House Update: Hardwood Floors

The first thing we had scheduled in the new house was getting the carpet out on the lower level and site finished red oak installed.  They came out, took out the carpet, laid the new floor, then came back to sand, stain, and seal the new floors.  They came out absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t be happier with them!

We are getting new Shaw Floors Epic Plus engineered hardwood flooring on the top level of our house, so wanted to somewhat coordinate the new flooring with the existing flooring downstairs, so we tried to find a good color that would be complementary to the site finished floors and I think we did it.

This is the floors as they were and the color was fine, but we wanted to blend the new floors upstairs with these floors and needed to have them sanded and re-stained a bit darker to get the look we wanted.

We used Dalton Wholesale Floors for the installation and they did a fantastic job. This wasn’t sponsored, we paid for it but it’s the same company that we will use for our Shaw Floors upstairs too. They happen to do site finished jobs as well, so we got an estimate that was fair and went with them.

You can reach them at Dalton Wholesale Floors in Adairsville, GA. 770-773-2681.   We were very happy with the outcome of our new floors and worked with Chad King.  They work in the Atlanta area often.

New Red oak was installed and then the sanding and staining process began.

The guest room got new floors too.

So nice to have all the carpet removed and hardwoods all through the lower level.  I just love hardwoods!

All the floors were sanded down and prepared for the new stain color.

We are using a medium brown toned Hickory Epic Plus flooring upstairs and chose the one above.  It’s called Epic Plus Pebble Hill Hickory in Warm Sunset and we think it will be beautiful on the top floor.  I knew about the Mixwax stain color, Provencial, so that is what I chose for the stain color and it turned out gorgeous. It’s a tried and true color and looks good with anything.

I had brought home a few samples to try out and didn’t want to go as dark as the floors in my current house so  we were looking at more mid-toned browns and really like the one we chose.

I’ve been choosing runners too for the stairs and we’ve decided on this pattern in the color Carbon, which is Black and gray (I think it’s the top right one). We think it will look great with the black iron  spindles on the stairs and really give an elegant look to the stairs. This is from Shaw Floors as well, they have some gorgeous carpets to choose from.

The staining process began and then 3 coats of poly to seal it. We went with a matte finish poly and it’s so soft and gorgeous.

The guys did a fantastic job with our floors and we couldn’t be happier.  It took 3 days for all 3 coats to go on and everything to dry well.

Now we’ve got this beautiful wood floor all throughout the lower level and it feels and looks so good.

No more carpet in the den which makes both of us really happy. Can’t wait to put down some area rugs.

Provencial stain is a really nice warm brown tone and a great color for stained floors.

So, that’s an update for this week.  We’ve had a week or so with nothing going on, but the painters are coming this week, so we hope to get those projects started.  We are getting the main living areas along with the 2 story foyer painted and then we will paint the rest of the rooms as we get to them.  I really wanted to get the kitchen cabinets sprayed by a pro painter, so glad we are doing that before I try to move anything in the kitchen right now.  We both like painted cabinets and like a lighter and brighter kitchen, so it will be nice to get them painted. It will brighten up that area so much.

It’s a work in progress, but we will get there! It will be awhile before we get all moved in so August will be slow as well. We have a family beach trip for a week in August that we are excited for and I have to pack up my house to get moved by the end of the month, so I have a lot to do, but I’ll keep you updated as we move along on moving in.



- Rhoda


  1. Thanks for sharing the process and company Rhoda. We have lived in our home 23 years, have had ours screened and re-poly once after adding them to our family room. Love the Provencial color, my top choice. We are looking to have ours done in the next year. Glad to know there is another company out there.

  2. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Love the floors, they look fabulous. The house is coming along beautifully.

  3. Thanks for sharing the progress on your house. The floors look great!

  4. The floors look beautiful! We also have red oak floors stained in Minwax Provincial and are very happy with how they turned out.

  5. The floors look great! Such an exciting time for you!!

  6. Kim Nations says:

    Sooooo pretty. I live in Dalton and Shaw is the best.. I worked there in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Where I work now they are one of our big customers. Cant wait to see all the things you do to make this a home for you and Mark. Still praying for your sweet Daddy.

  7. Judy Clark says:

    Love the floors Rhoda. You guys did an amazing job picking out the stain color. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. We had our hardwoods refinished just last week in Provencial with a matte finish. It’s a nice, warm color. We also added hardwood to our master. Love it all! Can’t wait to see further progress on your new home! Hope your dear dad is improving.

