Guest Bathroom Renovation!

Hey y’all!  Happy Easter to you all!  We are having a family day and seeing both our families for Easter, so it’s a good weekend. It’s finally time to share the guest bath renovation with all of you and I’m SO excited it’s finally here. It really did take almost 2 months to complete this space, but it was well worth it for the outcome we got.

We did hire out the tiling job and that was a must, definitely out of our skillset to complete something like that.  I hired the same guy that did my other master bathroom reno, so I’ll share all the details at the bottom of the post. In case you don’t remember, let’s take a look at this plain and boring guest bathroom before we started.  It looks like a completeley different space now!

If you missed the in progress post, you can check out all those details here, including the products we used for the beadboard, etc. 

Guest Bathroom Renovation This is how it looked when we moved in.  Boring. Beige. Blah!

Guest Bathroom Renovation

It does have a little window above the tub, so that lets in some light, which is good.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

It certainly had no personality at all.  But it was clean and that goes a long ways too.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

I donated the vanity to the local Restore here and hopefully it will get recycled.  We envisioned something a little more stylish for this first floor guest bath. This is the bathroom that anyone who comes to our home will use and it’s right off the small guest room on the main level. Guest Bathroom Renovation Perfect timing brought about a partnership with Wayfair and the bathroom plans were underway, with this mood board of all the ideas we put together for creating this gorgeous bathroom using Wayfair products.  All the tile, the vanity, light fixture and toilet paper holder came from Wayfair. I ended up having to buy another faucet locally, since the one I got didn’t have valves attached.  Be sure you are aware of that if you go to update a faucet.  Some faucets are trim kits only and don’t have the valves, which are needed if you’re starting from scratch with a new vanity.

Are you ready for this black, white and gray Guest Bathroom renovation reveal! 

I’ve been dying to share it with you all, so get ready for lots of pictures!

Guest Bathroom Renovation

It looks SO completely different now and I can’t get over how pretty it is every time I walk in there.   We had it tiled all the way to the ceiling, so it looks so fresh and clean now.  You’ll notice there’s no color and that’s not really like me, but in small spaces like this, I do like a clean and monotone look and this suits us just fine.  These are color pictures though! Ha!

Guest Bathroom Renovation

I took pictures from every angle so bear with me as we look around this small space that is 6′ x 5′ in floor area, not counting inside the newly tiled shower.  As you can see, we took out the old one piece fiberglass bathtub and made this a walk-in tiled shower which I think will be so much better.  I shared the renovation process so take a look at that if you missed it.

Mark (with my help) demo’d the bathroom and that saved us some dollars on this project.  We did as much as we could ourselves to help keep costs down, but I’ll share a recap at the bottom of the post, since I like to know how much things costs in different areas of the country and I’m sure you do too. Guest Bathroom Renovation

My tile guy did a great job in building the new shower floor and all the plumbing that went with that process.  We used a beveled white subway tile on the walls of the shower and this pretty glass and marble mosaic tile for the shower floor and niche/wall border accent.  I love how this turned out.  I also added 2 small shelves for the walls, not for sitting but for propping.  I hate when I don’t have something to prop on to shave my legs, don’t you?

Guest Bathroom Renovation

I had great results with the Kohler shower door in my old master bath, so opted for the same door in this guest bath, the Kohler Levity shower door.  It’s a good price for a semi-frameless glass door and gives a nice sleek look, without being so expensive.  We kept the exisiting handle set that was in our old shower to save money and used all brushed nickel/chrome in here for continuity.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

A closer look at the walls and niche.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

And the shower floor mosaic tile looks so pretty. I chose a medium gray grout for all the grout.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

The charcoal vanity is also from Wayfair, called Jude and I’ll link everything used below.  I also ordered that pretty oval mirror from Wayfair.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

When we first planned this project, we always knew we’d install beadboard in here and Mark did all of that work getting it installed.  At first, I was going with white beadboard, but after it went in, I started thinking that it should go dark, so chose a dark charcoal color called Peppercorn from Sherwin Williams.  I love how moody and dramatic it looks with everything in there.  We talked about painting those light switch plates, but decided to leave them white for now, but I think we may go with a decorative set down the road, maybe something silver toned. Again, the doors are all newly painted Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams and I love this little bit of color on the door.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

Do you see that gorgeous wallpaper?  I did in fact, go with that and ordered the paper from Thibaut through a design friend of mine and had the same wallpaper guy install it for me.  We love it!

