Old-Fashioned Pound Cake

My sister had both families over for dinner the Thursday night before the wedding day and it was such a lovely evening. The weather that week was tailor made for a wedding and we are so grateful for the sunny days and warm weather, especially since right after we have been shivering in the chill.

Spring, where are you?  I think she might have arrived this week.I’ve shared my sister and brother-in-law’s backyard before and it is such a gorgeous oasis to enjoy the outdoors.  A fish pond with goldfish and koi is center stage. Lots of pretties to look at.And a beautiful porch to sit on a spell to catch a breeze. My mom brought her pound cake, which is a delectable treat for sure.  Mom has been baking all my life and definitely has it perfected by now.  Baked in an old-fashioned tube pan, it couldn’t be any prettier.  Topped with strawberries and whipped cream, there is no better dessert in my book.

Of course, I will share the recipe with you.:)  She got this one from her sister years ago and I can definitely vouch for it’s yumminess!

Pound Cake

1 cup butter (1/2 lb.)

1/2 cup oil

2 1/2 cups sugar

5 eggs

3 cups flour

1 cup milk

1 1/2 tsp. vanilla

1/4 tsp. almond ext.

1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

Cream butter and oil until light.  Add sugar gradually, creaming well, add eggs one at a time.  Beat well after each addition.  Sift together flour, baking powder and salt.  Combine milk and flavorings, add alternately with dry ingredients to creamed mixture, beginning and ending with dry ingredients, blend thoroughly after each addition.  Turn into tube pan well greased and floured in bottom only.

Bake at 325* for 1 hour 25 min.

I’ve got LOTS of great pics to share from my beach trip last week.  It was a fun time of relaxing with friends and family and a memory that I’ll treasure.  Boat riding, fishing, eating lots of seafood, relaxing in the sand, walking on the beach, shelling.

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- Rhoda


  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    That porch is so lovely! And the pound cake look delicious – definitely one of my favorite desserts!

  2. I love her porch. It looks so inviting. I am going to try that pound cake recipe. Looks like it would be a wonderful one for Easter. ~~Sherry~~

  3. Rhoda,
    Your koi picture looks like a painting, iti is beautiful. Love your sisters back porch, I can just imagine how nice it must be to relax and visit back there. Your mom’s pound cake looks wonderful, a favorite of mine that my mother also makes…the crunchy top is our favorite part!

  4. The recipes you share are always winners with my family! They love the blueberry breakfast treat and the tex-mex casserole. We’ll have to try this one too!!!

  5. You mentioned your mother’s pound cake before and I wished for the recipe and here it is! Can’t wait to try it. Also love the pictures – especially the porch. Thank you so much for sharing. Becki

  6. It doesn’t get any better than a lovely home with a big porch, family, and a yummy dessert. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  7. Kathy from NJ says:

    To get the degree ° mark, hold down the alt key, then type the numbers 0 1 7 6 Like magic, the ° symbol will appear!

  8. Her porch is fantastic. So welcoming! What a perfect treat — pound cake. I’ve copied the recipe and plan on making it this weekend. It looks sooooo good.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. Rhoda, it is so wonderful that you have great family to surround yourself with, and in such beautiful places! I will have to try that pound cake recipe. I made my first pound cake ever last weekend, using Paula Deen’s recipe. It was delicious and I felt like I should get some sort of Southern Girl merit badge! Thanks for sharing your Mom’s recipe. It looks delicious!

  10. My mom’s aunt in NC taught her how to make pound cakes, too- she has those old pans and loves making all sorts of flavors!

  11. I love the pond pics! My parents had a koi pond for years, but ended up with a leak in it so now they’re redoing it. It was 300 gallons originally, but now it’ll be over 1000. I can’t wait to pick out new fish for it, that’s always my favorite part.

  12. Rhoda, Can you believe I’ve NEVER made a pound cake? I am a cooker not a baker, but I LOVE sweets. 🙂 That cake looks divine and is prompting me to actually give it a try. Tell your mama I’ll try my best not to butcher it! LOL

  13. Beautiful porch! I could spend hours there with some iced tea and a good book… and some pound cake of course. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  14. This really makes me itch for spring weather. I can’t wait to spend time outdoors.

