Over 60 Makeup Talk

Hey there and Happy Wednesday to you all!  Today on Fashion over 50/60, I’m talking about makeup and skin.  One of those topics we don’t often talk about as we get older, but it’s probably something you think about sometimes and it might be helpful to talk about as a group effort.  I know it’s on my mind, so it’s probably on yours as well.  We all want to look and feel our best, no matter what our age might be, don’t we?

I wore this outfit over the weekend and it’s an oldie, you’ve seen all these pieces before, but you know I don’t get new clothes all the time, so I reinvent my closet.  This sweater is from Chico’s about 3 years ago at least and those pants are cords from Kut from the Cloth in Winter White.  Those are the newest booties I got recently too.

I’ve had a few people ask me about makeup and would I share more about the makeup I use, so I thought this would be a good time to do that. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’ll share what I use and how it works for me. I used to wear a lot more makeup when I was younger, but I think as we get older, less is better.

Here are some observations on getting older and how our skin changes with aging.  In my 40’s, I had a few lines, but overall my skin was still very tight and taut.  Remember that?  As I’ve watched other women aging, it made me feel bad when I would see sagging skin, knowing that one day I would be there too.  And now, it’s happening. I’m there too. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think to myself, how in the world are you 60+ years old??  It happened so fast! I bet you can relate to that too, can’t you?

In my early 50’s I had some lines and wrinkles, but still not a lot of sagging skin on my face.  I’ll be turning 62 in just over a week and I can definitely see in the last 10 years more changes in my face and skin.  It’s just part of the aging process, but hard to adjust to.  I’ve never even considered plastic surgery or anything permanent like that, but if I found a non-surgical way to fight sagging skin, I would sure consider it.  But, plastic surgery scares me.  I just don’t think I could ever let someone cut on my face. I’d be scared to death of looking like a clown!  I see women all over who have had plastic surgery, although I don’t know that many personally.  I see them on TV and celebrities out there who have had “work” done.  Some of them look decent and some of them seemed to have ruined their faces to me.  It seems to be hard to get a really good job done with plastic surgery and even the celebrities don’t always get it right, with all their money. There’s usually something that gives it away when someone has this type of facelift. It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure you’ve seen it too. The taut tight look, lips too puffy, just an overall shape and look to the face that you can tell they’ve done something. And it’s not necessarily better to me.  I’ve seen some downright grotesque facelifts out there, haven’t you? (Michael Jackson comes to mind!)

So, that’s out for me!  I’m going natural with this aging thing even though it’s not fun to deal with, is it?  I’d love to hear from all of you on what you’ve done or doing to try to age as gracefully as possible. So many women get Botox these days too.   I’ve never even considered that, but I hear it’s not harmful.  I’d love to hear if you have tried it!

If you’ve done some of the treatments in a dermatologist office, I’d love to hear about it. It seems like there are so many new procedures out there these days that are non-invasive, so I’d love to hear about them. I know the cost is not cheap though to do these type of procedures.  Feel free to leave comments if you have tried something you’d recommend and I’d love to know cost too.  Trying to stay younger and beautiful isn’t inexpensive is it?   And we know it’s only a matter of time, time will always catch up to us!  I think about my sweet beautiful mama who is 91 now.  Each decade brings more and more texture to our faces, doesn’t it? And we are probably more into staying younger than ever before in the history of man.

With that said, I’m going to share my makeup I use with you all.  I do think makeup is a wonderful thing!  Every woman to me looks better with some makeup on.  I’ve been using it since I was about 15 and it just makes me feel better to have my face made up.  That’s not to say I won’t go out without makeup on, I do occasionally do that. These pics are pretty closeup, so be kind. I sure don’t have perfect flawless skin anymore.

When I look at the younger fashion and style bloggers out there sharing their makeup tips, I’ve noticed that the younger girls are obsessed with long/fake eyelashes and eyebrows.  I don’t know when these two things got so popular, but they definitely are for the younger women I see.  I don’t put a lot of emphasis on either of those.   I think they’re important as part of an overall look, just not as important for those of us who are older.  As part of the whole package, yes, but not that important on their own.  That’s just my opinion, of course!