  9. Karenann says:

    The hardwood floors look gorgeous! What a great idea to do, especially before you move in! I can’t wait to see everything decorated!

  10. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Yay! Step one is done. So fun to see this new adventure begin. Gorgeous!

  11. The floors look beautiful! Just curious as to why you have a few threshold type pieces dividing the floor up on the way to the curved window area and in the hall going toward the stairs and what I assume is the foyer area. Is that where carpet was so the original wood had cleanly ended to begin with? Good luck with the painting!

    • HI, Kate, the only spot we have those pieces breaking up the flow is between the hallway and den (with those curved windows). That’s where the carpet was and the new flooring is butting up to that, so there has to be a break since the new flooring just went in when the carpet came out. It doesn’t bother us, it’s flat and blends right in with the flooring, so that’s how they have to do things when new flooring is added and old flooring was already there. They have to keep running the new floors the same direction on the floor joists as the old floors, so that’s how they do it. That’s the only place that’s like that.

      • Wow, what a HUGE difference looking on my laptop versus my phone!! Once they are stained you can’t even notice it. I adore hardwoods, too, and would have torn up the carpet as well. Are the boards face nailed or tongue and groove? They appear to have putty all over as though they were face nailed. My house is from a terrible era…1969…but one nice thing is that the entire thing was built with hardwoods everywhere. Red oak, 1/2 inch, face nailed and finished with Minwax half Early American and half Cherry mixed together to form a new color, and Street Shoe lacquer.

        • Kate, they used some wood putty after installing the wood to fill in little cracks. Then after everything was sanded down, that is gone and it all looks seamless. These are site finished tongue and groove so not face nailed at all.

  12. Leila Case says:

    Good job

  13. The floors look beautiful! We ripped out carpet years ago and haven’t looked back. There are so many pretty area rugs and I look forward to seeing what you and Mark select. The kitchen will be so pretty, lightened up. You will be a busy lady for a while!

  14. Barbara (WA) says:

    Great floor stain color tip, Rhoda. Love how it turned out,

  15. Lisa D Dudgeon says:

    As I am reading this post today is the first day of demolition at my house. We are having red oak flooring site finished and can you say I am nervous. I just love how your floors turned out and praying that I have made the correct choices and love the floors as much as you love yours.

  16. So pretty! Thank you for sharing the pictures and details. I was wondering about your wall colors and look forward to hearing what you’ve decided on. Have a super trip!

  17. Floors look gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see all your progress. 🙂

  18. What a timely post. We are having our hardwoods sanded & stained on Monday. We also have red oak in a dated “orangey” color now & I also have picked Provincial as my new color. I hope they look as great as yours.
    Did the sanding make much of a dust mess or was it a “dustless” system? Also, much touch up needed on the baseboards once finished? Thanks. Love the new house – we’re local too, in Marietta.

    • Hi, Ana, how exciting for you too! They did use a dustless system and really it worked pretty well. I see some fine dust on the kitchen countertops and I went around the baseboards with a vacuum, but overall it’s not too bad. There is some stain marks on the baseboards so we will have to touch those up too when we get a chance. Mark is installing the quarter round and then we will paint and touch up all of that.

  19. Dawn Richardson says:

    Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing with us. Can’t wait to see you cabinets painted. That is on my wish list in the near future.

  20. Hallie J. Fry says:

    The floors look great! We are considering removing our carpet and installing hardwood but I am wondering about the weekly maintenance. Do you have to dust mop everyday? I know I’m not industrious enough to do that!!

    • HI, Hallie, I’ve never had bad maintenance issues with hardwood floors. I vacuum mine and use a Swiffer type mop on them when needed which is great for getting dust off. With matte finish on ours, I don’t think they will be hard at all to take care of. Gone are the days of that shiny finish on hardwood floors which was impossible to keep clean. My engineered hardwoods are just as easy to take care of too. Vacuuming and dust mop when needed is all that I do on those too.

      • Can you speak for how these new floors downstairs would hold up to dog traffic? Do they scratch easily? Yours looks absolutely gorgeous!!

        • Shar, I think site finished floors hold up well to dogs, but I do think the new engineered floors with their baked on finish probably are even tougher than the old school site finished ones are. Wood is wood and will ding and scratch, but since we don’t have dogs inside the house right now, I don’t think we will be testing them out.

