a second house at the beach a week before Hurricane Sandy hit Ocean City, NJ! We were lucky enough to not have much damage — 2 inches of mud in garage and storage area and a 3 foot water line — but the sand and dirt made windows that were already dirty — really really dirty!!! HELP! I need the fish foam window cleaner asap! Thanks for the generosity! Jean from South Jersey

  144. Was looking at my windows this weekend….beyond dirty!

  145. My windows have NEVER been thouroughly cleaned in and out. I’ve been in my 102 year old house for 34 years. I would love to try the product, especially if it is amonia free.

  146. I would certainly like to try this! Mine certainly need it. Lucky you!

  147. Norma Herrin says:

    Would love to try that! Thanks for the chance.

  148. My windows are definitely filthy. My boys and I tried to clean them this past spring. I went to the local hardware store and purchased the appropriate supplies. My boys cleaned outside; I got the inside.

  149. I have 3 floor to ceiling windows in my living room that need cleaning as I type this! Would be so happy to win and try this product.

  150. Ocean breeze, salt air on my windows! They need a good cleaning!

  151. We live in the woods. Its impossible to keep up with them! Anything that would make this job easier would be SO LOVED!!!!

  152. I don’t remember the last time my windows were cleaned.

  153. Ha, dirty is my middle name. I just did a daniele so I have sheet rock dust everywhere. Also living in the desert with two dogs in tow, I’ve got dust, dirt and doggy nose prints all over my windows! 🙂

  154. Michelle B says:

    NEED this :)) My windows are SOO dirty!!

  155. I have a messy boyfriend and an even messier dog, so my windows are a fright.

  156. My windows are in need of a cleaning. I’d like to give the Fish Foam cleaner a try. It sounds easier to use and more effective than my homemade formula of water with ammonia and vinegar.

  157. Malinda Clay says:

    Are they dirty????????UH yea. I would love to try this product. Thanks for the chance to win and I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

  158. We’ve been in our house almost 5 yes and the windows haven’t been cleaned in all that time. Does that say something about my piorities.

  159. Teela Falgoust says:

    I was just thinking last week that my windows are needing a cleaning. I would love the opportunity to try this product. Thanks!

  160. Wow, your windows look awesome! I was just noticing this past weekend how bad my windows need cleaning. Would love to try the Fish Foam!

  161. I love to see the sun rise in the morning – that is if my windows weren’t so dirty I could see it! I would love to give this product a try inside and out!

  162. It’s peanut harvesting season here in South Georgia, so the dust is flying everywhere! My windows need cleaning desperately and I’ve been wanting to try Fish Foam for awhile now.

  163. Oh Rhoda-you have no idea how dirty my windows are! We live on the flat prairie and you can only imagine how dirty things get. I have seen this before on another blog I read and was interested in trying it out!

  164. I would love to try this My windows need it bad!!!!!!

  165. Oh how dirty our windows are! The glass, the tracks, it’s just so grody! They really & truly need cleaned & it is not a chore I am at all happy to tackle.

  166. Oh, how I would love some Fish Foam, it looks like a great product. What a great idea to have clean windows for the holidays…put my name in the hat please.

  167. My windows are streaked. No matter what I try, they still end up streaky. I’d love to try this.

  168. I live in the arid Southwest, where the dust and dirty and blowing wind never ends and leaves an endless deposit of nastiness on windows & sills…I would love to have a product to help in the constant battle!

  169. I could definitely use some fish foam for my windows. Though I have cleaned my windows several times in the two years we have lived in our OLD house, I can never seem to get them sparkly clean. Old windows are a horror to clean and I have a lot of them. I could really use some fish foam. Too bad the cute guys don’t come along with the giveaway. It would be nice to have a few cuties clean my windows too. LOL, but I would be plenty happy just to win the giveaway without them. PS, your windows look fantastic. Lucky you!

  170. I would love to win this cleaning product. My windows have dirt left from Hurricane Sandy.

  171. I clean vacation rental properties on a Florida beach and would love to see if this works on the film. I have tried everything to get rid of streaks and am excited that this is something new I can use. Thanks!

  172. I live next to a busy street, and the dust we get from it is crazy, so yeah, pretty much my windows are filthy, I try to clean the ones on the first level, but the second floor one have sadly never been touched. Your windows look amazing by the way.

  173. My windows are very dirty around the seals. I am sure it would do wonders for mine.

  174. We are getting ready to sell our house and really need to clean our windows. The tracks are pretty bad. I would love the chance to try this out.