I have a couple of different makeup bases that I use:

Bare Minerals powder and also It Cosmetics CC cream. They both have their place and I’ll share them both below.  I’m wearing the Bare Minerals powder in the above picture. It’s a soft coverage and you can layer on more or less depending on the coverage you want.  As I’ve gotten older, I wear less makeup. It just seems to look better on aging skin to me. I don’t want that caked on look.  We all have to use makeup that makes us feel good, so these things are what I use and love.

For eye shadow, I have several palettes with many colors and I gravitate towards soft pink/peach/brownish tones with my blue eyes.  I usually use 4 colors, a base color on the lid, a darker shade on the crease and a little bit darker shade on the V, outer corner of the eye into the crease for a little bit of depth. And I use the 4th, a lighter white/beige shade right under the brown bone.  I tend to use matte shades most of the time, but sometimes add a little sparkle right on the lid. Matte definitely is the best look for us older gals, I think.

In this pic, I’m wearing the It CC cream. I apply it with a big brush and it’s easy to apply that way, blending it in all  over my entire face.  You can’t tell that much difference in these pics, but the CC cream is a little bit heavier in coverage and I usually wear it more when I go out and dress up on the weekends.  I use the Bare Minerals during the week for quicker applications.  I like them both, so I’ll share them both below and how I use them.

My skin is definitely more dry than it used to be. I was very oily back before menopause…good ole’ menopause changes a lot of things, doesn’t it?  I went through it at about 52, so slowly my face has gotten more and more dry over the last 10 years and I have to use moisturizers even more than ever now.  I used to be so oily on my face and I think that really helped with keeping wrinkles and lines at bay.  If I could only get the sagging to stop, I’d be happy about that, but there’s no way to stop it.

So, use a good moisturizer on your face before applying makeup to help things go on smoother. I am not loyal to any particular moisturizer or skincare line. I’ve used so many of them, cheaper and expensive, so I’m no help on that.  I haven’t seen a ton of difference between the cheaper ones and the more pricey ones.  I use a serum and night cream, as well as moisturizer during the day.

Got any you’d recommend?  Leave a comment below!

Here’s a look at what all I use (left to right):

It CC Cream (medium)

It Bye Bye Illumination concealer (medium)

It Bye Bye Pores primer

It Bye Bye Pores loose powder

I really love these products together, they give a nice smooth look to my face and I feel good when I’m wearing them all.  I use the Primer after moisturizer and before the CC Cream goes on.  The primer just smooths out the skin and feels good on, very silky soft. You can use that under the Bare Minerals too.

All links below are affiliate links: 

I use the concealer right under my eyes to conceal dark undereye circles. It adds a little bit of brightness under the eyes too.  A very little bit goes a long way with the CC concealer!  Just a small dab is all it takes. The loose powder goes on last after I’m finished with the concealer, CC cream, blush (see below) and everything is done.  I just brush over the loose powder with a big brush to a smooth finish to set everything.

I also like using Bare Minerals and here’s what I use.  Bare Minerals in Medium Beige topped with Mineral Veil.  Pretty and soft coverage, just enough for most days.

Here’s the blush I’ve settled on, Nars Orgasm (yep, that’s really the name) and I really love the color, a pretty pinky peach with little bit of sparkle.

Here’s what I use to line my eyes. I’ve been using Almay liner in a brown shade forever and these are 2 of them. The Mac stick is an eyebrow pencil in a Dark Blonde shade. I do use this on my brows when I’m going out, since my brows are turning gray too. I never over plucked my brows, but they are definitely turning white some, so I color over them to darken them a bit when I feel like it. Again, I’m not obsessed with my brows. I just darken them a bit and brush them to groom them with an old toothbrush.  But I don’t need to try to look like a Supermodel with big bold brows!

