Lewis and Sheron Fabrics

Going to the fabric stores have always been a great way to be inspired.  In fact, it’s downright dangerous.  Whenever I stroll through the aisles of a wonderful fabric store like Lewis and Sheron fabrics here in Atlanta, I want to chuck all my fabrics and start over.  Oh, those lovely and colorful prints and solids draw me in and beg me to take them home.  I’m not ready to do anything right now, but these beautiful bolts grab me every single time.

My mother used to drag us in the fabric stores when we were young and then, I didn’t think it was all that much fun, but I later came to love seeing those bolts of fabrics and all the possibilities that came from them:  a new dress, skirt, drapery panels, or pillows, oh the endless inspiration that fabric on the bolt held for me.

If you are looking for a jumpstart for a decorating project, hit your local fabric store and see if something speaks to you.  These sure were speaking to me. Lewis and Sheron has been a staple for Atlanta’s fabric choices and I wanted to show you firsthand where I’ve been shopping for years.  This is one of two fabric stores off Howell Mill Road.  Forsyth Fabrics is the other one and they both have a ton of choices.

Lewis and Sharon

We’ll stop in Lewis and Sheron first and maybe another time, I’ll show off the other one.


Just inside the front door, this wall of beautiful fabrics was waiting.


Bolts and bolts of beautiful fabrics.  Their prices are not outrageous either.  Many affordable fabrics.


I love how they group coordinating fabrics like this happy combo.  Dog lovers will enjoy that one!


Row after row, aisle after aisle of gorgeousness.


Soft and serene neutral beauties.


Here’s that row of sea-inspired fabrics I talked about.  Gorgeous, aren’t they!?


Lovely and trendy grays are so popular right now.


Gray and yellow, a wonderful combo.


More grays to choose from.


Florals and stripes and so many to look at.  You can imagine how overwhelming it might be to choose fabrics in here?  You have to stay focused in a place like this.


Love all of these.


They offer ready made drapery panels too.


Red, white and blue have never looked so yummy.

Yellow Gray fabrics

Amazing selections await.


Greens always draw me in, I love greens.

Blue fabrics

Oh wait, how about blues?  These are so pretty too.

colorful fabrics

Blues and greens, here you go!


They even have furniture choices and you can have them upholstered in the fabric of your dreams.


Nice, huh?


Ready made pillows too.


As well as a huge room of nothing but trims.


Any trim and tassles you can imagine is here.


Look through that doorway there.  It is called Staceage and I’m not sure of it’s origin, but it looks like a retro place with color power that will knock you out with eye candy.


See!!  Look at the chairs and fabric combos.  It’s an explosion of color and pattern.  Just like the 60’s and 70’s.


It makes you smile just to walk around in here.  A glam bed.


This vintage style chair was covered in snazzy green fabrics.   It’s tons of fun!

Green Chairs

Look at the back with that yummy crown.  What a statement piece this chair is.  It was so fun to walk around in this room. I was just amazed at all the bright fabrics and the way the furniture was painted and displayed.

Green fabirics

Yum, I love these colors.


Look at this stool, the gold is glittered.


And this sofa, so fun and funky.


This pearlized blue chair was funky too, love the look.  This is a fun way to update old and vintage pieces.  They take painted furniture to another level.


Like this settee.


It was painted in a glossy two toned paint finish, not blue or purple, but both.  Notice the nailheads.

Funky chaise

How about this bright and vibrantly painted chaise lounge.


Here’s something I have never seen before. Nailheads in all sorts of colors.  $100 for 250 of them.

Colored nailheads

Could you have some fun with all of these colors?

Gold chair

Check out this drapey chair.


So many possibilities.


Throws embellished with trim.


This pink chair was so happy, with the throw draped across.

I knew you would love seeing Lewis and Sheron.  They are a wonderful fabric store and we are so lucky to have them here in Atlanta.  I have been visiting here for years and I’m sure I’ll be back there again once I get another house. Oh, won’t that be fun?!

Do you love fabric browsing too and how are the fabric stores in your area?  We are SO fortunate to have some wonderful fabric shopping in Atlanta.

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- Rhoda


  1. What eye candy Lewis & Sheron has! You’re very lucky…our one and only large fabric store went out of business a few years ago and now we just have JoAnne Fabrics.

    I think I would pack a lunch and spend the day-that’s a destination. Should I be in Atlanta, that will make the list of place to see.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • It definitely is a destination day trip with Forsythe Fabrics right around the corner, even if you live in Atlanta.