  175. Nothing makes my day more than having clean windows to look through.My windows always need cleaned, but never get to it as often as I should. Thanks for giving the cleaner away!

  176. We live on a ‘freeway’ and lots of windows, some to floor, and east and west and south exposures and wow are they awful. I would love the foam.

  177. I would love to try the Fish Foam on my dirty windows!!

  178. My husband cleaned our windows this year. Yes, very sweet but also very sweet that I haven’t pointed out to him that they are now all smeary. I will be redoing them at some point, when he’s not home!

  179. Desperately need this!!!!! Cannot find anything that doesn’t streak!!!!

  180. My windows are so dirty I cannot see the fall leaves falling for the nasty windows. I broke my arm awhile back and cannot tackle this job like I once did when I had sparkling windows and everyone commented on them when they drove by my house. Needless to say I am not getting those comments now!! Could use a miracle product……..
    I have been following your blog for a few weeks now—absolutely love, love, love it!!!

  181. My windows have doggie nose prints and kid hand prints on all of them. That Fish Foam would help me out greatly! Then everything would be all nice clean for the Holidays!

  182. Uh, I’m embarrassed to say how dirty my windows are. =/ I was scared of spiders and wasps a couple of weeks ago when I planned to clean them but with a cold spell I think I am safe to get around to it this weekend…especially when the husband will be home to help. 😉

  183. Well, with two kids, a husband and two dogs (both at different heights) my windows are pretty bad……finger prints, dog nose prints, dog tongue prints…..dirt, water spots…..I could go on but you get the idea……

  184. Vara Burton says:

    Oh my, oh my, my windows…. We built our home in 2009 and my windows haven’t been cleaned since. Yuck. I have three short people in my house and they ALL have grubby fingers. That red can looks divine. I wish one could be mine.

  185. The glass ceiling/roof on our sunroom could really use this product. The falling leaves, rain, and birds have done their thing.

  186. We just moved into a rental and there are lots of windows. I don’t think they’ve been cleaned in a long time.

  187. Would love to try this product! I have a cleaning business and am ALWAYS looking for something new and better to use to clean windows!!!! As far as my home, our windows definitely need replacing but until then…I would love to try something new to put a little ‘sparkle’ back in them!!!!!

  188. I have been working like a maniac for the past 3 years trying to put my house back together after my husband moved out. One of the big things I have done to my house is to replace all the windows — since the sills were literally rotting and falling off into my flower beds! That was 2 years ago, and I still have not gotten around to cleaning these 14 windows. A pak of Fish Foam would be GREATLY appreciated!!! 🙂

  189. Fish Foam! What a great name for a product I would love to try on all the windows in my condo at the beach! Clean windows are a must for this spectacular view!

  190. With two girls and a dog the windows are pretty bad. It doesn’t help that we live out in the woods and an osprey dropped a fish that hit one.

  191. Oh,I have been waiting for them to open a franchise in my area. Soon I hope! Heard rave reviews.Thanks for a chance to win.

  192. Tish Hazel says:

    Oh, I got so excited reading your post about Fish Foam! I am hoping they are in my area so I can get them to come out and do my windows inside and out. I would love love love to have some Fish Foam to clean my mirrors in the house…they are so dirty and would just love to SHINE!!

  193. I will definitely try this product! We live in a 120 year old house with lots of windows. Between the dog nose prints and living close to a train track we have lots of dust and smudges. Glad you had such a good experience and beautiful windows for your home!

  194. I would love to try this Fish cleaner. No matter how hard I try to clean my windows there are always streaks left behind. Mine are dirty.

  195. Just this morning making a pre-holiday to-do list and looked up from my breakfast table to look out at the bright sunshiney day and thought I better add washing my windows to the ever growing list! Where I used to work used the local FISH franchise and the windows always sparkled!

  196. I just moved into a newly renovated home too and could really use some help with the windows! I would love for the windows to be as sparkling and clean as yours, Rhoda!! : )

  197. I would love to get that product…my windows are so dirty!
    Your windows look great. You can tell that Fish Foam really
    works. Thanks for a great give away!

  198. We didn’t realize how badly our windows needed cleaning until we installed a new set of french doors last week…everything is so much brighter when you look out that instead of the windows 🙂

  199. Mine need cleaning. The last time I did it, two of the windows came out of the tracks and that was a pain to fix. Two dogs, 6 grands and a husband that always uses the glass to push open the storm doors,. I need Fish Foam.

