Homegoods, How I Love YOU!

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Bright and early on a recent Saturday morning, 6 friends and I took off for a local Homegoods in the Tucker area.  We were chattering and talking like school girls, excited about our field trip to the shopping mecca called Homegoods.

Not a stranger to Homegoods, I have been a huge fan for many years and sing their praises every chance I get.  This store truly is one of my top shopping destinations when I’m buying retail.  You can get more bang for your buck in home decor at Homegoods than just about any other store I know.

We arrived plenty early before the doors were opened, but that was fine with us. We had lots to chat about.

Mom and new blog friend, Lori, waiting for the doors to open.

Susan brought along her outdoor pillow she found at Home Depot, to find some cushions for her new wicker set.  We are getting ready to redo Susan’s back deck very soon and these will be gorgeous. 

Debbie (who owns the beautiful screened porch I just featured), me and my long time friend, Ruby.  I love these ladies!  They have been with me through thick and thin.  You can see by the smiles we were all ready for our shopping spree.

In we went to a beautiful breakfast spread.  What a treat that was!

I finally got to meet Jenny Lauck with BlogHer (foreground in black), after emailing with her over the years.  Those BlogHer girls are great too!  That’s my friend, Sandy, there to the left. 

Mary with Homegoods corporate in Massachusetts welcomed us with a wonderful hello.  Giftcards were handed out and off we went to the races! 

Lauren, Debbie’s daughter, came along for the shopping spree.  We all grabbed a cart to fill.

Lakeitha found some beautiful lamps.  I’m a lamp girl too!

Susan found some lime green cushions to go on her brown wicker set, along with some pretty accent pieces.

Hanging around waiting to shop more.

Sweet friend, Sandy, was here this weekend for BlogHer Food and I was so glad we got to meet up and visit.  Love this girl too!

So, what did I use my $100 to shop for?  I’m going to be redoing my bathroom at my parent’s house and found some great things to start the inspiration, using the avocado tiles and aqua countertops.  It’s going to be a great redo too!

Ruby is working on a new bedroom plan and this rug caught her eye.  She had me come over and approve it.  Yes, yes!  Get it!

I spied a few more things that caught my eye, which is not hard to do at Homegoods.

Aren’t these cute little side tables?

I thought someone just had to buy these, they were so pretty.  Turns out Lauren bought one!

This $99 side table was so cute too! It’s hard to pass up all the cuteness at Homegoods.

Deep blue and white chairs were gorgeous!

These linens were too.

Sandy found some great linens to entertain with.  After all, she is the queen of entertaining.  We all need to take some lessons from Sandy.

My friend, Debbie, found some black and white to add to her pretty porch this summer.

Here’s my shopping gang:  (L to R)  Mom, Debbie, Lauren, me, Ruby, Heidi, and Susan.  You can tell by the smiles that fun was had by all.

Thank you Homegoods for making this day such a special treat for all of us.  I’m so happy to be included among the bloggers who were offered this shopping spree for a few of our friends.

This was one of the funnest (I know this is not a real word!)  days I’ve had in a long time!

And here’s the great news!

You’re all in for a treat too.  Thanks to BlogHer, I’m giving away $100 giftcard to Homegoods, so ONE of my readers will get the chance for your own shopping spree.

How fantastic is that?

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what is on your list of must-have items from Homegoods?

Got a project you’re working on and need something from Homegoods to get you started?

Tell me all about it!

3 Chances to Win:

  1. Leave a comment answering the question, what would you buy?
  2. Tweet about the giveaway and leave another comment with link.
  3. Blog about the giveaway and leave another comment with link.

Read the official Rules!

Check out the BlogHer round up page for more info and all the ways you can win! There are more bloggers giving away giftcards too, so enter them all.

Visit Homegoods’ Blog for inspiration as well as their Facebook page.  And the store locator will come in handy to see where your closest Homegoods is located.  They are expanding and new stores are popping up all over!

Contest dates: May 31st – June 10th


  1. Amy Hodgin says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HomeGoods. We finally got one here in Southern Indiana. We are redoing every room in our house with paint, pillows, accessories, you name it! I could see myself finding some great accesories to put in our new entertainment piers. Loving your blog!Have a blessed day

  2. I would purchase the cute frog that Susan had in her basket!!!!!!

  3. Oh how I’d love to win! I really need an area rug for our bedroom. Whenever I visit HomeGoods I can ALWAYS find something! ::Jill

  4. What a great giveaway! I’m on the hunt for some cute new decorations for my patio. I know Homegoods has lots of stuff that would be perfect!! 🙂

  5. Wish we had a Homegoods here, but I have no problem road-tripping! My next project will be a makeover of our master bedroom, so something for that (linens? pillows? accessories?) would be great!

  6. What a fun day, I wish our Homegoods would sponsor a blogger day here!!! It is easy for me to figure out what I want. I need two matching mirrors for my Summer Family room re-do!!! Thank you for the chance to win, fingers crossed, Kathysue

  7. Carol Ann says:

    Ok, what would I buy? Dishes, maybe. Lamps, definitely. Pillows, oh yeah. The thing about HomeGoods is that everything is take-home worthy. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. What a fantastic giveaway! I always find something great at Homegoods! I would buy something special for my guest room. Maybe an area rug or pretty lamp. Hope I win!

  9. Wow Rhoda, that looks like a REALLY NICE HomeGoods store and I’d say everyone found some great items to take home!

    HomeGoods is my favorite store for home furnishings and decor. I rarely leave there empty-handed, especially since I am trying to furnish our new home. You name it and I probably still need it…lamps, baskets, furniture, throw pillows, a rug or two, artwork, decor items for our front porch etc. A gift card would be a wonderful help and I really appreciate the opportunity to be entered into this giveaway. Thanks!

  10. I love HomeGoods! The closest one is 2 hours away, but I try to get there as much as possible. I really want a chair for a reading corner I’m making in our living room. I keep seeing cute chairs at HomeGoods, but never in the right colors.

  11. What do I not need? I recently became friends with Homegoods (ie moved to an area where there was one) and am moving into a brand new house soon. SO much decorating to be done and I know where I’ll be getting most of it!

  12. The closest HomeGoods store to me is the one in Myrtle Beach which I have to hit every time I go to the beach. I am beginning to refresh my front porch by adding outdoor curtains and more decorative items. I’m sure HomeGoods would have everything I need.Thanks for this opportunity and I can’t wait to see how you redo your bathroom.

  13. Jane Wiess says:

    Oh, HomeGoods, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!! I think I am in that place at least twice a week – and it’s at least a 30 min. drive one way!!! I just bought a very cool wood/iron piece that I am using for a twin headboard in my guest room – I am in mad search of decorative pillows to go with it, and well, don’t even get me started on the wonderfulness of HG’s pillow selection. Thanks bunches for offering this awesome giveaway opportunity!!! (P.S. – your blog was the first I ever stumbled upon, and boy oh boy, what I world I found!)

  14. I would buy two bedside lamps. I am desperately in need of them to complete my bedroom.

  15. I am in desperate need of some rugs! I have hardwood floors and NO rugs! Can you believe it! I hope I win! : )

  16. Wahooo… I am in love with Home Goods and no matter what I go in for, I cannot help but pass though the lamp section, hanging rugs and the pillow isle 🙂 I’d probably use this gift card for some new sofa cushions and accessories for the top of my (newly painted – the kitchen, not the cabinets) kitchen cabinets! Crossing my fingers BIG time! Thanks Rhoda!!!

  17. I love Homegoods and I desperately want to re-do my dining room. I would purchase dining room chair cushions, a table runner, curtain rod(s), curtains and of course accessories with my gift card.. Thats after I paint! I hope I win! I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!

  18. Home goods is my go to store! Have to ration trips because I always walk out with something! Have purchased various pots for my courtyard this spring. Cannot beat the prices! Bought a mirror and cabinet last week! Love the place so I am sure I could spend the gift card in no time!

  19. I adore HomeGoods! It’s definitely my go to store when I’m looking to re-decorate and spruce up rooms in my place.

    I’m currently working on revamping my outdoor deck/patio and would love to use the gift card to purchase some accessories for this space!

    There’s actually a HomeGoods near where I work and I have been known to go there on my lunch breaks and spend wayy too much money 😉

  20. Amede Ehiguese says:

    Aah! I love HomeGoods! I’m heading there after work to get vases for my wishing tree for my wedding in 10 days! I’d buy new lamps for my new (tiny) living room that my soon-to-be husband and I are moving into!

  21. I love Homegoods too! I can always find something new and fresh. I’m redoing my sons bedroom now that I’m an empty nester. It’s transforming from his room to my office. Put me in the drawing, I’d love to win!

  22. Anna Tyson says:

    I Homegoods lamps. You really can’t beat the selection and quality for the price. It’s ridiculously fabulous!

  23. My favorite store in the world!

    My Home Goods must haves:
    Queen Sheets
    Down pillows
    Decorative Storage Boxes
    Picture frames-great spu of the moment gifts
    Gardening Pots
    Masks (decorative)
    Holiday Greeting Cards (in season)
    Photo albums/scrapbooks-great gifts/can always use them!
    The list goes on and on and on 🙂

    I know I can use the gift card towards furnishing my front living room that is just a huge storage mess right now 🙁

  24. I love HomeGoods! Adore all of their sheets and towels oh and pillows too!!

  25. I would love to buy some new pillows for our couch and maybe a runner for the dining room table.

  26. I am in desperate need of bedding for my two guest beds. I love HomeGoods.

  27. I would probably purchase something like the white accent table that somewhat resembles a cake stand. I am also a sucker for cloches and other accent pieces! I have been trying to incorporate a few turquose pieces into my white palate.

  28. kim hoben says:

    I want that chair with the lime and green print! Love HomeGoods and can’t wait for
    the one at The Forum in Norcross to open!

  29. bloominganne says:

    I’ve never been to a Homegoods but there is one about an hour from here. I would buy some dishes to add to what I have to set a great table. However, it looks like there’s lots to choose from so I may leave with all kinds of things!

  30. I’m looking for an off-white quilt for our bed. I want to change out my patterned spread for a plain one and then I can decorate with fun pillows.

  31. Since the birth of our son in September our tiny three bedroom house has been rearranged numerous times to achieve maximum efficiency! Our office became the nursery and our backroom off the kitchen became the office, which worked well for awhile, but now he’s on the move and has so many toys. So now the guest bedroom became an office and the backroom a playroom. We both work from home at least twice a week, so an office is a must. So far this has been the hardest to decorate since it needs to be an office on most days, but also needs to convert to a guest bedroom (via air mattress) when we have company. I could sure use some goods from HomeGoods to help with the transformation!

  32. I would definitely get some curtains for my new place. Or maybe some cute accessories for the porch that I’m redoing. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something cute for either project!

  33. As much as I would LOVE to buy something for my house, I think I would have to spend it on something for my sweet neice, Taryn’s, new home – her first!

  34. I’m working on a small kitchen re-do and $100 at HomeGoods would go a long way! Love your blog!

  35. Debbie S says:

    I would buy a new comforter for my bed. Desperately need one.

  36. I can’t get enough Homegoods! I have been watching their accent chairs for a matching set to use in my living room!

  37. Love the linens, I have a guest bedroom I would love to redo. Or maybe some pretty glasses?

  38. This is my all time favorite store & have bought practically everything for my 3 daughters apartments there! Would love to redecorate my bedroom with Homegoods! I so enjoy your blog! Thank-you

  39. Amy Ohmer says:

    I know EXACTLY what I would buy! I have my eye on a beautiful cream, aqua and brown floral rug. It has been flirting shamelessly with me for weeks now and I know it would work beautifully in my home. If my old washer wasn’t about to bite the dust, I would definately have brought that gorgeous rug. Priorities are the curse of being an adult!