This mascara, I’ve shared before, but it really does help get my lashes a bit longer and fuller, Loreal Voluminous Superstar.  It has a primer on one end that coats a white coat, then add the mascara over that for longer lashes. You can’t really tell in these pics, but it does work well for me. I don’t use it everyday, but for weekends and special days or nights out.

And the 3 eye shadow palettes I use all the time.  This one is called Naturally Pretty, it’s all matte shades.  Love it!

This is the newest one, a neutral Urban Decay Naked palette and it has some nice colors too.

I got this Tarte kit in a Fab Fit Fun box and love the colors in this one too.  The sparkle ones are fun for the lid and to add a little shine.  In this one, I’d use a little of the Hype color on the lid, Drive on the crease, and Stylin or Crisp right on the outer edge into the crease for a little drama.  Blend it all in with a soft brush.  I linked a Tarte kit below that’s really pretty as well as the ones I have.


Here’s a look at the main brushes I use. It’s really important to get a good set of brushes too.  These are all different brands, but there are many out there. I’ll link to a couple below.

From top to bottom, here’s how I use them:

White tip eye shadow brush – I use this for my lighter colors

Dark tip eye shadow brush – I use this for my darker colors

Wide brush – I use this for adding highlighter and blending under brow bone.

Short stubby brush – Use this for adding in contour to crease with a little darker shade.

Blend well with a brush to blend all colors in well.

Makeup sponge for blending in base makeup or I use the brush with the IT CC cream.

Large fluffy brush for Mineral veil or loose powder to set it all.

It Cosmetics brush to apply It CC cream.  Really helps to smooth it all out on your face.

These look like a good starter set of brushes if you don’t have any.  You’ll also need blush and powder brushes so look for those in a set too.

Here’s a link to QVC (affiliate link) where I bought It CC Cream the first time with the brush. It was cheaper to buy it all together.

After that, I bought from It Cosmetics online directly and they often have 25% off sales on their products, so that’s a great time to buy.

So, that’s a wrap up on my makeup and what all I use and love.  I’d love for you all to chime in on this subject too. What are some of your favorites and do you wear the same makeup every day or do you change it up depending on what you’re doing that day?

Let’s talk makeup and aging skin. Would love to hear from you too!

- Rhoda


  1. I use the it cosmetics, too, and I love them. I use Philosophy Purity to wash my face and also the moisturizer.

    I am trying to find a good eye cream, but no luck so far. I tried two different Philosophy products, but I had to return them because the scent fumes burned my eyes. I definitely need something because the skin under my eyes seems to be thinning.

  2. Great minds think alike! I wrote a post about my skincare routine on Monday. I am loving Arbonne. Yesterday, I ranked my top five favorite mascaras.

    • Hi, Janette, I’ll have to go and read your post too! I’ve tried Arbonne as well about 10 years ago.

  3. I use Rodan and Fields skin care. I have been using it and am a consultant with them also. I am 72 and I look 10 years younger. I csn’t Believe I did not do more for my skin when I was younger. Developed by Drs. Rodan and Fields, dermatologists. Wonderful women helping women.

    • Hi, Mary Lou, thanks for commenting. I’ve tried Rodan and Fields too for about 6 months, but I didn’t see a huge difference. Maybe it’s a cumulative thing, but I have tried all of the expensive skincare lines and I didn’t think any of them made a huge difference.

  4. I’m 52. The only makeup I use is foundation, powder, blush and eye liner. Because my lips are sensitive I use Aquaphor to keep them moist and add some shine. Much less makeup than in my 20’s! Btw, love your freckles!

    • Thank you, Karen, I’ve had those freckles since I was a kid. Thanks for sharing what you do. I think we all have to find what works for us.

