Folk Art Giclee Print Giveaway

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The Winner is:  #32:  Joan

Artwork is such a special part of decorating our homes and original art is something that I really enjoy.

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by Barbara Steele Thibodeaux, primitive folk artist from Louisiana.  She’s offering a choice of one of the following giclee prints made from her original artwork.  Barbara is a self-taught artist, who also has a degree in Interior Design.

stillifeapples_11x14 (1)

A bowl of apples still life is 11 x 14”.  Apples Still Life print was one of 23 items selected by the designers at Country Sampler Magazine for their once a year Home Tours edition.  it was a juried competition to be selected,what an honor for Barbara!


This pretty pink flowered giclee print is also 11 x 14” and Barbara calls it Folky Flowers.

Please stop over at Barbara’s online shop, Southern Heart Gallery and tell me which of these prints you would enjoy if you are the winner.

Leave a comment here and I’ll choose a winner in a few days. 

Giveaway winners for Goose Creek Candles, Earth  Born pottery, and Wayfair are up and winners have been emailed!

- Rhoda


  1. Since I live in Apple Country I would most certainly pick the apple print of the two. She has some great prints on her site, I love the wildlife ones. Thanks for the generous giveway.

  2. I love the Blue Rooster ! He would look great in my kitchen !
    Wonderful giveway !
    Have a great day,
    Karen in Texas

  3. My decorating style is primitve. I would be honored to have the apple painting in my home.

  4. I have a wall of florals, and I love her paintings

  5. Love these paintings!!

  6. I think I’d have to pick Superbowl Saturday in the French Quarter since I live near the French Quarter. 🙂

  7. Francis C. Moore says:

    I like the apple painting.

  8. Sharon Avinger says:

    Love “Southern Grocery”! Thanks for this giveaway, Rhoda!

  9. Love the “Herald Angel”. She would be perfect for Christmas time.

  10. Loved her blue rooster! I really like the bowl of apples and have a spot in my kitchen where it would look so pretty!

  11. I really like Super Bowl Saturday in the French Quarter. I love New Orleans. But, if I win I think it would be a toss up with the apple painting.

  12. Love the “Apples”! It would look wonderful in my new kitchen with green, red and black!

  13. My family are educators; so Crooked Tree School is smiling on me. 🙂
    (love the pineapples on sale as well!)

    hugs, p

  14. i love the apple painting and have the perfect spot for it

  15. The “bowl of apples” print is just beautiful. My daughter’s kitchen is red/black/white, and this print would make her kitchen delightful!

    Thanks for the offer.


  16. I love the still live pineapple. I would put it in my kitchen or maybe even my guest bath depending on how well it fit!

  17. I would love the apple print. I just retired from teaching and it reminds me of my career. Also, the colors would go well with my home. I always enjoy reading your blog and watching the progress of your new home. Thanks!

  18. I love her work. If I had to narrow it down today, I’d love “Homecoming Celebration.” I have just the spot for one her amazing works.

  19. Heather Spooner says:

    I love the print “Laundry Day”. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. I collect apple plates etc. I have the perfect place for that apple painting.

  21. I love the apples against the black/white diamonds and the laundry day! Original art rocks! Thanks for the great giveaways you offer Rhoda!

  22. Lou Ann Bremers says:

    All beautiful but the Super Bowl in the French Quarter was my favorite. I love all things New Orleans and I have a place that would just be the thing to remind me of my travels there and I love Barbara’s style! Thank you for the opportunity.

  23. I love the apples still live. Would look great in my kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Just love folk art because it has soooo much heart and soul. This artist seems to capture that. Wonderful work.
    Really enjoy the feeling of Superbowl Saturday in the French Quarter.
    We gave our daughter and new son-in-law a honeymoon to New Orleans as a wedding gift (their pick).
    They so loved the spirit of all the people they met and look forward to returning one day.

  25. I really like the apple print. Those are the exact colors I am using in my kitchen!

  26. I love the print called “Second Line” but the Bowl of Apples is a close second!

  27. I really like the bowl full of apples print. It is so bright and refreshing. I decorate with apples in my kitchen/dining area. I don’t have a lot of apple things, but just a hint which shows that I really like red apples. It would be such a fun thing to be able to hang this picture on my wall.