  15. lovely – plus thanks for the recipe. one question i always
    have about pound cakes; do you preheat the oven as usual or
    start it when the cake goes in? i read a cold oven a long time ago –
    and am never sure now due to the cooking time being so long!
    hugs to you !

  16. The porch reminds me of my great grand parents home. The pound cake is something that I miss. My great aunt made one everytime we came to visit.

  17. I was hoping that while you are in your ‘transistion’ stage, we might get some of your mother’s recipes and good cooking! I still remember last year and the pictures you shared of those wonderful-looking summer meals. All her food looks just picture perfect! Thanks for sharing. Lori L

  18. Yum! Thanks for the recipe…I’m baking this tonight for my kiddos! XOXO

    • Geraldine Osborne says:

      Hi Rhonda, this recipe looks wonderful.
      However, I have salted butter on hand. Do I still need to add the salt that is requested in the recipe? Like to make it like now. Thanks

      • HI, Geraldine, I think if you have salted butter, that would be fine not to add more salt.

        • Geraldine Osborne says:

          Thank you Rhonda for responding back. I did not get a chance to get back on line. So, I made the cake and added the butter and it was wonderful. However, Mine baked for an hour and I could have decreased it by 10 minutes, for a lighter color or appearance.

  19. Just wanted to say hello and that I love your site! My husband and I just bought our first house (a foreclosure so there’s lots to fix up and beautify). I’m using a lot of your pictures and ideas for inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  20. Thanks for this post. The pound cake reminds me of the angel food cake the my grandma used to make everyone for their birthday. She would make 7 minute frosting and color it PINK for me!! I so miss her and don’t think of her as often as I should. I have gotten lax in making the angel food cake for my own sweeties and I should really bring back the tradition that I started for their first few birthdays. Family is so wonderful!

  21. This looks wonderful! I might have to make it this weekend… what do you do to your strawberries? I grew up with sliced raw ones on top of my mom’s angel food cake, but this looks yummy. Are they cooked or just sort of smooshed up?

  22. Rhoda,

    Oh these recipes you’ve been providing are my kind of desserts, simple but delicious! Thank you for sharing your family secrets. : )
    I am finally out from my rock, my spirit bruised and battered but eager to get caught up on my reading and posting regularly.
    Now onto the wedding!

    Your Friend,

  23. Rhoda! Thanks for sharing this recipe! I can’t wait to try it. Maybe this Saturday – no special occasion or anything, but it looks so good. I love to bake and so does my daughter.

  24. That looks so yummy! Sometimes the simplest things are the best – I can’t wait to try it!

  25. Hi, Rhoda. I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you how much you have inspired me over the years. I am a new blogger, but I am an old “stalker” of your site! LOL!! I just started blogging (yesterday to be exact!), so now I can officially be a follower. You are such an inspiration to us all, and I just adore you. I can only hope that one day I can be a smidge of the talented blogger you are. LOVE YA!!

    Take care,

    Farica @ Southern Charm

  26. Oooo, a beautiful front porch and a delicious pound cake??? It doesn’t get any better than that! Can’t wait to see your beach pics. I’m dying to go down myself.

  27. Oh, yum!! Between that incredible porch and that slice of cake with berries, I’m drooling. I think I should have been born a real southern girl because not only do I say “fixin'” but I live for long lazy afternoons and evenings spent on front porches. 🙂

  28. Sounds absolutely fabulous, Rhoda! There is nothing better than homemade pound cake on a spring day. I hope you are getting settled back in Atlanta. You have had so much on your plate lately.

    Thinking of you,

  29. melesa garrison says:

    Pound cake reminds me of when I was child, my best friends Gigi (grandmother) made the most fabulous pound cake. We would put lots of butter all over it and then toast it! Can you believe we put more fattening butter on it? Delish!

    The porch is fabulous and it looks as though the weather was too 😉

    I don’t know how you stay so fit and trim with all of these delicious recipes you put on here.

    Hope things are going well for you…God Bless, MG

  30. Oh yum! This pound cake looks AMAZING! I’m bookmarking it now.

    I can’t wait to see your pictures. Miss you much!

  31. So looking forward to trying this recipe. While reading it, I thought, I wish I had a tube pan and how exciting that my yard sale find this weekend was a tube pan for $1.50 so I’m ready. I happened upon your blog recently and was so surprised to see your niece Lauren, who was in a book club with me when she lived in Atlanta, what a small world!

