Mother’s Day 2019

We had a wonderful Mother's Day again this year. It's such a blessing to still have mom with us to celebrate and spend time with. I know so many women lose their moms way too early, but we get to enjoy a long life with mom. Her birthday was May 4th, Lauren came home for Mother's Day and we took mom out for lunch on Friday and celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday, so it was a double celebration. … [Read more...]

Mom’s 90th Birthday & Mother’s Day

Hey, there friends!I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day with your families.  Mother's Day is special and a time to cherish our moms if we still have them. We are so grateful that our dear mama just turned 90 years old on May 4th, so Mother's Day is extra special to us.  We always celebrate both but do extra on Mother's Day and celebrate at my sister's house with food and family.This … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day 2014

Did you all have a nice Mother’s Day?  We sure did at our house.  With the addition of this new baby girl, it has really changed everything for our family and we took lots of family pics to remember the occasion.  The older we get, the more we know that we cannot take any of this for granted.  I’ve told you about my mother before, but really I don’t think words even adequately express how much she … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day 2013

With each Mother's Day, the girls always gather for a yearly pic with my mom and it's something we treasure every year.  We don't want to forget these times and days together, for they will not last forever.(me, mom, Lauren, Renee)Lauren cooked her dad's side of the family, delish Italian porkchop spaghetti (no, she won't let me share the recipe) and it was a wonderful day with … [Read more...]

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Once a year, we celebrate our moms and it's always a special time with my family that I wouldn't miss for the world. I don't take these times for granted and know that I won't always have my mom around to love and enjoy, so we try to make these holidays really memorable.I went over solo this trip and mom had fried chicken waiting on me when I got there.  I know, you have my permission to be … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Weekend

Thanks, ya'll for coming by to see the kitchen and for all the wonderful comments. I needed a little break to catch up this week and can I just tell you that I'm SO enjoying that new kitchen. It really does feel like a new space. :)I’ve shared some of my family with you before and thought you’d enjoy seeing some pics of our Mother’s Day weekend. We started off last Saturday at my parents … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day

We’re enjoying Mother’s Day festivities today with my family and I hope you are doing the same. If you still have her, give your mama a big ole’ hug and tell her you love her. (from you tomorrow for Today’s Thrifty Finds! … [Read more...]