Guest Bathroom Renovation

It’s very masculine and textured and such a pretty grasscloth in black and white. It looks like fabric on the walls.

Guest Bathroom Renovation The marble basketweave black and white tile is so classic and timeless, just what we wanted in here. I ordered that free standing toilet paper holder from Wayfair.  I didn’t want to put any holes in the vanity or the wall, so this seemed the best option.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

Trash can picked up locally.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

Those hooks are from Liberty and we picked them up locally, just simple brushed nickel hooks.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

The last minute faucet purchase is Kohler and I picked it up locally. It’s a very pretty faucet and not too pricey.  I can’t remember the name of it, nor can I find it online, but if I do, I’ll add a link in this post.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

A good look at the marble basketweave floor tile.  I had a fluffy white rug for in front of the vanity, but it wouldn’t go under the door, so I’ll just leave it bare for now, since I have a rug outside the shower.  The tile is so pretty I hate to cover it up, but if I find a really flatweave rug that works in here, I’ll add it later.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

I got this pretty botanical print at Tucci’s here in Marietta, that I’ve mentioned to you before.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

It’s a large and lovely piece and I thought it would be perfect in here for some added drama.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

It’s a large piece, but I love adding large pieces of artwork to small spaces.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

I did go back and add a live green plant in here for a little color and you can see how the bathroom flows from our family room area.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

More of the vanity.  I love this gray and white marble top that came with the vanity, so perfect in here.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

With pull out doors and a drawer underneath, it’s plenty spacious for a guest bath and 36″ wide.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

A lovely furniture piece.

Guest Bathroom Renovation

Adding a little bit of green does give this neutral bath a little bit of color! See, I took a ton of pics so you could see all the details up close and personal.  I hope you love it as much as we do!  Renovating spaces take a lot of time and planning and we are very happy with the outcome of this one.  If I want to add color later, that will be easy to do, but I’m really enjoying it just being neutral gray, black and white for now and it feels so dramatic to walk in there and take it all in.

I’ll give you a breakdown below on how much we spent on this bathroom:

From Wayfair: ($3,000 in product) Tile:  All tile including the subway tile, marble mosaic, and basketweave floor tile

Vanity:  Jude Vanity

Toilet paper holder:  Kohler from Wayfair

Shower Door:  Kohler Levity from Wayfair

Faucet:  Kohler (bought locally)  $150

Mirror:  Latitude from Wayfair

All linked below.

Labor:  (just over $3,500 Labor) Tile installed by Luis Reyes with Keystone Renovations:  404-569-8845

Tile Supplies:  Bought locally for about $150, including grout, grout additive, shower ledges, transition piece for floor.

Shower Door:  Kohler Levity from Wayfair (installation $150) If you’re local and need a shower door installed, I would highly recommend Brian from Shower Door Monkey: 770-695-1888, he did a great job for us. Not everyone installs shower doors that are purchased and not bought through the install company.

Wallpaper and Installation:  $150 wallpaper, $200 Installation = $350

Misc. accessories:  Floor rug, soap/lotion holder, trashcan, hooks, hand towel. (all bought locally) $75

Approx. Total cost of renovation:  $7,375

I know that was long, but that’s a breakdown on our guest bath renovation! Thanks for reading til the end.  I’m hugely thankful that we were able to do this with the help of Wayfair. We wouldn’t have tackled this right now, if not for this opportunity to partner with them. They have so many great products online for projects such as this, so I hope you’ll check them out next time you are doing a bathroom renovation.

We were very happy with all the products we got from Wayfair! If you have any questions at all, please ask in the comments and I’ll answer them all. Thanks so much for coming by and for all your support of my blog.

This post is sponsored by Wayfair.  

Here are the products from Wayfair below in case you want to shop: (affiliate links)

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- Rhoda


  1. Your new bath design is a winner. While I was looking at your tile something came to mind… no bull nose tile. Just curious when did the bull nose go away I haven’t seen it used in quite some time.

    • Hi Janet, thank you so much! We love it and yes, there is bullnose on the top of the curb where the shower door sits, down the outside edge where it meets the beadboard & wallpaper & inside the Little window, all white bullnose. So definitely still in use.