  40. What’s not to love about Home Goods!!! I don’t think I have ever gone in and come out empty handed. I can always use new bed linen or towels for the guest room, it’s nice to have a change. Thanks Rhoda, and thank you Home Goods for offering such a fabulous giveaway!!!

  41. There are too many things at Home Goods to pick just one. I love their lamps and also their accessories. There’s even quite a few furniture pieces I would like to have. There’s no shortage of great products from this store.

    Looks like y’all had a blast. Wish I could have been there!

  42. I would totally purchase an awesome area rug. I would be torn from choosing one for our outdoor living spaces that was rich looking with lots of texture or a nice muted soft girl for our family room. Thank you so so much for a lovely give away!!

  43. So jealous! What fun! Hmmmmm….. If I were to win I think I’d buy some pillows and accessories for a deck face-lift I have planned this summer. {And then I’d browse for hours looking at all the wondeful stuff}.
    PS- Hi Sandy!

  44. Sharon L Smith says:

    I have my eye on the perfect bedding……….what fun that would be! Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. OOh it looks like you girls had an awesome time!!! Wish I could have been there!!! I could use some new summer sheets!!! I love your blog and I too am a new blogger and stumbled upon your blog, I have been in love ever since!!!

  46. Karen R in CT says:

    We are actually re-doing our master bedroom. I need lamps, curtains, accent pieces, the works! Our Homegoods store is about 20 minutes away and I love going there, even if it’s just to window shop :o)

  47. Kathy Lott says:

    So hard to choose what to buy in that store! I’m always on the lookout for ways to update/redo/add to a room. There are countless things I can buy at any given time. The biggest decision is which one?!

  48. Patty Martin says:

    Home Goods is great for home dec items! I’d love to have some new accessories for my family room and dining room. Both have just recently been redone with new drapery panels and pillows and need the finishing touches.

  49. Luke's GiGi says:

    I would purchase some new linens!

  50. I would buy something for my bathroom. That would be the push I need to start tearing down the wallpaper and doing some painting 🙂

  51. I love Homegoods! The nearest one to me is a 3.5 hour drive… but it is ALWAYS worth the trip. I’d love to buy some lamps for my bedroom re-do. Or a great mirror.

  52. Mary Anne says:

    Love Home Goods.I especially like that they receive new items all the time.Seems like I am there at least once a week.

    I’m searching for some art work for my master bedroom. They always have a great selection to choose from.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. margaret says:

    I would love to get new cushions to spruce up my repainted dark brown outdoor wicker furniture!

  54. Wow, so many choices! But I would love a rug for our living room and some cute accessories for our deck/porch that we are in the process of staining and decorating.

  55. Homegoods is the first place I go when I am looking for special touches for our home. I would love to be a winner so I could fancy up my husbands new home office. My fingers are crossed!

  56. I’m looking for a new rug for my entry way. I know that HomeGoods has a huge selection of rugs. Can’t wait!!!!

  57. cheryl Murphy says:

    Unfortunately for my bank account, everything at Home Goods is a must have for me. Lately, I am cruising Home Goods for summer picnic items. I need a plastic 2 or 3 tiered server for my summer appetizers. I am desperately looking for hot pink cloth napkins and napkin rings to match a cute plaid tablecloth I got there last year.

  58. I love Home Goods and buy all my home decor items there. I would buy some towels and kitchen items.

  59. I’m glad it was a good day, Rhoda! I think if I were fortunate enough to win, I would buy a comforter set for our master bedroom. I’m liking the greens and aquas these days!
    Blessings to you,

  60. I sometimes wish I could live in homegoods. Just walking around there puts me in a good mood! I always hit up the clearance sections first. But right now I desperately need some lamps!

  61. I can never walk out of Home Goods without buying something, Rhoda! Even when I’m shopping for a client, I always wind up getting something for myself! It’s one of the few places my family know they can get me a gift card to and that I will actually use it. I’ve got a few things I’d be looking for. A lamp for my soon to be chalk painted chest; some new bedding; I’d love to get some new towels, but those always seem to be shoved to the bottom of the list.

  62. I’ve never been to a Homegoods. But I am willing to try it!
    We are renovating our upstairs. so I’d love to find some cool accessories to decorate the new space.

  63. Mary Kay says:

    Love Homegoods! If I won a gift card, I would buy items for my annual backyard 4th of July party! I would love to buy some red and blue cloth napkins and some new serving pieces. Homegoods would be the perfect place to find just what I need! Looks like you girls had a blast!

  64. Love me some Homegoods!!! All time favorite store……….we moved into a new home about a year ago and it seems each room needs some finishing touches, I know I’ll be able to find those little somethin’s at Homegoods.

  65. I would definitely shop for draperies and pillows. I am a total Home Goods fanatic!

  66. Love Home Goods!!!…..I have been doing a little redecorating at our beach house. Sure I could find lots to use a gift card on!!

  67. Kelly W. says:

    I need some outdoor cushions for my back porch and something to keep all of my outdoor cushions in! Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Some new lamps!

  69. Bonnie Toney says:

    Love your blog. You are a kindred spirit.

  70. I would love to buy a rug for my office. Just got a new chair & painted a side table, so a rug would finish that room- then, onto the next room.

  71. I love HomeGoods. I’m redoing my office, so I would be on the look out for lamps or an area rug or anything officie!!

  72. Andrea Skeens says:

    Perhaps the question is, what wouldn’t I buy? 🙂 I so need some inspiration with intentionally decorating my house. Top on my list would be cute lamps, a rug and some throw pillows. Thanks for the entry!

  73. Oh my gosh . . . where do I start?? So many things needed, so little cash 🙂 I really am looking for accessories for my living room which is looking pretty blah!

  74. I love Home Goods!! I love all of their pretty dishes!!

  75. Love Homegoods! I need to redo our master bedroom. It’s dark brown and sad! It needs to be more of a relaxing space!

  76. I just blogged about this giveaway so my friends can enter too!

  77. Hi Rhoda,
    I would like to redo our master bedroom and I would look for some new bedding. I love seeing pictures of you with your friends. You look happy, I hope you are. Enjoy all of that t ime you are spending time with your Mom and Dad.

  78. I really like HomeGoods. I would really like to fix up my living area with some new pillows and maybe a table.
    Thanks for the giveaway! They have such nice bedroom decor also!

  79. This summer is all about adding some burlap in my home. I started with a burlap shower curtain from Ballard Designs, and now I’m hooked…looking for burlap lamp shades, pillows, and drapes.

  80. I would go hunting for those great blue and white chairs(or some similar) to finish off my home office makeover!!!!!

  81. Debra C. says:

    WOW, what a GREAT giveaway!!! I need everything, lamps, pillows, rugs etc.

  82. We are redoing a room in our boys’ college house. We need a rug!

  83. I desperately need some new lamps for our beside tables. We haven’t had any since we moved into our new house (2+ years ago).

  84. oh my goodness, I do love me some Home Goods! The hubs man cave is in need of some updating. I would love to find some lamps, pillows and pics for the old world theme he wants.

  85. I LOVE, love, love that little green side table: how cute!!

    I desperately need to replace the bath linens in our master bathroom – I would be in heaven with a shopping spree!!!

  86. What a FUN giveaway! Love HomeGoods! I would finally get started decorating our master bedroom. Lamps FOR SURE!


  87. Oh Rhoda…what an amazing giveaway! To start, I’d get a few lamps and artwork for my evolving guest room! Pick me!

  88. I ADORE Homegoods, it it one of my favorite retail places to shop! The selection is amazing, and you can always find something unusual. They are always on top of the trends, too. A friend of mine and I are so addicted to Homegoods, we’ve been known to drive to most of them in the southern California area, all in one day, just to check them all out!

    If I won, I would probably buy a rug for my living room area. It desperately needs one to tie the small space together, yet delineate it from the dining and kitchen area nearby. Love the one Ruby found!

    Good luck to everyone who enters!


  89. Erin Quinn Robison says:

    I am in desperate need for end/coffee tables! Lamps too….

    Good golly….I need a LOT~

    Please send help!

    All the best,

  90. Jessica Y says:

    I love Homegoods. I like lamps, bedding, kitchen items, knick knacks, etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. That is not the correct link to my tweet about this give-away! THIS ONE is:!/SterlingCherub/status/75753430194454528


  92. I would love to win the $100 shopping spree. I am looking to freshen up my master bedroom for spring and would love some white linens and a bed skirt!

  93. I am redoing my kitchen and would love to go shopping at Home Goods for some new items.

  94. And for my third entry (fingers crossed!) I have just added your giveaway to the top right hand corner of my blog!


  95. I LOVE Home Goods! I want to turn a room that has been my son’s playroom into a guest bedroom. I could use a lot from Home Goods for this project.

  96. Making the choice would be so hard. I want to redecorate every room. But I might have to stick with some outdoor decorating with summer being here.

  97. I love HomeGoods! I am in need of a lot of accessory items for my living and dining room!

  98. Michelle says:

    I’m in the market for new lamps for the entry and dining room. Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  99. I love HomeGoods! New bedding is on my list of wants.

  100. I am a Home Goods kinds girl. I pretty much buy anything they have that is white and or distressed. I could go in there every day and find something new. I love it!

  101. Robin Pepper says:

    I would love this shopping spree to Homegoods….am working on my outdoor spaces this month..pool area is calling for bright new loveliness!!

  102. We do not have a Homegoods retail store in my state, so I just dream of shopping there. Well, all of this is about to change because this summer I am taking a road trip to shop in Dallas, TX! Homegoods will be my first destination as I look for lamps and accessories to complete my living room makeover. I would love to have $100 to get started…

  103. Stacy Wall says:

    THROW PILLOWS!!! I’m a sucker for throw pillows! I can’t get enough of them. And I’m sure I would find lots of goodies for my patio, as well. We are putting a lot of work into our patio this summer.

  104. Tracey S says:

    Oooooo, it is too hard to pick just one thing. I like those tall white jars. I could use some new lamps too or some side chairs. I love Home Goods!

  105. Yes, please enter to me win this fabulous give away! I need lamps, rugs, accent chair–so much…

  106. I am redoing one of my bedrooms “shabby chic neutral”. I would truly love a white cotton bedspread and a neutral rug.

  107. Linda@Coastal Charm says:

    Oh my…this would be sooooo awesome if I were the lucky winner:) I would buy some new lamps for my guest cottage…I’m doing a makeover out there after my daughter moves out next month (now that part is sad). Homegoods is one of my all time favorite stores…never come empty handed.


  108. Andrea D says:

    I would use the gc to purchase some items for a guest bedroom re-do.
    Thank you!

  109. Elizabeth Jones says:

    We moved into a new house about a year ago and a few of my windows are still naked! I’m on a hunt for some curtains to dress my living room and bedroom windows. Thanks for the chance to win! =)

  110. I would buy a unique vase or something to put on my new mantle….something rustic 🙂

  111. What a wonderful giveaway! I so desperately need a HomeGoods shopping spree…. I have two projects going on: mine and Audley’s bedroom (which hasn’t been “decorated” in 5 years!) and our living room is being spruced up …. needing a little color besides green. I did tweet your giveaway also ….!/southrntablejen/status/75807403626606592

    Looking forward to see who wins!

  112. Never been to a HomeGoods but would love to after reading and hearing so much about it. I would use the gift card towards redoing my son’s bedroom since he has left our nest.