  2. I was able to visit L&S and Forsyth when visiting Atlanta this past Fall. So much fun! I wish I could stop in those wonderful stores whenever I wanted to!

  3. For a fabric-holic like myself, a trip to that store would be like a visit to heaven. First time that I went into a fabric wholesaler, I thought I had just been awarded “Queen for a Day”! You’re probably too young to know about the 50’s TV show, but it was about a housewife being selected to have her dreams and needs all met.
    AND I should have been working on my own fabric/sewing room instead of being on the computer all evening!

    • Oh, Beckie, I wish I could say I don’t remember “Queen for a Day”, but I certainly do! Maybe it went into the 60’s too, I would have been a youngster, but I definitely watched.

    • Thank you for presenting such a wonderful fabric store…I will have to make it a point the next time I am in the Atlanta area to visit..Love all the new fabrics….Beckie I remember “Queen for a Day”..always wanted my mom to be on that show!..I have started a Queen for a Day for my friends..A great way to honor a special friend for the special things that they do…

  4. I have never been. Of course I am not a sewer, but what beautiful fabrics and what a huge place.

  5. My Mamaw used to take me to a fabric store names “Behr’s” when I was a girl. I loved and still loooove fabric! Oh and Buttons!!! They used to have a room with the walls covered with boxes and boxes of buttons! It was such a treasure hunt. I loved it so much! Thanks for bringing my wonderful memories back to mind.


  7. I want to move in there.

  8. Hello Rhoda,

    Queen for a Day! Sadly, I too have memories of that show, but as a very young girl… ;->

    I would be in big trouble if this fabric store was near me….SERIOUSLY BIG TROUBLE!

    Loved the tour…thanks Rhoda.

    Janet xox

  9. Wow, great fabrics, and I love the funky colorful furniture, though it wouldn’t fit in my house. I didn’t know about L&S, will have to check it out. My go-to’s closer to home are Fabric & Fringe Warehouse in Marietta, and Decorating Mart in Kennesaw. Ever been to either of those?

  10. Arlene Grimm says:

    My mother took us to fabric stores too and like you Rhoda, I was not always happy to linger there in those days! Thanks for sharing all this gorgeous fabric with us! Eye candy to wake up to this morning!!

  11. Rhoda, I love love this fabric store. I haven’t been there in quite awhile. I will be going soon now that I have seen your great pics. Thanks Phyllis

  12. We call this going to Huff Road. It is so much fun going to L & S and Forsyth.

  13. All these pictures make me smile! Wow, what a wonderful place! Wish we had something similar here – now I’m going to go back and look at all of them again! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Rhoda, stop it, just STOP it. You’re killing me here! We lived in Atlanta (Peachtree Dunwoody Road) back in the early 90’s and I loved shopping at those fabric stores. Those were the days…such fond memories. Seems I recall you always drove by this big water treatment area on the way to the stores. Funny the things you remember. Anyway, back to reality. Where we live now, it’s Hancock Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. Yikes!

    Oh me, I almost tried to reach through the computer and yank off a few yards of a couple of those beauties. I loved the doggie print and it’s companion fabrics. So cute! Next time you go, yank a few bolts for me……just for old time’s sake.

    • Kathy, that water treatment plant is still there! The area has grown and there are a lot of design shops down there now, so you would enjoy it all over again.

  15. Rhoda, I’m not a snob about many things, but I refuse to have anything but custom draperies in my house. I’m like a kid in a candy store in a decorator fabric store – practically drooling just looking at the photos!

  16. Ahhhhhh! I could stay all night in that store but I didn’t. 😉 I did stay over 6-hours and walked out with 12-yds of complete beauty. The minute you decide on one fabric another catches your eye. The trim room alone will make a person swoon. Thanks for the reminder.

  17. Hi Rhoda-
    WOW! What a store. You are so lucky to live nearby. So much fabulous color and inspiration under one roof. You should have a field trip set up during the Haven conference so all of us out of town DIYers can spend some time there. That would be a fun trip.

    My best- Diane

  18. Oh my goodness! I’m going to suggest ATL for our next vacation! Ha! I could get into a lot of trouble there – thanks for the tour!

  19. Oh wow.. look at all that pretty fabric. Love it

  20. Lewis & Sheron is always a MUST STOP when I’m in Atlanta. Being a visual person, it is such a high to my spirits to see all the fabric patterns. Even though I decorate with white the patterned fabrics are great for accessories. I’ve also purchased a sofa and chairs downstairs. I have enjoyed seeing their product line improve over the years. Can’t wait to go there again!