  32. Lisa Cherry says:

    Hi I am excited your mother’s pound cake is in my oven. I hope it looks like hers cause it has that crunchy top that I have been trying to perfect for a long time. Wish me luck! and Thanks. Lisa

  33. So i made this cake about..six hours ago and let me tell you..this cake was AMAZING!!!! it’s been FOREVER since i’ve been able to find a classic pound cake recipe without the buttermilk and sour cream and all that new stuff people put into their cakes! I haven’t had a classic pound cake since culinary school and i didn’t want to do the pound of sugar, pound of butter, pound of eggs, etc. jazz. I took out the almond extract because i’m allergic, but without it, this was PERFECT!! Tell your mom THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and THANK YOU for posting this! My stomach thanks you!! I’m going to go eat my third piece now!

  34. Hello Rhoda. OMGoodness…I am SO glad that I stumbled upon your blog and this fabulous recipe. I have searched high and low, baking countless poundcakes in hopes of finding THE ONE. Well, I am pleased to say my search is now over. My family LOVES this cake and I think I have made one every week since finding the recipe. Lol…we are such piglets. I even “tweaked” it with lemon extract and a yummy lemon glaze. Who knows what I will try next since I have such a great foundation to work with. Peace&Love~Yvonne

  35. Really Really love this recipe, it taste great.

  36. Did you preheat the oven or start in cold oven? The recipe states to “turn into tube pan well greased & floured on bottom only”. Does this mean you didn’t even grease the sides and middle tube of pan??
    Thanks for your prompt answer. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make pound cake with a crusty top & sides.

    • Hi, B, that’s my mom’s recipe, so I’m going to go with doing the bottom only (greasing and flouring). I think it will pull away from the sides on a tube pan & if I remember, my mom goes around the edge with a knife and it should come right out. And I’d say to preheat the oven too.

  37. hazelene means says:

    been looking for this crusty pound cake recipe for years, can’t wait to make it.

  38. Hello, I must say I love your Mom’s pound cake recipe. I tried it for the first time and the taste and moist are beyond good!! I know I must have done something wrong because my cake had that wet look in some areas. Please if anyone could give me some thoughts of what I could have done wrong. I would love to make this cake for Thanksgiving.

    Thank you,

    • Hi, Farrah, I wish I could help, but I really don’t know what to advise you. I shared it as she makes it.

      • I’m going to try again and again till I get it right.

        Thank you,

        • I know this is months after your question, but my mother always told me a pound cake like this would be wet if you mixed the flour and eggs too long (let air in) – just enough to combine; and also start with a wet ingredient and end on a dry ingredient.

  39. Hi, Rhoda.

    A couple of years ago I went to Savannah, GA, where I bought the most amazing Pound Cake ever. I haven’t tried your mom’s recipe yet, but I intend to do so in… 3, 2, 1… hehehe

    By the way, I’m all the way in Brazil (born and raised here, but love the South of U.S.) =)

  40. I have made this cake several times & it never last more than 3 days in my house. THANK YOU O MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL RECIPE!!!!

  41. What brand of flour do you use and is it AP or SR?

  42. Jewell Hartwell says:

    I tried this pound cake for my husband’s birthday and he fell in love with it. I had to tell him he better be glad I baked this cake for him because I loved it myself so much that I could put a hurt on it. I do have to try this again just for me.

  43. This is a great recipe, THANK YOU!!!!

  44. michelle says:

    I have made this pound cake several times and it’s amazing. Making it again right now actually (it’s in the oven) going to turn it into a layered dish with mixed berries, Chantilly cream ,and homemade whipped cream.

  45. I made the cake last night and I love the old fashioned flavor, it’s the “authentic” flavor and texture I was looking for. The problem was, I only greased and floured the bottom of my aluminum tube pan and the cake stuck every where else. But I will make this cake again, it is the perfect old fashioned pound cake recipe! Thank you for sharing.

  46. Erica Nicole says:

    I tried this recipe earlier this week. Turned out tasty!


  47. helen chestnut says:

    I have not yet try this recipe but I know that I will it do look inviting. I love a good old fashioned pound cake,this cake and a chocolate cake are my favorite. so I will be trying this recipe soon. l am a beginner so I hope on my first time it will turn out just find.

  48. Sharon Jones says:

    Could you use shortening instead of the oil?

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