  200. Mine are in deparate need of cleaning and even if I don’t win, I will have to find some of this to try.

  201. My windows are very dirty! I blame the dog. LOL

  202. I would love to score some Fish Foam for my dirty windows!!

  203. In dire need of windows cleaned….after a kitchen remodel and with a Golden Retriever whose nose is always pressed against it trying to get the squirrels, my windows are in bad shape. Would love to try this cleaner!

  204. I think this would be a product that I would love to try. If I don’t win then I will need to locate this product to buy!!!! Great giveaway.

  205. I have cleaned our windows once in the 4 years we’ve lived there. I cleaned them with water and vinegar which made my house smell terrible!! But, my windows were spotless!

  206. My windows are dirty! I don’t think I’ve cleaned them in the two years since we moved in.. woops I think I should get on that! But I would be more excited to clean my car windows! Kids + dog = smeared up windows!

  207. Ten little fingers and one little nose resides on my windows!

  208. IT’s rainy and dreay here today, and I need clean windows to let in every speck of light through the winter! I’d love to try this product!

  209. Dirty, very dirty! At least 12 months worth of dirt. I didn’t see a location in my zip code but the neighboring county has a franchise so I’m going to call and see if they’ll come my way.

  210. Sandra Miller says:

    would love me some glass fish cleaner in a red can – the windshield in my car is sooooo dirty – and each time the sun shines on it I cringe that I have been unable to get it clean –

  211. Would love to win this…. I have some dirty windows…..

    windex use to put out a foam window cleaner then took it off the market….
    I loved it

    would love to see how this one does!!!!

  212. This sounds like a wonderful product. I WANT SOME!!!


  213. And here I thought, if I win they would be coming to Las Vegas to clean my windows. Bummer!

  214. I would love some fish foam. We have mostly new windows but still have 5 old yucky windows. They have metal grids that section off the individual panes of glass. They are old and can get moldy and I’d really like to get new ones. But it’s not on the cards right now. However a good window cleaning would make a big difference.

  215. My windows did not get cleaned this spring so they are very dirty. I love the thought of a foam cleaner. I just found your blog and love it. I’m going back to read all about your renovation.

  216. I have heard about this cleaner. I would love to give it a try. I enjoy reading your blog and all the wonderful ideas! Thanks.

  217. I would soooooooo love to try some on my Mirrors… so tired of streaks.. streaks… streaks…. I got allll “Giddy” when i saw the pic of the gentleman cleaning your mirror!!!!!!! 🙂

  218. Please pick me!! I live in Conyers with my husband and 3 dogs. OUr two boys have recently moved out of the house. I am interested in cleaning my house again now that I don’t have anyone coming behind me to destroy it. I would LOVE a three pack of Fish Foam Window Cleaner.

  219. YES, dirtier than yours.

  220. Kim Johnson says:

    I live in my grandparents old home place and I would bet the windows haven’t been cleaned in over 20 years!!

    Kim J

  221. My windows are a lot dirtier than yours. I live on a ranch in the desert, where the wind blows all the time. Add a little water and the dirt is stuck to the windows.

  222. So good to know they are in the area. I was just telling hubby we need ours cleaned desperately!!

  223. I love the idea that the foam sticks to the glass. That would make cleaning windows so much easier and maybe even fun.

  224. Hi Rhoda! A blessing indeed! Your windows look wonderful. My windows are dirty most of the time. It’s so humid here and with the sea air, there is a smush that accumulates on my windows. Hate it. When you clean them the rag gets black!
    It was so nice to see your little head at the webinar last night! 🙂
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  225. Kristen M. says:

    I live on a dirt road so you can image how BAD my windows can look! I would be thrilled if I won Fish Foam Cleaner. Thanks.

  226. Rhoda I would love to have a streak free Cleaner like Fish Foam. I am the worst at window cleaning and it is such a great feeling to have it all done, including mirrors and car windows clean!!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  227. My windows are pretty dirty due to the “monsoon” storms we get here in Phoenix…rain mixed with desert dust= mud!

  228. My windows are SO DIRTY……….. I would be embarassed for anyone to even look at them !!!!! I hope I win !!!

  229. anne harris says:

    while mine are not as dirty as yours were, they are dirty enough!!

  230. After irrigation season my windows are in dire need of a good cleaning. This product looks great!

  231. connye neal says:

    Can’t wait to buy my own Fish Foam window spray. I am a “nut” about fingerprints and dirty windows. Excited!!

  232. my windows are sooooo dirty. I have not cleaned them since i moved in 6/1999. I really do not have the time with working long hours and just barely keeping the house presentable. Help! I need clean windows so i can see the beautiful trees and animals of nature.

