Lauren’s Easy Bedskirt Tutorial

Lauren asked me if I’d like to share her bedskirt tutorial that she recently did in her guestroom and of course, I wanted to share with all of you.  Lauren has an embroidery machine and does some incredible monograms and stitching on lots of fabric items and she is getting really good at all of that.  Domestic goddess, she is!  So, I wasn’t surprised that she came up with a plan to make a bedskirt using velcro to attach it to the two twin beds in her guestroom.

Welcome my brilliant and beautiful niece, Lauren.  We adore this girl.  She passed the Louisiana bar exam last year and has been looking for a law job to use her smarts.  She just landed a job within walking distance of their New Orleans loft apartment and we are all so happy for and proud of  her.

This isn’t her first job as an attorney.  She graduated from Georgia Law School, passed the bar here and then landed her first job here in Marietta, working for a few years before she moved to Louisiana and got engaged and married last year.  Then she had to pass the bar in LA, in order to work as a lawyer down there, so she has been a busy girl the last couple of years.

Take it away, Lauren!

Before bedskirt

This is what it looked like before – pretty ugly.  But organized at least.

laying out fabric

I started by cutting my fabric for the long sides of the bed.  My clearance was 9″, so I cut an 11″ strip to allow for hems.  The long sides of the bed required two strips per side.

sewing fabric

Then I sewed the two strips together.  I did not worry about matching up the pattern because I was putting a box pleat here and I didn’t think it would matter (which it didn’t).  If you are a stickler for that type of thing, make sure to cut your fabric in the right spot so that your two strips will match up.

stickers helping

Fortunately, I had an assistant.

ironing fabric

Take the fabric to the ironing board and iron down the hems.  It is a very long piece of fabric since you have sewed two lengths together.  You could pre-cut your fabric at this time to fit the length of your bed, and then you won’t have to iron and sew so much of it.  I am not that confident in my abilities, and I wanted to ensure that my box pleat was in the center (more on that soon), so I waited and cut my fabric to fit later.

ironing and turning fabric

I folded it down 1/2″, ironed it, and then folded it down again another 1/2″ and ironed it again.  Do this for the top and bottom.

ironing and stickers

My assistant helped me with the ironing as well.

box pleat

After you have ironed in your hems on the top and bottom, pin in a box pleat in the middle of your length of fabric (if you want to include a pleat).  This makes it slightly fancier, and it also hides the seam from sewing the two strips of fabric together.

sewing box pleat

This is what a box pleat looks like.  I did an inch on each side.


Then sew in the top and bottom hems that you have already ironed.  Sew right over the box pleat (on the top ONLY) and that will keep it place.

sewed bedskirt

This is what the back of the box pleat will look like after you have sewn your hems down.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the top is sewed and the bottom is loose.  Iron over the whole pleat, and that will keep it sharp and in place.


Then, measure your fabric to the correct length of your bed, making sure to measure with the box pleat in the middle.  (I just held it up to the bed and put a mark at each end so I would know where to cut).  Cut off however much fabric you need to from each end, leaving an extra inch for hems on each side.  Then, sew in a hem on each side.

back of bedskirt

The back looks like this when you’re done.


Hopefully, you originally measured better than I did when purchasing your fabric, otherwise you have this much left when you are finished.

adding velcro

Put sticky velcro on the top of the dust ruffle on the pretty side of the fabric (not the back of it).

finished bedskirt

Stick the other side of the velcro to the inside of your bed frame, and then attach the dust ruffle to it.


Here is the finished project!  I did not put a pleat in on the short sides of the bed.

bedskirt in

The finished bedskirt!

Thanks, Lauren, for taking pics and sharing your fun DIY project with everyone.  I know they will love it. 

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- Rhoda


  1. That is very clever! I love the fabric, too. Adds a nice touch of color to the room. I love that Lauren is taking after Aunt Rhoda!

  2. Very cute and a great tutorial, too. I think Lauren is ready to have her own blog.

  3. Looks very pretty. I wish I could sew. Love the fabric.

    • Anyone can sew. Go for it! It’s a great feeling to make something. Start with something small, like a pillow or pillow case. It’s FUN!

  4. Lauren is so clever to make her own bedskirt! The fabric is so pretty.

  5. Great idea! Thanks Lauren for giving us a tutorial 🙂

  6. Brilliant! I love the fabric as well. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Great tutorial and super cute bedskirt! This reminds me of my mothers #1 advice when tackling a sewing project…”The iron is your best friend!”…so true.
    Thanks Lauren…and mom!

  8. First of all Lauren, congrat’s on passing the bar and landing your first job! Quite an accomplishment!
    Secondly, your bed skirt turned out great! Maybe you could now tackle a white duvet cover for your comforter! 🙂 in all your spare time!
    Best to you, Barbara

  9. Very nice! She takes after you Rhoda.

    I’m going to start a small blog. Your blog designer is on sabbatical. Could you identify a few other reputable and AFFORDABLE designers? Thank you.


  10. Very pretty! What is the name of fabric?

  11. @clarescoffee says:

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing, great job Lauren!

  12. Thanks, Lauren, for the great tutorial. Can you share any tips for selecting suitable fabric? This looks like a heavy weight fabric with a fair amount of body to it. Love that assistant – they are always so eager to help when you are working a project like this!

    • Hi Janet,

      I used decorating fabric – the kind that comes on the big long round spools that are hung horizontally in rows in stores. All of that kind of fabric is heavy enough to do a bed skirt. Of the fabric that comes on the little rectangular spools (the kind that is standing up vertically in stores), the only types I can think of that might work are duck cloth or maybe canvas. Hope that helps!


  13. Catherine says:

    Lovely lovely lovely! But I think Stickers probably did most of the work. 🙂 jk, love you L!!

  14. Lauren, this looks amazing! good job. Rhoda, maybe she can be your newest guest blogger? keep up the nice work 🙂

  15. I sew my dust ruffle to a fitted sheet which I then put on the box springs. It stays in place nicely that way. Velcro is a good idea, too.

  16. This looks great! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a bedskirt – need one in our master bedroom, and one in the guestroom. This helped to crystallize several of my ideas. Attaching to the inside of the frame won’t work for me because my frame isn’t made that way, but I can put it on the outside. This will make a big difference in the appearance of these two rooms!

  17. You should try my wallpaper wash cloths!. tell you how its done when you order them from me. uncirculated! A sempstress secret, Once you hang the wall paper call me. Ms Clark

  18. Thank you for the tutorial (found on Pinterest)Can you give me a rough idea of the yardage that you used for the twin bed skirt? We don’t have the beds yet so I have nothing to measure.

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