Mother’s Day Weekend

Thanks, ya’ll for coming by to see the kitchen and for all the wonderful comments. I needed a little break to catch up this week and can I just tell you that I’m SO enjoying that new kitchen. It really does feel like a new space. 🙂IMG_4994

I’ve shared some of my family with you before and thought you’d enjoy seeing some pics of our Mother’s Day weekend. We started off last Saturday at my parents house. My dad is a big gardener (practically a farmer, if you see this post from their 2nd house in NC) and their backyard is already planted for the summer with veggies. This is a fig tree looking out to the garden.


He cut me one of these HUGE cabbages to bring home with us.


And he has his own muscadines growing in his backyard. Very Southern thing to grow.


Then, for Mother’s Day, it was on to my sister’s house. She and my brother-in-law have worked on their backyard for many years and now it’s all grown up and looks so pretty. They have a covered deck and that’s where we ate our Sunday lunch Mother’s Day meal. It was a beautiful day.


Their backyard, complete with a fish pond.

Goldfish and koi.


And the waterfall going down to the pond.


We’ve started taking Mother’s Day pics every year, so had to get the girls together for this one. L to R: my sister Renee; niece Lauren, mom, and me.


We moved around the yard for more pics. My sister is 2 years older than me. I’m the baby. 🙂


My sister’s in-laws were there too and we younger girls treated the moms to lunch and it was really, really good. My sister made the kabobs, potatoes and asparagus. I made the fancy salad and brought dessert. We love to eat, in case you can’t tell. No celebration is complete without the food. Lots of food.


Since my kitchen was torn up, I couldn’t bake a pound cake for strawberry shortcake, so I took a short-cut (ha!) and bought pound cake from our local bakery, Edgar’s, who makes fantastic desserts. If you haven’t been there and you live in Birmingham, get on over there and check it out. Renee’s sister-in-law made the chocolate thing. It was ALL yummy!

I’m joining Jen on Friday for her Frugal Fashionista party. You can join too, so check it out. As much as I love to shop for thrifty bargains, my closet is full thanks to the yardsale finds I have discovered, so I’m showing one of my outfits, from head to toe and I’ll let you know how little I spent.

- Rhoda


  1. Kim @ Everything Etsy says

    It’s so nice to meet your beautiful family! I love the backyard photos. I grew up going to garden club meeting with my mom. It takes years to make a garden look amazing, doesn’t it?
    Waaaay longer than you think when you start!


  2. delightfuldwelling says

    That is a beauitful garden, love the pond. All the food pictures you posted are making me hungry!

  3. Julie @ Sweet Chaos says

    My great grandma had a muscadine vine. If I’d have only known at that young age to pay closer attention maybe I could have a better garden now! My grandma said she remembered my great uncle having a suscadine or something also.

  4. Just love your Dad’s garden and Sister’s back yard….you can just see all the love they’ve put into it.
    What a great looking family. I must say, your Dad is really tall! Sounds like your time together was great….never mind the awesome looking food 🙂

  5. Marfa (formula for a life) says

    Rhoda, please tell your sister that I will be temporarily moving to her backyard until the end of the summer. If she sees a strange woman laying by the pond holding a Margarita in one hand and a piece of chocolate on the other tell her not to worry, I’m harmless…lol Seriously though, what a lovely garden! She and her hubby have done a great job!

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