Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

Hey, friends!

I’m back today with a little update in the living room.  I shared with you awhile ago that we planned to get my old Ethan Allen sofa recovered.  This pretty and stylish sofa has been with me for about 14 years and it was time for a refresh.

Did I mention I used to work for Ethan Allen?  I did, way back in 2003 into ’04 as a design consultant.  I didn’t last very long in retail, only about 6 months and sales just wasn’t my thing. Retail sales in a store at least wasn’t my thing. That was a gig that wasn’t long lasting for me and I think I would have starved in that sort of career.  Some people are good at it, I just wasn’t.  But, I did score a floor model sofa before I left and that was a good thing.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

So, the sofa has been with me a long time and this damask chennile was her original fabric.  This sofa really didn’t get heavy traffic since it was always been in a living room setting and didn’t get used all the time, but the fabric just kept feeling more dingy as time went on.  It was a creamy yellow toned fabric, but I wanted to brighten it up. You can see it more in this light, it almost has a light gold tone.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

In brighter light, it wasn’t bad, but again it was time for a refresh of this sofa. She has great bones and I still loved the shape but not the fabric.  We wanted a brighter cream and not a yellow toned one.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

When I visited High Point last year, I was introduced to Crypton fabrics.  I was amazed at what I saw and their fabrics were all over High Point.  Performance fabric is what this is because it performs in the worst of circumstances and it’s totally stain resistent.  Don’t we all need that?

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

It’s hard to see this here, but this was a stain test on Crypton fabric that I saw with my own eyes. A red liquid was spilled all over the cushion and it merely ran off, doing no damage at all to the fabric.  The rest of it was blotted up and voila, no stain at all. I was sold on that fabric!

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

So, when it came time for me to consider a fabric for this treasured sofa of mine, I contacted the folks at Crypton and asked them if they would sponsor some new fabric for me. I had seen a display of Crypton in my local fabric store and that’s what got the wheels turning.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

I chose one called Nomad Snow.  It has little flecks of a darker color in with the cream and overall has a linen-like appearance, but is soft like chennile. I had to wait about 3 months for the fabric to come in, but it was worth the wait!

Recovering An Old Sofa

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

Here she is all recovered!  I used a local upholstery shop called Glaber’s.  They are at Bells Ferry Road and Barrett Pkwy. for those of you local who are looking for upholstery jobs. My sister used them 5 years ago and had great results and one of my readers in the area has been using them too and we’ve all been very pleased.

It’s not cheap to get a sofa recovered, but sometimes it just makes sense if you have a really good frame and just need to update with fabric.  My sofa was $700 to recover because of all the button tufting, but they did such an outstanding job, I’m thrilled with it.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

I love the classic lines on this sofa and now it looks brand new.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

A peek at theother side of the room too. If you missed the update on these leather chairs, I dyed them dark brown back in the fall, so take a look at that post.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

And from the dining room, you can see the back and it’s pretty from this angle too.  It fits nicely in our smallish living room.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

From the dining room table looking to the living room. We love our views!

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

And I couldn’t resist a shot of the table looking towards the foyer. You can see how open our floor plan is.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

Another view of the back of the sofa into thel living room.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

It really brightens up the sofa so much to have the new fabric on there and we both loved it instantly.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

They did a fantastic job with the arms as well as the welting.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

It truly looks brand new and the chennile is so soft to the touch.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

The best part is that this sofa will not stain, so I don’t have to worry about that.  We don’t have a lot of traffic in this room, but even if something happened, I know it will clean up just fine.

Living Room: Recovering a 14 Year Old Sofa

So light and bright now.

recovering an old sofa

A big huge thanks to Crypton Fabrics for sponsoring this post.  Someone asked me about buying Crypton online and asked where I had seen mine.  We have a local fabric store that I’ve been shopping at for years, Fabric and Fringe Warehouse, and they have a nice selection of Crypton fabrics, including the Nomad Snow that I got.  It looks darker in their picture, but it’s very true to color in my pics.

I hope you enjoyed seeing an older piece of furniture revived and refreshed!  I’m not all about replacing everything with new when I have a great solid sofa that just needed new fabric. I’d rather update with fabric for a fresh look!  If you’re looking for a performance fabric, definitely take a look at Crypton fabrics, I’m sold on them!

This post is sponsored by Crypton fabrics. 


- Rhoda


  1. This looks awesome! What a beautiful update!

  2. I love your blog! I read it almost every day. The sofa looks lovely, but please move it back to under the windows. It just breaks up the flow of your lovely home where it is now.

