Mom’s 90th Birthday & Mother’s Day

Hey, there friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families.  Mother’s Day is special and a time to cherish our moms if we still have them. We are so grateful that our dear mama just turned 90 years old on May 4th, so Mother’s Day is extra special to us.  We always celebrate both but do extra on Mother’s Day and celebrate at my sister’s house with food and family.

This year for mom’s special 90th birthday, Lauren was home for the weekend with the girls and we planned an outing last Friday at the local tea room in Woodstock, Tea Leaves and Thyme. It’s a girly place for special occasions and is always packed with ladies celebrating special events.  A 90th birthday is cause for a big celebration and we were happy to treat mom to this!

Mom and her namesake, Iris.  Iris loves her Nana!

This isn’t the best pic, but here we all are at the tea room.  The girls did pretty well during our time here and lasted a long while before getting fidgety. Parker especially likes the teas and most especially they both like the sugar cubes.

Happy 90th to Iris!

It’s all about the presentation at a tea room, with finger sandwiches, scones, and tea.

I got a chicken salad plate and it was really good.  You know the thing I’ve noticed about tea rooms, it’s not the quantity of food, it’s all about presentation and ambience.  The food is good, but not exactly filling if you know what I mean.

They brought Mom a piece of chocolate cake and Parker was all about helping her blow out the candle.

Mom and Iris enjoying the shade on a bench outside.

Mom and dad came over one day to sit by the pool and watch the girls play. They found a shady spot under trees and umbrella and it was a pleasant temperature out there.

Those girls love the pool and playing in the water.

Iris loves containers of any kind and especially if they stack together.

Parker and her Papa Bruce having fun in the pool.

Enjoying a beautiful day in Georgia!

Dad and Parker, she loves him too.

On Mother’s Day, we gathered at my sister and BIL’s house, Renee and Bruce, to celebrate Mother’s Day. Bruce’s mom was there too along with his brother and sister-in-law and grandkids.

We ordered BBQ this year to make it easier on all of us and my sis bought a homemade pound cake and I made homemade vanilla ice cream.  She added fresh fruit and homemade whipped cream and boy, was it good!

We were very proud of our Mother’s Day picture this year, all of us were looking at the camera!  And yes, we do color coordinate our outfits for the pictures, it just looks so much better if we do that. We need to frame this one!

Mom got a new outfit from my sister for her birthday so wore it for Mother’s Day. We shop for her at Steinmart and she loves new clothes.  Doesn’t she look pretty?

Lauren got her a refurbished iphone for her birthday and she’s giving her lessons on how to use it. Maybe we can get her to text now, won’t that be fun? We also have text messages going sharing pics of the girls, so now she can be on that too.

Lauren gave mom a cute photo collage of Iris from birth to 1 year old.  So cute!

Mom is a dear lady and we are happy to celebrate her every year. She truly is the best mama I could ever have asked for and I’m so grateful that God gave me my parents. I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else in the world!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great week!




- Rhoda


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful event of your mom’s 90th and Mother’s Day. What fabulous photos and memories to treasure. The girls are getting so big!

  2. Audra Taliaferro says

    That is a terrific pic of all of you girls!!! Definitely for framing!
    Blessed days with your mama and nieces!

  3. What a sweet celebration weekend! You have a lovely family!
    I’ve been to a couple of tea rooms and you are so right about the servings not being filling😁. They were quite pricey as well, but worth of for special celebrations such as you mom’s birthday!
    I have to add, your niece Lauren and her girls are all dressed so nicely whenever I see pictures of them!

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mama!

  5. I just love these pictures and your family! Yes, you know you are blessed to have your dear Mom and Dad. I’ve been a loyal follower for many, many years and I’m so happy your life is filled with good things! Blessings 🙂

  6. Love the picture of your mom and the iPhone. I hope she enjoys it. We gave my MIL an iPad when she was 95. The evening we gave it to her she created a FaceBook account and had over 50 friend requests the next morning from people at her church. She enjoyed email and texting. She loved it! She lived another 3 years and enjoyed keeping up with everyone.

  7. diane in northern wis says

    Just love this family post, Rhoda. everybody looks so great…and Iris has gotten so big….I sometimes get her and Parker mixed up! Thanks for sharing the joy. Loved all the pictures!

  8. I always am so thrilled to see your Mom and Dad. What a fabulous celebration for Iris! I agree the photo is beautiful and does need to be framed. Thank you for Sharing your lovely family!

  9. VintageBeachgirl says

    What a wonderful Birthday/Mother’s Day Celebration, thank you for sharing it with all of us! I’m sure that you’re lovely Mother enjoyed having all of you celebrate with her as much as y’all did.
    I had to comment to tell you that these are some of the best family photos you’ve posted Rhoda! Previously the photo of you ladies with your Dad and baby Parker was my favorite, partly because your Mother looked so happy with that huge smile on her face. However this year‘s color co-ordinated family photo is just too lovely, all of you look beautiful and best of all you all look so very relaxed and happy! That’s definitely a frame-worthy photograph for the mantle! Speaking of happy and relaxed, might I suggest that you frame that fabulous photo of you and Mark to place right next to it?!
    That’s definitely a stand out photograph! I’m so happy that you you and Mark found each other, you look so happy together and I know it’s good because you both seem to look younger as you go along!

    • Thank you so much, I’m so happy to share these family moments with all of you too and it makes my heart happy that y’all enjoy seeing and hearing about our family events. It’s been a very happy year for us for sure!

  10. Beautiful picture of all you girls. Definitely needs to be framed. Thank you for sharing your family. I just lost my 97 year old dad April 23. The day before his death, my husband, daughter and her family had visited him. He was laughing and singing. Just before we left, I kissed my dad and snapped a picture of him with one of his close friends at the nursing home. Twenty-four hours from the picture taking, my dad died. So hug and kiss your parents always.

    • HI, Sandy, I’m so very sorry for your loss! I know you are grateful you had so many years with him, but still it’s a loss losing a parent.

  11. What a wonderful celebration!

  12. What great pictures, every one of them. Oh how I miss my mom, the older I get the more I miss her. How about those little ones, so so cute! Loved the color scheme!

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