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I’ve showed all of you our master bedroom before, but my friend Debra, at Bungalow, is having a Master Bedroom linky party today, so I thought I’d join in and do a little update in there.  Not much has changed, just a couple of things.

I loved collecting the furniture for this room. They are all mismatching pieces, from different eras, and picked up one at a time over the years, but I think they work together well.  The sleigh bed is newer and everything else is vintage.

That blue comforter was a recent find for the end of the bed and I like how it softens up the white coverlet and adds some color and texture.  I did end up replacing the old picked coverlet with one almost just like the original.  Scalloped edges, creamy white and it works in here. 

I decorated this room 4 years ago when we moved in here and went with deep blue to please my hubby and decided that white and gold would be a good complement and we’ve been very happy with it.  Most of these fabrics came from Calico Corners and it was fun putting them together.

Wall color in here is Sherwin Williams Blonde.  Sometimes it photographs more yellow than it really is, but these are pretty accurate.  I’ve enjoyed this color as a contrast to the blue and cream.

Bought these botanicals off Ebay and framed them myself by buying open back frames and having mats cut to fit.  Much cheaper than a frame shop would do them.

We have just enough room in here to add a chair and ottoman along with the TV cabinet.   Having that little reading nook has been very nice.

This TV armoire was an old china cabinet and you can read how I did that way back when I first started blogging. This was one of my first blogging projects. I’ve definitely gotten better at taking pics since then. 🙂

And the chair that Grandma Eleanor helped me with (well, let’s face it, she made it) looks really good in here and brightens up the corner more than the gold chair did. 

Two of my favorite antiques that have been with me for a long while.  That French armoire (from the late 1800’s) came from Scott’s Antiques in Atlanta way back when.   I would love to get rid of the carpet in here, but it’s not likely to go anywhere anytime soon.  That vanity is my catch all for everything.  I’m sure you know how that is, right?  Everything get piled on here, but I actually do put on my makeup here and use the old fashioned lighted makeup mirror.  That will take  you back.

Reflection in the old mirror of my vanity. A couple of you asked about the letters in the reflection, so had to go investigate.  Can you believe I never noticed those before?  Apparently there were stickers or something on that old mirror and when it aged, it imprinted the letters.  It’s an old cloudy mirror. The letters don’t spell anything that made sense to me. I’ve tried cleaning that thing, but it is aged permanently.

Here are the matching vintage nightstands close up (probably from the 40’s or 50’s). I love the detail on these and when you open the door, there are 3 drawers behind it. I always have books and magazines on my side.

Looking towards the blue master bathroom, you get a peek at my tile project on the whirlpool tub.

Another fun find from a couple of years ago, this chest comes in handy for keeping our clothes organized.  It’s probably from the 50’s, not sure, but it is made by Thomasville.  I found it at an antique store over 2 years ago.

Another look at Frenchy.

And that’s another updated peek at our master bedroom.  It’s cozy and we do enjoy it.  Thanks for stopping by to visit me today!

Click on over to Debra’s for lots more master bedroom tours.  You’re sure to be inspired if you need some new ideas!

- Rhoda


  1. Would you rent this room to me as a retreat?
    Would you then make me breakfast in bed?

  2. I just love it!! It looks like the most relaxing retreat. Love the colors.

  3. Rhoda, I am so envious of your beautiful vanity! 😉 It might be a catch-all (I have plenty of those), but it is lovely. I settle for doing my make-up in our tiny upstairs bath that we share with the children. :s If there’s a way to fit a vanity into our long and narrow Master bedroom, I’d love to figure it out. 🙂 Your room is so pretty!

  4. I love your bedroom furniture. The dressing table is outstanding.

  5. I noticed the large palm in your room. It looks pretty darn’d healthy. What is your secret? I cannot tell you the number of palms that have succumbed to my bedroom’s dry air and lack of light.

  6. Your bedroom is GORGEOUS!!! And what beautiful pieces of furniture and love all the blue touches. Martina

  7. Your bedroom is fantastic! I love the furniture it is gorgeous, everything is so well done, looks like the perfect master retreat!

  8. You have a beautiful retreat to escape to! It’s lovely, warm, and relaxing…all the things a room should be!

  9. Rhoda, I enjoyed your tour! Your room is so comfy and pretty, the perfect retreat for you! 🙂

    I am taking a break from the workmen in St. Aug, and I decided to blog today. I don’t have computer access there, so I came home and have been at it all day. Had to drop by and see what you are up to in Alabama!

    Love you…


    Sheila 🙂

  10. Such a relaxing space, you have done such a wonderful job! Thank you for sharing with us!
    Take care

  11. Regarding the cloudy mirror, I think the bottom word is spelling
    “silver”. It is backward as we see it, but silvering is a term referring
    to the mirror making process.

  12. Beautiful Rhoda!


  13. Magnificent. So warm and I love how everything flows. The vanity is my favorite piece.

  14. Rhoda – Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful! I love the color scheme, and I especially love that peak of bright blue as you look into the master bath. Just divine!

  15. Rhoda, Your bedroom is both elegant and relaxing. I am such a fan of the blue and white color scheme and I am in love with the French armoire.

  16. Rhoda, I really enjoyed this little peek around your bedroom. I love the yellow and blue. I have a friend whose bedroom includes chairs upholstered in yellow and blue toile–I’ve always admired them! I like the way your bedroom is cozy and warm, but the colors make things cheerful and bright. And you gotta love the segue to your blue bathroom! I hope you’re still enjoying your tile handiwork!

  17. Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the blue…it is my new favorite color! you have so many great ideas! Thanks 🙂

  18. Your bedroom is so well put together, looks like it’s in a B&B! The vintage nightstands are my fav piece, so fun to open a door and find something unexpected inside!

  19. I absolutely love the room. Our Master bedroom has a similiar look and fill of your room. We have the all leather (chocalate) sleigh bed with the what I call–the “Beach-Spa” look. Our accent wall is a sand-colored yellow with pictures of the ocean with yachts on one side of the room.

    I love the seashell in the vase. I will definitely copy that!!! OK

    Your room is very cozy and what they call now-a-days (Eclectic); Big Mama’s house in Louisiana in the ’50s always looked that way. (smile)

    Thanks for sharing

    (P.S. Once I retire from a college professor (1-2 year); I going to change careers and become an Interior Designer. Wish me Luck!!!!!!!!

  20. Did you use a semi-gloss paint or satin finish?

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