  2. Happy Easter! Love the bathroom.

  3. Just gorgeous. Love the painted beadboard and the shower is amazing! What an improvement from the before picture!

  4. Judy Clark says

    Happy Easter Dear Friend!

    Wow! I love the bathroom. The shower is amazing. You and Mark did beautiful job.
    Blessings to both of you.

  5. Cheryl Ann says

    That is beautiful! Thanks, Rhoda

  6. I love it! We’re buying a new (to us) house and the guest bath looks very similar to yours. I won’t be able to do a major remodel at first, but our tub area and floor are white tile, so I will keep it for now. I will definitely follow your lead with the headboard and vanity! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  7. Great job Rhoda and Mark! I used those colors throughout the main living areas of my home. Can’t go wrong with the right shades of grey and white. Its very easy to add color in the form of accent pieces but I find the grey and white so relaxing…

  8. Barbara Moore says

    Stunning, Rhoda! I know you will enjoy this beautiful bathroom for a long time.

  9. Nan Thomson says

    Love the neutral bathroom. I have the same, and just change out colours of towels, soap, waste basket etc. from time to time. Right now I have yellow for spring, and loving it.

  10. Jean from Georgia says


  11. Just beautiful! Love the gray color, tile floor and breadboard especially! Great job you two!

  12. Cammie from NC says

    Lovely just lovely. One of my bathrooms is the mirrored version of this. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Cathy Reeves says

    Hi Rhoda,
    I’ve always loved grass cloth even though my friends said it was outdated. This goes so well in the bathroom. One concern I have though, is the shower floor slippery when wet? I realize there’s not that much glass tile mixed in, but as I age (67)I’m terrified of slipping! I also had my tile guy run mine up to the ceiling; he suggested it and was spot on. Beautiful transformation.

    • Hi, Cathy, thanks so much, we love it all! The floor is not slippery. I took a shower in there to try it out and as small as those tiles and glass pieces are mixed with the sanded grout, it’s not a problem at all.

  14. It’s lovely, can’t decide what part I like best! Redoing our master so that we will have a walk in shower now. So excited for these changes that make our life better. Love the lower foot prop in the shower. Need to have one of those. Miss you. Hugs.

    • Hey, Lynn, thanks for stopping by! we are very happy with it, I’m sure yours will be gorgeous as well. Walk in showers are the best and that foot prop is definitely necessary. I have nowhere to prop my foot now in our master to shave my legs. It gets old!

  15. Your bathroom update is beautiful! Did you have help with the design or put it together on your own? Either way, it’s a winner! How fortunate that your husband is so handy. You’re doing beautiful things with your new home; I know you’re enjoying it.

    • Hi, Jan, Mark and I planned the whole design ourselves and we both picked out the tile, wallpaper and almost everything in the space. He’s got great taste! We sure are enjoying our new home.

  16. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Your Guest Bathroom is just gorgeous! Rhoda and Mark, you have done a fabulous job! Enjoy! It’s nice to see all the personal touches you are adding to your lovely home! So happy for you both!

  17. The bathroom is beautiful. Very classy. Just curious, how will the grasscloth paper hold up in the moisture of a shower? Just wondering. Great job.

    • HI, Toni, thank you so much! I think the grasscloth will be fine. It’s a guest bath that won’t get used all the time, plus there’s a fan in there, so I think it shouldn’t be a problem.

  18. Love, love your new guest bath. My favorite is the basket weave floor tile. Thanks for sharing the cost breakdown AND the fact that you were comped through Wayfair as a sponsor! So many bloggers do not and it makes the cost of projects so misleading. Happy you and Mark share the decorating bug!!

    • HI, Barbara, thank you so much. I like to share because it does help people know how much a bathroom renovation like this will cost. It’s helpful for me to see that too, so I thought you all would like to know it. It’s always more than you think and yes, even though materials were comped from Wayfair, it’s still quite a bit for labor and other things too, so it all adds up.

  19. Glenda Meyers says

    Just love your bathroom makeover!!

  20. It looks great! Do you have any tips for keeping the shower doors clean?

    • HI, Kelly, clear glass shower doors are always hard to keep clean. I’m going to get a squeegee and see if that helps, but this shower won’t be used all the time, so that helps as well. At my old house, the master bathroom had this same shower door and it was hard to keep the soap scum off. I’m wondering if that RainX stuff would work on these doors like it does on car windows to keep them clean. I’ll have to read up and see if I can find something that helps.

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