  5. Thanks Rhoda! I enjoy seeing makeup posts for us ladies over 60. I too use a moisturizer day and night for my dry skin and would not even be able to wear foundation without it. I like Physicians Formula Super BB for the summer months or when I am outside. It offers good coverage, stays on and had SPF 30. I like that for the SPF it uses Zinc and Titanium Oxide. I even wear it to the pool and beach and it doesn’t wash off. I used Light in the winter months and Medium for summer months. For moisturizer in the cooler months I use CeraVe moisturizing cream and I really like it alot. In the summer I use Oil Of Olay lotion which is much lighter. I only use matte shades for eye shadow now but would love to find a good eye shadow cream that goes on easily and smoothly. My daughter bought some R and F Redefine Multi-Function eye cream and did not like it so she gave it to me and I love it. I really think I can see the difference in the fine lines under my eyes. I have recently learned that Botox can give my eyelids a little lift and I may try it someday. I have noticed that my eyelids are starting to sag and I have got the lines on both sides of my mouth that run from nose to chin. I would definitely try one of the fillers if I could afford it but for now I just moisturize and moisturize some more! Looking forward to hearing what others use.

    • Thank you, Lynne, I love hearing what others are using too. We can all gain some good tips from talking about it. I might try fillers one day too, but you’re right, they are pretty expensive to keep up with and only last a few months.

  6. Hey Rho,

    You look beautiful as always. I am totally aware how age affects our skin. Time marches on and it marches across our faces. I have been getting facials for years and I go back to the one here in Austin where I used to work. Anna is an amazing esthetician and she told me a few weeks ago that she would never have a facelift. She said injections are fine, but never a lift. I have a friend here that had one several months ago and it cost her $10K and she said that she would never do it again. She still can’t hear out of her ear, and she had horrible bruising. Plus, she still has wrinkles around her mouth. No thank you!
    My neighbor had the injectable fillers which is $2K. Now, I might do that because they use the collagen from your own blood and place it back into your skin. I can only imagine what my Mother would have to say about that. LOL! Thanks for sharing your makeup tips. I use many of those products and I like them.
    Merry Christmas Friend!

    • Hey, Judy, you and I have talked about all this before, so thanks for sharing your friend’s experience. I can’t imagine I’d ever have the nerve to do a facelift either, but maybe something less invasive. But it is expensive to do this stuff, so that’s another consideration. I know, our mothers just endured didn’t they. My sweet mama just keeps on going and her beauty shines from within.

  7. Lezlie Renee' Pipes says

    I got the Urban Decay a few months ago. I love it on my 50’s eyes.

  8. What a fun topic! I love playing in the makeup!! Now that I’m 66, here are a few of my recent finds that are helping. I don’t have money to burn, so I’m a bargain shopper. My coloring is very similar to yours. Being a fair skinned blonde who grew up on the beach in Charleston, I have a lot of freckles. Several years ago I had them lasered off my hands and face for about $200. I couldn’t believe the difference, especially my hands looked 20 years younger. My dermatologist started me on Retin A about 6 months, saying I would be very pleased with the results if I stick with it. It’s only $68 at my local compounding pharmacy for a 3 month supply. I mix it with a fantastic product called Honeyskin from Amazon, literally the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. Also inexpensive, it comes in a tub that lasts forever. I don’t know if I’m less wrinkled, but complete strangers tell me my skin is glowing. The Benefit Brow Bar at my local Ulta has worked wonders on my brows with tinting those white hairs and shaping. Finally,my husband and I had our droopy upper eyelids fixed because they were affecting our vision. It’s 100% free with Medicare! (He is the least vain person I know!). I was nervous with your same thoughts on plastic surgery, but it turned out fantastic! I look like my old self again. Hope that was not too much information! Btw, I bought your Chico’s sweater after you originally modeled it and still love it.

    • Hey, Roxanne, thank you for chiming in too. I love hearing what all of you are using and love. I might have to check out your Honeyskin product, it sounds good. I’ve got a Retin A that I got from my dermatologist and need to continue using it before it expires. It seems to dry me out more, so I have used it sparingly. Do you use it all over your face or just certain areas? The laser on your hands sounds interesting too. I would love to do that, my hands look awful.

    • Love the idea of mixing retin with the moisturizer. I am going to try Honeyskin. Thank you!