  233. We bought a house that had been empty for about a year and had the inside totally renovated before moving in six months ago. This summer we had all the grass in our backyard removed and replaced with pavers and planting beds. We knew it would be a waste of energy to clean the windows before all the work was completed but now it’s time. I had read about Fish Foam before and thought it sounded like a product I’d like to try. We could sure give it a good test.

  234. For my car, for my bathroom, for my window, I need this product! Amazing the difference clean windows make…I’m seeing if there’s a franchis near me after I hit “submit”. CTD

  235. Oh, my windows are gross! I would love to try this cleaner.

  236. Joanie Cottrell says:

    Okay, this stuff sounds too weird to be true. Would like to see if it will remove doggie nose prints from my car windows and french door!

  237. Yes, our windows are surely as dirty as yours are. I’m ashamed to say how many years it’s been since the windows were all cleaned at once. Thanks for the recommendation for Fish – I just located their franchises in NE and have booked them to come and do my Mom’s house the Saturday before Thanksgiving as a surprise gift to her. She’s in a rural area but they said they’d come the 50 miles out of their usual service zone for $50 to cover the extra expense of time and fuel which is more than reasonable. We had heard of them from relatives in MI this summer and lost their brochure. My Mom is going to be so happy!!!

  238. I am shampooing/steaming my carpets today so I’m thinking clean windows would be great as well!!

  239. I usually clean my windows every spring but they are pretty icky right now. Would love to try fish foam as long as it really doesn’t have a strong smell! Especially a fishy smell…yuk! LOL!

  240. I am in need of a product that doesn’t streak or leave smudges.

  241. Rita Marie says:

    My windows are so dirty on the inside of my car, that I keep turning the defroster on thinking that will clear things up.

  242. Would love to win this!!

  243. I’m blessed with tons of pretty windows-all of which need cleaning! I would love to try this product! Thanks for the giveaway, Rhoda!

  244. Dawn Stribling says:

    My windows are a mess! I believe they actually look worse when I try to clean them with the blue liquid stuff that I won’t name! lol

  245. My windows are so dirty I need Fish Foam!

  246. I try to keep my windows reasonably clean, but I have moved into houses where they were beyond gross! I would love a cleaner that didn’t run, and didn’t smell like amonia!

  247. Kathy Bartlett says:

    Rescued a log cabin from the woods that has been setting empty for 30 years except for the wild life. Talk about dirty windows. Took a hose to the worst but need something that will cut the film off the glass. Kathy

  248. Scary dirty :O)

  249. I hate to admit it but my windows are absolutely filthy.

    Thank you.

  250. Living in central Texas there is no way to keep clean windows. The wind never stops, and if we get rain, well it turns the windows into some kind of dusty spotted mess. Help! I would love to try Fish Foam……Maybe that would do the trick..Maybe?????

  251. My windows are so dirty, the foam would be dark brown instead of white!

  252. I’m sorry to say I missed my Spring cleaning this year! If I had a new product to try I could get some Fall cleaning done before the holidays!

  253. Well after sanding all the woodwork in our bedroom and then moving to the hallway to redo the woodwork there I know you can appreciate how dirty my windows are. I had washed them at the beginning of fall and 2 weeks later a big storm came through and that ruined that. Send me a can and I’ll get busy again!!

    Thanks Rhoda!

  254. What an amazing product – your windows look great!
    Would love to try it on our dirty windows.

  255. Joanne B. says:

    My windows are filthy. Can’t remember the last time I did them because I am never happy with the results so why bother doing all that work for meh results. I’ve tried ammonia and water, vinegar and water, water and microfiber clothes, windex, windex window cleaner you attach to the garden hose for the outside, newspapers, paper towels, old sheets, old towels. I have given up! I would be willing to try this product since you think it is a good one! My arms can’t take the work out without good results! I would love to try this!

  256. CJ Vierow says:

    With two cats who “read their newspapers” with their noses pressed to the glass, the windows can get dirty fast! Would love to try the “fish foam” — unless it smells “fishy” — that would just cause more nose prints! lol
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a can. CJ

  257. I’m too embarrassed to tell you how dirty my windows are. I actually gave up on cleaning my windows years ago. :o( My windows are double paned & the seals have broken on all of them – so there’s a white splotchy film on them. Cleaning them makes no difference, you still can’t see through them. (You realise this is all said with sarcasm – I do rarely clean my windows but it never makes me feel better!)

    But, I do clean my mirrors & I have a new french door that gets cleaned & sparkly often. I’d love to try this product.