  21. I love their website! Hopefully if I make it to Haven, we’ll be able to run to their store!!! Thanks for the tour!

  22. What a truly amazing store! I probably could get lost very easy in that place. Unfortunately, in my area of Ohio we don’t have any types of fabric stores close to that quality, just JoAnnes. So I will just drool over these luscious fabric photos for the time being. Thanks for sharing with us!

  23. That is the best store I’ve seen in a long time!! I shopped at a store back home “G Street”, I actually think this is bigger! Can you believe I would be home sick for a store?

  24. I spent many a afternoon camped out in fabric stores when I was little. My sister and I would always play with the buttons and all the sequin embellishments!

  25. Wow, how beautiful! Amazing! Thanks for sharing, what lovely fabrics and ideas.

  26. OMG… like a kid in a candy store… I love that place. I can spend hours, upon hours in there getting totally ‘lost’ in the aisle of beauty! Thank you so much for a little escape there today! I need to set a appointment to venture in and ‘waste’ my afternoon feasting on ‘candy’!!!

  27. I truly didn’t think I’d be too interested in this post. Boy, was I wrong! I can’t believe all the truly beautiful fabric (and other things) in that store.

  28. OMGosh Rhoda you are soooooo lucky to have that place near you!! Talk about dangerous though 🙂 I love the grays , I saw some that would look great with my new rug that arrived today! Great pictures Rhoda.

  29. Your killing me! That place is the ultimate fabric heaven. I am a fabric-holic who can’t walk into a fabric store and not ooo and awww and touch everything in there. Then I find something I can’t live without and redo my entire house around it. Yep, fabric stores are dangerous territory for me! Even so, I have got to get to that store!

  30. You know I have lived in ATL my entire life and have never been to Lewis and Sheron???

    I’m pretty sure it would throw me into a redecorating frenzy based on your pics 🙂

  31. Love all these fabrics, gosh I wish we had a store like that in New Zealand. I especially love the blue and white ones. I have a collection of blue and white china I got from Asia and the Middle East when I lived as an expat, I was about to sell them all this year and replace with French and white but I have decided to keep them as its seems that blue and white is making a come back. I saw lots of blue and white in a local interior shop I haunt….and now seeing the fabrics on here.

    I might have to check out if this company sell overseas as I would love some blue and white cushions.


  32. The variety of fabrics, trims, and furniture offer myriad possibilities for some beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. The store is amazing. Ever since I viewed the post yesterday, I keep thinking about something. In one display of fabrics – the sea-inspired ones – there is a fabric printed with colorful snakes! Now, I like turtles and frogs, but crocs, gators, lizards and especially snakes – not so much! So I couldn’t help but wonder who would use that snake print and for what? I can’t see it on a couch or a chair or draperies (or anything else, for that matter) so I thought maybe some of you decorators could provide an answer. I’m sure I’ll be pleasantly surprised, as in “I never thought of that!” So, Rhoda, what would you use the snake printed fabric for? Just curious.

    • Hey, Joyce, I didn’t even notice the snake fabric in that set & had to go back & look. I’m with you, that one would NEVER come home with me. I have no idea what someone would do with that. Not a snake lover!

  33. Rhoda, my Mamaw took me to the fabric stores with her and I loved it even as a child, cause she sewed for ME and the possibilities were for ME! My Daddy always took me to the hardware store and I loved the clean, fresh possibilities in there, too. Wood, paint, trim, lighting fixtures. Mmm, mmm!

  34. I now need a water proof keyboard. I have drool all over the place. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Wendy Teusink says:

    My idea of heaven!

  36. Rhoda– I just absolutely adore Lewis & Sharon. I haven’t been in awhile, but the post just might inspire me to head over this weekend!

  37. Katharine K. says:

    I’m in Atlanta from Charleston just through the weekend. I am KICKING myself for going to Forsyth yesterday (Saturday) instead of today and missing Lewis and Sheron! Argh! I love your photos and feel I could practically shop from them! Love the creative and inspirational uses for trims with upholstery you show! What a great way to make a ho hum piece into a showstopper! Glad to have found your blog and look forward to seeing more from you!

    • Thank you, Katherine for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed your visit to Forsyth Fabrics & yes, L&S is a great one too. You’ll have to come back to ATL.

  38. Can you order online?

  39. Lee Ervin says:

    Love the blue and white fabrics. Love all you have. Lived in Atlanta twice. So stressed I did not know about your store.


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