    • Rhoda, I mix a chocolate chip size dab of Retin A with a good size dab of the Honeyskin, and my face never got dry or peeled. Then I put it all over my face. My derm said be patient and consistent. The hand laser was the best gift I gave myself!! You look amazing, by the way!

    • Thanks, Roxanne, I’m going to look up that Honeyskin and give it a try. I have some Retin A sitting in my drawer, so I need to use it before it expires. I really want to do the hand laser now too.

  9. I used to wear make up when I was younger but not very much at all. Maybe some mascara and lip gloss. Never really liked it at all. Now my skin at 64 has gotten super-sensitive to something that’s now even being put in moisturizers but I haven’t been able to isolate the particular ingredient. The ones that have some foundation in them are particularly irritating, causing my face to break out in bumps. Now I’m just a naked face, using simple Oil of Olay moisturizer, which I’ve used or gone back to since I was a pre-teen. Oh, well.

  10. Lorraine Watkins says

    Good post. I love to read all the comments. Over year in England the young girls are going crazy with the puzzled brow expression! Not a fan of that look.


    • Hi, Lorraine, I just don’t get the obsession with eye brows. I mean, yeah they make a difference in how they are shaped, but they sure don’t make your whole face. I heard a guy on Facebook ranting about this subject, that his daughter was just obsessed over her newly colored/shaped brows. He thought it was nuts and told her no one looks at your brows. I have to agree, it’s not that big a deal.

  11. Being +60 now, I’m loving all the fashion and makeup posts I’m seeing. I always use a suntan cream with a high SPF, and because I have issues with rosacea there are times I need more coverage and I use a loose powder or liquid makeup depending on where I’m going. Aside from that I also use eye liner, mascara and lip gloss. Much less makeup than I used to use! I also have a ‘secret weapon’ in my sister, who is a makeup artist in film and TV and she specializes in makeup for women over 50 – I get lots of helpful tips there. I too like your freckles, Rhoda; I have quite a few myself and I now like them!

  12. Great post Rhoda! I’m 55 (I don’t know HOW that happened!…lol). I’ve tried Botox and love it but it gets expensive and it only lasts a few months so I don’t do it often. I’ve always used foundation with sunscreen and it’s helped to save my skin! I think a lot of women just give up as they get older and don’t make an effort to adjust their makeup as they age. Skin tone and texture changes as we age and you need to adjust your makeup accordingly! Same goes for hair color. I had dark hair when I was young and now I’m blonde…it’s easier to maintain when you’re truly mostly gray and it looks better with my current skin tone. I think the biggest thing it to just make an effort! We are ALL worth it!

    • Thank you, Julia, for that reminder. We are all worth it! My sister went gray as a brunette and now is blonde too, so I know how that works. I’ve always been dark strawberry blonde, so blonde highlights have always been a part of my adult years. But you’re right, we have to take note and change things as we get older to look our best.

  13. Hi Rhoda,

    Great post. I agree less is more on mature ladies, while some makeup does improve appearance and creates a more polished look. My routine is similar to yours and I use the same or similar products. I often read powder based foundations, such as Bare Minerals, are not suitable for older skin, but I find that not to be the case with me. I love the natural, yet great coverage and clean feel and currently use PUR mineral foundation. I also use the Loreal mascara with the primer. One of the things I love is it stays on all day but comes off super easy with soap and water. I’m curious about Botox but like you would not consider actual surgery. I just want to look like me whatever that is and I want to be an example to my grand kids about the fine line between looking your best and being narcissistic. I have been undergoing laser treatments for age spots and sun damage on my hands and arms and have been happy with the results. It’s expensive, but I had so many giant ugly brown spots that for me it’s been worth it. Appreciate your honest posts!

    • Hi, Lori, great comment, thanks for chiming in. I agree, I don’t think the mineral powders look bad at all smoothed on. They do feel great on my skin and like I’m wearing nothing. I like that I can layer them on for more coverage.