  258. I need to see things more clearly!! Would love to have the fish foam to solve that problem!

  259. Grandsons are really tough on glass: mirrors, windows, computer screens. They manage to smear them all!

  260. I have a 1947 house that sits right by a busy street near our nation’s capital. Add four kiddos…you get the picture, right?

    I’d love to try the Fish Foam.

  261. April was in CT now CA says:

    My windows are in desperate need of a good cleaning!

  262. This would be so nice to win. My windows are so dirty and this cleaner looks like it would be easier to work with than ones that run down the windows while using it.

  263. Like Lisa’s comment above, my dogs have left their comments on our windows as well, “We are here!!” In addition, we love the open windows during the spring and summer months – unfortunately dust & leaves have crept between our windows and screens. I have yet to find a cleaner that works well. With that said, your windows look awesome so please enter me!

  264. Boy – are my windows dirty at my house. What a chore! Would love to try this product! I’m going to try it on my car windows too! Great idea! Hope to win! Thanks Rhoda for the chance.

  265. Dirty windows? We bought our house last year and I don’t think the previous owner ever washed the windows. I tackled some of the ones that were really bad but they all should probably be done again!

  266. I have 66 very dirty windows and 5 doors with very dirty windows. We have lived in the house for a year, and I am determined to get at least half of them clean this fall. I guarantee, it has been a LONG time since they have been clean….All 66 of them!! Lori Lucas

  267. How dirty are the windows? 6 kids worth. 😉

  268. I bought a fixer-upper, too. And I don’t think it had been cleaned in a year…and I’m working my way around the windows. They are pretty dirty, but probably not as bad as yours were.

  269. Oh yeah, they’re bad alright! Especially where our sweet dog likes to put her nose up against the French doors! Thank you for a great giveaway 🙂

  270. Amanda S. says:

    My windows are really grimy! I just closed on my house in April and I don’t think the old owners had cleaned them in years. I did a quick job initially, but they really need a serious cleaning! Impressed with your newly shiny windows!

  271. My windows could well get some cleaning. I have read several ‘praises’ about Fish Foam in the blog world, and I am ready to try it! Hurricane Sandy left a mess on my windows and screen door!

  272. It’s really a shame for windows to be as dirty as mine but that’s one chore I just never seem to get too! This could be put to good use at my house. By the way your house looks great, be sure to tell your Mom and Dad they are a great pair and you are truly blessed to still have both of them in your life! thanks for the giveaway.

  273. What a wonderful thing to happen – clean windows!! Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win 🙂

  274. I’ve been in my house for 12 years and they are in need of a good clean! Never heard of Fish Foam, but it looks great. I’ll be looking for it in the store. Thanks!

  275. Monica Jones says:

    I have a huge window that faces a gravel road – it is always dirty! Would love to try this product!

  276. Oh gee, I would love some. I haven’t cleaned my windows in probably 3 or 4 years!

  277. how dirty are our windows????? Can you say Sandy did a job on them?

  278. Hi Rhoda,
    Are you kidding me? After having a crane remove the tree that split our house in two, and the two weeks of torrential rains flooding it and nearly destroying everything in it, and the ceiling , walls and floors being removed, and all the framing, sheetrock, wiring and floors being replaced, and 20 months of major renovations to finally be able to call the structure a house again, the windows in my almost finished home are FILTHY!!!! Some of that Fish Foam would be just what the doctor ordered to get this place sparkling again!
    So glad to see you are finally in your lovely home, I’ve so enjoyed following along for your journey, all the while thinking “Rhoda’s going to get back into her home before us!!” I’m envious, but also very happy for you!

  279. Joy@comfort and joy says:

    The holidays are just around the corner and my windows need sprucing up. Fish Foam seems to be the answer. I’d love to try it!

    Love what you’ve done to your home. Your hard work has inspired me to update my home and take on a few projects. If only your dad lived close by my house and hired out the work would get much quicker. Lucky you!


  280. I live in NYC. My windows are dirty even when they’re clean. I have yet to find a product that actually cleans them well.

  281. My windows are FILTHY! Bring on the Fish Foam…please oh please.

  282. My windows and 2 sets of patio doors are in dire need of a good cleaning. The patio doors especially have nose prints of the dogs on them inside and outside. They also have the grandchildren’s palm and finger prints on them. If I don’t do something soon. . .I will be able to use the patio doors as the children’s growth chart!!

  283. I have never heard of Fish Foam, but I desperately need some! Thanks for the chance to win!

  284. Debbie K. says:

    Would love to give Fish Foam a try on the inside of my windshield that I never seem to be able to get clean. Thanks for the opportunity!

