Mother’s Day 2019

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day again this year. It’s such a blessing to still have mom with us to celebrate and spend time with. I know so many women lose their moms way too early, but we get to enjoy a long life with mom. Her birthday was May 4th, Lauren came home for Mother’s Day and we took mom out for lunch on Friday and celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, so it was a double celebration. Birthdays are meant to make a big deal over and 91 is definitely something to rejoice over!

We went to a French restaurant in Roswell, there’s one of them in Marietta too and it’s very good, Douceur de France.

Mom colored and drew with Iris at the table. Two Iris’s.

Mom opening her birthday presents. She likes new clothes so Renee and I got her an outfit each from Steinmart.

Parker wanted to come home with me and spend the night so of course I said yes! It’s fun having her over and she adores Mark.

We went out for BBQ and then took her to Logan Farm park in Acworth, where she played on the playground.

She loves playing and climbing as most little girls do. I was a real tomboy and climber when I was growing up. I always climbed up in trees or anything else I could climb on.

When we got home, Mark and I got out our bikes and we all 3 rode in the cul-de-sac. Parker thought that was the best. Mark and I are going to get our bikes out and start riding this year, there are plenty of places around here to ride, from the lake to downtown Acworth.

Parker did great with us and she and I slept in the guest room. I’m glad she wants to stay with me.

Little Iris and her pink tricycle. She loves it and can pedal now.

Renee bought her this swirly dress and she loves it. She loves spinning around and making her dress swirl.

Mother’s Day was very nice and we took our annual Mother’s Day picture, 4 generations together. We will continue to do that as long as we can. What a blessing, as I mentioned! Mom gets to watch these little girls grow up.

We took the easy route this time and decided no one should cook, so we ordered lasagna and salad from a local place. They do a good job and it was delicious. Of course, we had dessert too.

Mom and dad are doing well.

Before we left, I snapped this picture of mom, Lauren and the girls. Iris stayed with my sister and they are heading to the beach later this week with Lauren’s family. It’s fun to have them around and we enjoy every minute they get to be with us.

So that’s a look at our Mother’s Day and Mom’s birthday. All worthy of celebrations for sure and we are so thankful to have her all these years. God has been good to our family and we are grateful for that! Hope you all had wonderful celebrations as well. Mothers are special people, where would we be without them!

- Rhoda


  1. Andrea Corley says

    These are awesome pictures. I love the one with Mark and Parker from behind walking….. You have a special family. So glad to see your mom and dad are well. The picture of your two Iris’s is precious….

    Hope you and Mark are well…..

    • I love that picture too, Andrea! She loves Mark and he is so good with girls. We are doing so good!

  2. I love reading about your family Rhoda.

  3. Iris is your Mom’s mini!!! it’s uncanny, even from birth she showed such resemblance…

    • I’ve seen a few people mention that so there must be something to it. She also looks like her dad’s family.

  4. All those gorgeous ladies in one family! You all are indeed blessed. Your parents look so good. I took John’s mom and my best friend (whose children did not bother to come home) out to see Poms and dinner for Mothers Day. Then yesterday John and I took his mom out to a fancy dinner to celebrate her 94th birthday! She is amazing…still plays and wins bridge tournaments!

    • Hey, Roxanne, that’s sounds like a great day and wow on your MIL at 94. That’s incredible!

  5. I really enjoy seeing your family pics! So wonderful to see everyone happy and healthy!

  6. Melesa GArrison says

    Such precious moments with your beautiful family. Those girls sure are growing. Your Mom & Dad look great too!

  7. I love seeing your family posts. You are SO blessed to still have your parents! My Dad died when I was 4 and my Mom has been gone 28 years now! Smart idea to order out and be relaxed at home. Thanks sharing your happy weekend us.

  8. It looks like you had a wonderful honoring your sweet mother and being honored yourself. What a lovely family you have.


    Thanks for sharing your Mother’s Day with us! What beautiful pictures! How wonderful that you are still blessed to make special memories with your Mom! The little gals are growing up so fast! So nice to have them in your life! These little ones definitely keep you young! How nice to see your Mom and Dad looking so well — and enjoying life! You and your dear sister are so blessed! Have a great week!

  10. What a beautiful family! How fun for all of you to be together! Sweet memories being made!

    I just love seeing you enjoying life my darling friend!


  11. Thanks for sharing your lovely family pictures !! I sure miss those days of family getting together , mom & dad were the glue to our family times.
    Your parents look great !!
    Have a joyful week, xoxo
    Paula IN

  12. could those little girls be any cuter 🙂 enjoy as I know you do! glad your parents are well what a gift!

  13. ann henegar says

    Your family is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. May God keep His hand on each of you.

  14. Helen Davis says

    It is so much fun watching your grandchildren grow up! They are beautiful and it’s certainly a blessing to have them and your parents. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

    • THank you, Helen, the girls are actually my great nieces. I know a lot of my readers think they are my grandchildren, but they’re my sisters.

  15. Kaye L Thornton says

    I LOVE the picture of Mark and Parker riding bikes!!! SO sweet!!!

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