    I very much enjoy your blog. I just happened upon it a couple of months ago. It is really interesting for me to see all the projects you are doing on your “new” house. You amaze me with all your hard work and get-up-and-do-it attitude. It looks so nice. Good work.:)

  28. Love both of these and the Second Line print!

  29. WOW!!! Love them …. the animal ones really are would be so hard to make a choice… I really like these …”Fence Kitties”, “Noel Kitty”, “Fat Cat Thinking Thin”, “Kitty Sweethearts”, “Suzette” and “Peacock”… so I’d really have a challenge to decide!!

  30. Joan Cottrell says:

    I really like the Folky Flowers! Thanks, Rhoda, for introducing me to this artist.

  31. I love the bowl of apples! I am a big fan of your folk art and everything you do and share with us.
    We enjoyed our apples this year, due to the drought over the entire state of Nebraska, all fruit had better flavor and sweetness!
    So, Pick ME! It would definitely fit in my folkish style dining room and kitchen!
    Thanks, Sandy (sister of Bob Zix!) hahaha!

  32. I love The Blue Rooster. Thanks

  33. I love the Folky Flowers because it reminds me of my grandmother and the flowers she loved. It would look perfect in my guest bedroom.

  34. Love the Folky Flowers- so beautiful! What a talented artist!

  35. I love love love those apples!!!

  36. I’d pick the apples!!

  37. I love the bowl of apples and the white rooster! They are all beautiful!

  38. Rhoda, these are so pretty! I think I’m in love with her little Folky Flowers! Wonderful giveaway! Thank you for thinking of us. Also, wanted to invite you over to my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  39. I love the “Folky Flowers!” But I’ll never win so I’ll have to save up some money to buy prints for myself. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Love the school house painting!!

  41. So many I love–The Snow Angels, The Apple Still Life, The Schoolhouse, The Blue Rooster—Love them all…

  42. I would choose Kitty Sweethearts. It’s charmingly sweet.

  43. Barbara is a friend! Love her and her work! Used to live in her neck of the woods, and now live in yours, Rhoda. Would love to have the bowl of apples still life to give to my mother, who is a retired school teacher!

  44. Fell in love with “Snuggled In”.

  45. Beautiful work! I like the Apples still life or the Pineapple one.
    Thanks for the opportunity…

  46. I have the perfect place on my wall for the apple picture! Thanks so much!

  47. I love, love the Apple print, it would look great in my diningroom!

  48. That first painting would be absolutely perfect in my kitchen. My backsplash is black and white diamonds, and the color scheme is red, white and black. Perfect.

  49. Sherry@Ties2ThePast says:

    I really like Amish Life I or the apples!!

  50. I would like to have Visitors at Apple Tree Farm!

  51. I would pick the egret and magnolia. I live on the water in MS, so its perfect for my house!

  52. I would pick the apples…it would go great with my apple collection!

  53. I would love to win the apple print. It’s gorgeous!!

  54. Would so love that gorgeous bowl of apples for my black, white and red kitchen!

  55. I love them all but the Mermaids are my favorites. Especially, Tanning Bed!

  56. Oh, how I love that apple bowl!!


    I Love the Apple Still Life print. It would match perfectly with my decor and I would be delighted to hang it.


  58. I collect all things apples and cats, so I just love the bowl of apples. I’ve cross stitched many apple-related projects and my name on a cross stitch message board is Apple Annie!

    Thanks for the contest!

  59. Mardi Gras Kitty is really pretty. 🙂

  60. Love the Apples print! Thanks for the great give-away.

  61. While both of them are lovely, the Apple Still Life would be my choice for my home.

  62. If the winner of this great gift, I would choose the apple print.

  63. Love the paintings! Would choose Superbowl Saturday in the French Quarter.

  64. Torri Bertarelli says:

    The “Second Line Parade” is the one I enjoy. I love the precision of the row houses, paired with the movents of the people on the street. Barbara certainly will be an aritist I follow in the future. Her art in downright fun !

    Thank You,
    Torri Bertarelli

  65. Shelly Strickland says:

    I Love Folk Art Painting! The apples would look great in my kitchen!

