Floral Drapes in the Dining Room

I’m working on getting moved to a new server over the weekend, so things will be down for a couple of days, but I’m hoping this will get my feeds back to normal, as well as email updates and all the problems with loading my blog and seeing the pics.  Hang in there with me, I am hoping to get this thing back to normal soon!  Believe me, I’m so frustrated!  I’m not going to post anything after this until I get moved, since things are so up and down right now.

If you’re getting back on here for the first time in 2 weeks (that’s how long my feeds have been down), please go back and look at all those older posts that I’ve posted all during the last 2 weeks  (at the bottom of this post, underneath you’ll see all the thumbnail pics of the posts, just click on one to read).  I’ll be back soon with another new post, as soon as I get moved to the new server!

You all got a sneak peek of the new floral drapes in the dining room, so I wanted to show those a little more.  I really do love the added color and texture they bring to the space.

I actually bought that fabric 2 years ago and it is Robert Allen Basquiat Teak.  I found a link online and there are several if you do a search.  I was going to use it in my last house, but it got saved for the new one and I’m happy about that.  It’s a pretty modern floral with lots of impact. I found it locally at Fabric and Fringe Warehouse on Canton Hwy. and I think they still have it.

Diningroom overall

The drapes just add a cozy factor to the space and I’m so happy with them.  It’s nice to get that finishing touch up.

Buffet and lamps

Wall color in here is Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray,  mixed in Valspar at Lowes.

sideboard burlap wreath

My blog friend, Laura from Top This Top That, brought me that beautiful burlap wreath and I found the perfect spot for it on my board and batten in the dining room.   Thank you, Laura!

Buffet with burlap wreath

I couldn’t be happier with how this small dining room turned out.  It’s such a pretty space to look at every day. Got to work on hiding that lamp cord on the left.  I’m sure I can do that.  Funny what you see once pics are made, right?

new floral drapes

I had the drapes made at Fringe Benefits here in Marietta for $55 a panel, plus lining.  That price is for single width, lined and pinch pleated.  You do have to purchase the lining too.   They are the same company who did my living room drapes too and I love the pinch pleats.  That rod is a thriftstore find and the rings are from Ikea.  I had these drapes hemmed to 91″ and hung them close to the ceiling.  They frame the sliding glass doors nicely.

This particular fabric was definitely thought out with my current dining room chairs in mind, when I bought the fabric 2 years ago.  All the colors help bring the gold fabric on the chairs together with the rug and dark brown floors.  And it has green also which flows to other parts of the house, including the kitchen.  Just a look at my thought process when I’m putting fabrics together.  This one really does bridge the chair fabric with the wall color and everything else in the room and I pulled the gray out of the florals for the wall.  That’s how I knew what color to paint the walls above the board and batten early on. I already  had this fabric!


Since I’ve already showed this space, I’ll add in the pic of the corner cabinet.  It’s a nice little accent in here too. This was a thriftstore fine that I painted and revamped a few years ago.


My fave bunny hangs out here, along with some other yardsale pieces.

close up drapes

I just love all these colors together, so warm and inviting.

Aren’t they pretty?

- Rhoda


  1. Welcome back!!! Also been having trouble and thought is my computer until I figured out it was only your site I could not enter. Dining room looks great!

  2. Love the room!

  3. The drapes truly do pull the room together and tie in the kitchen! Perfect! I like how you think!

  4. jean reistle says

    Like several others who left comments, I can’t see any pics on this page either — just the first one appeared on my email that your blog was up – -but nothing on this page…..guess some can see and some can’t?

  5. Strangest thing — I can see the pictures on my IPad, but not on my desktop computer. Love the drapes, the board and batten and wall color.


  7. Deborah Whaley says

    I feel like I have been on this long and wonderful journey with you! Having “met” or rather discovered your blog long before you found and remodeled this amazing home. I have loved watching your home come together from the first photos when you bought it. What an amazing blog you have here I love it!

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I got email notification of your blog post this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks. I hope this means the end of those technical issues for you. Thanks for keeping us informed along the way. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Rhoda…I now what you are going through as I just had my blog transferred over to a self hosting venue…I must say that is was a pretty smooth transition….I love your dining room…the drapes are perfect in the room…definitely worth the wait for you…and Laura’s wreath is perfect above your sideboard…Have a great weekend and good luck on your “move” to another host site!

  10. Rhoda,
    I know you are having a
    tech out and having issues….
    FUNNY….some bloggers
    are getting your pics along
    with the script but I can’t
    see any pics. Please re-run
    these posts next week when
    you get the issues fixed….I
    HATE missing ANY of your
    gorgeous pictures…especially
    of your pretty new house !!!

  11. I agree with Nancy A. None of the pix in your posts are showing up, just the text. I haven’t been able to read anything in the past week. I tried at home and on my lunch hour at work. Please rerun them, if possible.

  12. The fabric on the drapes is gorgeous!! Everything looks divine ~ you rocked it all!

  13. I can see the pics now…beautiful!

  14. Rhoda, I absolutely love the drapes. This is one of my favorite rooms in your home.

  15. Yeah… I’m seeing pictures again on you blog!! Love the drapes.

  16. The pictures are back!

  17. Yay the pictures are back again!

    I never realized that I could put drapes on both sides of a sliding glass door. This has had me perplexed for my new condo. Thanks Rhonda for the inspiration.

  18. I LOVE the colors in those drapes! They just pull everything together…..

  19. Your blog is SO inspirational! Your home transformation is truly amazing and should be in a magazine!

  20. Any chance you know the name of the drape fabric? Love it. Thanks

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