  113. I would get items for my outdoor patio! Love all of the different linens and outdoor furniture items!

  114. I seem to gravitate to the dishes and accessories in HomeGoods. I would love to win a gift card and see what lovely new items I could find!!

  115. I love HomeGoods and would like to add some finishing touches to my screened porch.

  116. Debbie V. says:

    Linens and more linens!!! Love that store!

  117. Just tweeted the giveaway @mamaolie

  118. Oh where to start! What would I buy at HomeGoods…well…I am currently reclaiming my dining room from the toy room so that would be a wonderful place to start, I have nothing except the kitchen table that will be moving in there so I need linens, decor, curtains, a rug, lamps, etc. etc. Then again, I need to decorate my sun room as well, or the living room, the master bedroom…do you see the trend? $100 would really help! Thanks for the change to win.

  119. margaret daley says:

    Home Goods is a great place to shop! I will need to go there soon to set my daughter up in college! Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Deb McKathan says:

    The closest store to me is a TJMaxx/Homegoods combo in Pensacola, FL and I LOVE that store! I am a sucker for serving pieces, especially cake plates, luncheon plates, and crystal items, as well as the cutesy kitchen items. With their prices, I can get some of everything for $100! Love your blog Rhoda and thank you BlogHer for this opportunity!

  121. Pam Rhodes says:

    Hi! I would love to win this gift card! My husband and I are currently working on out screened- in back porch and this would go a long way with decorating it! Please enter me in the drawing!I pray your day is blessed! Can’t wait to see your bathroom re-do!

  122. Tamara M. says:

    what wouldnt i buy is a better questions!

    I would most definitely finish my daughters room. We have a green/pink/purple thing going on and HomeGoods has a whole section of things that would fit perfectly.

  123. We’re working on the living room and a rug from Homegoods would be great!

  124. I am working on “freshening” out family room…would love new lamps, accent pillows and maybe a rug.

  125. wow, would love to win this- thanks for sharing! So many things to choose from, but the bedding always catches my eye, so I’d probably end up there. 🙂

  126. Sandy Frahm says:

    The first place I go when we get to Phoenix is head over to HomeGoods!!! I have much of our condo furnished from HomeGoods, but am still scouting for a table for the guestroom to put the little TV on. I just KNOW it will be there on the next trip! =) I enjoy your blog so much!

  127. Trista S says:

    I would definitely pick up a couple lamps (LOVE their lamps!), and also a few pillows for our guest bedroom. I do love that amazing white side table. That would go nicely with a pair of chairs in my living room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. LOVE ME SOME HOME GOODS! I would use my $100 on accessories for my bathroom remodel. Bathroom is gutted right now… can’t wait to have the finished room!

  129. LOVE LOVE LOVE HomeGoods!!!! I was just there last week, and was drooling over the beachy decor, I would love to have $100 to use to decorate my hubby’s house (it needs de-bachelorfying) lol … I would love to make it our home, more us 🙂
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!!

  130. Karen B. says:

    Would love some new bedding!

  131. We have a brand new HomeGoods in Lancaster. I went once so far just to check it out….WOW! I was looking at outdoor cushions for my front porch, a small table for my family room, bed sheets, decorative items to hang… much to choose from! Limited funds so my choices will be very thoughtful, choosy ones…..I hope I win so I can purchase more!

  132. Stephanie C says:

    I never know what I’m looking for at Homegoods. I just wonder around & something perfect finds its way to me.

  133. What a fun day, Rhoda! So loved meeting your sweet mama! Of course, I would love another shopping spree at Homegoods. My purchase would probably include pillows and lamps, for sure!

    Have a great day!


  134. What fun photos!!! I would love to redo my daughters bathroom or maybe my bathroom. SShhhhh… Don’t tell her I said that. XoXo

  135. karen mckay asbell says:

    We are moving so I could surely use the HomeGoods card for decorating!

  136. I would love to buy some accessories for my front porch!

  137. I would love to get a cute table or chair for our living room.

  138. Oh my, what a great giveaway! I love HomeGoods – I’d definitely buy new lamps!

  139. I’m redoing a bedroom and would look for accessories for it.

  140. I’m working on a living room re-do…it’s looking pretty empty in there!

  141. I am redecorating my master bathroom for just me! There is a rug I spied in the Kennesaw Home Goods which although is my inspiration, unfortunately is not in my budget. I would so love to have that rug!

  142. Looking for a side table for a bedroom…

  143. Lynn D in NC says:

    I rarely leave Homegoods empty handed. I buy everything from kitchen goods to linens there. My favorite retail place. What would I spend this on? My son and his wife are moving into a new rental house, so I would probably take my daughter-in-law on a shopping spree. They are a young military family, married less than a year, so this would help them a great deal.

  144. Joy Cooper says:

    I love and live very close to Home Goods. I would love to purchase some items for my redo of our screened porch.

  145. I’m working on two areas – my patio and family room. I’m looking for new cushions for my patio set and a new lamp for my family room and I’m sure I could find something that would be great there.

  146. What an amazing giveaway! We could use a new lamp in my husband’s office and they always have a great selection of those. I also love their variety of kitchenware and would happily stock my kitchen with some fancy new baking sheets and serving dishes.

  147. I also tweeted about the giveaway (@evil_lina).

  148. Buffie Baril says:

    I would love to have a Home Goods gift card to use on redoing my 14 year old daughter’s room. She is ready for a more grown up style with new paint and comforter set. Thanks!

  149. Barbara Humphreys says:

    Love Home Goods for linens! Need a new summer-weight coverlet…or a rug…or a mirror…or…

  150. I would buy a new lamp for my sunroom. A coastal looking one. I also need some closet organizing implements. hope I win!

  151. would love to find a rug for our bonus room so the kids don’t have to sleep on the bare floors with their firends!! I love Homegoods!!

  152. I’m finally redoing my son’s room since he got married almost 2 years ago. I have started with 2 antique twin beds…and that is as far as I have gotten ..other than the beadboard wallpaper in the dressing area…thanks to Rhoda! Would LOVE a trip to Home Goods to get a jump start on it!

  153. Well, I really could use some fun new pillows to use in my yard chairs this summer. It looks like you girls had lots of fun with good fellowship as well.

  154. Maura Young says:

    I’m a sucker for all of the kitchen accents that Homegoods carry. I never leave empty handed from that store!

  155. Kim Varnum says:

    I need a shopping spree lol. We had no power from Thurs to Sunday of last week all our food was depleted. That would help a great deal. I have just moved in a single mom with her 2 month old baby trying to help her out to get her back on her feet. We have a total of 6 in the family now.

  156. I would buy some new accessories for the bathroom we’re renovating. A shower curtain, rug, cute soap dispenser, etc. LOVE HomeGoods!

  157. I shop at Home Goods on a weekly basis. On my current list of “wants” is a nice rug to go in my husbands music room. The current one is old and out dated.
    So looking forward to being a winner!

  158. Patti Murrow says:

    I want to redo my bedding but haven’t found the exact style I want to use. I’ve been trying to save up enough money because if I redo my bedding then I have to redo curtains, accessories, etc., etc., etc. I have never been to a HomeGoods Store but if I won $100 I would definitely make the trip!

  159. pillows, pillows, pillows!!!

  160. Love Homegoods and there is one right in my town! I would use the gift card to buy new linens for my master bedroom or possibly my daughters “big girl” room that I will be working on soon.

  161. Sharon Avinger says:

    Homegoods! What a store! Hmmm. I think I’d be shopping for accessories for our new sunroom and maybe a lamp. Love that store!

  162. Andra Duke says:

    What could be better than a HomeGoods Shopping Spree…. we all have to have a moment of silence when we enter… to pay the respect that is due ….. lets see what would I get…. either something to go in my master bathroom I am re-doing or of course something to go in my gardens.. or new accent/serving dishes for the kitchen or new linens… or a new rug… see thats what is so great… you can get something for every room in the house…
    Keeping my fingers crossed for a win…

  163. Looking for some peace sign bedding for my daughters room….it would sure make her day 😉

  164. Jen Borba says:

    Whenever I need some new garden decor I head over to HomeGoods. I can always find something I just have to have. Recently I bought a Saint Francis statue that looks weathered, some ceramic mushrooms and a large stone Frog. now I am on the look out for some new pillows to add to my chaise lounge chairs. Thanks so much for the wonderful giveway.

  165. I am from North Alabama and was just in the Birmingham area and visited thier great HomeGoods store. My daughter and I are looking for a black damask twin comforter for her dorm room. She will be attending Southern Union this fall on a basketball scholarship. She is wanting to use black so that she can put pinks, oranges, lime greens, etc…with it. We will also need curtains, shower curtain, rugs, lamps and a few decorative items. If I was the lucky one chosen, we would be able to fix her room up with NEW stuff instead of hand-me-downs. We would be very greatful if we were chosen 🙂 Thanks so much for this opportunity to possibly make her transition from home to her home away from home a little more easier 🙂

  166. I dont have a tweet account, but I do have a facebook and I told about it in my status 🙂

  167. Ilove Home Goods. I am redoing a bathroom. Using Antique brass fixtures. Love all there things for finishing up accessorizing bathroom. Thanks for the give away.

  168. i neeeeeed some throw pillows! and some lamps! and what is there at homegoods really that you DON’T need?? : )

  169. Oh, so hard to choose but I’m looking for some drapery panels to spruce up an outdated bedroom at my parents’ beach house. Fingers crossed!

  170. Harriet McMeans says:

    Just did a redo on my 30 year old kitchen and need some new accessories to bring it up to date (and Rhoda!) Tona, next time you go to B’ham to the Homegoods store, you better call me! Beth can meet us there! Believe or not, she has never been there and I haven’t either. She doesn’t have her mom’s shopping genes!

  171. Would love to purchase a chair for me living room…so many cute ones there!!

  172. Love, LOVE HomeGoods! So many great finds! I MUST refresh my living area with pillows and cutesy items! And I go wild when visiting HomeGoods! Thanks for sharing!!

  173. Love that store! Since I’m trying to redo my screened in porch I think I’d concentrate on items I could use for that project. Or I would pick up a couple items for the guest room that my mom uses when she visits. So many possibilities. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  174. What a fun field trip! I would love to win a gift card to HomeGoods. Thanks for offering this to your readers.

  175. I would definitely use the gift card to spruce up my back deck. Maybe something so breathtaking no one will notice I’m only half done staining the whole thing! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  176. I am on the lookout for a new lamp for my foyer! Love me some Homegoods!

  177. A HomeGoods giveaway? That’s great!!!!!! 🙂
    I would buy a big big mirror or more white accents. 🙂

  178. I would really love a great print/mirror/wall hanging. I am living at home after college to save money to buy my own place, and recently got promoted at work, so that dream is even closer now than it was before and $100 gift certificate would just be the icing on the cake 🙂

  179. Kathy B. says:

    I’m gonna be hopping on the screened in porch band wagon so I would use the money to purchase items for it. I’m a bit overwhelmed with trying to figure out the actual “construction” of the porch, but when that is all finished, shopping at Homegoods to decorate the area will be the “fun part!!!”

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. I stop into Homegoods about every week to see whats new. I always find something I can’t live without!!

  181. Oh my goodness, where to start! I would love to buy some new linens for my bedroom. This room needs serious help! Can’t wait to see your bathroom redo. I also have tile in both of mine, so I am very interested to see what you will do!

  182. So many choices at Home Goods! I might buy a new rug, piece of furniture or even some new dishes! Home Goods never disappoints with their trendy style and great prices!