  285. Sylvia Moore says:

    wow, I am so jealous! Just kidding, very happy that you got your windows done and they look great! I would love to try the product.

  286. No, mine aren’t as dirty as yours 🙂 But I’d like to try this product!

  287. I just moved in to a house no one has lived in for a year and a half and the windows are dirty. I cleaned one window last weekend and I could really use some Fish Foam in a can to help me get motivated to clean more dirty windows! 🙂

    thanks for the chance!

  288. My windows are so dirty, i can’t even take pictures thru them! lol Help!!

  289. My windows didn’t get cleaned this spring either, always meant to get to it but never did:) Thanks for the chance to win, I’d love to try this product!

  290. My window are pretty bad! We had some boards replaced on our house and since then our windows have looked bad!

  291. A nor’easter on top of Sandy…nuff said. On the bay and 3 blocks from the ocean, I have got some dirty windows!

  292. My windows sure are dirty! I see some sort of insect has laid a gob of eggs right in the glass of the guest room. Ick!

  293. I am ashamed to admit how long it has been since my windows have been cleaned, especially the outsides…it’s so frustrating to never be able to get them streak-free that I avoid them altogether! Christmas is coming, though, and it would be lovely to get them really clean without spending forever doing it. 🙂

  294. How dirty are my windows, let me count the years! LOL

  295. Hmm —- my windows have not been cleaned in, oh, about 5 years. I would love to try Fish Foam — nice giveaway!!

  296. I don’t really like washing windows so that is the last thing I do…I haven’t cleaned windows in 2 years or so…I would love love love to try Fish Foam!

  297. I don’t notice my dirty windows until we have company! They do need some cleaning. Thanks for the opportunity…..

  298. Yes they are not to nice. Because you know if your renting your home they dont get cleaned unless you do it. And its time for sure for me to do it. I like the idea of foam and no running.

  299. Ohhh they are so dirty… We bought a foreclosure and have been renovating it.

  300. Deb McKathan says:

    We replaced all our windows and most still have the stickers on them way higher than my ladder! The fish foam would inspire me to get busy!

  301. I would love to win this! I have tried many things to get the outside of my windows clean along w/ my fuzzy dirt screens. I gave up during spring cleaning. If this product is that good I may be able to see out my windows again!!!

  302. Ruger, our Lab, loves to look out the windows and presses his nose against the glass. There are usually little nose prints along both of our front windows. This is a small price to pay for all the unconditional love he provides. I am sure Ruger would be pleased if this wonderful window cleaner would make it easier for his Mom and Dad to clean up after him.

  303. Mine aren’t terrible but myndearnfriend has a slobbery boxer, and, well, it’s just gross!! I would love to surprise her with a ambush cleaning!

  304. I just moved into a beautiful new loft in Atlanta which would be much more beautiful if I could see clearly out the plentiful windows. I am willing to clean if I have this great product 🙂 I have heard good things about Fish Foam from others and would love a chance to try it.

  305. TheresaLH says:

    How I would love to have them come to my home!! Thanks for the chance to try the cleaner!

  306. Gwen Callahan says:

    This would be amazing gift! I recently had knee surgery and winning something that would make cleaning a little easier would be FANTASTIC!!!

  307. I would LOVE to try out this product! Some of my windows are in dire need of some help, others are not so bad. Thanks for the chance to win.

  308. My windows are WAY dirtier that your were!!!

  309. We moved into a 1996 split level in July. Teh windows were filthy too! I never have gotten around to cleaning the outside of them, and one does not open and is on the second story. It has probably never been cleaned!

  310. Vicki Crowe says:

    I would love to try it! We had to move away and rented our home for a couple
    years. Now that we are back home, I’ll definitely do a good spring cleaning after Christmas, and windows are a huge part of that! Plus I have a lot of mirrors, and a glass topped kitchen table that I bet that would work great on. Regardless if I win or not, I’ll be trying this!

  311. Wow, I’d love to try this product. The windows in our house are beyond dirty. Thanks for the give-away.

  312. Debbie Bruns says:

    My Windows are definitely ready for their fall cleaning!!

  313. Oh man, are my windows in need of a good cleaning! Please help me!

  314. Barbara Z. says:

    My wonderful 1921 house has 54 windows… and we live on a main street in town: need I tell you how dirty each & every one is??? Pick me, pick me!! Thanks & blessings, bz

  315. Elaine in Laguna says:

    I’d love to remove the Southern California smog and pollution, grime, dirt, marine layer and kitty nose prints off of my windows! What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  316. After Hurricane Sandy, my windows need serious de-griming!