  14. I forgot to add one thing in my post above. My lips have aged right along with rest of my body. I love lip color and do not leave the house without it. However , I have found that it makes my lips look old if it is a matte shade. Does anyone have any good lipsticks they like with staying power that have shine too? I don’t want any sparkle or gloppy gloss just a nice lipstick with moisture.

    • Hey, Lynne, my lips have lines too that’s one of the things I hate the most about aging. You’d think I’d have been a lifetime smoker, but I guess it just happens no matter what. I always use vaseline on my lips to try to keep them soft and always use something at night. My lips get so dry in the winter especially. I’m trying out a new lipstick that I found on Facebook called Color the World and I have tried 2 of those colors. They claim not to feather in the lip lines. It does feel moisturizing too. The first color is good for summer, but I just got a 2nd color in this week, so I’m just starting to use it more. I’m not 100% happy with the new color, it’s lighter, but good for daytime I think, very neutral, called Kisses. It does feel good on and so far doesn’t seem to be feathering. Here’s the website if you want to check them out. it’s hand poured and vegan, so seems like a good product: https://colortheworldlipsticks.com

    • Hi Lynne! I read your comment and Rhoda’s reply. I have those ugly wrinkles above my lips too and never smoked a day in my life. It was from drinking through a straw!! I found an amazing product called DuWop reverse lipliner. It’s clear and goes outside your lip line, and it totally prevents lipstick from bleeding. One pencil lasts me a good six months because I only have to put it on once in the morning. I never leave home without my lipstick either, and ive had good results with the Ulta storebrand lipsticks…only $6!

    • Roxanne, I have one of those clear sticks too, it might be the same brand. I need to use it more often!

    • Becky in 'Bama says

      Lynne: I have mostly given up on lipstick, too, because of the lip ‘puckering’ lines. Rhoda – thanks for the link- I plan to try one of those.

  15. Becky in 'Bama says

    Makeup and cosmetics over age 50: such a sensitive and hot topic among my friends. Once I rolled into my 60’s I began to use less and less ‘makeup’ since most everything settles into the creases (don’t call them wrinkles…LOL). My one OBVIOUS facial issue – my under-eye circles. Now don’t start talking about concealers – because mine would require spray paint and/or spackle (both of which would settle in my under eye creases). And you can forget eye shadow since mine is already built in. Wish I could post a pic, but let’s just say most days I look like I have two black eyes (NOT exaggerating). I avoid having my photo taken because of my racoon eyes. PLUS my eyes are deep set – such that by the end of the day my mascara is under my bottom eyelashes – adding to the effect. It’s a family trait and as the only girl out of four children I’m the only child who got it – wouldn’t you know it! Rhoda you look GREAT- so keep on keeping on with whatever you are doing!

  16. I am 68 and love Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks for eye shadow. But alas, Rimmel quit making them. So I am on the hunt. So easy and quick to put on for eye shadow. I have also started using Mary Kay bronzer for my blush because I don’t want my cheeks looking too rosy/old. MK also has some highlighting in it.

  17. I’ve always had dry skin so I’ve used moisturizer since I was 20-ish but I always used just one product, i.e., not a complete regimen of day cream, night cream, eye cream etc. This past year I decided to try a regimen set from Avon and oh my gosh, has it ever made a difference in the texture of my skin, which is making my makeup look flawless! I’m loving it!

    And speaking of cosmetic surgery: While it is obviously nothing to take lightly, it can be a wonderful experience with fabulous results. Sixteen years ago, when I was in my late 40s, I had a complete facelift. (I can’t believe it has been that long!) I ended up looking like a younger, fresher version of myself and I don’t think anyone would know I had a facelift unless I told them. They say the results “last” for about 10 years but I still have minimal wrinkles. even around my eyes, and people tell me I still look far younger than my age of 65. My sister, who is 8 years younger than I am, also had a facelift several years ago (by a different surgeon than I used) and she still looks like the same sister I have always known, albeit younger looking.