  183. linda miller says:

    Wow! That looked like so much fun! Home Goods is like heaven on earth. But would be more fun with a gift card. What would I purchase with $100? I have so many projects going on and have found that changing lamps makes such a big change for little cost.
    So I would probably purchase new lamps for my family room or porch. Could also use the gift card for a cute accent table…….and so many other things.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  184. I love shopping at Homegoods…they have such a great selection! I would
    choose some towels and /or accessories.

  185. linda patti says:

    ooh ooh.. we are redoing our main bathroom—the one that guests use ( and my husband uses since he’s a n early riser, he thought i should have the master bath…anyways, I would love to pick out some decorative pieces for the new look, shower curtain etc. thanks for a chance to win!

  186. Bonnie Bee says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING… what would I NOT buy at Homegoods…
    Just standing in HG is like a kid in a candy store, like Christmas morning, like fireworks on July 4th…
    get the picture.. I LOVE Homegoods and I make a weekly ritual to visit.. ALWAYS finding some treasure I can’t live without!!
    So this give-a-way is GOLD!.. thx for sharing

  187. Christina says:

    I need a shopping spree too! I love home goods, and never walk in there with out getting something. It’s like Target! I’m currently redoing our bedroom color scheme and need inspiration!

  188. I retweeted your tweet about the Home Goods give away!

  189. I would love some things for my dining room!

  190. I would purchase some new sheets and dishes. Love Home Goods.

  191. Chrissie says:

    We recently moved into a new house and I have lots of decorating to do in all the rooms, but am especially looking forward to updating our bedroom with a new look.

  192. Getting divorced after 35 years and having to move in with my son. He has a 2 room “bachelor” pad with absolutely no decor or style,lol. I’d use the HomeGoods gift card to brighten up this little box. Thanks for hosting this giveaway and it was fun to see the pics of you ladies enjoying a shopping spree together!

  193. I’m a sucker for lamps, so I’d love to win a Homegoods card!

  194. Nina Stokes says:

    If they still have that gorgeous lamp like the one you bought for your niece’s wedding? Gorgeous! That or one like it would be my pick.

  195. I would love to purchase some dining chairs or furniture for my small porch. Homegoods would be a great starting point.

  196. I will forever think of you when I see a HomeGood Store!
    I would use that nifty card to purchase an outdoor area rug for our patio.
    Gonna paint the concrete – overlaying that painted rug look – with a real one!
    Love to you this June day!

  197. Joan Katafias says:

    I have a good friend whose pots and pans are on their last legs – maybe even unusable. If I won this gift card – I would give it to her to purchase some Chalaphon. She has three children and would be thrilled to have pans that actually had handles. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to help a friend.

  198. I am redoing my bathroom snd I need everythinh! I woyld also likebto jazz up my deck with some new cushions and an outdoor rug. Of course, I could use sone accenylt pieces. My .ost favorite store to visit… I would rsther shop here than to eay!!!

  199. I am redoing my bathroom and I need everything. I would like to jazz up my deck with some cushions and an outdoor rug. I would rather shop at HomeGoods than to eat!!

  200. Gayle olson says:

    I love it all.

  201. Oh, how I love Home Goods! I need some new pillows to freshen up the family room sofas. I’m also working on a gallery wall in that room too, so I could use some more things to hang on that wall.

  202. I haven’t been to home goods yet, but I’m dying to go. I would love to get some new lamps for my bedroom re-do

  203. Patti Sanders says:

    I could satisfy my weakness for new dishes, no – outdoor accessories, or maybe a rug for the living room —- Maybe I’ll just wait until I get to Home Good’s and decide!

  204. Wow—this is a fabulous offer! Count me in!

  205. definitely my bedroom

  206. Just redecorated my dining room. Looking for accessories in white/yellow/green. Could also use new accent pillows for living room.

  207. What a generous giveaway! My husband and I just bought our first house and got married last month. We’re in the process of trying to decorate our bedroom with some table lamps, and beachy accents. Our room currently has the temporary paper blinds and isn’t decorated at all. We’re on a very tight budget so of course that has to stay on hold for a while while getting a roof and windows fixed are our top priority. I’d love to be able to have a mini shopping spree for fun things! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  208. Jacquie Bollinger says:

    Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HomeGoods! I try to go there at least every other week. I am looking for the perfect picture and pillows for my living room to make it look more summery (is that a word?). And a rug for my dining room! And if that bedding you featured in one of your photos is available here, I think it will work PERFECT in my guest room. Love it! WOW! I need that $100 gift certificate! LOL! Thank you for the chance to win! Blessings,

  209. Homegoods is my favorite store. there’s 1 Homegoods near my work and 1 that is closer to home. I’m at one of them each week. can’t get enough of them, and they are always displaying new items.

    My newest project is a redo on our bedroom. We had water damage in the ceiling, so once my husband finishes the ceiling, I’ll be painting the walls and changing linens, decor accessories, etc.

  210. Oh Rhoda, I love homegoods…I would buy a lamp for my living room, and probably some decor items for the walls in my bedroom..doesn’t take long to spend $100! thanks for offering this to us!


  211. What a great giveaway. Definitely would love some new linens from Homegoods!

  212. Ohh! If I had the money to spend in YOUR Homegoods I would buy two of those cute white side tables you showed. They are adorable and would work perfectly in my new living room!

  213. Carol Adams says:

    I love Homegoods, also!
    Looking for a rug for my morning room!
    Thanks for the give away, R!!

  214. With $100 homegoods shopping spree I would look for a new rug for our bedroom (my master diaster!)

  215. I tweeted your giveaway 🙂 From @SusieQuips

  216. Actually looking for 2 things – I’m looking for a smallish unusual chair to put in a corner of my dining room. I don’t want the usual chair – would love something shaped like a barber’s chair, but not that big.
    Or, maybe some polka-dot dishes….
    Love all the pics Rhoda!

  217. Andrea Watts says:

    I would buy lamps. I need a floor lamp bad!

  218. Accessories for a black & white & green guest room: throw pillows, coverlets, candles, wall sconces, lamps, a chandelier, etc. 🙂 Shopping with girlfriends, all carrying giftcards, looks like a blast! It made me smile to see the photos and the fun.

  219. Need pillows and accessories for new living room–a gift card would be fantastic!!

  220. I would use it to purchase a new rug for my dining room!

  221. I would use the gift card to begin redoing my patio.

  222. I loveeee me some Homegoods.

  223. I would love to pick up several new things. I would really like to work on the back deck or the sunroon. Thanks!

  224. I would love to pick up several new things. I would really like to work on the back deck or the sunroom. Thanks!

  225. Lynda P. says:

    L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E HOMEGOODS! MY FAV! If I won, I would purchase some brackets ,mirrors , rug accessories for my living room. (Ooop’s, I think I need more money! ) We are tweeking our retirement home after having purchased it three years ago. This would be GREAT , helpful and so much fun……..Thanks for the offer to win the Give-A-Way!

  226. Velvet Hodges says:

    I LOVE Home Goods! Furniture! They have some great stuff!

  227. Wenda Scott says:

    Those blue and white chairs were darling. I would love those.

  228. I have been wanting one of their jeweled, tiered serving trays and would use the gift for a set of those.

  229. Homegoods is my favorite store. I would
    buy new lamps fpr my bedroom and charcoal grey rug.

  230. Looks like y’all had SO MUCH FUN! Can’t wait to see that bathroom come together. Thanks for sharing in the goodness with this giveaway. I NEED to buy a pair of lamps, but I’d probably end up buying table linens, because they are my weakness!

  231. You’ve inspired me to do a deck re-do. Just about everything is in place. I just need some accent pieces.

  232. Im a huge fan of Home Goods…I mean really who isn’t? Right now I would probably buy some outdoor accessories for my porch and deck to add to what I already have going on. red-white-blue-turquoise-black

    Lucky 7 Design

  233. I tweeted the giveaway on my Lucky 7 Design page!/LUCKY7DESIGN

    Lucky 7 Design

  234. Melissa C. says:

    So I’m almost on a first-name basis with the cashiers at my neighborhood Homegoods and visit the 4 in my area on a weekly (by weekly I mean 1-2 times a week) basis to get inspiration and buy goodies when I can :O)
    I would spend the gift card on much needed accessories (you name it, we need it) for our living room..thanks for the opportunity!

  235. Kathy :) says:

    WOW…..what a blast you guys had and YES I LOVE that store !!! I could use a new lamp, towels, cushions….LOL you get the idea !!!

    Thanks for the chance….

    Kathy 🙂

  236. Winnie M. says:

    I love Homegoods! I would spend the money on a much needed side table or a new lamp. 🙂
    Hooray for fun shopping trips!

  237. Home Goods is my secret obsession. We have one close to my place of business and when it’s hot in the summer (which is now) I love to take my lunch hour and check out all the new items. It’s so easy to spend an hour looking at all the goodies. I’m currently on the hunt for a new kitchen rug and other accessories to go with my newly painted sage green kitchen. But I also saw some great glassware last week. Please, please help me fund my obsession. 🙂

  238. It has been a while since I have visited HomeGoods. I could use some throw pillows for my porch furniture, as well as some gifts for summer birthdays.

  239. Aretha DeSpain says:

    Love the store, linens for bedroom, bath and kitchen. The dog has a habit of pulling my dish towels out of laundry, so they need replaced often:)

  240. Jill Jones says:

    Homegoods is my all time most favorite store! Thankfully, a store is located near my home and I am there frequently. They ALWAYS have the latest and greatest in home dec and I can find exactly what I want (and more)! I love to look at the dishes, pillows and lamps. Their accessories are always the best, too. It’s so hard to narrow it down to one or two favorite departments in the store. Thanks Rhoda!

  241. One of my favorite stores. Would use it to decorate my daughter’s apartment at college this fall.

  242. I really want those dark blue and white chairs you featured here. Gorgeous! We just moved to a new town and new home so I have about a hundred projects that Homegoods could furnish…starting with my dining room (which currently sits empty – gasp!)

  243. Athena R says:

    Love Homegoods! I would buy either a side table for my reading nook or some accessories for my living room.

  244. Athena R says:
  245. Laurie McClure says:

    I’d buy some new throw pillows for my sofa! I love Homegoods!

  246. I would probably get new towels and accessories for my bathrooms or new curtains for my living room, but that could always change once I get there!

  247. I would buy pillows and lamps:)

  248. I tweeted this!

  249. I would buy what ever took my fancy which is not hard to do at Homegoods. I bought so much at the Sarasota store that it cost me $94 to ship it home to Ohio. There is never a problem for me to spend money at Homegoods. My youngest just got a new apaprtment and could use some decorating help in her bedroom.

  250. Oh how I love HomeGoods!! I am in the process of changing somethings in the formal living room, just got a new sofa that needs pillows. Also need new window treatments so this$ 100.oo shopping spree would come in handy

  251. I have to drive 160 miles to the closest HomeGoods Store, but it is always worth the drive, Please ask the Homegoods Gods to put a store in my area.

  252. I am currently obsessed with HomeGoods and could shop there every day! We bought our first home just last year, and there is still a ton of things we would like to redo/upgrade/redecorate/furnish etc. You name it. Virtually all our rooms (except for maybe the deck which we get to use a whole lot in the summer) are in need of some beautiful things. Some thing beachy for the guestroom, new accent pillows in the master bedroom, curtains in our son’s room, you name it. I could go on an on! Am already looking forward to my next HG trip!

  253. I would like to buy a new lamp or table for a bedroom redo. The nearest Home Goods to my town is 3 hours north or south so it would be fun to win!! I could take my honey and have a weekend get away just so I could spend my prize!!

