Making A Fall Magnolia Wreath

Sometimes I lag behind when it comes to getting inspired for Fall, especially when our Southern weather wants to hang on to that Summer heat all the way through September. This happens most every year for me.  It’s not until the air gets a little bit cooler that I think about what I want to do for Fall.  This year, what got me in gear was seeing my friend, Kate’s beautiful magnolia wreath that she whipped up from nothing.

My mind quickly went to my stash of magnolia branches that I had collected  2 years ago for Christmas decor.  They are nicely dried and preserved with a pretty sage green color and that luscious velvety brown on the backsides.  I dug them out of the attic to see what I could come up with.

Here’s what I had.  About 10 or so of these magnolia branches, plenty of leaves to fill up my wreath.   Specifically, a grapevine wreath I’ve had for years.  So, I snapped off the leaves til I had a pile like this. Got out my hot glue gun and started layering them on the wreath, weaving them in and out, on top of each other.  I turned some of them backwards, so that the pretty brown backsides would show too.   And I ended up with this:DIY magnolia wreathA lovely magnolia leaf wreath.  I had a large piece of burlap that I picked up at a yardsale for pennies and cut strips of it for a floppy bow.  DIY magnolia wreathJust looped it over a couple of times.  Simple and easy. Those little pinecones I brought back from the Northwest came in handy too.  They were perfect little accents glued on the burlap. Love the natural feel of this wreath.  Just what I had in mind. So, there you have it.  An easy wreath, using materials from nature. I found this cute little quail bird at a yardsale too a couple years ago and added him in at the end. And he makes a perfect companion to the wreath.  Just like he flew in and perched there to be our personal greeter.

I’m going to try and save this wreath by wrapping it up and storing it away before Christmas comes.  These magnolia leaves are pretty hardy and since these were picked 2 years ago, I’m hoping they will keep holding up on the wreath too.

Have you made any wreaths this year??  I’d love to see them if you have, so tell me about YOUR wreath!

Come back on Wednesday and I’ll show you the rest of my Fall decor (what there is of it!) and you can link up too if you have some Fall to share!


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- Rhoda


  1. Linda@nothingbutblueskyes says

    It’s spectacular, Rhoda! Makes me yearn to be in the South. I am up North, watching this nasty hurricane roll in. Spending this day doing some crafts while I do!

  2. What a beautiful wreath! Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Melesa Garrison says

    I love the bird! You are right as it looks as though, the little guy just came right over to greet for you 😉


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