Gibbs Gardens: Summer Part 2

Yesterday, I shared Summer Part 1 at Gibbs Gardens and today I’m back with Part 2 and the Manor House, which is where Jim Gibbs and his family live full time.  It’s an amazing view on top of this mountain in North Georgia and the attention to detail in the landscaping is breathtaking.  This was my first time seeing the house and surrounding landscape and wow, were we impressed.

gibbs gardens089_20150625

After strolling up the winding pathway and in front of that gorgeous arbor and flowering walkways, the house came into view.  I read that the house was built in the 80’s in a European manor style and it certainly looks current and timeless.

gibbs gardens093_20150625

I’m sure all the details were thought out as this house was being built and situated on top of this mountain.

gibbs gardens094_20150625

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the house and gardens.  It’s amazing that they allow visitors to Gibbs Gardens to stroll all around their house and even sit up on the patio right outside those windows above. There were wrought iron chairs up there and they encourage folks to sit and enjoy the view.

gibbs gardens097_20150625

Still walking on the pathway up to the house, this beautiful iron gate was on one side, leading to another path it looks like.

gibbs gardens098_20150625

I was so enjoying taking it all in and meandering up the walkway to the house.

gibbs gardens099_20150625

There is even a pool house built with bathrooms open to the public for use.

gibbs gardens100_20150625

The natural pool was so beautiful and I could imagine sitting out here for hours.

gibbs gardens101_20150625

With a deck and pergola, it would be a wonderful place to relax.

gibbs gardens102_20150625

All the rock work just adds to the ambience of a mountain retreat.

gibbs gardens103_20150625

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

gibbs gardens104_20150625

All along the pathway were beautiful blooming annuals, all showing off this time of year.

gibbs gardens105_20150625

Another stone walkway meanders up to the backyard where more beauty awaits.

gibbs gardens106_20150625

The back of the manor house is equally as beautiful with plenty more plants to behold.

gibbs gardens107_20150625

Amassed blooming impatience are so stunning.

gibbs gardens112_20150625

More hydrangeas and other annuals.

gibbs gardens115_20150625

Coming around the side of the Manor house to the driveway, this house is so gorgeous.

gibbs gardens116_20150625

We heard this statue was the first one that went in for one of the grandchildren of the Gibbs.  Then the other grandchildren all got their own statues as well.  I featured those in the Spring posts here and here. 

gibbs gardens117_20150625

These gardens are truly and labor of love and you can tell that Mr. Gibbs is completely passionate about building the house and landscaping this property, which took 30 years to finish.

gibbs gardens120_20150625

The fact that he has opened it up to the public to enjoy is really remarkable as well.  It’s too beautiful not to share!

gibbs gardens121_20150625

And I’m happy to visit and enjoy all this beauty less than an hour from where I live.

gibbs gardens123_20150625

gibbs gardens128_20150625

There were 2 kitty cats hanging around too and I have a feeling they get lots of love and attention from everyone.

gibbs gardens129_20150625

The beauty at Gibbs Gardens is really remarkable and so enjoyable.

gibbs gardens131_20150625

Nature at its best.

gibbs gardens133_20150625

gibbs gardens135_20150625

We strolled back down the hill that evening to the strains of blue grass wafting through the woods and sat for a couple of hours.  We grabbed something to eat at the cafe and so enjoyed the evening.  I ran into someone I had met before, Erica Glasner, well known horticulturist and author who lives here in Atlanta. She and I had met at Barnsley Gardens last year and she is now the new Marketing Manager for Gibbs Gardens and I’m so happy for her.  She’s perfect for this job.   She’s doing guided walks through the garden during the summer months too, so check out the Gibbs Garden website for all the details.

gibbs gardens146_20150625

Watching the sunset in the mountains shining on these gorgeous blooming hydrangeas was a sight to behold.

gibbs gardens148_20150625

gibbs gardens152_20150625

If you live in the area, I’d definitely encourage a visit to Gibbs Gardens. You won’t be disappointed!

- Rhoda


  1. This is mouth hanging open in a huge gape beautiful!! And we aren’t Georgia residence but we do reside in Saint Simons Island two months out of the year — perhaps we can make a side trip coming or going?? And I’m with you, I can imagine relaxing near that pool and just enjoying the scenery. Thank you for sharing and introducing me to another beautiful part of Georgia.

  2. What a nice post on Gibbs Gardens. My husband and I discovered the garden several years ago and have purchased annual passes each year. It is one of our favorite places to visit. Regardless of the seasons, the gardens are equally spectacular and one departes in a state of serenity. It is one of Georgia’s hidden treasure.

  3. Wow! So beautiful and natural. I have to go visit this place soon. It is amazing that he lives there and allows these tours up close like that. His family is thoughtful to do this and I thank him for that.

  4. That place looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. Certainly want to go there now!

  5. Wow. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures. I love that gate! I don’t know this place but now it has to go on the must visit list! ~Julie

  6. What a dreamy place. A beautiful virtual trip at the end of this difficult, frenzied day….I needed that!

  7. This yard is absolutely amazing! What an incredibly outdoor space! Everything ties together so well. It reminds me of a grown-up Secret Garden. That raised partial pergola is really cool and definitely inspiring to someone in my line of work. Thanks for sharing!

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