    I think doing your homework to find a good surgeon is crucial in a successful (natural looking) outcome. I had consultations with 3 Board Certified plastic surgeons and studied before/after photos of their patients. I do feel most surgeons have procedures they are especially skilled at. Some might be really good at nose jobs, others might excel at breast augmentation but not be so good at other types of procedures, so this is where those before/after photos really help. You want to concentrate on before/after photos of the procedure(s) you are considering. Also, family, friends, or friends of friends who have had the same cosmetic procedure you are interested in can be helpful in referring a talented surgeon.

    I also feel if you go in asking for eyes like this celebrity or a nose like that celebrity, you are definitely going to come out looking like someone other than yourself, which could be a good thing, but more times than not, it seems the results just don’t look right. I’m no beauty but I told my surgeon I didn’t want to look in the mirror afterwards and see a stranger, just a younger version of me. From my observations, having repeated procedures often seems to lead to not so great results. While I would love to have a little “touch up” work done, I’m not willing to risk messing with the good results I got the first time around!

    Sorry, this was so long but I just wanted to encourage anyone who might have considered cosmetic surgery to do yourself a favor and at least investigate it. I have zero regrets. It is absolutely one of the BEST things I have ever done for myself!

    • Thank you, Shari, for sharing your information too. I love hearing from someone who has done a complete facelift so thanks for sharing your experience. I think you’re right, you have to find the right surgeon, but it makes me wonder how hard that is, since so many celebrities seem to mess up their faces. With all their money, you’d think they would hire the best there is!

  18. From what I have learned, a Retinoid cream at night is the best anti-aging treatment one can use. I use the “house brand” retinoid from my dermatologist (Dermatology Consultants) every night before bed. I don’t think the over-the-counter brands are as strong as the ones from a dermatologist’s office.
    I wear a mineral sunscreen during the daytime on my face and neck. Even on cloudy days, because the UVA rays still go through clouds. Did you know that sunshine breaks down collagen? That’s scary!! But sunscreen is our friend to combat this.
    Also I wear under my sunscreen during the daytime a glycolic acid cream that is also anti-aging. I buy it from Dr.baileyskincare.com, which is a website for Dr. Cynthia Bailey, a dermatologist in California. She has many interesting articles on skincare and aging that you may find interesting and helpful.
    I use an eye cream at night, but can’t really tell that it does anything except for moisturize momentarily!
    Hope this helps!

  19. What a fun topic! I just turned 59 and am trying to accept all the changes but it is hard! I recently had a consult for injections and it’s amazing what they can do now and how natural it looks but it’s pricey and you have to keep going back! I’m still considering trying it. I wish I paid more attention to skincare when I was younger. It’s funny I fell into the trap of trying the eyelashes and looked ridiculous! Definitely for the younger crowd. Btw most dermatologists do the consult for free.

    • Thanks Marla, for chiming in. I know, I think those injections would be addicting but you’re right, you have to keep going back. That’s what keeps me from jumping in.

  20. Hi Rhoda! I so enjoyed your post. I am 72 and people tell me all the time what beautiful skin I have. I don’t see it though, because at this age I am developing those brown spots, and I am very fair skinned. I use Rodan & Fields and love it. It has made a big difference in my skin as I am very dry. I have had Botox and it did wonders and was not painful. I stopped doing it because it is expensive and the older we get the more we need to look nice. The thing I have done and enjoyed most is having my eyebrows microbladed. Many of them had come out and they had an irregular shape. I no longer have to spend time in the morning trying to shape them and feeling like they looked drawn on. I just get up and go…..they look so natural. Cost was $375….that included initial consultation, the misroblading, plus a touch up six weeks later. I highly recommend this and if I could only afford to do not thing for myself it would be this! I have also enjoyed the Rodan & Fields lash booster. It is $135 and has made my almost non existent lashes longer and thicker, so they look much better and completely natural. That would be the second thing I would do for myself if on a tight budget. You look wonderful……thanks for sharing your makeup tips with us.

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