  66. I really like the print Snuggled in. So inviting!

  67. I love the apple print, but all of there are beautiful.

  68. susie lavender says:

    I love the apple still life painting. When I think of primitive art this is what I envision. Some of the other ones are really interesting though.

  69. Susan Graben says:

    I love the cat in the window but really any print would make me happy!

  70. Wow, I have three I would pick from. The Blue Rooster, White Rooster or the Rock Rooster. Such fun pictures! Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I love the bowl of apples, would look good in my kitchen! Thanks for the opportunity.

  72. Her Roosters would fit perfectly in my kitchen! I could work in the apple print above as well.

  73. I love the apple print and it has all the colors that are in my kitchen! I have a perfect spot for it! I love folk art and thanks for introducing me to a great artist!


  74. Harriet McMillan says:

    I love her “Swamp Time” print. Beautiful! Also like “Second Line” print of the parade in the French Quarter.
    Between the 2 above, I would choose the apples to hang in my kitchen.
    Or I may gift it to my daughter who has just redone her kitchen in red.

  75. The Apples Still Life would be my choice! Thanks!

  76. I would choose the flowers to give to a friend who is going through a trial with cancer…she is a wonderful, giving friend who is very creative and shares her love of flowers and arranging flowers with all of us who are blessed to know her. It just reminds me of her…beautiful, bright and cheery.

  77. The apples are lovely and so are her other animal and landscape prints. Thanks for the introduction to her amazing art!

  78. The apple print would feel right at home in my kitchen!

  79. The apple print is really nice and would be great in my kitchen.

  80. stacy watson says:

    i love laundry day, but it was really hard to chose between them all. just love!

  81. Erin Buchanan says:

    As hard as it may be, I probably would choose the apple print.

  82. They are all great, really have a thing about apples and harlequin prints, they always catch my eye!

  83. I love the apple print.

  84. love her work…it’s like a trip back in time when life was SO much simpler…thanks for introducing her to us

  85. Love this artwork! Thank you for featuring it Rhoda. I would love Southern Grocery because my husband’s grandparents had a grocery store on their property just like this. And the building is still standing although not too well.

  86. like the apple print

  87. Love the apples – perfect for fall!

  88. I’d love the bowl of apples. 🙂

  89. I’m partial to the Iris.

  90. Leslie Palasota says:

    What an amazing artist! I love so many but have to say the “Harold Angel” would be wonderful to display on my mantle for the holidays. After all, the holidays are my favorite time of the year & what a special piece to feature!

  91. Sharon Hansen says:

    I would love the apple print. My kitchen is black and white and I have a few red accents, so this would be a really attractive addition and I would find a special spot for it.

  92. The still life of Apples is just too cute…thank you for the giveaway and the introduction to such a neat website.

  93. I like ‘Laundry Day’

  94. Debbie Thompson says:

    This time of year makes me think of all things Fall…I would choose the apples if chosen as a winner.

  95. The Egret and Magnolias is one of my favorites. I love long legged birds! This one just speaks to my heart and the Magnolias just add to the beauty. Two southern beauties combined! Love it!

  96. Of these two, I really like the apples! My favorite, though, from her site is the Pelican!

  97. I love them all loving the Rooster and Apples, thanks so much for the chance at this lovely art. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  98. I viewed her shop and loved her painting of New Orleans in the French Quarter. Brought back happy memories with family there. My favorite is the Bowl of Apples. Thank you for your give-away.

  99. Love her shop!!! Both paintings in the giveaway are beautiful. The apples would be perfect in my home!!

  100. LOVE the apple one!
    It reminds me of my grandmother. She decorated her kitchen with apple decor. I have 2 of her pieces in my kitchen now – a hand painted old barn wood piece with apples, pears and grapes and a apple spoon rest from the 50s or 60s. It was always on her stove and I adore it!

  101. I really love the Apple Still life. It has the feel of a cozy kitchen on a crisp autumn day. When I visited her site, the Iris picture caught my eye.

  102. I love the bowl of apples. So Cute!

  103. Oh I hope I’m not too late!!! I adore the apples . But all are so beautiful.
    Who could ever choose just one… Linda

  104. I love her “Second Line”. Thanks

  105. I love them both! She’s very talented.

  106. Both pictures are very nice, but I like the folksy flowers best.


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