  254. LOVE HomeGoods. It’s a two hour drive for me, but well worth the trip! I’m searching for some vibrant accessories (rug, pillows, art) that will play well with our dark leather furniture and give the family room a lighter, brighter vibe.

  255. jenny thorpe says:

    I need some new towels and accessories for a bathroom redo!!

  256. Hard to narrow it down – half of my house is HomeGoods and I just found out they’re opening another store in the San Fernando Valley – yay!

    Probably some nice outdoor dishes – it’s barbeque time in California and I would love to have some unbreakable dishware.

    Good luck to us all.


  257. I have my eye on a bulletin board with a black frame….I had one made but then I saw the one at HomeGoods that I liked better!

  258. HomeGoods is one of my favorite stores! I’ve been looking for a new rug for my living room so I would concentrate there but also want to find some large oversized Vases in an Apple Green color for the living room Mantel..

  259. I adore HomeGoods! I recently purchased my first house (whoo hoo!) after living in a tiny, modern loft for two years so I am in dire need of all things, like a new dining room table that seats more than two people!

  260. Michelle Wright says:

    I am in need of curtains for my bedroom and some bed linens. Thanks for the giveaway.

  261. I LOVE Home Goods! I always find things I didn’t know I needed until I go. I am getting ready to start a basement family room and kitchenette makeover. I’m going Coastal, so I know I could find some great things with the help of a gift card!


  262. I have Homegoods items in our bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas of my home. Also, my linen closet has Homegoods napkins, tablecloths & placemats. That store is the best!

  263. I tweeted too @savingmoneyll: Stop by @SouthernRhoda’s for a $100 shopping spree giveaway to @Homegoods, thanks to @BlogHer! Sign up to win!

  264. Home Goods is my “home away from home”!!!! I am redoing a bathroom too and need some cute items for that!!!! Hope I have a chance!!!!! XO, Pinky

  265. I’m searching for all things pink and brown for my daughter’s bedroom! That’s what I’d be buying! 🙂

  266. For some reason my first comment isn’t showing up so I’ll just type it up again. 🙂 Rhoda, this would be such a blessing to our home considering our tight finances right now! We need some type of something to go above our bed in our room, picture frames, pillows for the guest bedroom and a curtain and an expandable rod for a little storage project I have in mind. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Rhoda! You are so great!

  267. I’m in the process of redoing almost the entire house. ACK! I know…anyhow, I plan on hitting up HomGoods for sheets, towels, bathmats, and some fun accessories for the girls’ room and the playroom/study room.

  268. I l-o-v-e HomeGoods and go at least twice a month if not every week. Hard to pinpoint what I “need”, but I’m always finding dishes or home accents. Right now I’m redoing a porch, so I’d probably buy something for that with a giftcard.

  269. I am also a huge fan of Homegoods, love that store! I would buy new towels, rugs and maybe an accessory or two for our master bath. I am in the process of choosing a paint color and will need new towels and rugs to match my new color.
    Great giveaway!!! Thanks Rhoda!!

    Mary L

  270. I would love to go to HG for some lamps and/ or pillows!

  271. hmm…if I had to choose just one thing, it’d be new pillows for the living room sofa. That room needs some sprucing up. Love HomeGoods!!!

  272. My project is making my walk-in pantry (reason I bought this house) more attractive with great containers in glass and wicker. I also want to add a metal hanging light fixture to replace the tiny glass globe one. Some great shelf liner and good containers to hold baking equipment, etc. would complete this project! I may even add an old-fashioned screen door to replace the solid wood door for some real atmosphere.

  273. I have a whole brand new house to do!!!

  274. I love Homegoods !!! I would buy a mirror . I saw one I liked a few days ago. It is on my WANT list.

  275. I have been eyeing a mirror at Homegoods, and would put the $100. gift card towards that purchase if I won. Thanks, Rhonda…. I think your great.

  276. Love HomeGoods… I would probably opt for some accessories for my low budget kitchen/dining re-do or for our spare bedroom that is a multipurpose room!

  277. Tammy Lawrence says:

    I have a bathroom that needs a lot of TLC!!!!!!!! It hasn’t been updated in a few years, and it is the main bathroom that guests use, so I definitely could use the Home Goods giveaway………………..Thanks! Tammy

  278. I’ve never shopped at Home Goods but I would love to! I’m always looking for new accent pillows and I could use a new comforter for one of the bedrooms. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  279. Oh, how fun! A shopping spree! My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary and our next home project is in our master bedroom. I’d love to make it a romantic, peaceful, ORGANIZED retreat and this gift card would help me get some key pieces. Thanks for the chance to win!

  280. Lynne in NC says:

    I would buy new bed pillows, and sheets. Our pillows are F. L. A. T. !

    PS to HOMEGOODS: Please, please, puh-leeze build more stores in North Carolina!!!!!!!

  281. Mimi Koenig says:

    Am looking for a new area rug for our family room, I want to brighten up the room the summer.

  282. I would use the giftcard to help my daughter get set up in her very first apartment at college this fall! In fact we were shopping at HomeGoods for kitchen stuff yesterday!!

  283. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Homegoods! I am looking for decorative pillows to put with my new couch cover. I also would love to find some new towels for my girls’ bathroom and new rugs for the master bathroom! 🙂

  284. Rhoda what a great giveway!! Thank you ! I would by a mattress cover for the new guest room I just finished and some pretty wall decor for it’s walls!

  285. I posted about your giveaway on my blog~

  286. I could use some an outdoor rug, some new bath rugs, some family room lamps and some outdoor serving pieces in bright colors.

    My email in case I am the lucky one is – thanks!

  287. Wow! I’ve only been to HomeGoods once but it was fabulous! I desperately need some lamps for my master bedroom – that’s what I would be on the hunt for!

  288. A Home Goods finally opened in Austin! Hooray! I love buying entertaining pieces and holiday decor!

  289. Home Goods rocks! I’m currently looking for some new lamps, side tables, and something for the deck.

  290. Tessa Siegfried says:

    I can not leave Home Goods without a new cooking gadget! I also love their quilts!

  291. I think I would head back to the lamp section first!

  292. When I win I would actually not use my purchase to start a new project. I woud use it as an absolutely beautiful finishing touch for my latest project which is our family room. I would purchase a beautiful area rug that would be the Pièce de résistance! Just started my new blog and will deffinitely post your giveaway.

  293. What a great giveaway! I would love to spend the money on some garden decor or new dishes for my kitchen!

  294. Homegoods is one of my favorite places! I love new dishes, serving dishes, and stemware.

  295. Donna Graham says:


  296. Carolyn Simpson says:

    Love Home Goods and would use the gift card for new cushions for wicker on my front L-shaped front porch. House built in 1915 with a swing on front porch also. And yes, people do still sit on their front porches. Also love your blog and enjoy following all your projects. You are just a ‘doll.’

  297. I am curently working on my deck, and would love to get some goodies to fix it up right!

  298. Baby nusery decor!

  299. Oh, I would love some new lamps, or new decor for our deck we are enlarging. Thanks for the chance!

  300. HomeGoods is one of my favorite stores. Sadly, we don’t have one here in Paso Robles, so whenever I’m in Fresno visiting my mom, or Thousand Oaks visiting my sis, I make it a point to stop in.

    What would I buy? Well, what wouldn’t I buy? Actually I’m looking for two chairs for my family room and those two you featured above would be perfect!!

    I sure hope I win!!

  301. Audrey Hennefer says:

    I’m a Home Goods groupie too. I’d use the gift card to help my Mom decorate her new apartment in the retirement community!

  302. LOVE Homegoods-probably frequent there a bit too often! But have my eye on some throw pillows to coordinate with my bedding and a lamp or two to add to my master bedroom! Loved all the pictures-looks like y’all had a blast!

  303. I have been searching for the perfect side table for my screened in porch. I’m also planning a kitchen re-do including paint & fun, unique items over the cabinets. This would be a great gift for my *ahem* significant birthday this summer! P.S. My hubby is from the Tucker area.

  304. Not sure what I would buy. But could sure use the fun of looking

  305. Ashlie Rainwater says:

    I must have one of their new 8×11 rugs that I can layer w/ a 9×12 sisal. They have the most beautiful neutral rugs right now. AND, I have been eyeing their outdoor pillows. Oh, how to decide!!!

  306. Denise S says:

    I am about to redo my office and am looking for an area rug, new desk chair (one a chair I can turn into a desk chair) and assorted fun accessories.

  307. Kathy C. says:

    Dishes! I just can’t get enough dishes lately! That shopping spree looked like sooo much fun!

  308. I always have to hit the kitchenware first, sorry just a habit, but I really am looking for some great stuff for the deck to make it pop for the summer. I love the whole store and never leave until I go thru the all the aisles. I can’t resist a good buy and they are always overflowing with them. Love it!

  309. ATLKristen says:

    I would get something for my bedroom. I only have a bed and one nightside, so I would definitely look for something to fill out my room.

  310. We don’t have any Home Goods stores where I live but I hear rumors that one is opening about 30 miles from here. Have car will travel to shop at Home Goods. If I won a gift card, I would be on the look out for a cute lamp for my den because the one in there now is strictly utilitarian, a rug for my den because the one I have now is too dark or I would use the card towards the purchase of a new chair for my den. Trust me. I would have absolutely no problemo spending the entire amount in one trip to the store. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  311. Rhoda, what wouldn’t I buy? 😉

  312. Thanks for sharing your fun shopping spree! I LOVE HomeGoods! I have two projects underway – our master bath and our sunroom. I would use the giftcard to buy accessories, pillows, maybe a rug. But, since I am a lamp girl too, I might end up with a beautiful lamp instead!! You never know what you’ll fine in HG.

  313. I need a chair . . . just one accent chair to fill up a drab spot in my bedroom!

  314. Who doesn’t like HomeGoods? I love it and can shop in there for hours. Here’s what I do when I go in, I just have an open mind and let the items allow me to grab them and put the in my cart. I do show restraint but it’s so much fun to see and touch all the items and then find that treasure(s) that I have been wanting but didn’t know it until I see it!!!

  315. Hi Rhoda, We have a new HomeGoods that just opened last Friday…so exciting! I am hoping to redo our bedroom and I saw the most gorgeous duvet at HG. This would be a great start to transforming the room.

  316. I am redoing my bedroom using red and turquoise, have plenty of red but need turquoise accessories!

  317. I’d love to find some pretty lamps for my bedroom makeover! Thanks for the chance!

  318. I am in the middle of a kitchen re-do! Painting is done, now it’s time for the fun part – window treatments and decorating!

  319. heymudda says:

    I would love to get an area rug for my dining room!

  320. Hey Rhoda
    I desperately need some lamps for my master bedroom. Homegoods always has a great selection!

  321. Love Homegoods-go to them whenever we travel! I would use my 100 dollars to buy a new rug for my son’s bedroom redo- they always have such a great selection. thanxs for the chance to win!! Sharon

  322. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Oh–I really like those Waverly tablecloths that Sandy found! I would look for something similar to that, and I’d also look for cushions for my outdoor furniture. Thanks for the giveaway, Rhoda!

  323. I have never been to Homegoods! I’ve been wanting to go though. I’m looking for a small side table for the den.

  324. Oh, my!
    What would I buy?
    I’d just have to see what catches my eye!

  325. Jessica F. says:

    I just bought a house and am in need of new patio furniture for our awesome covered deck!

  326. Home Goods…how did I ever survive without one! I would use the $100 to buy a new tea kettle for my MOM and the remainder for some new summery bathroom towels! You gotta love Home Goods!

