Home for the Holidays: Atlanta Holiday Home 2013

Happy Friday my friends!  It’s Christmas weekend and I decided that I’m going to relax this weekend and not do much else on the blog until after Christmas, so today I’m doing a repeat from 2013.  This is one of my favorite Atlanta Holiday showhouse tours from 2013 that is still fresh and pretty today, so enjoy it all over again!


Browsing showhouses is something that I’ve been doing for years and I still love it. It’s always fun to go in these humongous homes that are so far out of my price range, yet still so exciting to see how they are decorated and the beautiful millwork that is in these homes is always a treat.  There’s a showhouse in Atlanta, now called Home for the Holidays, that is decorated for Christmas every year and usually I miss it, but this year made a point to go and check it out.  I’m SO glad I did and you’ll be glad too, because they let us take pics inside and I got a TON of pics to share.

You are going to be as inspired as I was! This is a gorgeous and yes, large, Southern style estate home, built by Dovetail Homes and is in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, one of the most desirable real estate neighborhoods in the city.  It’s Colonial American in style and designed by Harrison Design Associates.  You can find out more about the house and the tour hours at the link above and if you live in the area, please go!  It’s a treat you will enjoy during this beautiful season.

I’m not going to attempt to narrate all of the pics and I took so many, this tour will have to be broken down into at least 2 to 3 posts, so enjoy them all!  I knew y’all would love seeing this too.  I love the use of mostly natural materials all through the house and it is stunning, particularly the dining room, kitchen and breakfast areas, living room and the master bedroom, all my personal faves.  Enjoy!

Keep in mind that this is a brand new home, somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million, I heard. I don’t have the square footage on this ginormous home, but believe me it is spacious.  It was built to look like a home that was added on to over the years and it is a sprawling home for sure.  I’ll be showing the outside of the home from the backside of the house too in another post , so stay tuned for that.

Keep in mind too that I was snapping pics in a hurry, so not all of them are really clear, but you get a good idea of how magnificent this home is.  I tried to capture all of it the best I could on the fly!

HOliday showhouse

showhouse 2


porch bench

doors wreath


living room wide

living room tree2 (2)

living room


living room3

living room fireplace



dining room 4

dining room

dining room2

dining room chairs

dining room windows

dining room place setting

dining room table set

table centerpiece

dining room mirror

dining room trees

powder room

powder room2


library 2

library 3

vintage ornaments

master bedroom

master 2

master 3

master side table

master bath

master bath 2

master bath 3


master doors

master shower

master closet

master closet 2

water closet

master tub


hall table

hall table close

hall table 2

hallway from stairs

butlers pantry

butlers pantry 2

butlers pantry 3

butlers pantry3

laundry room

laundry room2

laundry 3

hallway mudroom

mudroom (2)

powder room (2)


stair garland


OK, I had to chime in here! Isn’t this the most beautiful staircase garland you’ve ever seen?  My jaw dropped on this one!

open hallway bench

hall tree

hall tree 2



hallway table

hall table close (2)

Wasn’t that just stunning and so fun to see?   I knew y’all would love it too and so happy that they allowed pics this year.  I met Kimberly Sundt, Event Manager for the showhouse the day I went and she was so warm and friendly to me.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this one again, one of my alltime favorite ones!

- Rhoda


  1. Thank you for taking us on such a beautiful tour! I knew from the second I saw that gorgeous stone exterior that I would love this house!

  2. How incredibly gorgeous! I was surfing around for floral inspiration and did this ever do it! Can’t wait to see more 🙂
    xo Andrea

  3. That’s a beautiful home. For fun, I love the bathtub full of gifts.

  4. You’re right – it IS gorgeous! And yes, that banister garland is beautiful! I think I counted 11 trees (!), and that’s probably not all of them. I love the outdoor decor, especially the worn bench with the garland on the corners – love magnolia worked into the greenery. Thanks for the tour!