  21. I am really enjoying following along with your new house renovations. The floors look great & I’m sure it gives the downstairs a totally new feel. It sounds like you have more than enough to keep you busy in the next couple of months & how exciting about your wedding. Have you decided which furniture you will be moving into your new house? I know you mentioned that you will be taking your dining room furniture and that will look beautiful.

    • Linda, I’m still mulling that over, but I know a few pieces that won’t make it because of size and no where to put them. I’ll let Mark’s daughter, Traci, use them in my current house since they are renting it and don’t have a house full of furniture. Definitely the dining room will come with me. It’s going to look beautiful in the new house.

  22. Tracy Cervantes says:

    Love, Love, Love your new floors!!

  23. The floors look just great. Those Dalton guys did a fantastic job.

  24. Beautiful job! It makes everything so spacious and fresh! We have all red oak floors too and no carpet…so easy to take care of, especially with pets.

  25. Betsy Gordon says:

    You’re moving right along with the new house! The new & refinished hardwoods look really great and so seamless. Love the color you picked for the stain. I had special walnut stain on white oak in my last house and enjoyed it so much. Will you get the foyer handrail stained darker too?

    I can’t wait to see the cabinets painted in the kitchen. That’s on my to do list and would love a recommendation. Keep us posted..

    Praying your sweet Daddy is getting better and having a good day. I can’t imagine how stressful and draining this is on your family.

    Betsy Gordon

    • HI, Betsy, we might do something with the hand railing, haven’t gotten to that part yet. We definitely want to add a newel post at the top and bottom and take out the one that’s there, so that’s down the road to get to. Got to figure out stain or paint on all of that. Thank you, we are loving the changes. I’ll have an update on Dad on Wednesday, he’s not doing great, still praying that he has a complete turnaround. It’s been back and forth.

  26. Lea Guiles says:

    Rhoda, I wish I could properly convey how excited I am for you. Looking forward to see what you do with this lovely place.

  27. Donna H Hill says:

    Love the floors! When/if kitchen cabinets are sprayed as you suggested in this post will you please post details? Thanks

    • HI, Donna, yes, I’ll do a whole post about this and tell you the steps he uses. I bought the paint yesterday from Benjamin Moore, that’s what my painter likes to use on cabinets, Advance paint. He will prime them, then do 2 coats of color. They have really good sprayers that they can use inside with not a lot of overspray, so it’s worth it to me to let them do it professionally. Since we aren’t gutting the kitchen or anything, this is a good solution to painting the cabinets for an update. We are doing 2 colors, white on top and a blue/gray on bottom, so excited to see that happen!

      • Iris McCloud says:

        The floors are so nice. The medium toned color was a good choice. Also a good choice is to use pros to paint with BM Advance. I painted my trim and doors myself and the finish was very durable but the cure time was much longer than I was led to believe and the odor during that time was terrible. It sounds like you will not be living in the house for a while afterwards and I assume that you will be running your AC the whole time. I love BM paints and the Advance did dry to a hard finish which was essential for the risers on the stairs. It just would have been a better idea to not actually be living in the house at the time.

  28. Cissy Persichetti says:

    I love your blog. Where can I find the Shaw runner. That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for…..

  29. Your house is Gorgeous Rhoda! xoxo

  30. Beautiful : ) I Love wood floors!! Can’t wait to see the rest of your plans.. know it will be awesome. So excited and glad you have found love and a beautiful new home : )

  31. This may be redundant as I read only the first half of your post. Wanted to know who did your floors as I live in your area and am looking for a reputable company. And love your choice of Provincial. I have been living with that color for years and it goes with everything.

  32. Jean Anderson says:

    I’d gotten behind reading your blog and just caught up. Boy, was I in for some surprises and it was fun to read. I’m so happy that you have found someone to love and be with. Life is never easy is it and I know your joy at starting your new life is tempered with concern about your Father’s health issues recently. Seems like it was only yesterday that he was helping you do all that work on your house.
    I cannot wait to see what you and Mark do to the house. He seems like a man who knows what he likes in a home. That’s always more fun than a spouse who doesn’t care but it comes with some interesting conversations about what you’ll do. I always say HGTV ruined our husbands, LOL!
    Please enjoy your much deserved happiness.

    • Hi, Jean, thank you so much, it’s a very exciting and happy time for me and I’m glad to share it with all my readers like you who have been so supportive to me over the years.

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