  327. Love Love HomeGoods!!! What a WOW day!!!!!! I would be making a BEE LINE straight to the bed linens!!! Gorgeous things!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Rhoda!!!!!! Terri

  328. I would love new bedding. My favorite quilt if falling apart and something new would really spiff up my bedroom!

  329. Vickie H. says:

    Yahooie! A great giveaway! What DON’T I love at HomeGoods???!!!!! I found one incredible mirror there 10 days ago to help with a guest bath re-do and am on the lookout for another one to update the vanity area in the master suite! Would LOVE to win!!!! Thank you for hosting, Rhoda!

  330. Misty R. says:

    I’d love to have a gift card from Home Goods! I am on the hunt for a cute chair for my hallway office space!

  331. Sandy Weakley says:

    our store in Richmond is only about a year old — it’s always an adventure to go to HomeGoods — so happy we have a store here!

  332. PILLLLLOOOOWWWWSSS!!! I love me some pillows to change the look of any room!

  333. We’re re-doing our bathrooms, would love to stock up on some great new bed and bath items. Thanks so much, looks like you gals had a great time!

  334. I would buy accessories for the space between my kitchen cabinets and ceiling..and one thing would be one of those white jars!!

  335. Jennie Springer says:

    Oh let me count the ways….to spend $100 at my VERY favorite store. I am looking for some chairs and a new rug for our dining room! And those white vases you love and wish someone would buy, I have two of them in gray from Home Good Store! Bought them a couple of years ago!

  336. I would buy a few more items to finish off my Rhoda inspired home office. It is lime green with black and white accents 🙂 I could really use a lamp and a few more baskets to organize things.

  337. We just moved into a new house, so it will be easy for me to find a way to spend the gift card!

  338. i was just in there today! i LOVE homegoods! they had some beautiful lamps that i would love to have – a girl can never have too many lamps!

  339. I know exactly what I would purchase. I am redoing my living & dining room. I am in need of new side tables, lamps & wall acessories. I always find something fun to buy at Home Goods. What a dream to win a gift card & to be “forced” to shop. With all the great prices, I know my money would go far.

  340. Believe it or not, I have never been to Home Goods! There is one about 30 miles from my house. If I won, I would look for a couple of floor lamps. My fingers are crossed!

  341. I would love to make a special trip to Homegoods to do some shopping! I can’t even imagine where I would begin! I’d like to redo my living room and update it. I’m especially looking for sofa covers (not sure if Homegoods carries those?)…but then new towels and accessories for the bathroom would be nice too! So many choices!!!

  342. Michelle says:

    I’d love to get some new lamps for our master bedroom.

  343. OH MY…. What an awesome giveaway. No one has trouble spending $$$$$$ at HomeGoods! 🙂 I’d buy some new things for my bathroom…. or, for my kitchen….. or for my living room?… 🙂 So many things to choose from, right?

    Warm blessings,

  344. Sydney Bishop says:

    What would I buy with the $100 gift card? That is such a hard question since I WANT IT ALL. lol But most likely some new cake stands I love the selection they have and how affordable they are.

  345. Sydney Bishop says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway :). Here is the link

  346. I’ve been to HomeGoods twice this week and didn’t leave empty handed either time! I’d LOVE to win this gift card! One can never have too many pretty things!

  347. Browsing Homegoods is my “happy place”! I would use the gift card to stock up on towels and linens for our new cottage in Michigan! Thanks for the chance to win!

  348. Being laid off in September, Hip replacement after that with complications, and still in limbo, I would use the gift card to get some bakeware and bedding. Money is tight, I am baking for extra pennies, and I Adore Homegoods!! They have everything and anything you could ever wish for to beautify your home and brighten your soul!!!

  349. Love your blog. Would really appreciate getting some linens. My husband and I are on a fixed (teacher’s retirement) income. I have to eeeek out my pennies but my sister is coming for a visit and the sheets are very worn out. Would just love to purchase some crisp white linen I saw in Homegoods. You know, ones without anyone else’s droool on them. 🙂 Tee Hee!

  350. I’d buy something to decorate the fireplace mantle.

  351. Need to do my bedroom so would finally work on bringing that togther

  352. We haven’t lived near a Home Goods for the past 3 years, but before that I shopped there every chance I got! We’re redoing our Master Bedroom and I’m in need of EVERYTHING!! Bedding, window treatments, lamps, end tables, chairs, throws, baskets, other accessories…oh the list could go on! And, a new store just opened up near my in-laws’ house. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this card! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  353. Some summer bedding or a new rug. Thanks for the opportunity.

  354. I just blogged about it.

  355. Dianne Callahan says:

    Hi! I am hooked on HomeGoods!!! It’s probably a good thing I don’t have one around the corner from my house (or office) of I’d be BROKE! Right now I am looking for a perfect ottoman to go with the chair I got there years ago, as well as beachy decor. I also collect cake plates, so I’m a sucker for those, too!

    Thanks so much!!!


  356. I could do some real damage with this gift card. Or I would at least try to anyway. Heres to me winning!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  357. Rhoda
    I love to look for whiteware but I can hardly limit myself to one area when I am in Homegoods. Love their store. Sending blessings to you.

  358. I work very near the new Tucker Home Goods…which is dangerous for my wallet!! I’m in there all the time on my lunch break! If I win (pick me! pick me!) I’ll get some of their great pots and outdoor stuff for my porch makeover!

  359. Great giveaway! I’m such a Homegoods fan. I’d buy some new lamps!

  360. Jana Rogers says:

    I LOVE Homegoods. Not sure what I would get as each time I go for something in particular, I end up with other things I had no idea I needed. I guess I would get some cooking supplies or dishes as right now I am really into cooking/baking.

  361. I was at home goods yesterday in my neck of the woods & I saw a few dining chairs I really loved! I’ll cross my fingers & toes that I win!! woohoo! Thanks for the chance! xoxo’s nancy

  362. I am about to move in to my (new to me) home and would like to create a new relaxing space. Home Goods is almost always the first place I go when looking for something for my home.

  363. We just completed our deck and patio area and now it is time to decorate both areas….this would be perfect 😉

  364. My 16 year old wants to redo her room and I ‘ve been wanting to head to HG to look for bed linens as our staring point. Love, love, love that store.

  365. Jamie Weathers says:

    A new rug for my family room. Home Goods is one of my favorite place to shop, just wish it was a little closer to home:) Sure my husband is glad it is far away…

  366. I would buy some new table linens for summer, a couple of outdoor cushions and I would look through the clearance area for finds.

  367. I would love to win this gift card to buy some new throw pillows for the sofa in my living room!

  368. Elaine fink says:

    I would love a new rug for my kitchen! Something with a little bit of punch. It is in need of a much needed makeover!

  369. Oh, this would be so fantastic! We are moving to a new house soon, & this would come in so handy for all the extras I want to make this new house our home.

  370. Hi Rhoda..
    would love to purchase new linens for the master bedroom..
    need something light and airy..
    and beachy of course!!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  371. Sandra K says:

    I would buy some new linens for a guest bedroom redo – thanks so much!

  372. I need lamps like nobody’s business but I’m also looking for cute cushions for my patio furniture!

  373. Lacey Prpic Hedtke says:

    I would buy some linens so my bed has a matching set, AND a new bed for my pup!

  374. Wow, what wouldn’t I buy? I think foremost on my list is bedroom linens. Actually, my boys all need new pillows and linens and I’m redoing my room. I think I’m going to need more than $100. 🙂 Thanks!

  375. Jennifer Barbour says:

    I’m a new follower and LOVE Homegoods! We have to travel to Raleigh, NC to the nearest one, but worth the trip!
    I am in hunt of lamps for my master bedroom, so that is on my must have list!

  376. I blogged about the giveaway. Now everyone don’t listen to me! I want this! Thanks!

  377. I would buy some bedding – probably a sheet set and pillows or a comforter set – Love HomeGoods

  378. Janet G. says:

    I so wish we would get a Homegoods in the Macon area. I am redoing our guest bedroom next in indigo and white and would love one of those white and blue chairs. Also, would love those lamps in Lakeitha’s shopping cart! Thanks for the opportunity, Rhoda!

  379. Jessie C. says:

    Le Creuset cookware is on my list of must-have items from Homegoods
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  380. Jessie C. says:
  381. Jessie C. says:
  382. Michle Machala says:

    I would buy dishes.

  383. I would buy some new summer dishes. What a great giveaway!!!!!!

  384. I would buy a couple of lovely chairs for my back deck. Something really comfortable to hang out in on summer nights!

  385. Cyndia Montgomery says:

    I have most of my rooms just the way I want them, but I’m always looking for things to give them a little extra bump! In the meantime, I’m doing a huge garden project in my back yard, so need things to decorate it with; outdoor tables and chairs, garden ornaments, etc… So that’s likely what I’d buy with my $100!

  386. I would buy some things for my newly stained deck!
    Thanks so much!

  387. Desperately trying to find a super-girlie bedding set for my daughter’s room!

  388. I’m working on my formal living room and need and accent chair or a fabulous rug. I always get inspired at HomeGoods.


  389. Love Home Goods! Thanks for the chance. I am working on re-doing my master bedroom. It needs some updating and I know Home Goods could come to the rescue! Thanks.

  390. I would buy wall art! We just purchased a new home and need to hang stuff up to make it feel more cozy.

  391. Hi, Love Home Goods store. I am looking for garden accents, truthfully though, anything that catches my eye. I always find something at Home Goods and would love a $100 shopping spree. Thanks

  392. Hey! I blogged about the giveaway at Sincerely, Leigh (

  393. Lynda Lara says:

    I’d buy pillows for my couch to add some color to my boring boring boring living room that has NO color at all.

  394. Wow what a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win $100 worth of great home stuff. I would like to think that I could go to Home Goods and come away with only one thing but I don’t know if that is possible 😉 I have been working on the “curb appeal” of our home and have a wonderful space for an iron bistro table and chairs.


  395. Margaret says:

    I would probably buy lamps. I am redoing our bedroom.

  396. Oh! Please! Let me win! I need $100 to spend at Home Goods!

  397. Gayle Branger says:

    Hi! HomeGoods is the best! I was shopping there over the weekend with my sister. Recent events have forced her to start over. She moved into a new condo over the weekend and needs a lot of finishing touches. We found a few things, but the bath, Master and Guest bedrooms and Kitchen still need to be completed; all the windows need curtains, and she needs rugs for the tile floors. HomeGoods has definately been my favorite place to shop for home decor, and she loved it too! I would love to win the gift card and give it to my sister to help her start over and complete her new home! Thanks for the opportunity!

  398. I need things for my kitchen, living room and bathroom… winning this gift card would be a real blessing! Even patio chair cushions would be something I need too. Many thanks for the chance to win!!!

  399. Love the serving pieces, plates, pots and pans, rugs, sheets, duvets, towels , scented hand soap, mirrors, pictures, etc. You get the picture! I love Homegoods!

    • I love HomeGoods! I am starting a bathroom project, need everything to redo a bathroom from the mid 90’s. HomeGoods has so many treasures which would make for the ‘funnest’ day, especially with a shopping spree gift card!

  400. I was just in there last week and I really wanted to re-do my bedroom for summer. Something light and bright and beautiful. Lots of amazing things there so I think it would be a bedroom makeover!

  401. Amanda M says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE HomeGoods! If I were the winner I would HAVE to buy a new lampshade for the lamp my ex gave back to me with the broken shade hanger. And OF COURSE, some great all around decor for the home I purchased 4 years ago…that I’m STILL trying to personalize.

