Luxury French Linen Sheets {Giveaway}

This post is sponsored by Saphyr Home. 

Hi friends! One of the spaces I really wanted to get finished and looking pretty is our master bedroom. I shared it a few months ago as I got it updated with new drapes, rug, and bedding. A master bedroom space is a retreat for us from the day to day things going on outside our homes. Coming home to a nice haven and bedroom space is a luxury we should all give ourselves. I love a good comfy bed, don’t you?

I’ve got most of the basics in place in our master bedroom, but there are a few more elements that we want to add, as well as accessories.

I haven’t added any artwork or accessories yet, but that layer will be fun to finally add in here too. But we sure enjoy having our nice and spacious master bedroom and it’s a restful place for us each night.

Aside from the accessories and basic elements of a bedroom, don’t we all love luxury sheets on the bed? Sinking into bed at night is a joy to me, after a long day. I can’t wait to get in bed each night and sink into those sheets and mattress for sleep and rest. I have a lot of sheet sets, but I’m always looking for more that are soft, comfy and look great on our bed.

Saphyr Home wrote me and told me about their linen sheets and asked if I would like to try them out. Sure thing, I would! Linen sheets sounded so luxurious and I knew they would be something I could love on the bed. I love linen fabrics. Linen just gets softer and softer with use and when I took these out of the packaging, I loved them immediately.

Saphyr Home was founded by Rory O’Mara and her two daughters, Genevieve and Rosemary. I love supporting family owned businesses and am happy to give them a shout on my blog. They believe in home and family and created this line of Saphyr linens because they believe little luxuries at home can make a big difference in comforting and inspiring us each day. That’s something I can get behind! Home is our haven! Their linen sheets are made from soft washed pure French linen and since launching the linen sheet line, they have sourced other natural products to add to their collection of home products.

Keep reading for a chance to win a set of Saphyr Linen pillowcases, at the bottom of the post! 

I did wash them before I put them on the bed and as is the nature of linen, there are wrinkles. I did use a steamer to smooth out the wrinkles and make these look pretty for the pictures.

The blue shade is perfect for our bedroom color scheme and it’s so soft and restful.

I love the detail of the hem, it’s a raw hem with a pretty stitching and yes, it’s soft! Like an old linen shirt.

The thing I really like about linen sheets is I can tell it’s going to be good for year round wear on the bed. I do have a set of flannel sheets I got for winter months which are really cozy, but those won’t work for summer. These linen sheets are very cozy and warm even in the winter, so I’m sure they will work for summer too and be cool feeling for those hot months of summer we get here in Atlanta. Linen is made for summer.

I like the way it drapes and how pretty and natural it looks.

The perfect shade of blue for our bedroom.

It feels so good to sleep on!

Linen is such a nice fabric and the Saphyr sheets are made from pure French linen.

We don’t often show off our sheets, but we know they are there underneath all the pretty coverings.

I’m definitely enjoying these Saphyr linen sheets and here’s some fun news for all of you. I wish I could give all of you a set of linen sheets too, but Saphyr is offering one of you a chance to win a set of linen pillowcases.

All you have to do is visit Saphyr Home, take a look around and tell me which color you would choose if you were to win the pillowcases. One winner will receive your choice of Standard or King pillowcases. I love the blue, but there are several beautiful colors to choose from. 

Just leave your email on the Rafflecopter widget (this is how I choose the winner), then click on the comment box at the bottom of this post and leave your comment, which color you would choose. That’s it! I’ll choose a winner in about a week and let the winner know! 

Thanks as always for stopping by! Have you tried linen sheets before? I am a linen lover, so these are pure joy to me!


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- Rhoda


  1. Peacefully Pink, of course! How wonderful it would be to have linen pillow cases!

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