  5. Oh Rhoda, wow. I bet that was a feast for the eyes. I loved all the smaller features like the powder room, mud room, butlers pantry and entry way. The exterior is gorgeous. The stone work is just amazing. Happy Holidays!! Shannon

  6. Oh how gorgeous. Elegant, yet perfectly inviting and livable. You did a great job capturing it, Rhoda. Thanks for putting this together for us!

  7. I couldn’t wait to see this home, Rhoda, when I saw you and Maureen took the tour. It is gorgeous.

    I did a bathtub of ornaments one year at the farm. The gifts in a tub is a nifty idea and I love the staircase.
    I’m in a couple of virtual Christmas tours over the next couple of weeks, so I have been busy trying to get a couple of things done. Actually doing a bit more than I have the last couple of years, after deciding to downsize the decor. I keep thinking of ideas I want to try. We are slow moving these days, but determined.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I am so happy and excited for Lauren, her hubby and all the family!

    • Janice Vincent says

      Pat – I remember years ago when we were all over at Great Impressions and you were decorating for a Christmas tour then. I know you started way, way early and were so kind to share all the planning & decorating with us.

      Looking forward to your beautiful home this year.


  8. Oh, gosh! What a gorgeous place. You are so lucky to see it in person. I loved every detail. The most favorite–the Christmas stockings hanging in the laundry–genius.

  9. stellastarlite says

    Rhoda, my daughter and I toured the house on Sunday. The asking price is 3.2 million and it is 7000 sq. ft., with another 2000 sq. ft. in the unfinished basement. It was stunning! Boxwoods does a fabulous job with the greens ( their “barn” is featured in the newest issue of Veranda) and my daughter joked that I should make her that banister garland…as if!! Do you go to the Virgina-Highlands Christmas tour? It is wonderful and is a tradition for us. They serve food as well!

  10. What a beautiful home – just lovely, but livable too ! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures !

  11. What and stunning home!…I only wish it were opened longer so that I could see it…thanks for the wonderful tour Rhoda!…

  12. This is just the most beautiful house! I love the paint color on the kitchen cabinets – How would I find out the paint brand/shade they used?

    • Dear Vicki,

      The perimeter cabinets are the color of York Gray (Benjamin Moore CW-45) and the island is Army Green (Benjamin Moore 2141-30). I work for the cabinemaker, Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios/Bell Custom Cabinets who supplied the cabinets. Susan

  13. Becky in 'Bama says

    While it is a BEAUTIFUL home with lots of probably expensive decorating, I bet you could have done as good or likely better with the Christmas decor! Some of the rooms were a bit austere for my Christmas taste. You are the tops Rhoda! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the ‘blog’ family we see and enjoy.

  14. WOW. I love the neutral color palette of the home… that living room… and holy smokes, that tub area! Those windows! The gifts overflowing the tub! Amazing!

  15. Good thing I don’t live in the Atlanta area ‘cause they’d have a hard time getting my claw marks out of the front porch pillars after security would be forced to drag me away! Oh, how the other half live. 🙂

  16. Love the neutral tones and architectural elements! The rest is a bit cold for my personal taste.

  17. What a fantastic opportunity for you to tour this house, which in turn has ended up being a pinning marathon for myself. So many wonderful images and lots of Christmas inspiration here. I had to do a double take at the lady in the ‘high heels’, I was cringing at the wonderful wooden floors.

    Thank you for sharing so many beautiful images, I have been on here ages soaking up the inspiration, and now better go off and do some work.

    Lee 🙂

  18. Melesa Garrison says

    My jaw dropped too, Rhoda! Breathtakingly gorgeous!

  19. Thanks for taking us along. You got some amazing images! Happy Holidays!

  20. Wow, Rhoda, I think that’s the longest post I’ve ever seen. You took so many pictures! Must have taken a long time to add them all.

    This house is just stunning. The outside is my absolute favorite — so classic, love it.

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