  402. Hi Rhoda, boy, could I use that $100. There is a painting (Frenchy with a bike out front) that I love, as well as a large mirror with shutters attached. I can’t believe you were at “my” Home Goods. Yep, that is 5 minutes from my house and we were sooooo excited to have it open. In fact, I was the 3rd person in the doors on opening day! Linda

  403. Everything you showcased on this shopping spree looks fantastic!!! I too love Homegoods, Marshalls, TJMAXX or anything of the like…theres something to be said for finding a bargain…its a certain satisfaction you feel! I would have to first purchase some lamps…I have been looking for a pair for a while now…hope I win!

  404. I would look for some things to add to my patio and deck area.

  405. Breakfast AND a shopping spree?! I’m so jealous! I’d love to buy more lamps for my home, as well as accent pillows and big pots to put plants in…oh, I could go on and on and on…

  406. Rockelle says:

    What fun you all had! I an in search of plates for my dining room wall. Love Home Goods, even though it is a bit of a drive.

  407. You gals surely had a lot of fun!!!! I LOVE Home goods 🙂 I have my eyes on those blue chairs LOVE THEM!!!!!

  408. I’m looking for a sailor’s knot. I had seen them at my local Home Goods and TJ Maxx a month or so ago, and I had no clue what they were. Now, I’ve seen them in all the magazines and I can’t find them at either store; however, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop looking! It gives me a reason to go there, regardless! ;o)

  409. Janice Kempf says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I would purchase cushions, candles, statuary all for my tired looking deck. Thanks, Janice

  410. Wow!!!! This great. I love me some Home Goods. I would buy eighter some new bedding for the guest room or new throw pillows! Whatever it ended up being it would be something great as always when from Home Goods!

  411. I have been working on getting drapes for the bedrooms in our house. I need them to make the rooms look complete.

  412. debbie w. says:

    I could always use a new lamp!!! thanks for the offer to win!!

  413. I am in desperate need of new buffet lamps and I know home goods always has the best lamps!!! Thanks!

  414. I would love a hammock with big comfy pillows to laze in the backyard with my kids reading books or enjoying a popsicle making really happy memories together.

  415. I love Home Goods. I shop at the ones in Birmingham, AL (about 40 miles away)…I need some additional items for my screened in porch. Cushions for my chairs; accents for the tables; cool pool towels; anything for summer and outside! Enter me in the drawing and thanx for the giveaway! Tiffany

  416. Amy Burton says:

    I would LOVE the chance to win this! I would buy cushions for my new screened in porch!!

  417. I wish I was with you because I would’ve grabbed the other white covered vase you pictured above! I am fortunate to live on LI where there are FIVE Homegoods/Marshalls within 15 miles or so. I guess I’ll be heading to each of them to see if I can track down that piece…

  418. Monique W says:

    I would buy the “perfect” thing to finish off my gallery wall. Maybe a mirror 🙂 and then loads of pillows!~\

  419. I would love to buy a new duvet for our guest room from Homegoods! The ones in your pictures were so colorful and pretty!

  420. Starting on my youngest son’s bedroom in a few weeks and will need new bedding and stuff. He thinks he’s too old for his Twinkle Twinkle Little Star quilt which was purchased from Homegoods several years ago.

  421. I will just have one of everything at HomeGoods. I live 5 minutes from the nearest store. DANGEROUS!!

  422. my 2 1/2 year old son will soon be getting a “big boy” room ~ so this would definitely help 🙂
    thanks, rhoda!!

  423. We’ve recently had a Home Goods open here. It’s not in my immediate area, but I like to drive out to it as often as possible to check out the goods. I’d love to add something for a summer alfresco dining.

  424. I think my bedroom needs a make over.

  425. I am blogging on Tumblr

    Homegoods, How I Love YOU!

  426. Oh my goodness, who COULDN’T use a $100 gift card from Homegoods?!?! 😉 There pretty much isn’t a single dept in that store that I haven’t found something I ‘needed’ for my home! LOL! But right now, I am redoing my screened in gazebo to add some outdoorsy cottage fun to the space ~ and I’m pretty sure Homegoods is calling my name!!! Thanks for this opportunity to win… someone is going to be very blessed!

  427. I have been a fan of Homegoods for longer than I can remember. My mom spends most of her days off there, she used to have an Interior Design business so I get the draw 😉 I loved when I got to go with her to Homegoods, it’s like a hands-on museum and you can take home anything you want!! I love all of your pictures in this post, it reminds me of all the trips I got to take there. I am so excited about the NYC Homegoods store opening and plan to visit it this weekend. I JUST moved into my very own apartment after years of living with roommates and am ecstatic about decorating it and a gift card to Homegoods would go such a long way! Peace, Love & Keep Posting 🙂

  428. Debbie Herrera says:

    I am working on a home /office/craft room and will need curtains and small items to decorate.

  429. Oh, I just love Homegoods!! I am thinking about redoing our bedroom and would love to find some great lamps to use and maybe some new pillows. I could spend a whole day in Homegoods. Wish there was one in my city.

  430. I would buy the things to redo our master bedroom when we FINALLY find our new house…. 4 kids in 1800sq feet is getting tight! I would like kahki walls and all white linens and curtains in the bedroom and bathroom… I think it would be beautiful, elegant, and romantic. I LOVE Home Goods, and could spend a fortune… too bad I haven’t found that money tree yet! 🙂

  431. I would have to drive 160 miles to the nearest Homegoods store, but it would be well worth the drive. Love that store.

  432. What wouldn’t I want to buy! I would love new bedding for the master bedroom, i loved some in your pictures. Or I would accesorize our main living area, really needs it. Thats for a great giveaway.

  433. I’d love to splurge on some fabulous pillows or new bath towels…the list could go on forever. Thank you for the giveawy!

  434. I am redoing my master bedroom and am looking for the perfect headboard! I LOVE/LIVE AT and talk incessantly about Homegoods! Great giveaway!

  435. Janice Cooper says:

    My mother-in-law and I love Home Goods. She would freak out if I won a $100 Home Goods card. One of the first things I would buy is some home accessories. I just love their home decor section.

  436. I would definately buy some pretty white plates. Been craving some for awhile now.

  437. Janice Cooper says:
  438. I work a full-time job, have a husband and two young kids and am trying to build my home staging and redesign business. My own house always gets neglected. I LOVE Home Goods and there are a couple in my area that I practically LIVE at! I think it’s time my bedroom is made over so that I can have a nice, relaxing place to lie my head at the end of a hectic day. My Home Goods purchase would consist of cozy bed linens, a new side table and accessories for my walls and dresser. I’m ready to start fresh!

  439. Heather Spooner says:

    I’d love to find a rug or curtains to match my bedspread. Thank you for the giveaway.

  440. Gotta have those linens!

  441. Joseph Cannon says:

    My mom’s house could use a sprucing up. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and so far after about 2 years of chemo and radiation she is still cancer free ::knock on wood::
    But she doesn’t have the same energy as she once had and I want her to come home and enjoy her home. So, I want to tackle the living/dining rooms, places where me and my five other siblings gather weekly to eat and enjoy each other’s company. Home Goods is the only place I shop for home decor. I am there at least once a week and I text my friends and family with things they may be interested in. My mom needs this, and I want to do this for her. Much thanks for this opportunity and now I am (I swear) off to Home Goods to see what new things, and deals, are available. Bye!

  442. April in CT says:

    What don’t I love from there?!? I can always find something in the kitchen section, love the linens and bedding, furniture, adore the rug selection… my list could go on for days.

  443. andrea p says:

    I always love the picture frame selection at Homegoods, but I would use the $100 towards new living room lamps! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  444. Amy in PA says:

    Probably something for our upcoming bathroom redo!!

  445. I’d probably go get some new linens for the bedroom and a new dog bed for my Maggie!

  446. Janice Speirs says:

    I could really use some colorful, fun cushions for the lounge chairs on my deck to brighten things up!

  447. Rhoda it looked like a wonderful Shopping Experience at Homegoods. With the $100.00 gift card, I am a Tea girl and would look for a great scenario for the table and I am looking for a nice wall accessorie to complete a loook I am currently working on.

  448. I would love to buy a new comforter set I saw there recently. It is a Ralph Lauren design in blues and reds. It has my name written all over it!

  449. Barbi Lou says:

    I’m about 45 minutes from a HomeGoods store but it is my most fun and favorite place to shop. I live in the desert south of Tucson AZ but have a BEACH theme in my home because I’m originally from MA. Many of my decorations are from HomeGoods and I especially love it when you have an extra large supply of items in the summer!

  450. I’d buy new lamps and accent pillows for our living room!

  451. I’d get some of those cute little side tables. Loved them!

  452. I have never been to Home Goods and can’t wait to try it! I found out there’s a store about 20 minutes from here. I can’t give you a list of things I’ve seen there, but i moved to a new apartment and need rugs, shower curtain, lamps, window treatments, decorative pillows, art work and all kinds of pretty accessories that I think they’ll have.

  453. I think I would buy some lamps if I were lucky enough to win this.

  454. I love Home Goods and would love some matching turquoise beachy pieces to match the items on my mantle, that I purchase from Home Goods a month ago. I would also like some small furniture pieces and lamps to complete the family room. There is not a Home Goods near me, but I will be driving to one that’s 4 hours away for my Wedding Anniversary next week. I visited the Home Goods in Simi Valley, CA, for the first time, with my Mother for Mother’s Day and bought her a gorgeous candle holder which she LOVES!! This is without a doubt my favorite store and I’m hoping for a new store someday in Snoqualmie, Washington. I’m following on Facebook and Twitter as MicheWoman.


  455. I think I’d buy bedding… mine is in need of an update!

  456. I’d love to get one of those pretty side tables, lovely.

  457. Oooh they have such a great selection of great stuff! I want to shop for table lamps and end tables!

  458. Ready to turn my son’s baby room into a big boy room so we would go shopping for cool stuff that big boys love ~*~

  459. Susan Smith says:

    I’m redoing my family room so I get a lamp and some other decorations

  460. Susan Smith says:
  461. Heather Nash says:

    What wouldn’t I buy??? I would probably start with a rug… I have been wanting to put down a cute rug in our family room forever.

  462. I would love to redo our bedroom and get some new linens. HomeGoods has the cutest stuff!

  463. D. Wisdom says:

    I love to shop their linens and art.

  464. I would buy some new serveware for my kitchen! 🙂

  465. I am moving out this summer and I would love to be able to buy some new stuff. Count me in.

  466. HG is my favorite store on the planet. And the fact that there’s now one in NYC is just beyond fantastic. I’d buy a new rug and any little decorative treasures I could find. (which is never too hard there!) Fingers crossed.

  467. Living by the water every year i go to my fave store, Homegoods, come on where can you find just about everything under the sun at prices that will knock your socks off, well, if your wearing socks. there is a section of really cool beach items, i was there last week and before i realized it i was roaming this section for an hour. I am going back to purchase beach signs, funny ones, awesome summer plates that have different glasses to match, for adults and kids, really cool kid glasses with a fluid in them that looks like the ocean, come on what litle kid would not love that? What is great about the glasses they are made of a very tough plastic, so no need to worry with little ones running around or barefeet. there is a lamp that caught my eye right away, oh yes, this is going into my living room. also, the great thing about homegoods you know you can fill your carriage and still have enough money left over for lunch. This is without a doubt my favorite store, my daughters know that and they come home with different items for Mom, no reason, just an I love you Mom. So to answer the question, you will find me in the section of all beach goods. I am one happy camper.

  468. I’d get the Le Creuset cookware

  469. SheenaLJ says:

    HG is fabulous! I never leave empty handed! Working on the master bedroom and they have so many cute accents for our brown/light blue color scheme!