  317. Oh do I ever need this foam. My windows need cleaning so badly that I could save on electricity since I wouldn’t have to turn on as many lights. It’s pretty bad when I look out my window at the bird feeder and the little bird looks a little pale and you find out the bird is a male cardinal!
    I could use those guys at my house too, especially if they are reliable. All my windows could really use some TLC.

  318. Just finishing up a project of new doors and windows…..what a treat it would be to win this!

  319. With 18 windows on the first floor ONLY, I am always ready for a window cleaning. It doesn’t help that the dog barks and spits on the lower windows whenever the UPS guy delivers! 🙂

  320. I was just thinking today that I need to wash my windows. I have a greyhound who loves to dig and when he digs dirt goes flying. It’s really bad since it rained and he got to digging and throwing mud all over my windows.

  321. Would love to try any new product if it will clean the dust off my windows here in NM!

  322. I have been wanting to try Fish Foam for some time now. I don’t think my upstairs windows have ever been fully cleaned in 26 years. My husband hangs out the window and I hang on to him, but he can clean only part of the outside window. Thanks for this giveaway!

  323. I would love to try this product. My windows need a a good cleaning.Thanks for the chance to win.

  324. Nicole-Lynn says:

    How nice that must have been to have them come to your house and clean your windows!

    My husband and I bought a short sale home and we haven’t cleaned our windows yet. We could definitely use some window cleaner! This stuff sounds amazing. Thanks for the opportunity.

  325. Debbie Edwards says:

    My windows are crying out for some loving care from the Fish Foam!
    My two sets of french doors would especially look better using Fish Foam. Would love to try it, so I could sing “I can see clearly now”.

    Thank you!

  326. I would love to win this, I hate doing windows. Ours get so dirty every year and anything that would make is easier I am all for. Great giveaway!

  327. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall-
    “Who is the fairest of them all”

    I want it to be “me” but my mirror is so dirty!! I really need the fish foam!
    Thank you for all your inspirations!

  328. BamaCarol says:

    Oh my! How dirty are my windows? Filthy, filthy, filthy. I cleaned the inside after our renovation but the outside has not been done yet. Would love to have this to get them sparkling clean.

  329. I would love to win this.. We too are in the middle of a reno and the house has MAJOR dirty window!! But they will have to go to the bottom of the honey-do list.. Too many other things to get done first.
    Loved following all the progress on your house, and love all your decorating ideas.. Thanks for showing us that all those projects are possible ..

  330. I would love to win the Fish Foam Window Cleaner. With 3 dogs, my back glass door has constant nose prints and gets licked quite alot. We also live behind a cotton and soybean field, and the dust that accumulates on our windows (esp during harvesting) is unbelievable. My windows could definitely use something like this and it would make my life alot easier!

  331. My windows are so dirty that I submitted a bid request to our neighborhood Fish Window cleaning company. I sure hope that I can use them soon. Love how beautiful your windows look!

  332. DIRTY BAD!

  333. after reading post, you have convinced me to give Fish a call….thank you. 🙂

  334. Oh Lord…… you can’t imagine just how dirty my windows are!!!!!! We live close to the road, and there is sooo much dust that blows around our house. We also have a major problem with spiders, so there are spider webs everywhere. I would LOVE to try the fish foam cleaning product!!!! Thanks 🙂

  335. Your windows look amazing! Sadly they are not in my area but I would love to win the Fish Foam cans and try it out. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  336. Thanks for the chance to win. Clicked on over to their website and unfortunately they are not in my area nor my Mom’s b/c that would have been a perfect Christmas gift for her. Guess if I win I’ll have to do it myself. But the results sure look worth it. Love your new house and following all you and your sweet family have done.

  337. Mine are WAY DIRTIER than yours were and I’d send a picture but I’m too embarrassed. I LOVE the idea of a window cleaner without an ammonia smell.

  338. Cheryl jones says:

    Words can’t express how dirty my windows are. I am in desperate need of Fish Foam to help me get started. I ve tried everything to clean my windows but everything streaks them. Since I live in Florida where we have so many windows we joke we live in a “fish bowl” it seems only appropriate to give Fish Foam a try. Thank You.

  339. Yes! My windows are in need of a good cleaning and I’m sorry, but Windex just doesn’t cut it. We live in a dry climate with lots of wind, so I have to admit that my winows are dirtier than most. I would love to win the Fish Foam!