    • HI, Debbie, I’ve discovered since I’ve been blogging so long that everyone has opinions and they don’t all agree on things when it comes to decorating. We had the sofa under the windows until Christmas and then after the holidays we put it where it is now with the back towards the dining room and liked it so much better. It opens up the windows in our living room and it just looked better to us after all to place it there. Several of my readers chimed in then and said they had wanted us to put it there all along and thought it looked better than covering up the windows. After having it both ways, I like it where it is much better now too. Can’t please everyone, so we have to do what feels right to us so it will be staying where it is.

  3. Oh Rhoda, it’s gorgeous

  4. Your sofa looks wonderful. Crypton is indeed great stuff. For your non-local readers, the Nomad Snow chenille is available online at I’ve used it for slipcovers and loved it.

    • Thanks, Pam, and I’ve linked a local fabric store that carries it for a good price too.

  5. Wow, does your sofa (and your living room, dining room, etc.) ever look gorgeous. I have a 25-year-old sofa that I love to bits, but the cats have used it as a scratching post, so I’m looking for a beautiful new fabric to cover it with.

  6. Edie Walker says

    Your sofa looks fabulous! I wanted to recover our sofa, which also has “good bones” (it’s a Henredon), and even toyed with getting a new one. The price you paid is so reasonable too, and now you have exactly what you want. Thank you for the inspiration of the Crypton Nomad Snow fabric. I’m going to be looking into recovering our sofa as well. I wish I lived in your neighborhood so I could have the work done at your reupholstery shop and just tell them, “I want what Rhoda has!”

  7. Hi Rhoda, your “new” sofa is very pretty. The color is so pretty with the rug.

  8. to. King says

    Beautiful update.. The sofa looks terrific. Where did you get your glass coffee table. I’ve been looking for something like that. The maker’s name of the table would be helpful too.

  9. The sofa looks wonderful! What a beautiful place!

  10. Rhoda, you can purchase Crypton fabrics at Calico Corners. Sofa looks brand new, light and bright.

  11. Your sofa turned out fantastic! Fabric has become so expensive these days it nearly defeats re-upholstering but like you said with a good frame it’s worth it. The Crypton fabric sounds like the only way to go.. Your room looks lovely.

  12. Very nice. Our sofa is from IKEA and has removable slip covers. When we bought it we decided to buy an extra cover as even though they are washable they will wear out. We’re still on the first cover and have washed it multiple times. So glad we have another to fall back on as time goes by. Of course if we had a quality sofa like yours that will have many years of life I think we’d recover it too! Looks beautiful.

  13. Barbara Moore says

    Wow! Do I need this fabric in my life? YES! I can’t believe how perfectly sized your sofa is for you new space. And to think you got it so long ago! Meant to be! Love it all.

  14. All I can say is WOW! Does that ever brighten up and already beautiful room! Cheers!

  15. Rhoda, your sofa looks fantastic and I like it where it is. The whole space is stunning! You’ve really done a great job combining the blues and greens and making the rooms cozy.

    • Thank you, Stacey, it’s so nice to see it all coming together with both our things mixed.

  16. Susanne Day says

    I have been wanting to purchase Crypton fabrics also.I see their ads in House Beautiful. Can’t find it in Modesto California. Please let me know where to purchase it here or maybe ordering on on line?

    • Hi, Susanne, if you read to the bottom of the post, I linked a local fabric store that sells online and carries Crypton for a great price. Someone else in the comments also mentioned other places, so yes it’s online.

  17. Hey Rhoda, I just recovered my 30 year old sofa in performance fabric from Fabric,and Fringe Warehouse. They have the best prices of anyone in town! My sofa is the same style as yours and now looks new and up to date. Yours looks wonderful. Really brightens up the room.

    • HI, Pat, good for you! They do have great prices and that’s where I saw the Crypton fabric that got this project started. It’s great to energize a solid sofa like this.

  18. Bernadine says

    Beautiful Home! You have such a magic wand I your hands!
    What is color of the blue wall paint?

  19. Wow! Rhoda, that looks so good! The space just gets better and better. I will definitely be looking into this fabric when I get ready to reupholster my sofa. I love the furniture arrangement … the sofa helps delineate the space from the dining area but doesn’t block the view.

  20. Oh Rhoda, I love your sofa it is stunning! As well as the placement. 😉 I so look forward to each and every one of your posts!

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