  470. dee schultz says:

    home good is great! i have a beautiful comfy chair from there. now i need a rug for my family room. i could live at home goods. love your blog. i just discovered it today dee

  471. I’m with you; if I’m going to buy retail, I like to do it at HomeGoods to get the best buy for my money. I am partial to their wonderful dish collections and can always find something to pop into my cart.

  472. Just came to the Homegoods website to see how late my local store is open during the week. We have friends visiting us next weekend, and of course I always wait until the last minute — but I thought it would be nice to “refresh” my guest bathroom before their arrival. So, I’ll be heading to Homegoods after work tomorrow (they’re open till 9:30 — how great is that!?!?!) where I’ll pick up a new shower curtain, towels, bathroom accessories, mat and maybe some artwork! Love Homegoods and I’m looking forward to being their after work — nice way to end a Monday! Of course, if I win the giftcard — I’ll put it towards updating my own bathroom!

  473. I just moved into a new apartment and definitely need some pretty accessories to give it some style. I would use the gift card for new dishes and serving platters for my kitchen!

  474. anissa harrell says:

    I would be so excited, I wouldnt know what to do. This is my FAVORITE type of store. I am so glad I found it. I had never heard of it before. I am really into plaques or pictures that say things on them. “Be Happy”, ” Kindness never fails”. Things like that. I would buy those things and I have had my heart set on a big sun. I collect sun things and I cant afford the one I want. This would sure let me get it now and not feel guilty about spending the money.

  475. Moving back into our house. We have MISSED it! We would buy items that would say “Welcome home, family”. I would buy sheets (for hubby and me) and let the girls pick something for their rooms.

  476. I would purchase a pair of lamps for the living room. Thank you for sharing such a generous giveaway!

  477. I would LOVE to get some new wall art and maybe put some $$ towards a rug for our new place…LOVE HomeGoods!!!

  478. Oh how I would love some new dishes. I’m thinking polka dot would be super cute. I’m loving Home Goods especially when this store is only 3 miles from my front door!

  479. Stephanie says:

    We are redoing our deck and backyard living area. And HOME GOODS is right up the street ~ never too far away to run on over and get a little inspiration and buy something fun. I also practically refurnished our master bedroom this winter thanks to Home Goods. . .love that store!

  480. I need new throw pillows, an outdoor rug & lots of other things!

  481. I’d buy some lamps! They always have the best selection!

  482. I would love some summer accents to redo my mantel and buffet table.

  483. I just tweet about your giveaway!

  484. i found the most wonderful turquoise glass pieces for my bedroom there – and they were amazingly priced! I stop in at least once a week to see what they’ve got.

  485. I would like to get some seashell inspired pieces, and I am also ready for a new bedspread. Finally, would love some decorative throw pillows and fun stuff for the porch. Oh my, my list could go on!

  486. You are sweet for hosting this fabulosu giveaway! It looks like you had a lot of fun on the shopping spree. Home Goods is one of my all time fave places. I get lost in there for hours!

    I would love to pick up some fabulous vases to adorn my hutch, some pillows to accent my outdoor bench, some towels for my baby boys bathroom, oy the list goes on and on!

    thanks for the chance!

  487. Carol N. says:

    Oh, how much fun was that! I would love some new cushions for the screened porch so that is the first thing I would go for. Then maybe a lantern or two for some candle light out there in the evenings.

  488. I’d love to win so I can restock my kitchen. My roommate recently moved out and took half of the kitchenwares with her!

  489. Christy Danner says:

    My husband and I have lived in our home for almost 3 years and have a beautiful 16 month old and have yet to decorate our living room. We recently purchased a beautiful area rug from home depot and now need accessories, frames, wall art, etc. The $100 gift card would help us get some of those MUCH NEEDED items!

  490. Antoinette Love says:

    About to move into my new apt, a studio, so that is my big project! I need an area rug and a couch slipcover. Some fabric for the walls and some curtains. I would love the opportunity to have the jump start of the gift card. More decorating tips for a small space would be that much more appreciated! 🙂

  491. Antoinette Love says:

    Here is my twitter link sharing my excitement with the world! 🙂!/antlove25

  492. I would buy bedding for my bed! My bed is naked! 🙂

  493. I would LOVE to win! I would definitely splurge on nice table linens and dessert plates/stands that I am always too cheap to pull the trigger on!

    I would buy some curtains for my windows. I live in a first floor apartment (because I am handicapped; otherwise i would be up in the trees!) and people are always looking in if i have my ( ugly,awful mini-blinds open! These are my choices! ahhh!
    Oh, how nice it would be to glamorously pull my blinds to and have privacy and style at the same time!

  495. Serena T says:

    HomeGoods is such a fun store! I love a lot of their selection and products. I would probably get some pretty summer tableware. I love all the fresh colors and unique items they have to decorate with.

  496. I’d love to buy a nice side table and some bed linens.

  497. I’d buy a new mirror and accesories for the master bath

  498. @lovinmomma8 says:

    Oh I love I would be in there buying more than I went there for! They have so many choices, I would buy so much in there, I can’t even decide now. lol

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    @lovinmomma8 on twitter

  499. @lovinmomma8 says:
  500. I would definitely buy something for my dining area as I have been working on redoing this area. katbirdfl (at) aol (dot) com

  501. Tweeted:!/katbirdfl/status/78188825167409152
    katbirdfl (at) aol (d0t) com

  502. Tammy Roark says:

    What would I NOT buy! I love homegoods. We don’t have one where I live and the closest one is over 2 hours. I really would like to buy some things for my oldest daughter, she is a junior in college and is getting an apartment and we need to buy a zillion things. This would help quite a bit.

  503. I would get small table and lapdesk for my kids
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  504. I would buy something for my family room! I’ve repainted and ready to change up some accessories!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!! 🙂

  505. LAMusing says:

    I love to win and buy some new high thread count sheets!

  506. I really could use a new lamp 🙂

  507. I would love to win – I would buy a rug. I went to Home Goods in Houston with a friend this weekend and she bought a beautiful rug. Now, I need one!

  508. Winning would be the best. I would buy new bed linens.

  509. VintageBeachgirl says:

    I think I would go for a new rug, I would probably look at the one between the Begium and Turkey signs….looks like it might work for my Living Room. Thanks for the opportunity to win the gift card Rhoda, I love your posts and read them every day!! Take care, VBg

  510. I would buy some new items to go on our EMPTY bookshelves!

  511. Pegi Williams says:

    I was at Home Goods this afternoon and found the most beautiful Acrylic Tumblers, they came in pink and green so I bought both colors. I felt a little bad because I took all there were and then a lady stopped me and asked where I found them, I had to tell her I already picked up all that was there. I also found some very cute Melamine dishes but they only had a couple of plates left in the pattern I wanted, I sure hope they get more in.

  512. Sign me up to win $100 giveaway – I’ve been so broke and in need of a Home Goods fix.

    I have to drive an hour to get to a store, but I would do that and look forward to doing that!!

    If I look around my living room I see quite a few Home Goods pieces, and even more in the kitchen. Rachel Ray, Wolfgang Puck, little jars of dried shallots, huge peppercorn grinder, gorgeous rug — on and on!

    Thinking one of those side tables may be on my list or the linens pictured above.

    If I had to name a favorite store – it would have to be Home Goods.

  513. Items for my guest room! Xoxo shel

  514. I tweeted about the giveaway @alamodemaven
    Xoxo shelli

  515. Yall sure know how to have ton’s of fun,wish I went with, I love Homegoods!…the closest one is about 2hr drive~sigh~.
    But!, if I win I don’t mind the drive at all,teehehe,pick-me,pick-me!!

  516. onegreatsmile says:

    I just moved and there is no power outlet in my bathroom, only a light. So I need to dry my hair in my bedroom (the horror, the horror!). I am on the hunt for a cute mirrored vanity so I can sit down and make myself look human every morning 🙂

  517. K. Cameron says:

    Homegoods is my favorite place to browse. I want to buy one of those cute side tables with the flowered print.

  518. I am probably one of those rare persons who have never been to a HomeGoods store. Yep, I’m feeling pretty naive right now about what fantastic opportunities await me. I am always on the look out, however, for items that are not staples in other stores. How about a couple of matching chairs to integrate with others at a dining room table? The big rage now in decorating is supposed to be garden stools used as end tables in the living room. I love linens that are not mass produced and an be found no where else – even mix and match separates. If I win this gift certificate, I will definitely go check out the closest HomeGoods store in North Kansas City, then share what marvelous and serendipitous finds I stumbled upon. Pick me! Pick me!

  519. Just blogged about the giveaway! Here’s the link
    Thanks again for doing this giveaway!

  520. Tassy Heckman says:

    I LOVE to shop at HomeGoods!! My son is getting married next week and I need new linens for his room! Time to decorate it the way I like!

  521. Wonderful giveaway & I LOVE HomeGoods! Our city just got one 3 weeks ago & it’s a dream! If I won the $100 giftcard I’d get one of their beautiful rugs! My living room is needing one & it’d be a great addition!

  522. I would buy a cake stand, some accent pieces for our bedrooms, and some lamps!

  523. I would buy a new rug for my family room, which definitely needs updating! Thanks for the chance to win!

  524. Oh my goodness! We just got a homegoods store in our area and I checked it out recently! I was so impressed with their huge selection and low prices. I would love to get a great big clock for my foyer! Thanks for the chance to win!

    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  525. tweet-!/CrazyItalian0/status/78848028366217216

    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  526. Laura Lee says:

    I am trying to get my deck set up for summer! Could really use some outdoor pillows for some color and maybe some new urns and flower pots too!!

  527. Amanda S says:

    oh wow, tons of things! lol I would love to get a new lamp, bedding, or a small rug! thanks for the chance!

    pokergrl8 at

  528. Amanda S says:
  529. Melissa Kendall says:

    I LOVE Homegoods! Working on my little girl’s bedroom right now, and need some linens for her bed! (Plus lots of other things, too!)

  530. April W. says:

    I would love a little free money to put towards our new house. Talk about a project! My son wants a monster themed room, my girls want an ocean theme, and I want a citrusy theme kitchen. Going to try to give our bedroom a more romantic vibe. All very exciting because this is our first home!

  531. I love HomeGoods! I would buy this cute bench they have there and would put in as a window seat.

  532. After nearly 11 years in this house, the one room that has never been updated or decorated is our basement. Though its been well used and seen lots of people come and go, it is without personality, and very blah. Homegoods could get me started in this room.

  533. I would buy them OUT of soy candles!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!

  534. holy moly! 544 comments- well I waited till the last to comment but maybe the 1st shall be last right? I have my eye on this $99 leaner mirror that would be perfect for the landing on my stairs.

  535. I am actually in dire need of some sheets and bath towels. I would search for those and try to get organic or bamboo!

  536. I am really wanting to finish up my guest room – it has been in limbo for way too long!

  537. I am in the process of re-doing our master bedroom and we really need new linens! I can’t wait to re-paint and completely makeover our current space – and what better place to start than Homegoods?!

  538. I adore Home Goods! I love it when i go and find something so gorgeous that I have to have it, then I go home and change a bunch of things around to fit it in! I found the best really large white framed mirror there a couple of months ago, and it got me changing up my entire entryway. I am re-decorating my daughter’s room and will need accent peices from Home Goods and probably a new bedspread or drapes, or a chair, or vanity bench. Oh the possibilities!

  539. I tweeted your Homegoods giveaway with a link to your post, for my 2nd entry.

  540. My must have would be some of the wonderful towels that they carry.

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