  340. How would I love these cans of cleaner?
    OoOoOoh, let me count the ways…
    1. Storm debris from Sandy.
    2. Spattering from nearby gutters compliments of storm Sandy.
    3. Two black labs that love leaving kisses on my windows and french doors.
    4. So many windows to clean. So little time.
    5. When I have cleaned them in the past (with Windex) the streaks are worse than the original dirty window pane.

    Go Fish!

  341. I’d love the fish foam to use on my shower doors! Wonder if it could get through the soap scum?! Would love to win and try it!

  342. My windows are in need of a good cleaning product — I do my own cleaning, but they never come out like yours .

  343. Hi Rhoda,
    I bet my windows are worse. Hurricane Sandy did a number on our windows. I’ve never in the whole time I’ve lived in my home have I ever seen them this bad. I hope I win. It would definitely give me the motivation to get them cleaned back up again.

  344. You mean you’re suppose to be able to see out your windows?? Oh my, I guess I need help!!! Fish Foam – I need your spray cleaner…….

  345. I have heard such good things about fish foam, would love to try it!

  346. I just spent a couple hours last Saturday cleaning windows with some of the liquid, runny stuff. Sadly, every day I walk by them and still see a streak or cloudy spot. Aggravating! So I’d really love to try some Fish foam!

  347. I’d like to try the Fish Foam because I certainly don’t enjoy doing windows but I’m wondering how this foam would work on my vinyl tubs and showers. The tub/showers are a real pain to clean so anything that would make it easier/quicker would be wonderful.

  348. Have heard so much about this product recently. Would love to try it out!

  349. Yep, my windows are dirty and I’ve yet to find a cleaner that does a good job. Thanks for the giveaway!

  350. Unfortunately I had a 7 month water damage restoration project at my house. I need some super duper stuff to shine my windows! Ive enjoyed following your progress. Thank you for inspiration to find the end!!!

  351. Well, we’ve lived in this house for 21 years and I’ve never cleaned all the windows on the outside. Chances are they were never cleaned before we moved in. Sad, but true. Checked their website – they aren’t in my area yet 🙁 Having my own can of Fish Foam might possibly motivate me to actually clean them!

  352. My windows are extremely dirty with the recent rainy weather.

  353. I would love to win Fishfoam window cleaner.
    Living in rural Arizona it is so dusty and my windows
    sure need cleaning.

    Thank you for the offer and the inspiration!


  354. We had our windows professionally cleaned…once. They used plain ole water I think and while the windows looked cleaner, I wasn’t that impressed with the service given the price we were charged. I’d love to try this foam cleaner stuff!

  355. Filthy – as in 20 on a 10 pt scale. Not a job I like and this fall has been really dry and dusty, so I’ve put off the chore of washing windows… But this looks like a good product that could make window washing ‘fun’!

  356. Kate Suhoza says:

    My windows are so bad that I can’t see my kids play in the front yard. In my defense it is their handprints.

  357. My windows are desperate for a cleaning, and I’m desperate to find a cleaner that doesn’t streak.

  358. I would love to win this prize. I live on a busy street and my windows get very dirty from all the traffic. I was just saying to my husband I wanted to get the windows cleaned for the holidays.

  359. I have wanted to try Fish Foam!! There aren’t any franchises here, but I’d like to give it a try myself!

  360. I would love the chance to win. With a couple grandchildren and two dogs my windows are always in need of a good cleaning. I have been wondering how Fish Foam would tackle my windows.

  361. I would love to try these products! Who doesn’t need their windows cleaned? I have little cat nose prints on several windows from my cat’s bird watching! And like you I have dirty windows from a kitchen reno. Yay for clean windows!

  362. Mine need all the help they can get! Love the name “fish” foam!

  363. Would love to try it!

  364. The windows of our home are not too terribly bad, but I would LOVE to use this cleaner on my car windows! Just can’t seem to get a streak-free shine no matter what type of cleaner I use. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great product 🙂

  365. Oh man, that sure would be helpful. I have a dog (nuff said) but he’s been sick and I can’t even begin to tell you the stuff that’s been coming out of his nose!!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  366. Umm…mine are pretty dirty on the second floor and in our garage,but out downstairs is decent.

  367. My windows are in need of some attention…

  368. My windows are filthy right now, dog can’t keep his nose off them!!

  369. Yowza that stuff is awesome!!
    thanks for the chance:)

  370. I emailed our local Fish franchisee for an estimate. I’d love to have clean windows for the holidays!

  371. This would be a true blessing as spring is coming and my windows are still filthy. We live in Brick, NJ so the one of the many remnants of hurricane Sandy is that everything is just grungy from the wind attaching everything it could to our home. (I’m not complaining we are truly lucky to still have a home) Wish me luck!

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